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Jensen Ackles Talks 'Supernatural' Braveheart Scene

Jensen Ackles Talks 'Supernatural' Braveheart Scene

Jensen Ackles flashes a smile while arriving at LAX Airport on Saturday afternoon (February 16) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor recently chatted about what it was like filming the Braveheart scene for his hit CW series Supernatural, in which he was in full hair and makeup as William Wallace.

“There may have been a flask hidden in my costume somewhere,” Jensen joked. “It’s the only time in my life I’ve had longer hair than Jared [Padalecki].”

Check out what else Jensen had to say in a video interview at Zap2it!

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  • Ashley

    Typical good guy turned Los Angeles douchebag. Eugh.

    I mean yes you need that leather jacket in 75 degree weather, Jensen.

    At least Jared and Misha stayed true to themselves with their fame unlike Jensen and his literal Hollywood whore wife.

  • mixme


  • J’s

    That was a joke???
    Wait, i will laugh…
    Sorry but I Can’t, try more harder the next time, ok???

  • bremary

    Well, he arrived from Vancouver where it’s a bit colder and was still at the airport…

  • Karen

    Oh, for God… Sometimes, It would be nice to be blind…

    Jensen is so a Good and Humble person, and deserve everything of good in this life…

    Love U Jensen =D

  • getlost losers

    He is SOOOO Gorgeous, i don’t care what he’s wearing…oh and @Ashley your a dumb ass loser! shut your ignorant mouth and stop leaving idiotic comments…k

  • Emily

    Danneel is sooooo Lucky!!!

    Jensen <3333

  • Elle

    I love the shoes but the grandpappy hat needs to go oh and @getlostlosers, It’s YOU’RE a dumb ass loser..

  • Jamie

    @Ashley: He was flying in from Canada…

  • Elle

    Why is everyone giving my comment a thumbs down? Is it it because I said one not so nice thing about Jensen Ackles? Is it because I grammar corrected someone?

  • Paulette

    @Ashley: What are you talking about Assley? You’re making no sense? What has Jared and Misha got to do with anything? Oh you mean Jensen needs reallity twitter to give a run down on his life? Jensen IS no different to Jared and Misha who aleady have a family. He’s simply a soon to be dad on his way home to his wife, who is not different to Jared’s wife when she was expecting. Jensen is being true to himself, no douchebag. flying below the redar..Not seeking out publicity unlike some people.

  • cj


    Yeah because we’re always seeing Jensen in the tabloids frolicking on the beach and he’s such an attention grabber with his twitter….oh that’s right he doesn’t have one of them so I guess he’s Hollywood for wearing a leather jacket? Pathetic attempt to insult someone who is constantly described as humble by those he works with. You are pathetic.

  • Elena

    Jensen is gorgeous!

  • tammie edwards


    Why are you being so sarcastic. I know you are hitting at Jared. Please leave him alone. If you are angry with others for their comments on Jensen then you hit them back, but please don’t bring Jared into this. I have noticed whenever someone says unpleasant comments on Jensen or Jared, people just like to bring the other person in when the topic is not on them. Jared and Jensen are of best of friends as we all know, ok.

  • Kara

    I think the opposite of Jensen-he’s no Hollywood douche. He’s almost never photographed and I love his character in Supernatural. He actually seems so much more normal than Jared but then, again, Jared was in more movies, etc. I just like them both plus Misha is just too hilarious.

  • Yar

    He gets better with age! I didn’t find him attractive when he was younger but now…unf!

  • L

    Damn he a gorgeous looking man!

  • mrs. robinson

    Love Jensen. He is so funny. I’m not so crazy over the hat he is wearing. Thanks for the pictures.

  • tia

    I am surprised the photographer caught Jensen. It is clear that Jensen was trying to go incognito-with the hat the the sunglasses. The smile was probably because he was thinking “Damn-they recognized me!” lol. Anyway-he looks fabulous and I am glad we get to see a pic of him. It is a very rare thing indeed.

  • Amanda Amanda

    @tia: They look great together. She loves it when Jensen kisses Her Neck and Pulls Her close to His Body. She can feel his Heart Beating Faster and Faster, as their Bodies rub up against each other, with Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Prezes

    Some actors could learn something from him and Jared about privacy. You practically only see them at events promoting their show, like CW line ups and Comic Con. That’s why it’s so exciting and refreshing to see him.

  • Besty

    I used to be a fan. Nowadays, I just think Jensen is just another republican homophobe making money off gay fans. All you people would excuse anything he does just because he’s good looking.

  • Dana

    Jensen is gorgeous!!! *.*

  • Stacy Boyd

    Ha Ha Ha…He’s never photographed b/c no one knows who the heck he is!!! If they do know, they don’t care!!! Sure, he’s okay looking but in 2 or 3 years no one is going to remember his name. He’s just a crappy D list actor who has nothing but looks. Misha and Jared are going to have film careers cuz they can actually ACT.

  • Mika

    Seriously guys, some of these comments are way out of line. Jensen is a sweet guy! You say he’s a douchebag because of his fashion choices? Grow up! He flew from Canada!
    Also the other comments? Totally uncalled for, you dont know the guy personally and there’s no need to go and slag off Daneel. So what what if he’s done less movies than Jared or Misha, doesn’t mean he’s any less of a good actor. Jensen is a fantastic actor and totally gets me believing in the characters he plays. Also, he’s done less movies because he’s done a hell of a voice acting in video games and animation! So go take you’re negative crap elsewhere.

  • Mika

    @Besty: Grow up, Jensen isn’t a homophobe

  • reaper

    Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.. Jensen is a perfect actor and an absolutely charming and attractive man!! Anyone who thinks otherwise, well go f*ck yourself!! :’) I couldn’t say this with any more respect.. And Stacy, im sure youre famous enough to have the paparazzi follow you wherever you go! Well keep that big bag of shit to yourself!! And Betsy,, well.. Eat fertilizer.. Grow up.. And Ashley or assley as someone so rightly pointed out.. Learn your facts before opening your dumb mouth!! Hate Danneel!? well f*ck you too!! :’)

  • tia

    Stacy you don’t know what you are talking about Jared and Misha’s acting creds are not even close to Jensen’s -Misha’s is strictly all supporting roles -one time only type roles on shows-no awards at all. Jared’s is better than Misha’s with some awards won but he has been supporting roles with a couple main characters. Jensen’s acting creds are series creds-He has been on shows for a long time-One Life to Live for 3 years, Smallville, and Dark Angel to name a few. With awards being won. Jensen is by far the better actor of the three. Jared being much better than Misha.imo.

  • Emma

    Jensen looks fantastic and so happy. He has such a great smile.

    Jensen is so talented and I can’t wait to see his next project after Supernatural.

  • linne

    @Mika…Yes, yes, he is because he knows that being gay is a SIN, and Jensen is a CHRISTIAN. He has made that clear. My pastor said that our country is going to HELL because no one will take a stand against the gays. Being homophobic is a GOOD THING!!!!! Jensen is a good Christian AND A PROUD CONSERVATIVE LIKE HIS DAD!!!!!!

  • Bitsy4587

    okay i was disappointed to see that jensen is a registered republican. it’s on the LA County Clerk’s site and i guess it’s true that he supported Sara Palin and then Romney, but that doesn’t mean for sure that he is not in favor of gay rights. i have gay friends who are really upset with him but everyone has a right to their own political opinion and that includes jensen. i will always be a fan but it does bother me esp. about gay rights and adoption AND a women’s right to choose. anyway you dumb*ass*es saying that homoph*bia is a good thing need to go get hit buy a bus advertising support for gay marriage. Just my 2 cents.

  • lacy midnite

    wow jensen looks alot older there. not horrible at all but he sure looks older than his age. he better start wearing sunscreen, lol, or get in line for some botox! i would love him at any age tho. And jensen is NOT a frakin Repbulican! He is a Democrat like Jared!

  • tia

    @Bitsy and all you republican haters-OMG -grow up and actually listen to what the republican party says instead of what the libral idiots are telling you the republicans are saying. Do you guys have your own brains or are all of you just numb minded robots that listen to the rhetoric of the libral demogogs???? Gay marriage is not a marriage-its a union. Marriage is defined as a union between a MAN and a WOMAN. so go find another word to defind your gay unions what is wrong with that???? As for Jensen-I am proud that he is a Republican-that shows he cares for people. That he believes in what people can accomplish if THEY want to accomplish it. That he believes people can do anything. Not by the government giving them Everything -like a Santa Claus. As for gay rights-You have rights -they are called the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. You are covered by them. Its a libral talking point to say Gays don’t have rights. because you do. The same as everybody else. Our country is going to Hell because it is pure caos because there are no boundries anymore. Its a free for all. A society can’t survive without limitations on what you can and can not do. The USA is heading in that direction .

  • tia

    oh as for a womans right to choose-yes she does have a right to choosen -she can CHOOSE to keep her darn legs closed so she doesn’t get pregnant so she doesn’t have to kill a baby -or she can CHOOSE to whore herself out and take the chance that she may get pregnant. Being a woman it burns me to think there are so many women out there that don’t have enough respect for themselves or thier bodies or for an unborn child to just say -nope- not going to open my legs for just any tom, dick or harry. I want it to be “making love” not “having sex”. It is the womans responsiblity when it comes to sex. not a mans. The man has no consequence of having sex. a woman does. She needs to take that responsiblity on herself-respect herself. Gawd women-you that weak minded???

  • Carol Anne

    HEY TIA!! Guess what? The WHOLE COUNTRY listened to what the Republican Party had to say AND REJECTED IT! That’s why YOU LOST THE ELECTION!!! I don’t know what party Jensen is but I PRAY he isn’t Republican! Anyway, next month when the Supreme Court votes in FAVOR of GAY MARRIAGE, I’ll be thinkin’ about ‘cha!!! Homophobic Crazy Idiot.

  • Wayne76DDS

    tia nobody wants to hear your homophobic garbage on a website for celebrities. keep your crazy opinions to yourself…and i don’t believe for a second that jensen is a republican, not being best friends with jared who has told fans he supported obama and sent out support for secretary of state hillary clinton.

  • KissThis

    I think it’s too bad a lot of people assume Jensen is a douche because of his good looks. He seems like a good guy to me!

  • tia

    Republicans lost not because the whole country didn’t like what the republicans were saying its because 1) the base didn’t show because right now the republicans are trying to figure out who they want to be-conservitives or kiss arse wishy washy moderates. and 2) because Obama doesn’t know how to tell the truth about who he really is and people voted for him because they really don’t know who and what he stands for. But whatever-the election is over-elections have consequences. When all of your taxes go up and the government tells you what medical procedures you can have and can’t have, and when unemployment goes to 10 i will be thinking of all of you – by the way-I am not homophobic-but I think that you wayne and carol are straight predjudice. You have a predjudice against those who are straight and have a differant view. If we aren’t lock and step with you -its all hatred all the time with your kind. too bad really. We are all people-we all have the same color blood. We are brothers and sisters. Its just too bad some can’t look beyond thier own selfish wants and needs. peace yall!!! There is no winning this argument. It’s called tolerance. maybe the two of you might want to try it sometime.

    As for Jensen-he is a great actor, abeautiful man and a wonderful person, husband and he will be a great dad. Reguardless of whether he has an “r” or a “d” by his name when and if he votes.

  • WarnerJurisDoctorate2013

    Tia, wouldn’t you like to come to my wedding in April? After six years, my partner and I are getting married. We wanted to wait until I got out of law school and passed the bar exam, which I did this last term. He just finished his master’s in chemical engineering. I’m twenty-four and he’s twenty-six. It’s going to be an awfully nice wedding. My parents will the be there, as will his. Wouldn’t you like to take a breather from the trailer park you’re living in and come?

    Yeah . . . education . . . it’s a wonderful thing. Among so many other things it teaches one how to spell “liberal”…you might look into it.

    Incidentally, it’s people like you who have killed the Republican Party. I sure do thank you for that. Job well done!

  • tia

    Oh and wayne-just because J2 are best of friends doesn’t mean they like -believe and act the same on EVERYTHING. You are kidding yourself if you do. Infact they have talked about times when they have had heated discussions _they call it “good hard conversations”. but whatever-believe what you want. stay in your dreamworld.

  • Wayne76DDS

    Just so you know, Tia, I’m a 30 yr old straight man married with 3 kids. I’m also a self employed dentist who voted Republican up until 08. That’s when you lost me. The Conservative views on social issues are antiquated and cost you the election. When Republicans lose the Religious Right and stop waging war on gays, women’s rights and immigrants and begin focusing solely on fiscal issues, I MIGHT come back. Until then, it’s just too embarrassing. I can’t believe Ackles is a Republican. I need proof of that.

  • leslie lavins

    it’s amazing to me that someone against equality for gays has the audacity to say that others aren’t “tolerant.” Are you kidding me??? Gays and lesbians should have every last right that us straight people do, including the right to marry. By allowing gays to get married, no one is infringing on YOUR rights. What someone else does doesn’t effect you at all.

  • tia

    I don’t care wayne-who and what you are. I don’t care that you left the republicans and the reason why either. You see what you want to see-you listen to who you want to listen to. You believe what you want to believe. Nothing I would say would change your mind and this forum is NOT the place for that. I will say only because you brought it up-the reason you left the republicans is bogus. because none of that is true of the conservative republicans. Conservatives believe in people -not government plain and simple. We never waged war on gays, women or immigrants-but we do believe in the constitution and the laws that this country has. But whatever. I am done with this political talk. It leads to nowhere.

  • Marie H. Collins

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  • Becks

    OMG, All I wanted to do was droll over Jensen! WTF? EVERYONE, straight and gay, should have the same rights in this country. All you people talking religion, that’s fine if YOU want to be religious and have a church where YOU don’t want gays and lesbians. But as far as LAWS go in this great country, it should be equal. And I’m straight, just in case anyone wondered.

    There’s no way in heck that I will believe that Jensen is a conservative who is against equality, not living in Hollywood and running around with Playboy models or being best friends with Jared and Misha! If he is, well, then he sure lost me as a fan.

  • Elena

    Jensen republican or not? He never expressed his political views publicly. He is amazingly talented actor and a very handsome man and we love him for it, and some of it and hates. Why discuss here his political views. He looks good in etoi day, arriving home from filming. I love Jensen Ackles!

  • Kelsey

    There is no way anyone knows who anyone voted for (unless the voter themselves disclose that information); that’s private and confidential and will not be reported by any media or agency because they don’t know.

    Just because someone is registered a particular party does not mean they always vote for candidates of that party. I would hope that voters are more intelligent than voting the party line and will instead vote for the better individual candidate. I may be a registered Democrat, but I don’t always vote for every democrate candidate, there are some idiot Democrat candidates, like there are idiot Republican and idiot Independent candidates.

    Also, fyi, for those who seem to care and hate on people because they may be registered a certain party, it is public information as to who donates money to candidates and:

    Jared Padalecki’s wife, Genevieve, donated $3,000 to the Mitt Romney (Republican) campaign fund.

  • Marsha

    LOVE ME SOME JENSEN!! Thanks for posting Jared.. we hardly ever get to see him because he is so low key:) And I love that about him…

  • Connie

    @Ashley: ROFL

    Seriously? Too Hollywood because he was wearing a jacket. When he left Vancouver it was around 40 degrees F, he gets on the plane and sleeps for a couple of hours(confirmed on a number off occasions by those travelling with him). I’m sure he never bothered to take the jacket off after getting on the plane. I know I’d keep my jacket on under the circumstances.

    Talk about reaching. Jensen is the least Hollywood out of any of them probably, he doesn’t have twitter or facebook or anything like that.

  • Connie

    @Stacy Boyd: Jensen is a far better actor than Jared, everyone knows that, and he’s more well known under any of the measurements that can be found online(I don’t think he’s been out of the top 500 on IMDB for years and he’s also been far higher for years on google trends, among other things)