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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Climate Change Rally!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Climate Change Rally!

Miranda Bloom carries her adorable two-year-old son Flynn through Coldwater Canyon Park on Sunday (February 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

That same day, the 29-year-old model headed out to support the Earth’s climate at a rally with her husband Orlando Bloom.

“My man at the climate rally with his cousin on behalf @globalgreen check it out. #globalgreen” Miranda tweeted, along with a pic of the two guys.

The rally urged President Obama to reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline proposal and honor his inauguration pledge to deal with climate change.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr out in Beverly Hills with Flynn

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 01
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 02
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 03
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 04
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 05
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 06
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 07
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 08
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 09
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 10
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 11
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 12
miranda kerr supports orlando bloom at climate change rally 13

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Journalistic

    Good for Orlando Bloom. I love people to see people caring about the environment and trying to make a difference. Miranda looks she’s there for the photo op.

  • http://kikay1957 Kikay

    good job… we need people like you who are committed to stand on a very good cause….

  • Dieter

    Orlanda is trying to keep Miranda from her work at VS. He cannot stand her success and is trying to keep her down !!!

  • ha

    why is everytime its an event the two are always photographed separately? when they are there at the same time at the same place?
    but yet they are separate? hmmmm maybe there is some truth to some of the rumors about them breaking up an getting a divorce.

  • @1

    You just can’t help it, can you.
    Why couldn’t you just leave it at saying good for Orlando? Why did you feel the need to insult Miranda? She’s at the rally, too, is she not?
    Haters just can’t control themselves, even in the light of people doing something positive.

  • @4

    More likely that Orlando was in the thick of it, and he and Miranda didn’t want Flynn to be surrounded by a crowd.
    I know.
    Common sense hurts, doesn’t it.

  • yes!

    They all look great! And all for such an important cause!

  • haha

    1 blurry picture of Orlando and 10 of Miranda “photo op” Kerr just shows you for what each one is realy there.

  • ta

    LOVE THEM!!!

  • Anon

    It’s great to see people that want to make a difference and help the environment. Great to see pics of Orlando with his cousin. Flynn is so cute and am sure Miranda is happy to be back in LA with her family. Haters still can’t accept that Miranda and Orlando are happy together. They have already said they are not splitting up, so give it up. This is an important cause so its great to see Orlando participating with his cousin. Miranda looks beautiful and great to see her with Flynn.

  • Pat

    Love seeing pics of Orlando, Miranda, and Flynn. Beautiful family and great to see she is there supporting her husband.

  • sara

    Such a beautiful family.
    Love to see them supporting such an important cause.

  • anonymous

    Whe “global warming” proved to be a scam, as temperatures worldwide fell instead of increasing, the ultra left wing nuts changed the name to “climate change.” What nonsense! if everyone would stop reacting emotionally, and do a little objective research, they would discover that temperatures increased very slightly during the 1990′s due to solar flares – it had nothing to do with coal or green house gases. Since that time, temps have consistently dropped; if anything we’re headed toward another mini ice age, not a warm up! In any case, these fluctuations in temperature and climate are normal and natural. Greenland, currently covered in ice and snow, was named that because in the 12th century, when Vikings first landed there, the climate was much warmer than it is now – Greenland really was green, back then. Worry about the Constitutional rights our leaders are taking away from us, all in the name of keeping us safer.
    ‘People who will trade their freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both.’ – Ben Franklin

  • @LOL

    Stop being so annoying and check your facts before you start in on people. Orlando was at a rally in downtown Los Angeles. Miranda was at a park in Beverly Hills doing her pap stroll.

    Not together, couldn’t be farther apart really. He’s thinking about changing the world, his wife is thinking about flipping her hair, getting the right camera angle and parading her kid. This is their normal.

    She’ll get props from me when she does something that deserves it. Until then, she’s just a vapid attention seeker with paps on speed dial.

  • Suze

    Great pictures & a great cause.

  • @13

    Actually global warming is a proven, scientific fact. We have some of the warmest weather on record. And greenhouse gases have increased exponentually.
    The ice caps are melting. Global warming is real.

  • @14

    According to PopSugar Miranda was at the park for a play date with Flynn. She later attended the rally with Orlando.
    The picture of Orlando and Sebastian was taken by Miranda. So since she was also there supporting the cause, I guess that you owe her some “props”.

  • @13

    You really need to stop getting your information from Faux News or Flush Limbaugh.
    The fact that you believe that Greenland was once a temperate island has to be the most ridiculous thing that I have heard today.
    FACT: Greenland has always been at least 85% covered by glaciers. The VERY small part of the island that was settled by the Vikings was habitable, and still is. And it is, indeed, green. But if anything, it is warmer now than it has ever been.
    Maybe you should open a book once in a while, instead of relying on right wing idiots for information.

  • @14….

    You “haters” have to find some fault with Miranda no matter what she’s doing. But you always get caught out because you lie about her.

    This is a perfect example, she’s in the park with Flynn having a play date with other mum’s & their kids but according to you “haters” she’s only doing so for “a pap stroll”……ignoring the fact that other celebrity mum’s have been papped in the park but because it’s Miranda it’s all a set up & fake.

    Then of course according to you “haters” Orlando is at a Climate Change Rally changing the world while Miranda is “flipping her hair & parading her kid”…….turns out she was at the rally with Orlando.

    Just all lies about Miranda once again!!!

    She was in fact being a good mum taking her child on a play date AND attending a rally WITH Orlando to support Climate Change!

  • @ha

    Actually, even though they technically weren’t photographed together at the event, we have proof that they were together. Since Miranda was standing about three feet in front of him when she took his and Bast’s picture.

  • lol

    yeah HATERS the (crazed) fans have searched every part of the inet to figure out just what miranda was doing…….

  • @21

    What’s the matter? Are you just mad that FACTS proved you wrong once again?
    Yeah. Thought so.

  • @21

    So you think that it is “crazy” for a fan to look up news on celebs that they like?
    But I guess that you think that it is ‘normal’ for a hater to scour the internet day and night looking for news on someone that they hate, just so that they can post nasty lies to make their sad little lives a bit less painful?
    Well, OK then.

  • Ting ting

    Like usual, every single positive comment in a Miranda thread is from the same person…. Because no one cares about Miranda Kerr in the US.

  • @Ting ting

    1. Miranda has millions of fans, haters are a handful
    2. The only ones caught using socks are haters
    3. I think she’s fairly popular in the US, but still not only people from the US post here

  • Tilda

    @@Ting ting: LOL same commenter again….man you’re obsessed….so pathetic…hahahaha….she’s such a fake and cheating woman what a fameho…..

  • lol

    @@21: except i only check J.J so hahahhahahaha

    remember everyone, miranda kerr fans know everything about their (choke) idol

  • @Ting ting

    Nope. 25 was my first comment, but believe what you want, it will be your consolation cookie for having to eat your words

  • Tilda

    @@Ting ting: Just like you will have to when they head for their imminent divorce :) want some salve to go with that burn?

  • @lol

    Well then, I guess that you’re just plain stupid, illiterate, or in denial.
    Because even if all you did was read JJ, even this one thread, you too would know that Miranda was with Flynn at a park, and then joined Orlando at the rally where she took the picture of Orlando and his cousin.
    No stalking required, even by an idiot hater like yourself.
    What this does prove is that you didn’t even read the article before you started insulting her. But I guess when have you ever let facts get in the way of your insults?

  • @27

    But isn’t that a normal part of being a fan?
    What isn’t normal is the way haters stalk her every move. That is pathalogical.

  • @Ting ting…#24

    Wrong……as usual you post the same nonsense that Miranda has only
    “one fan” on EVERY thread.

    People commenting on here are not only from the US but from all over the world.

    It’s the “haters” like yourself who are in the minority not her “fans”…

  • Whatshername

    Every comment save two just on THIS page is made by the same obsessed fan..

  • @Ting ting (Tilda)

    I doubt any fan has ever said that they’ll never get divorced. Nobody can know that. If they have to divorce some day, up to them.
    But you’ve been “predicting” their split for 6 years, aren’t you bored of being wrong already?

  • @33

    Suuuure, whatever you say, Ting ting-Tilda

  • @33

    Hmmmm, we’ve already proved that you haters use sockpuppets. So now you are accusing her fans of the same thing? LOL!
    Poor haters.
    But let’s look at the stats.
    You haters are very few in number. You are just vocal, and use socks here and on the Daily Fail site.
    Miranda has nearly 1.6 million followers on twitter, and over one million followers on instagram.
    Now considering those numbers, why would fans have to use socks?
    Unlike you sad people, there are plenty of us to support her. We don’t have to pretend to be someone else.

  • He’s so hot!

    Go Orlando! What a worthy cause to support and great to see him with his cousin.

  • :)

    miranda kerr would be irrelevant today if it wasn’t for her husband so let’s hope blind is right and they divorce SOON

  • @38

    Really? You’re actually hoping for heartache and sadness for an innocent baby? Just because you have an irrational hate for his mother? A woman who has never harmed you in any way?
    There’s a special place in hell waiting for people as horrible as you. A very special place.
    Karma baby. Karma

  • :)

    @@38: lol lol lol

    you mean these two (who have cheated on each other) isn’t the problem?
    someone on the internet is? hahhahah

    good joke

    and i like that on every thread you’ve managed to bring their kid into it.

    nice try in using that as a device to win an argument. hahahhahah

    there’s a special place in hell for fangirls 2.. so see you there ;)

  • Yvette

    @39 I don’t get the hatred for Miranda. She comes across as a sweet person. You can see she loves Flynn and look at how happy Flynn is to be with his mom. The haters keep saying they will split but they have been proven wrong each time. Miranda even recently said there were no truth to the rumours. They can’t stand it that Orlando and Miranda are happy together and love each other. Wishing sadness for a baby is sick.
    Why don’t the haters just admit they are wrong about them. It is great what Orlando and his cousin are doing for the environment.

  • Kath

    Miranda, again you look fab along with beautiful little Flynn. Orlando looks hot as always, good on them for getting out and about. Great family! Hmmmm…. I wish I had her figure…..and her wardrobe as she always looks good. Love them!

  • @40

    You’re telling us that you are actually STUPID enough to believe those cheating rumors????

  • :)

    @@40: you’re stupid enough to believe a blog soooo get over yourself

  • @40

    You don’t think that wishing for a family to break up is already “bringing the kid into it”???
    Who do you think is most affected by divorce?
    The kids, that’s who.
    I guess that you really are as stupid, selfish and hateful as everyone has always said.
    What a sad, dark and lonely life you must lead.

  • kids

    Kids are no better off when the parents stay together just for them if the parents are unhappy. Sometimes divorce is the best option, stop living in the 50s

  • @46

    Saying that an unhappy relationship is better ended for the benefit of a child is one thing. And quite another to wish that a couple would divorce just because you don’t like one of the people in the relationship.
    Without knowing them personally, and therefore haveing no knowledge of the state of their marriage, wishing for them to breakup is SICK.

  • @47

    And now people even can’t have their opinion? Why allways, if someone say something (and it’s not hate), you say he/she is hater?

  • @48

    If someone wished that you and your partner broke up, or even worse, that you and your husband, having a child together, divorced, would you appreciate that? I’d really like to know

  • @48

    You can have an opinion without being a hater. But calling names, wishing for hurtful things to happen, and speading LIES makes you a hater.
    And no matter who you are talking about, witshing that they get a divorce because you don’t like her is indeed, sick and automatically makes you a hater.
    Rational people don’t think that way.