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Anne V & Calvin Harris: New Couple Alert?

Anne V & Calvin Harris: New Couple Alert?

Anne V and DJ Calvin Harris have reportedly sparked a new relationship!

The 26-year-old model and 29-year-old music sensation were first spotted together at his recent gig at the Provocateur nightclub in New York City, according to the New York Post.

Reportedly, on Valentine’s Day, the two hit up the Sports Illustrated Club SI Swimsuit Party, where they “couldn’t keep their hands off each other.”

“The two were constantly laughing, kissing and holding each other throughout the night,” a witness said of the twosome at the V-day bash.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Anne V and Calvin Harris as a new couple???

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  • Jessica

    Adam levine ..Alexander Skarsgard.. and now Calvin Harris??? Yup. She is after fame IMO.

  • melmel

    I don’t even know who Calvin Harris is? and @Jessica she was never with Alexander, that was all false.

  • Nick

    Found the love in hopeless place, eh?

  • LooseLipz

    She has bad taste…these guys are nerds.

  • Kira

    I thought he was gay?

  • KSB

    GO ANNE!!! but watch out Behati might try to go after him like she did Adam.

  • kelli

    i think only their parents might care – does anyone else even know these people???

  • K r

    Loving it! They make a cute couple!

    And no, there was no alex, no jared leto. She took her time and finally did find love in a not so hopeless place.

    And yes, watch out for behati.
    To people who dont know, calvin is a popular DJ and also music producer. He wrote and produced one of the best albums in recent times, 18 months.He is king of EDM.A true genius.

  • bliss

    GO Anne !! if it’s true then i wish her happiness , calvin harris is cute and she is hot perfect match those two !!

  • bliss


    hhhh i agree she better watch out cause behati is kind of hopeless and homeless right now

  • martha

    @Jessica: I think she is dating in her social circle. You expect her to ask the bag boy at walmart out? If this is true, I hope Anne is happy.

  • Rob Thomas

    Watch out for Behati?????? Behati is not a fame whore as Anne- one of the biggest of show bizz currently! Anne’s camp created many lies about Behati and frustrated Anne’s fan liked to believe in them! Now we will see what happens! HAHAHAHA Go Anne! Finally you got a man (Alex and Jared were so lucky) who does not know who you really are- exactly as the fool Adam Levine! Wish you good luck Calvin! Anne only wants fame and lamelight!

  • karen

    I am so happy for Anne because she took her time and found someone she has in common with. I think Calvin is a good match and she should learn from her past mistakes and not let anything get in her way. And we should stop linking her with Adam Levine. That was the past- she is entitled to be happy and enjoy life. Forgot Adam and his new girlfriends- let him be. Lets focus on the wonderful and successful person Anne is.

  • martha

    @Rob Thomas: spoken like a true merstan…broken English….ranting and raving. Fiction posing as fact. We all know the truth. Behati went after her coworkers man…and now is left with nothing…no respect, no man,no work. But behati IS posting numerous pictures of maroon 5 entourage…… who is really trying to be famous via association. Anne is the real deal. Behati..notso much

  • Known

    @bliss: You have no clue of anything about Behati! You don’t even know who she is in truth – of coruse as you are a frustrated person . Btw where is Angela Belotte dear Anne? She forgave you for stealing Adam???Watch out Calvin! If Anne met someone richer and more famous goodbye for you!!!

  • Known

    @martha: You are completely wrong! It is so funny!

  • DeeDee

    @Rob Thomas: Wake up. The Alex and Jared pairings were rumors not truth and this can be the same thing about this latest report.

  • bliss


    you are s pressed if u dislike anne don’t come here , and speaking about angela she is still friend with anne , and her and adam didn’t even pass more than 3 month together so plz check your fact before hating on anne !

  • Carly

    @Known: Adam ended his relationship with Angela Bellotte to stay with ARIELLE VANDENBERG. ANNE NEVER BETRAYED ANYONE. Search in Google you will find several pictures of Adam and ARIELLE VANDENBERG together after he finished his reacionamento with Angela.

  • Jen

    Jared, just confirm it already? Weren’t you just hanging out with Calvin yesterday? He was all over your instagram pics. You’re also bff’s with Anne. Stop asking those questions if so and so are dating or if so and so are expecting a baby when you know the answer already!! I love you and your site though!

  • Just me

    Fame whore anne? I don’t think so….. She’s been modeling already before she met Adam and she’s known already. Anne invert cheated on adam… If you notice after they broke up you won’t see any pictures of her dating new guys… I think anne took her time and do a little of soul searching…. If this news is true… Good for her :) she deserve to be loved and be happy

  • Liz

    I’m so happy for Anne! She is so sweet and deserves to be happy! I wish Adam follow the example of Anne and get a girlfriend better than Behati!

  • Read

    I am so happy for Anne! I always loved her with or without Adam (I do love Adam aswell)

  • rosie

    @Carly: and she’s dating alex turner now haha ok that was irrelevant for this post

  • DeeDee

    If Anne has found someone new to be in her life then bravo. Unlike Adam Levine who hops from relationship to relationship before the past one has even had a cooling period, Anne busied herself with work and time with those she’s close to. It is so easy for the back-biters to come on here to cut her down just to keep Adam golden in their eyes but face it, he’s a man who can’t even stay in a relationship longer than two years before flipping through the pages of a Victoria’s Secret magazine to scout for the next girl for the next two year period.

  • whoa

    Unlike Beyucki, Anne is an actual in demand model getting Vogue,Bazaar,Cavalli,Prada campaigns and walking runways! Behati is NOTHING in the modeling world and she looks like such a plain jane mall rat/farm girl its amazing she could become a model. I mean look at her against the 90s models Linda Evanelista,Christy Turlington and she looks like their maid. ugh.

  • Sam

    @DeeDee: Actually Anne blind-sided Adam, he didn’t just end their relationship…she did! She broke his heart and it was obvious he was more into her than she was to him.

  • K R

    The mermaid morons must be joking !

    adam sucks face with a model just a month within being “blindsided”, and they dont call him out as a serial dater. Rather they switch their preference to the new girl. The same girl who has been sneakily posting pictures with his entourage to show how close she is to them, when Adam doesnt even seem to care to acknowledge her.

    Meanwhile Anne moves on with Calvin, who i am sure many of you arent even aware, after ten months! And you call her a fame -)re.

    Sam, you must be the only joker in town who believes he was blindsided. No one blindsided will move on with a gf within a month of breaking up.

  • John J. Jones

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  • bliss

    @K R:

    i agree with you also i just read in twitter that adam cried last night while signing Daylight and someone was assuming it might be because of Anne moving on specialy that a lot of people assume this song and Sad are about her ; but i m proud that anne took her time before dating again she is not a FW like some people want us to believe and calvin is an amazing producer if this news is true which i think it is then good for these two ; and for mermaids darlings stay away from Anne she is an A-list model not c-list like BEE , she ain’t a puppy following a guy on the road !!

  • DeeDee

    @Sam: Yawn. How long are you going to play the hate record?

  • http://vanessa_Gzlz Jenn

    Congratulations Anne v … found the perfect people to get more advertising and be the focus of attention of the paparazzi, magazines and gossip .. as always admission of this girl is to make fame grow… as adam levine and alexander skarsgård , although with alexander she did not make it…

  • DeeDee

    @bliss: these mermaids will take to their Twitter to talk smack about them both. I can’t wait when Bee is 100 % done with so we can see how fast they suction themselves to the new person Adam finds. They hate on Anne because us about something. The only thing these losers can bring up is the rumor that Adam was blindsided? How old was that story? They can’t pull out anything true or relevant so they keep repeating themselves.

  • K R

    Ok, once again some morons have to stop harping on fame and attention and blah! She is a model, she is famous, her job is to become more famous! Fame isnt bad. At least she gets fame out of her modelling and she works damn hard at it.

  • bliss


    some of them already started the bashing on twitter but they quickly got corrected ; i believe Anne is wonderful person who is serious in both her work and private life so haters can just go away with all their crazy rumors or insults cause fans won’t care specialy when they see how low is their fave

  • pau

    anne is a super top model who is doing a lot if huge jobs for hf she never talked anything about behati she even expressed awesome things bout adam after they broke up and he moved on too fast. anne took her time she didnt date anyone until now. she deserves the best if bests she is a r
    ole model. stop inventig shit about her

  • maya

    they said they attended parties together several times,, but why there are no pics of them together??

  • Carol

    Hot couple! Love them together. Good luck.

  • http://tumblr marley06

    i learned that calvin harris birth name is Adam Richard Wiles…from adam to adam!…can anne ever forget adam levine if the rumor is true :)…just asking.

  • bliss


    lol marley i wonder the same

  • Just me

    He has a resemblance of Adam. Lol nice!:)

  • http://tumblr marley06

    i hope one day i can see photos of them together…

  • debong

    i think this relationship wont stay long, i dont know. well i just hope them the best =)))

  • maya

    haha… i just realize that JJ didn’t put anne V as “adam levine’s ex” just like others gossip site.. maybe the one who more appropriate named as “adam levine’s ex” is Bee now…

  • Carla

    So what about the brunette he was with in Brazil just last week? I thought they were dating too?! He seems to laugh hold and kiss more than one girl at a time. Good for him!

  • Karma

    Ahhhhh who will wipe Adam’s eyes now? He downgraded to a younger model while she upgraded to a better musician.

    Karma comes calling……

  • maya

    OMG… i think Anne V and Calvin harris were at the same place together…
    check this out…