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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Valentine's Day with the Twins!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Valentine's Day with the Twins!

Angelina Jolie and her fiance Brad Pitt spend their Valentine’s Day together while visiting the Natural History Museum on Thursday (February 14) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress and the 49-year-old actor were accompanied by their dressed up twins Knox and Vivienne.

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The day before, Angelina took Zahara and Pax out for some shopping at Urban Outfitters in L.A.

It was recently reported that Brad is not attached to the upcoming David Fincher project 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain.

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1,047 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Valentine's Day with the Twins!”

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  1. 176
    sunny Says:

    I like following historical footstep and found more Bertrand-Provence connection.
    The ancester of Bertrand family once ruled Provence as the “Margrave of Provence.”
    In the High Middle Ages, the title belonged to local families of Frankish origin. . After 1032, the county was part of the Holy Roman Empire. It was inherited by King Louis XI of France in 1481, and definitively incorporated into the French royal domain by his son Charles VIII in 1484.
    The margravial title of Bertrand
    First dynasty 961–1008 Rotbold II (margrave from 993)
    968–993 William I (margrave from 975)
    994–1018 William II
    1008–1014 Rotbold III (also margrave)
    1014–1037 William III (also margrave)
    1037–1062 Emma (also margravine)
    1018–1030 William IV
    1018–1051 Fulk Bertrand
    1032–1062 Geoffrey
    1051–1094 William Bertrand
    1063–1067 Geoffrey II
    1063–1093 Bertrand II
    1093–1112 Gerberga
    1112–1127 Douce I

  2. 177
    Lina Says:

    Unhappy family !!!

  3. 178
    sunny Says:

    Chateau Miraval is mentioned below.
    Bertrand and other Margrave families from Provence and Toulouse are relatives through multiple marridges.
    Raimon de Miraval
    (c. 1135/1160 – c. 1220) was a troubadour (fl. 1180–1220) and, according to his vida, “a poor knight from Carcassonne who owned less than a quarter of the castle of Miraval
    Favoured by Raymond VI of Margrave of Toulouse
    Margrave of Toulouse
    1062–1094 William IV
    1094–1105 Raymond IV
    1105–1112 Bertrand
    1119–1125 Alfonso Jordan
    1125–1148 Alfonso Jordan
    1148–1194 Raymond V
    1194–1222 Raymond VI
    1222–1249 Raymond VII

  4. 179
    dawne Says:

    Angie’s mother was of French Canadian descent………

  5. 180
    dawne Says:


    Hey, Jen, if it makes you feel better, ‘just go with it.’ LMAO

  6. 181
    Rose Says:

    Good morning early birds, Phool, Susan, dawne, ne’er , NAN, Shi and all fans wherever you are, wishing all a great day. Hi Cesar, good to see you stopped by yesterday.

    I see the sorrowful trolls are hear early this morning. I’m guessing the first thing they think about each day is Brad and Angelina although they pretends they hate them. I will prey for the trolls to get a life and try to figure out how to find Ticky’s thread. This is Brad and Angelina’s thread. I know trolls are confused, poor thing they don’t know where they are.

    Every time I look up at the top of the page and see little Knox I get a big smile. This kid has swagger at 4 years old, just like his dad. Lord help
    the young girls in another thirteen years, lol.

  7. 182
    Susan Says:

    Good morning J-P fans.
    @ Rose, I’m babysitting this weekend, so I’ll need a vacation by Tuesday. LOL.

  8. 183
    liverwurst Says:

    LMAO! Obviously quarreling…

  9. 184
    Ewww Says:

    Looks like a band of dirty gypsies.

  10. 185
    still not married Says:

    Their body language toward one another doesn’t look promising. I hate when a man walks in front of a woman.

  11. 186
    kika Says:

    @still not married:

    They are simply walking to their car! Are they suppose to be holding hands, skipping, singing and making out? FFS. They look like any family I see at the mall, normal.

    How can you judge them based on pics that were taken over about 2 minutes?

    Brad has walked in front TONS of times. He is walking with Knox, can’t let him walk ahead.

  12. 187
    freakshowfreakshowfreakshow Says:

    have a wonderful day

  13. 188
    Brad's had his fill Says:

    Why would Brad want to go to the Museum of Natural History and look at more bones?

  14. 189
    Jesus... Says:

    You disgusting trolls should better crawl back into your dirty hole at FF, because you losing your shiit on here isn’t going to make the fans mad or like Angelina and Brad any less lol.
    They are such a lovely family, the little ones are absolutely adorable, I really can’t comprehend how can anybody stoop that low to bash on these sweet, innocent children. Obviously, only Ticky’s fans are sick enough to do that.
    Btw, I love Angelina’s style, that is such a beautiful, well tailored coat, and the flats look comfortable, yet pretty, definetely something I would wear.

  15. 190
    Rose Says:

    @Susan: Good morning Susan, just remember on Tuesday you’ll be on vacation. Enjoy today as much as you can and make happy memories.

    Susan, have you heard when Ticky is getting married? I haven’t heard a word about their wedding but I’m now running from thread to thread worrying about SS. Last I heard, SS and squigs are living in two different states. I’m saying, they are over. Now the trolls can worry about JustJen not been seen together in a month.

  16. 191
    Rose Says:

    @kika:#186, Hi Kiki, did you forget everyone in LA walks down the blvd kissing, skipping and making out with their children. It’s only Brad And Angie not following the norm. Trolls are brain dead. They are looking for attention from the fans.

  17. 192
    mrst Says:

    Brad and Angie are such great parents. The twins are definitely their reflection through and through…God bless the Jolie-Pitts!!!

  18. 193
    Bea Says:

    Hey ticky fans – guess who Squiggy has been seeing in NYC while her fat ass goes to “work” in CT? The wait is over – she will be alone again (naturally) soon.

  19. 194
    Rose Says:

    @Jesus…:#189, There was a reporter who wrote an article about 2-3 years ago who said Jenhens are the worse fans they have ever had to deal with. And we can attest that’s a fact. Go to any site and read what JA fans have written and it would make you want to get a hose and hose them down before going anywhere they have been. Trolls are mentally I’ll people who should be on medication but are not complying with their doctors order.

  20. 195
    Alicia Says:

    Surely this man can afford to get those pants hemmed. They truly look like a bunch of gypsies!!!

  21. 196
    lylian Says:

    @still not married:
    You hate it when a man walks in front of a woman?? Wow! You are an IDIOT you know that?? Why do you care? Is it because you think that when a man walks in front of you it’s because he doesn’t care a fvuck about you?
    Hmmm ….. We-ellll, in your case, it’s true? Those men you are with? They don’t give a FVUCK about you. In fact, it’s probably true to say not many people give a shite about you – which is why you are here on a JP thread whining at Brad walking in front of Angelina!
    But for 99.9999999% of people in the world, they have better things to do than worry about or hate on who is walking ahead of whom in a car park of a museum.

  22. 197
    Rose Says:

    I love it when poor trolls worry about people who have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank.

  23. 198
    Gun Says:

    Justin spent Valentine’s day with the love of his life Jen in Greenwich. Plus a Quentin Tarantino appearance. LOL:

    Scene … Actress Jennifer Aniston and writer/producer/director Quentin Tarantino were seen Tuesday at Pellicci’s Ristorante in Stamford, one of the many Stamford and Greenwich locations (including the Two Door Restaurant in Greenwich) where Aniston’s new movie is filming. The movie, based on the Elmore Leonard novel “The Switch,” features actors John Hawke, rapper Mos Def, Tim Robbins, Isla Fisher and Will Forte. Word is that Aniston’s fiance, actor Justin Theroux, is in town visiting his gal, and they ordered out from Terra Ristorante in Greenwich on Thursday.

    Read more: … L5sIJxGtna

  24. 199
    Jesus... Says:

    Believe me, Rose, I know, and I am deeply disgusted by it. I did enter once or twice on FF, that there is a true viper nest, because no sane women would say such horrible, vile, false things about a person they don’t know. Honestly, I know there are people who are not fond of Angelina and Brad, that’s alright, it’s not a written law to like them, and they express it in a mature, sane way, but to go to such lenghts as to make up disgusting lies about their home-life, their sex life and love life, to say that Angelina runs a prostitution network with children, bash on innocent kids… that is just truly sick. I am honestly thinking how could we get that site reported because they are seriously passing all limits of common sense, I just don’t know how.
    Aniston’s fans are really the worst kind out there, I wish I never had to deal with them in the first place.

  25. 200
    paige Says:

    Happy Sunday Ladies!

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