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Beyonce: Sprite Dinner on 'Life Is But a Dream' Premiere Night!

Beyonce: Sprite Dinner on 'Life Is But a Dream' Premiere Night!

Beyonce attends the Sprite 2 Kings Dinner held at RDG + Bar Annie on Saturday (February 16) in Houston, Texas.

The 31-year-old entertainer stepped out to support her hubby Jay-Z at the event he co-hosted with basketball player LeBron James on the night her highly anticipated documentary Life Is But a Dream premiered on HBO.

Bey and Jay were also joined at the event by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Drake, and Ne-Yo. The dinner was held during the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Beyonce’s documentary Life Is But a Dream?

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Photos: johnny nunez/nubuzz photos
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  • andy

    her wig is not well fixed to her hairline.

  • Solange

    Oh just STFU and go away. Your life is not that interesting. Did you invent cure for cander? No. Did you fly to the Mars? No. You are just singer who sings bad and boring love songs. Please!

  • Tina

    Her “big comeback” seems to be so forced. This whole thing looks beyond ridiculous. Why is she so desperate for attention? All these media outlets try to force everyone to believe that she is the thing ever in music business. WELL SHE IS NOT. Her music is meaningless and forgettable. I don’t believe in her picture perfect image. We all know that she is backstabber and cheap copycat. I don’t know why people are buying her fake smile and fake crap.

  • alex


    if you don’t like her why click on the link?
    why waste your time posting negative things.

  • Olivia

    she’s pretty

  • Jessica

    She is freaking gorgeous!

  • CutTheBS

    Phenomenal Woman!! The documentary was beautiful & refreshing! A side of beyonce her fans has never seen!!1

  • honestly

    Watch the doc. It’s a totally different Beyonce.

  • Katie

    @Tina: if u would have watched the documentery you would see that her life isnt perfect you have your facts right before u judge a person Tina

  • Harry

    Amazed at the primitive jealousy of some of the posters here.

    A beautiful singer and her husband stepped out for a date night., and all people can think to write is nonsense about wigs and whether or not Beyonce discovered a cure for cancer.

    Newsflash: She has never said she discovered a cure for anything. She is living her life. Go live yours.

  • fugmug

    blue ivy is ugly.

    she did not prove that she cared that baby.she’s shows a bump without a head, never is the head included. the she shows a dark one, which can easily be her body double, that pump looks very low. remember her bump in the black dress etc, the bump was centred this looks totally very low with nothing at the top.

    how many months is she suppose to be? 9 months?

    she faked her pregnancy.

    that thing deflated, like your typical deflating silicone.

  • fugmug

    her wig is shifting backwards. bwahahaha!!!!

  • lala


  • Solange


    Because I’m entitled to express my opinions. No matter if it’s positive or negative opinion. I don’t like her and I’m not going to hide my feelings.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    some of you crackers really need to be be hung up.

  • cerise

    This documentary is so amateurish and so Beyonce. Ghetto.

  • HotMama

    I can’t believe I watched that crap! That is time ill never get back! I thought it was a poor attempt to show the public something she never intends to show…her piersonal life. What amazes me is how people have become so brain washed in believing she is the hottest, most creative singer out. I can’t think of any of her songs that will stand the test of time like the greats….Diana, Aretha, Patty, & Barbara! She has sold her sexuality and we’re suppose to believe she is creative…I’m not buying it! Sell crazy to someone else, I’m not buying it.

  • http://connyr ConnyR

    It was honest more respect to her. She has done so well in keeping her private life private,that when you see her, you see the glam, you see a superstar that you forget she is a human being. This doc I loved cause she went in and put it out there, for the first time I saw her as a person like all of us she goes through the ups and downs of life. The love for her family! she does not have to say it, you can feel and see it especially for her child. This doc was about Beyonce as a person and I feel it gave us that.

  • Anne

    I agree her wig is not centered correctly , it looks better when she straightens it, the curls look messy and dry.

    Jayz is still ugly.

  • Michelle


    You are such a loser lmao hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

  • Michelle


    You just proved that you didn’t watch her documentary, your whole statement is contradictory to what she said in it. Trust me Hun the way the big execs handle the music business now and days their is no music that will stand the test of time.

  • streamvod

    she’s so pretty btw

  • WHAT?

    1) That’s enough already! These people make more money than 10 thousand middle class families combined per 6 months.

    2) They have enough fame to go away and to never be missed again.

    3) YES! Her wig needs to be checked ASAP.

    4) She looks “different,” something is off about her face.

    5) There are wars and starving children to be thought of and documentaries made about so let us skip the Beyonce show and use our time productively trying to make a difference in a world that is sure to implode with all the death and corruption and disease going on.

    6) Famous people need to live all together in an isolated country called NARCISSISTICA where they can all take pictures all day, starve and run around spending their money on bags and shoes and what have you and be far away from real people trying to barely make a living as they are invading our lives with their meaningless and random happenings that seem to make no dents in what we have to go through like debt, fighting the system and basically trying to survive.


  • lena

    I’m sorry but Beyonce did not dispel the surrogate theory. You never saw her face and body at the same time. If you did, it was a silhouette. Besides it was grainy. She claimed to have had a natural birth. But, what woman who’s going through contractions is sitting around laughing, having curlers put in their hair in full make-up (it too was grainy). She appeared as though she wasgetting ready to have a C-section. Every performance of her and in the studio was crystal clear however, every segment of her pregnancy was grainy. We never saw her walking around, shopping, just doing natural things at full pregnancy. It could’ve just been getting dress in the morning.

    I’m not saying that she has to share every detail of her pregnancy or let us see the delivery, But, what a difference between Mariah Carey and even Madonna’s. Madonna was shown pregnant in a pool and she look like she was going pop any minute. Beyonce pregnancy was like she getting ready to pose for the cover of Vanity Fair.

    There were some moving parts with she and Jay (I wish there was more of that and less Beyonce performing). The home video when she was little girl, ..
    I never got a sense of her hard work.. It was just Beyonce telling us how hard she works..All I ever saw was her handlers, dancers and everyone else working hard and she’s on a computer, in bed, or on a yacht.

    Quite honesty it was so boring at times, I started reading a book. It was too choppy. She should have let a professional produce it.

    The baby is so adorable, She looks like both..more Jay.

  • http://@dzejlana10 JayLoo

    today she has documentary film about her life,I hope that ”tomorrow” she doesn’t wish your reallity show like kim

  • LaCroix

    I look at all these people who have such great lives & it’s sad they don’t help where it is needed most. They have so much money they could never spend in one lifetime.. sad really.. They get all dressed up to celebrate a documentary on her life? wow. shallow.

  • Really

    Her life was not even a damn struggle. She grew up wealthy with two parents that took care of her. Got famous and has everybody doing her work for her. Its pathetic. I could understand if you grew up in a single parent broken home, poor or had some kind of addiction or real struggle..i could understand a documentary about yourself..but someone who has had a good life compared to other famous looks narcisstic and sort of comical.

  • Disney Villainess

    Didn’t like the documentary, TBQH. I’ve always thought she was so robotic in her ways and this definitely didn’t change that opinion. Even in her home films and supposed intimate moments, everything just seemed so cold, calculated and rehearsed. What I did like however, was those very brief moments between her and Blue Ivy and her and Jay. Jay’s revealed to be such a dork(in a good way)and knows when to stay in his lane and let Bey do what she gotta do, I didn’t sense any male ego-ness on his part and I think they work well together. They are a match made in…..whatever(I refuse to say Heaven, LOL)…..But anyways, OK docu.

  • bfan35

    why do you care so much?

  • OKAI

    Ok so she cannot please everybody, I think people take it too serious. Before you questionher life how about you check yourself first and if you find that you are ok with yourself continue in that path.If you do GOOD in life it is not to proove or please or get recognition, I think for BEY business is business she is wired that way. I cannot comment or assume just by what I see on TV. Everyone has a GOD given right to live how they want. If someone else don’t like that’s their problem so deal with it. I enjoy her music but I am not buying that whole anti-Bey effect. Its not jealousy , its just plain stupid to focus on negativity. She is HUMAN. Bless her Family. Everybody else go DO something besides waste space on a blog to be more clear.

  • http://ConnyR ConnyR

    Hov looks relaxed, I truly think the doc has given them a bit space for them to not be so guarded, its nice to see them doing them. They are a beautiful couple its impressive they are still going strong.

  • Melissa B

    @Tina: I agree that it all seems so forced. I miss the days when ppl just released what they had and it either worked or it didn’t. If it was good, you heard and saw it. If not, it was gone. Now they try to make things happen.

  • Gigi

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]:

    You are a racist.

  • gracie

    Bey Is a great gal and a good role model, she is not doing drugs, jumping from man to man or going out without her panties, you little cowards hiding behind your screens posting garbage should not let envy get the better of you cuz it’s showing, you’ll only make yourselves ill. When you’re blessed, you’re blessed period and there is nothing you haters can do to change destiny. lol.

  • Pat

    I’m not a fan of hers at all, but her child is not ugly.
    Yes she has parts of Jay-Z but Blue is a beautiful young girl and even then she has parents who love and adore her (I’m not talking about money because does not equal happiness).
    I will never call another parents child ugly because I would hate for someone to do it to me

  • CutTheBS

    @fugmug: You called a baby ugly!!!
    Kill ur self…. plz!! The world doesn’t need ppl like u!!

    U must be gorgeous!!!!!

  • CutTheBS

    @cerise: Go eat a big black a**!

  • CutTheBS

    @lala: Well everytime u click on one of her post… you make her more famous & gives post about beyonce more hits.
    JJ will continue to post on celebrities who brings alot of comments & viewers to the blog Duhh.

    Why r haters sooo stupid??!!! DONT click the links about Beyonce.

  • CutTheBS

    @Anne: Ugly??? Yup… like ur p*ssy!!

  • BlowMe

    @cerise: Amateur like the p*rno u made with ur mom!!

  • BlowMe


  • Sommer


    BUT you watched it. Thanks for watching BEY’s documentary!!! hahahahahaha

  • Sommer


    Your dumb ass wrote all that stuff but you still watched! BEYONCE wins!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Sommer




  • cerise

    @CutTheBS: Is that the best you’ve got? So very ghetto.

  • KissThis

    Overexposed couple. VERY annoying.

  • donna

    What happens when Jay-Z transforms you from a good girl to a bad girl? You start appreciating Lucifer just as much as he does. This was the moment Beyonce–rather, Sasha Fierce started wearing things like the metal/leather looking outfit with handlebars at her shoulders and the BAPHOMET symbol on the front of the suit.

    The meaning of this is beyond creepy.

    Her outfit is used to symbolize her body as a motorcycle with the Baphomet featured front and center. Sasha Fierce is communicating that she is a vehicle for Satan.

    The Sigil of Baphomet represents the Church of Satan. There are numerous photos of Beyonce wearing the “Baphomet” ring on her hand. You can google those pics and find them, no problem. She is not quit the eloquence of classy and nice as she once was. She “IS” the real reason there is no more Destinys Child. Remember, one of the former members is a gospel singer…….Yep! Used to be good ol Beyonce now she’s just another one of Jay Z’s Biatches.

  • Margaret R. Woods

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  • RICK

    fake ass comment but you tried and as you saw in the documentary
    and it just goes to show how stupid beyonce haterzzz are

  • RICK