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Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Release Date Announced!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Release Date Announced!

Alexander Skarsgard chats on the phone while out and about on Tuesday (February 19) in New York City’s West Village.

A few weeks ago, the 36-year-old actor was seen grabbing some lunch with friends after the Super Bowl in Los Feliz.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

It was recently announced that Alexander‘s new film The East will open in limited release on Friday, May 31. We’re so excited!

The East centers on “an operative for an elite private intelligence firm who finds her priorities irrevocably changed after she is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist group known for executing covert attacks upon major corporations.”

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  • Keiko

    That’s g-damn hot.

  • Josie

    Wheres his new model gf he says reminds him of Kate. Still trying to disguise he’s still heartbroken bcause of all the hate not just that she cheated then asked him to GTFO. New models as dumbo as Kate but will do the trick no doubts.

  • Ghj

    I love this NY-style of his. He looks so hot!!!

  • Strange

    Can’t wait to see his films ? I am sure he will be great in them all .

  • didi

    where do you get these crazy ideas ?

  • jecob

    before I looked at the paycheck ov $9684, I be certain that my father in law woz actualy making money part time from there pretty old laptop.. there moms best frend haz done this for under twenty one months and recently paid for the depts on there place and got a new McLaren F1. read more at,

  • Lilla

    I can’t wait to see this!

  • Iris

    Hello Daddy!

  • Charlie

    Alex was with his new model girlfriend when will fangurlies relies he is not single and hasn’t been in months

  • Ella

    No doubt.Sunglasses exist just because he wears it !

  • Canuck

    @Josie: @Charlie:
    Has Google translate installed “Trollish to English” lately?

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: No, and that’s probably a good thing, not that it would make any sense anyone. I think for it to make sense the troll’d have to share its drugs.

    He looks a bit grumpy there, but he’s been in NYC for nearly a week and I think this was actually the first time he’d been papped, so that’s not bad for him.

  • chelle

    I can’t wait to see this movie.. the trailer was bad ass! Poor fellow… looks not so thrilled in these photos

  • ladybug

    @chelle: It was a good trailer:

    I’m wondering where the trailer and poster are for Disconnect, which is being released in April. The distributor seems to be dropping the marketing ball on this one.

  • Ish goes HARD

    I wonder how he’s like in bed hmmmmmm :p

  • Kit

    NYC suits him!!

  • Slinky the Cat

    Thanks, JJ because all the legs! And then more legs. Oh yeah, NYC looks really, really, ridiculously good on him. Ok, I need to see more of him on the big screen. Like NOW!

  • dweeb

    I just wish he would do more nekked roles. He’s got great facial and pelvic bones.

  • justine24

    who is his new model girlfriend? i dont listen any gossip about that . the model caroline is his friend. they date but long time ago,

  • Keiko


    If he stands 3 feet from a woman, that’s his girlfriend. He has hundreds of girlfriends and they are ALL models. He spends every minute of his free time having sex. Don’t you know?

    /sarcasm off

    This would all be true if the gossips were to be believed.

  • Macy

    Good grief. I say that he looks good and that NYC suits him and it’s nice that he’s getting a break from TB and it’s in moderation. God this website sucks.

  • Question?

    I’ve been seeing a number of pictures of him in NYC over the past week or so. Does anyone know if TB is on hiatus from filming for a while or is he not going to be in it much? With only 10 episodes this season, I need as much Eric in each episode as I can get.

  • glitter

    He is for years in NYC in February … so probably TB has a break in that time whether it has 12 or only 10 episodes … or he always arranges the plan of shooting in order to have time off at this time.


    there’s a ton of characters and like 20 storylines going on at the same time in TB, which means he gets no more than 10-15 minutes of screen time (often less) per episode.
    So yeah, him having a free week fhere and there during shooting is nothing new or surprising.

  • ladybug

    @TRISH: Sadly, usually less, last year I think was somewhere around 9 minutes per episode, averaged out.

  • Keiko


    I really wonder if he’s being phased out of the show. It will not surprise me if there’s an announcement at some point that this will be his last season. Even though he continues to joke that he wants to stay on TB forever, the truth is if he plans to go he can’t say that. He has to maintain the suspense of the show.

  • Canuck

    @Keiko: I think the show is winding down. Bill has ceased to be a love interest, they’ve turned Sookie into almost the town pump with a new “love interest” every season and they have 20 story lines per season when there is really only one that anyone cares about.


    At this point I would be damn happy if he got out of the show.
    OTOH, I don’t think it’s gonna last more than a season after this next one, at the most, so he may stick with it for another year (though as I said I’d prefer it if he didn’t)

    Anyway, HBO has got to know he’s the main draw so they’ll try to keep him for as long as the show airs. TB may still have a big audience but its best days are waaay behind it now, and media attention/ critics approval has pretty much waned already. Without Eric, it would die an even faster death.

  • Bookie

    Obviously those bitching about the show never read the books. Bill stops being her love interest after the third book. Sookie has another boyfriend, Quinn, between book 5 and book 8. She doesn’t actually get back with Eric until much later in the series. Even now as we’re awaiting the last book, we don’t know if she’ll end up with Eric. Eric is the biggest draw for the books and if you read any SVM or TB fan fiction,you know he’s the most popular one for Sookie. He’s not going anywhere. TB is still HBOs highest rated show, they’ll throw big money at Alex to keep him around.


    You don’t really know this fandom do you?
    The fans who bitch the most about the show are precisely those who HAVE read the books. I’ve read them all and I’m not a so-called purist who wants everything to be verbatim to the source material, but even I think the show did a terrible job of adapting them after season 2.
    They ignored most of the best bits and made a mess of the rest, so that now TB has become not only bad as an adaptation, but just bad PER SE.
    IMHO season 5 was terribly boring regardless of being true to the books or not.

  • Tanter

    My two cents: I don’t know many (if ANY) book and/or Eric fans, who actually like TB by now. Many seem to have stopped watching. I gather the show still has good viewing numbers (?) but to me it seems it’s the slow (or fast who knows) road to cancellation. While I’ll be sorry for Alex, that’s he’ll be loosing a job, it can ONLY be good for him in the long run though. He doesn’t get to show much more than his body at this point and while I do like seeing that, I’d still prefer to see him actually act.

  • chelle

    I still watch the show and I have read all the books… probably one of the few that hope sookie DOES NOT end up with Eric and that he rips her whiny ass throat out… just saying

  • Tanter

    @chelle: TB-Sookie is a big mess. Thank you Alan Ball for effin up a great caracther :(

  • chelle

    @Tanter: the book one has become VERY unlikable as well… whine whine whine…. LOL

  • Bookie


    Lol! Lol! Honey I’ve been a part of his fandom since GK. Everyone that is on his fansite that I’m apart of has read the books. do we think TB f’d them up? yep you betcha. I was just commenting about another post that said Bill wasn’t Sookie’s love interest. Alex enjoys the F’ you money he gets from TB. As long as he is still able to do other projects, he’ll stick around for awhile.


    I’m sure he enjoys the money, as well as the work environment, but it also leaves him with a considerably restricted time window to do other stuff, and at this point I’m not sure those perks are worth the loss of opportunities…
    From a selfish point of view, I’d much rather he do other stuff than waste 7/8 months on a show I can barely watch anymore…

  • ladybug

    @Keiko: The limted time per show isn’t just him, though, I don’t think.
    We’ve gone over this before, and Is still think that if this isn’t the last season, the next one will be.
    Those who signed on at the beginning signed for 7 years, not 7 seasons. So I think all the leads might be ‘free’ after this season, though I’ve never seen confirmation of that.
    So if it is the end of their contracts, I think Bookie is correct, they’ll have to spend big money to keep him, and AP and SM.
    Question is, does he want to stay at this point? Even for one more season?

    @TRISH: SM has mentioned this as well, it’s great to have job security, but the filming schedule, both in terms of length and the calendar, limits them in roles.

  • Bulk

    Forever a Truebie here. I think show Sookie is much maligned. I love her. Don’t see the show going past 7 seasons though.

  • ladybug
  • Keiko


    Trish, I agree. I don’t know what your reasons are, but for me I just think he’s above this show and it’s holding him back. I know it’s not fair to compare him to others, but it’s hard not to notice his brothers and Joel Kinnaman have careers that are so far past Alex’s. Even Fares Fares scored a small part in an Oscar-nominated movie (he didn’t do or say much, though, but it’s still a big deal to be associated). Alex is really an amazing actor and his career should be far more advanced than it is. And I don’t mean in Hollywood blockbusters, either. I mean in dramatic character-driven movies that people take seriously.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @40- To say that his brothers and Kinnaman have careers past Alex really bothers me. First of all his TB gig has given him the opportunity to network and get other jobs like Straw Dogs , Batlleship , Melancholia (which even Gustav joked he was jealous) , then onto Maise, the Hidden, Disconnected and not to mention a option to produce and star in his Viking movie. Sure one can say he had to past on stuff but use common sense when TB ends he will be well established. Oh and Joel got his start of recognition with the TV’s the Killing. Being an actor and getting jobs is not easy and so far I think he is really working on the right path.

  • Keiko

    @hmmmmmmm: @hmmmmmmm:

    Straw Dogs and Battleship…seriously? An honest fan would not mention these wrecks.

    He was in Melancholia for 10 minutes (granted, he was excellent for 10 minutes). The other two movies remain to be seen. Vikings doesn’t exist except on paper. The fact is he’s been in H’wood for 10 years and his younger brothers and his Swedish friends are attached to major, major international features. His best work SO FAR is Generation Kill. No one has been his latest two movies yet, so the jury is out.

    He has won one single acting award since entering the American film industry: an MTV award for TB. Seriously, that’s sad. Oh, but Battleship did get nominated for a Razzie for being god-awful.

    Do not get yourself in a huff. Alexander is a person, not something you own. So there’s no need to be offended. My point is that he is ABLE and DESERVES recognition as a great character actor, and at the age of 36 with more than 20 years in this career, he has not achieved 1/4 of what he he’s capable of.

    What I’m saying is a compliment, not a degradation.

  • ladybug

    @Keiko: Technically he’s been in HW for ten years, if you’re counting his first appearance in Zoolander. But then he didn’t do anything HW until 2007, with GK.
    It’s taken a while for the movie career to start rolling, but this may be a good year for him.
    As for his brothers, his brothers careers currently aren’t more advanced in HW than he. Neither does Joel. Yes, Joel has Robocop coming out, but that’s still an unknown entity. And Bill has Hemlock Grove, the Netflix series in March, and Gustaf has the part in Kon-Tiki, and Discovery Channel’s The Vikings.
    So they’ll get more US notice this year as well. But more advanced at this point? No.
    Neither is Fares’, and think he’s got screen presence, but small supporting roles in ZDT and Safe House do not mean his career in HW is more advanced than Alex’s.
    I agree with you that he’s ‘outgrown’ TB, but this lamentation that he’s some how ‘behind’ is odd.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @42- So I guess what you are saying is that he is not meeting up to your expectations of where you think he should be as an actor. Okay and you accuse me of getting in a huff and Alexander is something I own. LOL. Believe all I look at him as a handsome :) and talented actor who career I am following. Nothing more or less. His time will come. It all about timing and getting the right project and I think TB has opened a lot of doors for him. So Keiko you can put your CAPS away LOL I guess we want the same thing right?

    @Ladybug – I haven’t been here for awhile glad to see you’re still the expert fact and pic finder. :)

  • ladybug

    I think Alex fans do want him to be noticed as not just another handsome face, but as a talented actor. And he’s get enough actor ego to want that as well.
    But I also think he’s aware that generally this is something that is built toward, and his time in HW hasn’t really been that long.And his time getting notice and having better role options is even less.
    And he can also look at his father’s experience, who really didn’t start getting noticed in HW untl Breaking The Waves in 1996, when he was in his forties. And he’s still working all the time.
    Another poster has also lamented on Alex’s current lack of movie star fame, mentioning that she hopes he doesn’t have to wait as long as Jeremy Renner did to become famous.
    If HW A-list stardom happens, it happens.

  • chelle

    Why don’t we let Skars decide what’s best for his career… he seems to be doing just fine with it so far. Just sit background and enjoy his work. I know I will… no sense anyone getting in a twist about it even if he decides to play Clifford The Big Red Dog

  • chelle

    Sorry… meant sit back…. auto correct going wonky again… next thing you know I will be castrating monkeys again.. LOL!

  • hmmmmmmm

    @ladybug- Stellan has mentioned in interviews that he went through the you are going to be huge in Hollywood after Breaking Waves and it never happened but he was realistic to know that being an working actor doing what you love is what is comes down to at times. Sure who wouldn’t like to be a star to get first offers from directors etc but that doesn’t always happen. AS seems to be to be more ambitious and into networking but he is also realistic about. Like you said if it happens it happens.

    You know for me personally I think AS is truly a character actor underneath that handsomeness. :)

  • ladybug

    @chelle: What if he plays Behemoth the Giant Cat?

    “Behemoth from “Master and Margarita.” He is incredibly charming. (Translator’s note: Guys, you don’t understand! Behemoth is a giant cat. A. Giant. Cat! And this is one of my favorite books ever, and the fact that AS knows it, loves it, and wants to play … not the Master, not the Devil, not even Ivan, but THE GIANT CAT?! Just makes me love him even more, which I didn’t think was possible!)”

    But returning to the Family Skars, I think if both Gustaf and Bill’s series do well, then surely there is a magazine or entertainment enterprise that is going to do a photoshoot/interview with them. And perhaps Stellan.

    Castrating monkeys? Are you still having fun with EMRs?

  • Warped

    Weighing in on Alex’s career path, I think he’s playing it very smart. He’s choosing parts with good directors and wonderful costars. He’s getting a reputation as someone who is easy and wonderful to work with. (See
    Shia Lebeouf for the opposite). He’s also showing that he is sensitive and intelligent and can play more than just a beautiful face and body (Joe Manginello take notes). I think he takes some roles like Battleship just for the experience of working on that type of film. And for the record, Battleship was a fun movie. Not much thinking involved, but enjoyable none the less. TB does limited him a little, but he gets a lot of exposure from that role and it does help to keep him in the lime light. Lets not forget that Alex goes MIA for long periods of time during hiatus. Out of sight out of mind. At least with TB, there’s set gossip, sitings and appearances to keep him seen. You don’t land an account like CK if people don’t know who you are. He’s becoming a household name. Women love him and men think he’s cool. He’s owes much of that to TB and he knows it. As long as ratings stay high and he feels that he’s not stuck in a character, I think he’ll stick around a few more years. Besides as already stated, he enjoys the f you money.