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Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Paris Promo

Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Paris Promo

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens wave to their fans from a hotel balcony on Saturday (February 17) in Paris, France.

The 20-year-old singer and Vanessa, 24, were joined by their Spring Breakers co-stars Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine. The girls are in town promoting the film.

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The day before, Vanessa and Selena were spotted walking arm-in-arm while heading to dinner at L’Avenue restaurant.

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  • andy

    Beuatiful cast, Loving Selena’s look.

  • asn

    QUEENS <33333333
    can't wait to see you guys in Spain
    velena s2

  • mimi

    beautifuls girlzz!! <3

  • ol

    Vanessa looks adorable! i love this cast!

  • Aline

    i love vanessa’s outfit, anyone knows who made it?

  • emma

    I don’t know how actresses manage not to have a constant pneumonia, being out wearing little dresses when it’s that cold out !

  • ladyb

    Is it just me or has this movie being promoted to what seems like ages, and it is still not out?

  • lorel

    Vanessa <3 hahaha cant wait for spring breakers

  • aine

    selena gomez is a biyatch

  • samatha

    just you, this movie was filmed last year, and since day 1 was supposed to be out on march 2013.

  • abbimorgan

    oh yeahh ¡¡¡ VANESSA’S IN THE HOUSE¡¡

  • samatha

    cant wait for this!! im going to the premiere!!

  • WOW

    how funny is that those girls ( ashley B. and Vanessa H.) thinks that all the attention is because of them.. when the true is that the attention is for Selena G. and because of her ex-Bf Bieber!

  • sam

    best cast ever

  • Fan Here
  • anney

    then, why Vanessa was attacked by fans at the airport? lol please…

  • lala

    @WOW: lol so true. it wouldnt be as big if selena didnt date justin and audition for this movie role.

  • Vamp

    Bitter Justin fans here too….. Please, give me a break….. Surface up when he’s doing something productive, like not taking drugs…..

  • hollyweird

    These girls are gorgeous. Vanessa <3.

  • hollyweird

    @Fan Here: <3

  • hannah

    omg omg omg!! gorgeous

  • TT

    they all look amazing, i love Vanessa´s jumpsuit

  • Xo

    Very cute! They all look amazing but I love what Ashley’s wearing

  • coco

    Exactly, there’s like 5 celsius degrees in Paris and they’re dressed like there are 25..
    This is really something that I’ve never managed to figure out, how they can dress as in summer during winter!

  • sophie

    Seriously I can’t believe they go dressed like this in Paris! We have style their and going to the Printemps in jogs it’s a pity

  • tina

    Vanessa looks great, love the color and style of her jumpsuit. They all seem to be having a great time.

  • Bia

    im loving this

  • maria
  • Haters Suck!

    The girls look like they’re having a blast together. Gonna be a fun promo time.

  • Rupert Sanders

    s1utty girls

  • sami dav

    hey! all of them are my sister,so just sent you a massage and i will sent them youre story.

  • tina

    @maria: Thanks for the link. Love the crowd. They look like they’re having the time of their lives. Lol. Love Vanessa’s jumpsuit.

  • trent

    @Vamp: or drinnking codeine or anything that killed his hero michael jackson. including sniffing glue.

  • trent

    im going to see this movie i don’t care how many minutes selena has in the movie or who’s getting shot. im going to watch it.

  • Viena

    Selena has such a bun bread face.

  • liz

    vanessa is overrated and always dresses like a clown. she tries way too hard. selena is the most beautiful of this group, hands down.

  • tina

    @liz: Apples and oranges. To me, Vanessa’s jumpsuit looks age appropriate and sleek. Very stylish. Selena’s look reminds me of something Vanessa wore to Coachella a few years back. While great for an out door concert…… lunch in Paris not so much. As always to each his own.♡

  • LOL

    LOL @ vanessa’s see through dress and no bra. I’m guessing that’s for promo time? it’s like she’s taking a tip from zac- show a part of your private area to the world for more people to see your movie. nice.

  • audrey hepburn

    Keep it classy, Vanessa, Not Trashy. No one wants to see your nipples.

  • yets

    I Love this Cast…and Vanessa im so just proud of you babe.

  • yets

    Please Vote Vanessa Hudgens @ KCA….Thanks

  • tina

    No part of her outfit is “see through” This is what Selena brings to the mix. Silly children. Yes she has no bra, you may even see the outline of her breasts but that is all you see unless you have x-ray eyes.

  • Izzy

    tina, get your eyes checked . You can see her full nipples. it’s funny how her fans defend her for this, yet most of them went cray cray over the zac butt pics. double standard much.

  • tina

    You need to get your eyes checked. The imprint of a nipple against fabric is not like seeing her actual breast. You must have me confused with someone else because I give less than a rat’s ass if the ex walked down the street buck naked. Never made a comment one way on him. Never go to his post. Don’t waste my time on someone I care nothing about.

  • Mary

    Don’t give any attention to the no-bra showing nipple thing, we all know that’s exactly what her team is going for!

  • tina

    @Mary: What do you mean by “what her team is going for”? Suddenly it’s a conspiracy? What nipplegate? Lol

  • maria

    What is wrong with you people! What, did you enlarge the pic and zoom in on her breasts for kicks? How creepy is that, not to mention how disgusting. Many women’s clothes are cut in a way that a bra can’t be worn, and honestly, there is NOTHING offensive about how Vanessa looks. Get your minds and eyes out of the gutter.

    The comment about this being needed for promo is beyond laughable. Yeah, after months of bikini-clad stars in next to nothing, you think a fully clad Vanessa, with a lovely jumpsuit, purposely needed to go braless for promo. LMAO. Seriously, people say the dumbest things just to be negative.

  • Xo

    Haters are embarrassing themselves. She cannot wear a bra with a top like that. Tons of women on the red carpet have worn things where you can see the imprint of their breasts against the dress/top (Rihanna at the Grammys for example). It happens. If she wanted attention for it like everyone loves to think, she would have worn something completely see through and revealing to the premiere and not for a 5 minute photo op where you can barely see what she’s wearing. rme

  • tina

    @maria: That’s exactly what they did. Which shows who the perverts here are.


    It must be cold out but I guess they are just on the balcony taking a moment to greet and wave to their fans,