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Nicole Kidman & Mia Wasikowska: 'Stoker' London Screening!

Nicole Kidman & Mia Wasikowska: 'Stoker' London Screening!

Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska arrive at a special screening of their latest film Stoker held at Curzon Soho on Sunday (February 17) in London, England.

Nicole, 45, plays an emotionally unstable mother to Mia, 23, in the psychological thriller.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Earlier in the week, Nicole and her hubby Keith Urban were spotted holding hands while leaving The Eveleigh after a romantic Valentine’s Day in West Hollywood, Calif.

FYI: Mia is wearing a Christopher Kane dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. Nicole is wearing an L’Wren Scott dress and shoes, a Bottega clutch, and Stroiloro earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska at a Stoker screening in London…

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nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 01
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 02
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 03
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 04
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 05
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 06
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 07
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 08
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 09
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 10
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 11
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 12
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 13
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 14
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 15
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker london screening 16

Credit: Gareth Cattermole; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Anne888

    Mia, what have you done to your hair??? I always hate that cut
    Nicole is such a lady. Very elegant, strange dress but very elegant.

  • Moh123

    Nicole look like an Egyptian princess

  • Emily

    Mia needs to find a new hairstyle. That short cut is getting tiresome and starting to look really ugly

  • Frame

    I don’t understand why Mia always dresses as an old lady? I have seen her photoshoots where she was having fun with fashion and wearing fashionable dresses which suited her best. But on red carpets she always wears the most boring dresses and I don’t want to bring out her hair.

  • Juju

    Nicole looks amazing!

  • doroty199

    Such a beautiful dress by Nicole! A little normal and a little strange. LOVE IT. Also i love the dress of Mia. the only problem are the hair. A BIG PROBLEM

  • kary

    wow Nicole looks gorgeous

  • Alaia

    @Frame: So she’s dressed like an old lady because she’s covered up and isn’t dressed like a slút? People these days…

  • janekay

    Nic looks really lovely here…love the colors!

  • K6

    Old Botoxed bubble head.

  • andre

    omg, nicole looks amazing.. love her style.

  • Chanel

    Love the look of this film; can’t wait to check it out! HW please churn out more interesting-looking stuff like this!

  • Frame

    @Alaia: No, I am not talking about showing her body parts. I am talking about looking fashionable. She is a young girl who dresses like a 60 years old woman. Go the fashion blogs and you’ll see that they say the same. First, read what I wrote then talk.

  • Alaia

    @Frame: And what makes you think she wants to look fashionable? That really cares? I don’t know many 60-year-old women that wear velvet dresses or Christopher Kane for the matter.

  • JMHO

    Nicole looks great! If this is what laying off Botox does for you Nicole, please stick with it!

  • Frame

    @Alaia: Oh, just shut up! I don’t like her style, that is all!

  • ll3

    How much plastic surgery did nicole get?

  • Alaia

    @Frame: Wow, that’s very mature of you. All I’m saying is that she probably doesn’t care much about fashion. Doesn’t mean she needs to be scolded for it. It’s always has to be how the person looks nowadays, never the abilities. And she’s a very talented actress.

  • mlp

    That’s a fantastic silhouette on Nicole. Anxiously awaiting the US release of Stoker.

  • x17

    plastic surgery botox yikes

  • Alaia

    It always has to be*

  • x17


  • Angel

    Nicole “The Goddess” Kidman!!! Simply stunning! Elegant as always.

  • x

    ”My New Year’s resolution actually [was] to get out more, to go out and be part of the world, because my nature is very (narcissistic) introverted,” she says. ”And I have a tendency to (rarely) stay home and be very insulated (bored) and just be with (myself) my family. So I’m pushing myself and instead of going, “I’m just going to get in my pyjamas and go to bed (alone), I’m going out to dinners and (same sex) parties a bit (lot) more (and happily leaving the girls with their nannies around the clock).”

  • Sasha D. Lewis

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  • ridao

    At this point the spam posts have more value than the comments from the nasty cows who think they are accomplishing something.

  • TC

    ‘Kiss of Death’ Kidman should be banned from ALL film promotional activities. As soon as cinema patrons become aware of her involvement in ANY movie, they automatically stay away in droves. Not even popular, box-office draw Zac Efron could negate old ‘Kiss of Death’ Kidman, hence another box-office bomb with The Paperboy.

  • As99

    If anyone has had the misfortune to watch Kidman in the Stoker trailer, they will not be tempted to part with their hard earned cash and proceed to the movie.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    nicole looks amazing

  • x

    BBC News (Feb 2013) ‘My life is incredibly normal (dysfunctional),’ Nicole added, ‘and 99 percent of it just hanging out (on film sets) with (without) my kids, my family and my husband and (strategically) navigating through the (self-absorbed) journey of your life.’

  • ..

    “My life is incredibly normal and 99 percent of it just hanging out with my kids, my family and my husband” … Hollywood’s greatest pathological liar has no shame.

  • Louise

    Nicole looks fabulous. There is one thing missing in the Kidman pictures…… of her gorgeous husband. Understandably he is not there, but would be swell to see his picture. So nice to see the length of her dress. It is getting old looking at knees. Knees are the ugliest part of the human body!! That Mia person is one boring looking girl.

  • KissThis

    Neither of these ladies look too good here! Their dresses are so blah and Nicole REALLY needs to stop filling her face.

  • Lauren

    Nicole and Keith threw a kids party for their little girls and their friends a couple a weeks ago. They had it at a kids restaurant and had a magician etc. Lucky little girls. And it wasn’t even their birthdays. Just a random fun party for the girls.

  • Via6

    Ever wondered why an originally flat chested, 46 year old, prematurely grey and balding tall person with a boyish figure and no biological children, has not a trace of female cellulite on her thighs?

  • Wes

    Nicole should follow Lance Armstrong’s lead and admit to the lies.

  • http://yahoo cherry

    Nicole look gorgeous , she is a successful actress and happily married with Keith, blessed with two children .

  • http://yahoo Lynn

    Via6 , you are Hyperboli ( exagerating ) Nicole has two biological children , Nicole teen age boyish personality gone when she is om her old age , and she has a thick hair , you are a hater and jealous of Nicole , I watched her movies ever since , and watch her when she is a teen age until now she is not a flat chest person .
    She deserved of what she worked hard . She is a successful actress and with her marriage to Keith Urban .

  • 5d

    Will not happen Wes #36. Still has ongoing contract with cruise. Cruise goes down – she’s history.

  • http://yahoo cherry

    TC , you are jealous and a hater to Nicole Kidman, as she is very successful in her acting career , during her early time in the movie Industry , she is the number one higher earner and higher paid in movie industry . Lots of people like her movies . She is earning millions of dollars in her movies .

  • dani


    The US audience has not been as accepting of her as the foreign box office. She does great overseas. And she doesn’t do bad here. You know I know a lot of folks that were looking forward to seeing the Paperboy. It had a good showing in 11 theaters and why they chose not to distribute nationwide is a mystery. Same with Rabbit Hole. Plus Nicole got great reviews in both of these movies. You should look up the facts before you spew. Even Trespass made over $10 million. And why blame her…Nicholas Cage was the star in this.

    And you know it gets tiring that the women are always blamed for a film’s failure. It doesn’t matter who the actress is–if the film goes down it is HER fault. Many movies that have failed have had A list actors in them yet it is still the fault of the actress when it doesn’t sell.

  • ..

    Stoker LIMITED release date countdown … time to wheel out the girls.

  • Josh

    Some women are so jealous and envious of Nicole Kidman, they don’t even realize how crazy, vicious and pathetic they sound. Nicole has everything you don’t have : class, intelligence, talent, beauty, a great family, respect from her peers. That’s obviously too much for you so you post the same ridiculous attacks over and over again, years after years. Desperate and pathetic.

  • TC

    Datalounge: Kidman, Nicole. Acted the beard for Tom Cruise. Lesbian. Temperamental; difficult to work with. Regular at certain L.A. girl bars. Forces her gay lovers to sign lengthy non-disclosure contracts before she gets involved with them.

  • ..

    ^^ Josh’s definition of classy.

  • I’manUrbangirl2

    The interview with Nicole truely shows her beauty within … No wonder Keith adores her …

  • I’manUrbangirl2

    @Juju: Absolutely and it will be interesting to read the opinions of the fashion experts this week … There are very few who do it better then Nicole …

  • Josh

    @TC: The fact that you believe what you read on Datalounge says so much about your intelligence ( or lack thereof). And I see you are posting under new names (again). Wes, 5d, Via6…

  • TC

    @josh: Too many eye witness accounts from various sources, to dismiss.

  • Lara

    O feel sorry for any woman standing next to Nic for a photograph. This woman is absolutely stunning!!!!