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Ben Affleck: I've Got a Great Family with Jennifer Garner!

Ben Affleck: I've Got a Great Family with Jennifer Garner!

Jennifer Garner keeps it casual chic while grabbing some coffees and juices from Starbucks on Friday (February 15) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 40-year-old actress and her precious daughter Seraphina dropped by Brentwood Country Mart for some coffee.

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Earlier in the week, Seraphina donned the same cute coat while grabbing breakfast with her mom and father Ben Affleck.

“I’ve got a great family; I’m really inspired by where my career is,” Ben recently shared to People. “I’ve seen a lot of different things rambling around in this business, and I’m just really, really happy to find myself where I am.”

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Seraphina grabbing coffee together…

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  • B.

    I would like to know, as Jennifer’s mother, where her career is. Has anyone seen it? It seems she doesn’t everything for Ben and forget about herself. She should really pay attention, marriage isn’t everything. Her kids for sure are, but marriage nop.

  • Toni

    @B. Her carreer seems to be doing fine, looking at IMDB.

    I think Ben is really lucky, he seems to have a solid base in his family, they seem grounded.

  • DB

    Ben has a better family than he may deserve. He married above his pay grade, as it were. I hope he learns to truly appreciate all that he has and never lose sight of what matters most. His wife, children and family.

  • B.

    @Toni: I don’t know about that. She might be doing things, but not great things. And she used to be really good to see. I miss that.

  • dani

    What awful comments on her choices. She has chosen to be home mostly with her children. I’m all for women’s lib and women working if they want to, but I also think if they want to stay home and raise their kids there is absolutely nothing wrong with that…if that is what they want and apparently that is what she wants. She is raising three, and what looks like, well adjusted children. They seem well grounded and happy little campers. Children are our future and would you rather have three well adjusted kids coming out of the marriage or kids like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Cameron Douglas (Michael Douglas’ son in jail for drugs)? Yes I hope she continues to act, but to denigrate her job as a mother is a poor showing on all of you criticizing it.

  • ellen

    There’s nothing wrong with slowing down to raise your kids — she seems happy to do it and Ben is always working. She was good on Alias, but never had any strong movie roles, IMO. If you compare to Brad & Ang, they both share responsibility since they both had solid careers beforehand (plus I think Brad just seems more family oriented than Ben to be honest)…

  • an opinion

    @dani: Just because you see kids smiling at the paps while going on their family’s daily run to get coffee and/or juice does not mean they are well adjusted nor they aren’t well adjusted. JG is like Alba nothing special. I doubt her movie career would be any more interesting even if she had no kids. In fact she probably would be back on tv.

  • anna

    What a nauseating article. It’s really sad that so many soccer moms actually believe that millionaire actress Jennifer Garner is just like them!

    Though I do like how they drop in the mad men reference. They’re basically admitting that Ben cheats on her.

  • liverwurst

    @anna: A man cheating on his wife isn’t the wife’s shame, it’s the husbands.

  • mimi

    It’s getting to be a little too much, are they trying to compete with Beyonce for the spotlight!..

  • vivi

    Has this man a non-marital daughter 5 years or it may be another actor I think ?

  • not convinced

    Good for he if she wants to stay home and take care of Ben and the kids. Women’s Lib gave her the right to chose, didn’t it? She has housekeepers and nannies, so I’m sure she’s not stuck in the house 24/7. And she seems to be a great mom just by looking at the kids. I just hope Ben appreciates her. Some people were tweeting about meeting him in a Boston bar last night and he was really drunk. They were supposedly fighting at the Bafta afterparty too, where he was also reportedly drunk.

  • just sayin’

    Aaaand the Oscar campaign continues. Has anyone seen Ben spend this much time with his family getting covered by the press and paps before this? Well, if it makes them all happy for their own reasons, then good. It would be nice if he stayed this devoted even after the awards season is over.

  • B.

    @dani: I disagree, so sorry. I would miss the hell of being acomplished at somthing that I used to love just to be at home with kids. I’m sorry, but there’s to be a balance in this equation. And what I see here is him getting the free pass to do amazing jobs and her getting none because obviously she doesn’t want to leave the kids with nanies all the time. What I was trying to say is it should be a partnership and Ben should slow down a little bit to share the work with Jen an give her the time to her to work and be acomplished at something else besides being a good mom. I think, like said here, Brad and Angelina are a great example for that sharing the time situation.

  • missy

    There’s nothing wrong with being a sahm. In any case, why does everyone make it sound like Jen gave up her career.? She’s been working pretty consistently over the past few years. She just hasn’t had a big hit since Juno. I do think her next movie Dallas Buyer’s Club sounds interesting. And btw, Ben took care of the girls in CA so that they could continue to go to school while Jen was filming in Louisiana. Jen is obviously the primary caretaker, but they seem to have a good partnership. I don’t see why so many people have a problem with their relationship.

  • Bento

    Jen gave up her career because she is a terrible actress. She always acts and speaks the same in every role I’ve seen her in. it’s convenient for her to pretend she just wants to be a mom. I don’t think it’s Ben’s fault she decided to stay behind, but is the result of her poor acting, and inaptitude. And make no mistake, she is not a regular mom, but a paparazzi one who exploits her children to the haunting, yelling of the paps everyday. This cannot be good for the children. Violet already shows symptoms of distress and looks like her development is not normal, perhaps a little slow. Jennifer and Ben must not have a heart to do that to their children. No Oscar or publicity is worth sacrifying your children for it.

  • Bordoux

    Ben is full of crap, he says one thing and does the opposite. He cheats on Jen with a regular group of girls he goes to when he really wants to have fun. He drinks like a fish to escape the pressures of everyday life with West Virginia’s biggest Toe, the nickname he has for Jen when he is with his buddies. What he is saying now is only for show. He thinks this family lifestyle is going to help him get another Oscar.

  • Megan

    Oh poor! lttle Jen Garner.She has a big old houseA lavish lifestyle,3 beautiful children,a gorgeous husband that adores her and pampers her and people that help her out.We should all suffer like her .Seriously,I’m sick up people feeling sorry for Jen Garner . You should feel sorry Reeva Steenkamp.And the thousands of women that go through physical abuse each day.

  • Thebiz


    Oh yeah great examples ! Jen garner should become bi-sexual.So it won’t count when she cheats because it’s a woman.Ben should become a pothead to forget his past loves like Brad.They should chop off Violet hair and put boy cloth on her,they should take sera out pre -K and put her to work and lastly but not least,should color Sam nails and buy him sexual explicit toys.Way to go Brangelina!

  • guest

    “acomplished at something else besides being a good mom.” lol You make it sound like that’s an easy accomplishment. If it were, I’d see a lot more good mothers around.

  • guest

    @Bordoux: I totally believe you about the drinking, but what does “Toe” mean?

  • Bordoux


    She has a gigantic and deformed toe. Haven’t you seen the pictures?
    TMZ, the Soup and others make fun of it all the time. That’s why she hardly ever wears sandals.

  • Marty


    Monster Toe would be a more befitting nickname. I think.

  • guest

    @Bordoux: lol Is that it? No, I had no idea. I have noticed and wondered why Jennifer never seems to wear sandals or open toed shoes. Thanks! Now that his shelf is full of awards, I wonder if Ben will finally put himself out of his misery. He’s obviously not cut out to be a husband and dad. Some people just aren’t. Nothing ot be ashamed of. Off to google images …

  • guest

    OMG much worse than anticipated! How did I miss this? And why hasn’t she had it fixed?! Ben must be off screwing around with a foot model as we speak.

  • anna

    @Thebiz: you are clearly insane,

  • arthur

    @Thebiz: someone is reading too many tabloids

  • Just noticing


    Not that I’m particularly a fan of either families, but w-h-y do you have to bring the Jolie-Pitts into this? This is not a post about them, and nobody else has mentioned them.
    I get that you love-love this family, but it’s ok to praise them without having to take-down on the other…makes you look kind of apologetic, if not pathetic.
    Anyway, I doubt that the Jolie-Pitt fans troll this particular family’s news…tthey’re not even in the same universe, so you’re kind of wasting your time. I mean, you don’t exactly go from an Angelina Jolie to…well, a Jennifer Garner.

  • Oh no, another coffee run

    How much coffee does this family drink? Every day, several times a day, –every %#@$ day! They must be drowning in the stuff in the run-up to Oscar. Seriously, BUY A COFFEE MAKER!!!

  • ya

    Ben must be itching to get back to cheating and gambling instead of posing for the paps with the family. Only a week to go Ben!

  • bonnieprincecharlie

    Stay strong, Ben. It’s almost over. You gave Wasser that call, right?

  • hallie

    people make me laugh here.The more they wish bad things for Ben and Jen ,the better luck they have.Must be miserable having no lives.Wishing they were the Afflecks.

  • Oh GAwddd

    @Bento: “Violet already shows symptoms of distress and looks like her development is not normal” How can you say that? Do you know their kids? Live with them? What are you talking about?! Just from the pictures you can tell she looks slow developed? Jesus, that’s a little bit too much!

  • B.

    @Thebiz: Didn’t say that Jen and Ben should look up to Brangelina in everything, did I? I think as far as the sharing the responsabilities goes Brad and Angelina do it just fine and find time to both work at great projects.

  • B.

    @guest: Well, if a lot, i said A LOT of moms do it and also work, why can’t she do it too? And lets also not pretend she doesn’t have help.
    A lot of common parents do it and not everyone turns out to be degenerated, turn out to be just fine. Stop overating the job. Is exausting but not impossible.

  • guest

    @B.: Doing the job and doing the job well are two very different things.

  • guest

    @hallie: No one’s wishing bad things. People are just amused, and maybe a little fed up, with all the happy family pr. Some of us are in LA, or in my case Boston, and know first hand what Ben is up to. He was in Boston night before last completely boozed up in a bar. Girl he was all over wasn’t Jen. You won’t hear about that in People. Several people at the Bafta afterparty tweeted about Ben drunk, flirting, and arguing with Jen.Those tweets were taken down within a few hrs after Ben’s peeps got wind of them. You see what I’m saying? I like Ben. He’s a decent guy and very talented. But the family man routine is a farce.

  • WhatATool

    Be glad when award season is Over so PimpDaddyBen can STFU!!

  • Amanda Amanda

    @bonnieprincecharlie: They look great together. Jennifer loves it when Ben kisses Her Neck and Pulls Her close to His Body. She can feel his Heart Beating Faster and Faster, as their Bodies rub up against each other, with Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • hallie


    yeah right! Since you follow him and know he so well.You would know he was in LA last night receiving an award

  • Ben Better Say That!

    Especially when he has a wife who idolizes him and puts herself last so that HE can shine. With their money, etc, Garner should NOT be running herself ragged with 3 kids, like she is doing. That tells me a lot about their relationship and the power structure in it. Garner is either scared of ever losing him and cementing Ben to her by having three kids, or she’s playing the martyr and trying to do everything all at once to feel like superwoman. Women are stupid. Times have changed. Men and women should be partners in everything. Garner works too, so they should be sharing in as many duties as possible to ease the burden on each other. Affleck is the bigger earner, but so what? It’s not all about the MEN anymore. Women should never ignore their own needs just to put a man “up.” Women teach men how to treat them. It’s not smart because it often falls apart down the line (divorce) and a woman feels resentful and angry for being such a fool. I have been observing Garner ever since she got with Affleck, and she seems to be the type to do this. Just judging by her physicall appearance and how she does not exude confidence, I can tell that she is more about BEN AFFLECK than anyone else.

  • guest

    @hallie: Can you read? I said “night before last”. That means the 15th. btw that’s a nice pic on your link of Ben in London Monday night. Did you notice that Jen left London Monday on a commercial flight? Ben stayed behind and left Tuesday on his private plane. Sleeping it off. Now what was that about fighting at the Baftas? But if it makes you happy to buy what Ben and Jen’s PR team are selling, go right ahead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  • BenAff


    Don´t waste your time.Worst blind are those who don´t want to see.
    And yeah Ben has a long history of boozing and cheating.It´s like a chonic disease.

  • hm~

    @Ben Better Say That!: i’d agree with you if she didn’t have 3 nannies and a house keeper. She’s a passive aggressive woman who says ‘i always wear jeans, i’m not one of those moms who wears heals or make up’ blablabla.. she tries to play the girl-next-door role but im just not buying it

  • leslie

    ni he wasnt in boston on the 15th because i attended an argi screening+q&a in la and ben came in for the 45 mins q&a

  • hallie

    I posted for the article not the pic. So He was fighting and drinking but no pics? A man who is followed everywhere by the paps and no record of this ?And in England no less where the paps live for this stuff. Do you also believe in bigfoot?.Keep believing in fairy tales and tabloids.Reality might be to scary for you

  • hallie

    thank you leslie.Finally someone that’s not a hater

  • guest

    @hallie: He was arguing with Jen at the Bafta afterparty. Several people tweeted about this. Pap pics? What are you talking about? Do you think they allowed paps into an exclusive party? Ask Jim Bradshaw about his deleted tweet, he works for Bafta @thejimb
    Again, I don’t hate Ben or Jen. Why would I? The PR led tabloid reporting is ridiculous though. But BenAff is right. It’s useless. Believe what you want.

  • Hey

    Look folks, Ben Affleck was dating J Lopez for quite a while before the rag papers “finally” starting showing us what he was REALLY like! I mean… hanging out with actor Christian Slater and his wife at seedy clubs and bars, and picking up “hooker types” and having wild sex with them, going “downtown” on women he barely knew. Ugh! That was disgusting to me. He likes women with big boobs. The stories were not false! The women told the world what he did and they provided photos of themselves. I mean, come on! I remember the whole shebang, and I was totally shocked at the time. Just proves that famous people CAN do a lot of bad, nasty things without the public knowing for years and years. After Affleck did all that to a woman like Jlo, who is no shy wallflower, I never could trust him with a woman like Garner. Yes, he chose Garner carefully. He basically married a woman who will put on a “front” and continue to stay with him through his problems.

  • Ben Better Say That!

    @hm~: Garner more recently talked to a magazine or gave an interview, sounding like 3 kids are wiping her out! No more kids. She cannot handle any more. If Garner has nannies, etc and she’s tired, it’s because she is emotionally stressed, likely because of Affleck and his shenanigans. You can give a woman the entire world, but if she is not satisfied emotionally or she is depressed about something or stuffing down her reality, everything she tries to do becomes a struggle. This is how I see Jennifer Garner today. She does not look happy to me.