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Behati Prinsloo & Angels Lipsync to Adam Levine/Justin Bieber!

Behati Prinsloo & Angels Lipsync to Adam Levine/Justin Bieber!

Behati Prinsloo looks super sexy in her bikini while lipsyncing to boyfriend Adam Levine‘s voice in a new Victoria’s Secret video featuring Maroon 5‘s song “Woman”!

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are also featured in another lipsync video set to Justin Bieber‘s song “All Around the World”!

The other angels featured in the videos include Erin Heatherton, Candice Swanepoel, Lindsay Ellingson, Barbara Palvin, Lais Ribeiro, Sara Sampaio, and Karlie Kloss.

Make sure to check out the Angels in the Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 catalogue!

Victoria’s Secret Angels Lipsync to Maroon 5′s “Woman”

Click inside to watch the Angels lipsync to Justin Bieber‘s song…

Victoria’s Secret Angels Lipsync to Justin Bieber’s “All Around the World”
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  • hmm

    wonder which model Levine will bang next

  • Dieter

    ERINS AND BEHATIS ARE MY FAVOURITE ANGELS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    I LOVE M5′s song “Woman”!!! Hot vid too. Behati’s barely in it though…


    Bieber is so talented

  • Anna Klempt

    Don’t blink! You’ll miss all three seconds of Behati. It’s funny that they used an old song for this video. I guess Adam didn’t care enough to give them something better.

  • :)

    @Anna Klempt: or maybe he likes her so much he decided to give them access to a song that not many people know/recognize :)

  • Sam

    @Anna Klempt: Actually she is in most of the second vid… What exactly DO you have against the poor girl?!

  • KSB

    JJ ran the f*** out with this post lol. For 1.ITS O.L.D and 2.Girlfriend? that’s laughable.

  • KSB

    @Sam: of course she’s in most of the justin bieber video lol, she’s his age.

  • hm

    lets leave this to the real models like naomi campbell and ciny crawford

  • Carly

    Candice, Erin and Toni are the best!!!

  • Anna Klempt


    What exactly DO you have for the phony girl?

    KSB- Behati stans amuse me.

  • kenny

    i don’t see them blowing kisses…

  • model fan

    I always feel uncomfortable for Erin H. watching her in her padded pushup bras and sucking in her abdominals. I wonder if she breathes normally.

  • herveypapele

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  • Sam

    @Anna Klempt: I’m sorry but I am NOT a fan! How can you even be a “fan” of models? They don’t act, sing or do anything but look pretty. I barely know anything about her except that she’s a model and dating Adam Levine. Which is exactly why I am curious as to why people hate her so much!

  • Shevine is real

    Woman by Maroon 5 is one of the best song ever!!! LOVE you guys! and Candice is sexy!

  • Dieter

    LOVE ME SOME BEHATIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KellyLovee

    Candice is the most stunning woman,so beautiful :)

  • KSB

    @Sam: she was friends with his last gf who was a vs model. She started persuing him behind her back and when they broke up she broke up with her boyfriend and the rest is history. A lot of people don’t like her. You just don’t do stuff like that, famous or not.

  • Carly

    @KellyLovee: She is the most beautiful angel and the coolest! <3

  • christina

    Behati is back stabbing little leach. And as for the girlfriend part; I laugh. Their relationship is in ruins and they are done or nearly done.

  • Amanda Amanda

    They look great together!!! She loves it when He kisses Her Neck and Pulls Her close to His Body. She can feel his Heart Beating Faster and Faster, as their Bodies rub up against each other, with Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • bliss


    i agree she broke the first rule in the book , also strachan her ex BF was devastated after their break up they were together for so long

  • nicky

    So many haters around here.
    These girls are so beautiful

  • Melissa

    Victoria’s Secret always gives more prominence to Candice!!! She deserves it! Candice is perfect!

  • Eileen

    Barbara Palvin is the model that has the body with more curves. She should be angel! Candice and Barbara are the most beautiful in this video!

  • KissThis

    The new VS models are not model material at all. So plain looking!

  • Lita

    This ugly broad has nothing on Anne; she’s a back stabber but she’ll get hers when he leaves her for someone pretty.

  • Marie H. Collins

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  • Anna Klempt

    @bliss: Adam and Bee have been done for a while. Jared needs to stop using Adam’s name when trying to sell this girl. No one gives a crap about her if she’s not dating Adam Levine. Moving on . . .

  • Christina

    @Anna Klempt: Seriously, there is no way that Behati is still with Adam or she is just stalking him.

  • Unknown

    Boy id like to comment but sadly I wouldn’t want to upset anyone who imagined seeing him with another girl and have a pap friend back her story up and the fact it was in one of the most worst false acclaimed gossip mags ever. I guess they have their facts straight.

    But I will say this, if you guys only knew he things that’s going around now. You wouldn’t be so quick to jump the bandwagon so soon. Just sayin.

    Also, isn’t it amazing the things that are being said on these posts after the fact that I had let the cat out of the bag a month or so ago and yet all so knowledgable and being able to post as if you all already knew. Its to amussing to so many of us. Please Enquiring minds want to know. Try something on the lines of something that’s truthful and not already been said by myself.

    And if you guys knew what went down in NYC. Wow I guess you guys have to wait for it all to come out…oh won’t. Because Adam and Behati are such private people and Adam wouldn’t want the world to know the truth. After all Behati and Anne were never friends, oh wait I gave you guys that story too. Oh well have fun kiddies hope that whoever posts on here actually have more proof than just Life & Style magazine to back them up!

  • Anna Klempt

    Unknown- Many of us were aware of problems last year before you even made any comments. I thought you were finished posting on this site? You just can’t keep away, can you? ;-)

  • bliss

    oh you just made me the most curious person in the world lol i’d die to know what happened

  • Anna Klempt

    Unknown- You talk in circles all the time.

  • KSB

    @Unknown: Im confused lol

  • bliss


    me too i feel like someone who got a bomb in the face and doesn’t know where from it’s coming lol

  • KSB

    @bliss lmao right, lol the only thing i heard which is just hear say is adam and behati got in a major argument in nyc several people said that but. which in that case anyone can say that.. i could come on here and say they got in an argument but that is not believeable. after reading @unknowns comment i feel like im missing out on something.

  • bliss


    i have the same feeling too there is something missing in the puzzle , if there was realy a fight then i hope he told her to stop stalking him lol i wish that uknown can give us a hint of what she mean

  • KSB

    @bliss: lol i know i was thinking the same thing with the (stalking) comment. i mean after all this is her first high profile relationship. that other model may have been cute but no where near on the level of adams celeb status. so behati is capable of stalking him. i think moreover for me if i start seeing her at other shows or hearing about other random sightings near adam then im just gonna lay low from this board because this can get draining afterwhile. i mean at some point im gonna start blaming adam for his own unhappiness because you put up with what you allow and if he doesn’t care then im gonna start not caring.

  • Christina

    @KSB: I’d like to know what when down in NYC. I wish Unknown would tell us. I’ve trusted her facts ever since I came to this board because she always had her words backed up. It can get draining. I wish the truth would come out soon because its driving me crazy.

  • Glittermafia

    Is it my imagination or is that b***h Behait dirtier than Ke$ha. Both of these b****es look like there puss smells like donkey doo and moth balls. Adam Levine needs to step his game up BIG TIME!!

  • KSB

    Holy shizzzz ^ that comment above me almost made me spit my soda on my computer LMFAO!!! that has got to be the funniest thing i ever heard about behati lol.
    lmao still dying lauging…….
    @christina yea i want to know as well. i mean i saw pictures of mostly everyone except pj morton and adam. i would have expected bootswallace to at least post pics of adam and behati. i mean he has done it before. but nope no pictures nothing not even the friends posted pictures.

  • Christina

    @KSB: That comment was hilarious. I believe that they are done. She is just a stalker. I find it funny that fans_adamlevine on twitter is trying to so hard to prove that they are together. My question is why is adam staying in hotels, when Behati has an apartment in NYC? If they were together wouldn’t he stay there with her. Its kinda of a clue. She says behati stays at the hotel with adam but again, why? if you have a place in the city, which she does, who needs a hotel?

  • KSB

    @christina ikr, like seriously i think that maybe the same girl who said she met behati on the streets of nyc and took a random pic, yet she cropped herself out of the pic. UMMMMM HELLO if i met one of my idols or someone famous do you really think im gonna just edit myself out of the pic> HELL NO! what sense does that make.?? if you stan for adam you stan for him. if you stan for behati than you deserve to be tied to a rock and thrown into the ocean but i still respect you lol. and if behati stayed in the same room with her than of course it was to HAVE SEX! like duh why buy the whole cow when you can get the milk for free.

  • Christina

    @KSB: it is the same girl! She is obessed with Behati because she still totally believes that she is adam’s girlfriend, so I agree why crop yourself out. She’ll change her tone when its finally confirmed that they are through and start trashing behati. She doesn’t have a pleasant attitude towards anne. So you know how those types of fans are!

  • Anon

    Dude I’m so confused right now- come back unknown! Fill us in!

  • K R


    Dont ask Unknown, she kind of goes around in circles. She sits on the fence, saying they broke up, and then saying he is thinking of giving her a second chance. That way, if either of the two scenario happens, she will say “i told you so”.

    Someone named Anna Klempt has been right on the money the last few months. She called for the break up, definitely, much before anyone did. find her on the Adam threads.

  • KSB

    OK! I happy danced my @$$ right over here. Did anyone read the article inthe last thread. Trust me its worth hhaving a look.