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Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Divorce Trial Date Set!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Divorce Trial Date Set!

Kim Kardashian hides her baby bump in a loose shirt while catching a departing flight at LAX Airport on Friday (February 15) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old pregnant reality star tweeted, “On my way to Nigeria! Can’t wait!”

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It was recently reported that Kim and her ex-husband Kris Humphries will have a divorce trial date for Monday, May 6.

Kim‘s lawyer Laura Wasser was aiming for a trial next month, but the first available date was for May.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian flying to Nigeria…

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kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 02
kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 03
kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 04
kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 05
kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 06
kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 07
kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 08
kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 09
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kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 11
kim kardashian pregnant divorce trail date set 12
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  • B.

    She’s in L.A. all the time, but now that she’s saying she’s pregnant she’s flying everywhere? That’s it? That’s right? This woman is not mentally healthy.

  • dani

    Kim Kardashian: Pregnant divorce trial? Jared you need to get a new headline writer. This makes no sense.

    And I must say for someone who is saying her baby is danger because she is stressed, she certainly isn’t slowing down.

  • ellen

    Damn, slow down girl…quit chasing that money so hard. Thought that the stress of the divorce was a risk to the baby. Not a Dr., but all this flying around to far places cant be helping either.

  • K

    Why are you referring to Kris Humphries as her “ex-husband”, while simultaneously discussing their divorce trial date? They’re obviously not divorced yet, hence he’s not her ex-husband. If you don’t want to say simply “husband”, say “estranged husband”.

  • lola

    Damn, thanks God I didn’t start a drinking game with how many times Jared mentioned that Kim was pregnant, I’d be dead by alcohol-poisoning by now…and we’re supposed to believe he’s hasn’t Kim’s PR number on speed dial, okay then.

  • andy

    @lola: +1!!!! so good!!!!!^^

  • lexy hates bilson

    she should just give him an annulment!

  • brenda

    These pics are photoshopped. It must be so sad when you are so ugly that paparazzi have to photoshop your pictures. She will never be pretty even with makeup, photoshop, etc. so she has to compensate it with money.

  • Helen

    She claims her baby is in danger,but that trip to Nigeria is the third in two weeks.Or she’s faking the pregnancy,or she doesn’t care about the baby’s health at all.She knows Kris won’t give the divorce,he wants the annulment.She should give him this annulment and move on,she’s the one who’s holding this marriage,because she won’t confess that their marriage was a fraud.Kim is a fraud,and everybody knows she married him for the show only.She never loved him,she used him for ratings.
    The judge can force a divorce trial,but kris wants an annulment,not a divorce.I don’t think this trial will make any difference in the end.
    And X17,Kim and Kris are still married.They are not exes yet.That baby is the result of a public cheating.She wants to divorce him before the baby is born to avoid being sued for

  • bob


    if she is so ugly, then you must look like dirt.

  • Asdfg

    Kim never came off as the type of woman to hide her bump! I always thought if she got knocked up she’d flaunt it! Guess I was wrong! :D

  • Dc

    At least she wasn’t wearing a ball gown on her way to the airport…

  • Ohbi

    She’s not pregnant. She’s using a surrogate just like Beyonce. Google Kim Kardashian surrogate, and you’ll get a celeb*tchy article, on how even back in the summer, she wanted to get a surrogate so she wouldn’t ruin her figure. That’s why she’s travelling all over the place, not showing her bump, wearing feathers and things, to detract from the fact SHE’S NOT PREGNANT.

  • Ohbi

    Also when you google Kim Kardashian surrogate, you’ll see an article on how celebdirtylaundry already exposed her as using a surrogate, and how the idea came from Kanye, who got it from Jay-z, because Beyonce used one. Just saing.

    Here’s the link:

  • Annie

    She’s pregnant and *still* botoxing and lip/cheek filler injecting – she thinks people can’t tell but it’s soooo obvious, her face is still a puffy, frozen mask with worm lips! This is selfish cause nobody really knows what the long term or the systemic effects of such things are…she won’t even god forbid let one wrinkle show or have slightly smaller lips while she’s pregnant…sooo vain and selfish.

  • Ana

    She’s so miserable being pregnant. But it serves her right-she has no business trying to one up people and gain publicity by having a baby. I feel so sorry for that child-it’s basically a ploy in a ridiculous saga, and will probably be treated as nothing more than an accessory. She should just give Humphries the annulment he wants and go away.

  • Lindsay Long

    @Ana: She is so Cute. She loves to Kiss Passionately and Feel a Man’s warm hot body. She uses Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Ohbi





  • Ben

    When she first got all surgery and messed up her face, I felt really bad for her. I thought, well she was probably under the influence of her mother, etc and she might have been, but now seeing just how capable she is of lying, and manipulating, I’m thinking serves her right. This new ugly face that she has, matches the ugly soul she has underneath. Before she used to be really pretty, but was self-absorbed underneath but now the outside matches the inside.

  • Ben

    I wonder if she’s going to take those same pills Beyonce took in order to get that plump, swollen look, because even though Beyonce stopped taking those pills, after the surrogate gave birth, she still retained that moon-face, and the thick neck, and the quarter-back body. But seeing that histrionics, like Kim Kardashian, like to imitate people, she probably just wanted to imitate Beyonce, and also fake a pregnancy. Ridiculous. The same way, she wanted to look like J.LO with the big butt, the slanted eyes, and the high cheekbones. She herself admitted she thinks J.LO is the most beautiful person, so is it wonder, that her surgeries kind of imitate the J.LO look? Histrionics have no identity, so all they can do is copy other people.

  • Aranka Paul

    Maybe she did check with her doctor and maybe flying is not that hurtful to the baby. It would be safer not to fly, in case there is an emergency associated with pregnancy. There is not a hell of a lot you can do once in the air, three thousand miles above Africa. This is a long trip, you are talking of hours in flight. Oh well, to each his own. surprised moma Kris didn’t discourage her from hopping all over the globe, oh silly me, mama is just as money and publicity hungry as her children. Now, this is the first time I in a long while I have seen this woman in clothes suitable for the airport. No exposed clevage, no sheer skirts or blouses thank God. On the subject of marriage to KH, she should give him an annulment. She did mary him for publicity and publicity only and it’s possible that poor smuck was in love with her. So far she has kept the engagement ring (if I were KW I would be real pissed about that one). Nothing this family does surprises me.

  • Lauren

    Some of you people are nuts and get so jealous when a celebrity gets pregnant. Just because a woman doesn’t eat like a pig like Jessica Simpson and gain 80Ibs doesn’t mean she’s faking a pregnancy. Women really shouldn’t gain more than 25Ibs during pregnancy. Most babies weigh about 6 to 8 pounds. Were does the other 75Ibs come from? Yeah, stuffing their faces with to much food.

  • Tracy

    Relax people you can fly up until your 6th month if the doctor gives you the okay. Kim is getting as much work in as she can before she has to stop flying.

    Haters ~ Stop being so hateful it will give you wrinkles before your time. Be happy for Kim and Kanye….I’m not their biggest fan but I wish them well. As far as Kris is concern he is just acting like a big spoiled baby and it is going to bite him in the butt. I would have more respect for him if he just sign the papers and walk away it is not worth it.

  • mags

    You guys should stop hating. Kim and Kanye are looking forward to having this baby and you should just wish them well and mind your own bniz. Even with the weight she has gained, Kim still looks good and Kris must just accept his reality and move on.

  • John@nevadadivorce

    Wow, she’s going to Nigeria while she’s pregnant? I hope everything goes well, I’d be nervous if I were her.