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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Global Green Pre-Oscars Party!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Global Green Pre-Oscars Party!

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom hit the red carpet at the Global Green USA’s Pre-Oscar Party held at Avalon on Wednesday (February 20) in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old model looked lovely in a Peter Pilotto dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Charriol jewelry. Orlando wore a Saint Laurent suit and shirt.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the day, Orly was spotted arriving at the gym for an afternoon workout in West Hollywood.

Over the weekend, Orlando went shirtless while spending the day with Miranda and their son Flynn at the beach in Malibu.

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  • liz

    they’re a hot couple. there’s no denying it. they’re also annoying as **** but.. that’s ok

  • Yvette

    Enough with these two fame sl^ts

  • LooseLipz

    Now that is one ugly dress!

  • Jen

    This bish wants to generate pregnancy rumors with the she’s strategically placing her hand on her stomach. Wouldn’t put it past her as she’s the mother of all famewhores! I can’t deny that she looks gorgeous in that dress though.

  • Dana

    They look great.

  • WOW!

    They both look AMAZING!!!!!
    Orlando looks sexy as hell with that hair.
    And for such a great cause!
    The video on YouTube is hilarious. The photographers are going crazy!!!

  • Yes!

    Gorgeous, the both of them!

  • Jenna

    Orlando looks great but Miranda…that dress does nothing for her.

  • ta

    They both look fantastic!
    And I love Orlando’s hair like that. The curls are amazing, but this look is so hot!!

  • Rayray

    She’s sure holding to that tummy tight!

  • zanushka

    Ugly dress, lovely lady

  • Wow…

    Miranda looks so beautiful.

    Love the dress, very striking.

    Not many women could pull it off but she does with flair, she is a supermodel after all.

    I think it’s great she doesn’t play it safe, so fashion forward yet still elegant & classy.

    Of course it’s not the type of dress that appeals to everyone but she wears it with style, love the simple ponytail, black clutch & shoes.

  • charlotte

    wow. what an ugly dress and a horrible makeup.

  • Whatshername

    Famehoes deluxe those two

  • @14

    And I guess you include any person attending a Global Green party in that classification, right?

  • i just don’t believe this relationship will last the year

  • @16

    LOL! You guys have been saying that since 2007.

  • :)

    They are so gorgeous.

  • @@16:

    I was unaware that you were a close personal friend of miranda kerr 0_o

    …AND unlike you my comment is speculation because i live in the real world

  • Lauren

    Just like with the golden globes, these two only turn up to the parties because they’re not invited to the real thing. Haha! A has been actor and a desperate model who despite all her self promotion still earns less than fellow angels adriana, doutzen and alessandra.

  • lima

    dont turn into Heidi and Seal…we all know the models/celeb couples who fameh* on red carpets together, usually dont end u together.

  • Lauren

    I don’t think she looks good here. Her skin looks oily, her eyes look small and squinty probably because of the eyeliner and heavy eyeshadow, her eye makeup’s a mess and she has too much blush on. I hate red lipstick, why do women wear a colour that’s so harsh and unnatural? Red lipstick normally has a slight orange tinge to it, Miranda’s teeth normally look quite but look a little bit yellow here because of the lipstick. Please unless you share a dentist with Simon Cowell DON’T WEAR RED LIPSTICK!!! She has too much makeup on, you should make one feature stand out and let the rest take a back seat. Her lips are fighting with her eyes and cheeks and the result is a messy uncoordinated look.

  • facepalm

    @19, the other person didn’t make any statement or even speculation about anything, she just expressed her lack of trust in your predictions.

    @Lauren, I doubt she worries about money at all. As for the Oscars, many people aren’t invited, I doubt that hurts anybody’s ego. Oscars aren’t a social event, they’re supposed to be about recognizing the quality of some movies. I think they’re there mostly for their long time commitment with Global Green.

  • Ish goes HARD

    Orlando looks hot. Love the facial hair

  • Centro medico estetico

    I love you Miranda!

  • @19

    You aren’t a personal friend either, so why do you think that you have a right to speculate, but not others?
    Oh, that’s right….HYPOCRITE
    Oh, and BTW, they weren’t “speculating” at all. They only posted the truth. You idiots HAVE been saying that since 2007. They never commented either way on the actual relationship.

  • @facepalm: except i’ve read other threads so play dumb

  • @20

    LOL! Idiot.
    They WERE at the GG’s. Did you not see all of the photos?
    Sooooo stupid.

  • @@19: no, that’s why it’s called speculation idiot..

  • Ash

    @@20: they were at a golden globes after party not the golden globes ceremony, so you’re the idiot!

  • Anonymous

    funny that miranda kerr fans can call people idiots but when someone uses the term b*tch it’s considered vulgar — LOL fu<king hypocritical fangirls

  • Pigalle Passions

    got the shoes wrong- not christian louboutin!

  • OO7

    Still find it weird that he left on his sons 2nd birthday to go snow boarding after only just being reunited with his wife and child having spent 2 months apart. She she used to drag that baby on planes to spend less than a few hours in whatever country she was visiting, yet she recently went to Australia for almost 3 weeks and left Flynn at home. Orlando’s not working at the moment so why didn’t he and Flynn go too. Also we never see Flynn with orlando’s family, they’re important too it’s not all about the kerrs! Miranda seems selfish she spends no time in England with the blooms. Orlando’s just as bad for not standing up to his wife and having his family play an important part in his sons life.

  • @31

    Well I haven’t called anyone anything, but IMO ‘idiot’ may be offensive but it’s not a vulgar, sexist word like ‘b!tch’

  • Anonymous

    @@31: I don’t know you so why do you think i was talking directly to you? My comment was for the majority of her fans

    ..But in the immortal words of tupac shukar: “men be bitches 2″ so calm down feminist warrior who has no problem calling women idiots but draws the line at b&tch

  • Anonymous

    “men be b**tches*”

  • @35

    I didn’t think you were talking to me, as I didn’t call anyone anything, but I had an opinion about what’s vulgar and what’s not and wanted to share it.
    The problem is that the majority of people don’t agree with Tupac and only use it against women. However, ‘idiot’ is a term that can democratically fit into many people of both sexes, and so it is used.
    Calling names is not my style as I like winning discussions by being right, but I don’t think ‘idiot’ is a sexist insult at all. And it’s not vulgar either.

  • Anonymous

    @@35: Soo.. calling a woman an idiot isn’t insulting or demeaning? OK then!!!

  • @007

    I could be wrong but I think they spent Christmas in England

  • @38

    Not more and not less demeaning than calling a man “an idiot”.
    Like I said earlier, ‘idiot’ may be offensive but it’s not vulgar nor sexist.

  • Anonymous

    @@38: it is when it’s directed at a woman.

  • haha
  • @41

    It’s not used specifically against women like ‘bitch’. What’s so difficult to understand?

  • @007….#33

    Wrong……..They did NOT spend 2 months apart, Miranda & Flynn spent 2 months in NZ & 6 weeks in SA with Orlando while he was filming, only returning to NY for her modeling committments.

    Wrong……… They then spent pre Xmas with Orlando’s family then returned to LA for Xmas together.

    Wrong……..Orlando & Miranda celebrated Flynn’s birthday with lots of friends & children over. Orlando went snowboarding with his mates a day after Flynn’s party. He returned later taking Miranda to the Golden Globes.

    Wrong………Miranda was in Australia & New Zealand for 10 days not 3 weeks as you claim.

    Wrong……….She gave several interviews in Australia saying she didn’t bring Flynn as she would be working the whole time.

    Wrong……..Now that he’s 2 she didn’t want to disturb his routine of going to play group etc for such a short trip & Orlando was there to look after him.

    Get your facts straight before shooting your mouth off….

  • scarlett

    You’d think if she was serious about still being seen as a HF model she’d be in Milan, even if it was an exclusive, not at a party in LA.

  • an

    Miranda is really pretty , I like her even if she can be really annoying for some reason . I have nothing against orlando bloom .

  • @haha. #42

    How is she being a fame***** when she is co-hosting the event???

    Miranda’s a model so of course she knows how to pose in front of the cameras.

    What did you expect her to do, stand there with a frown on her face???

    The photographers were screaming her name asking her to “show her dress, turn to the left, over the shoulder” that is exactly what she was doing.

    It’s all for a good cause not some z list reality show.

  • Fvoiumdjj

    @@007: They were in LA for christmas, Flynn has never been photographed in England or spent much time there (just at heathrow catching connecting flights). They spent flynns first shristmas in Australia with Miranda’s family so the fair think would have been to spend this christmas with the blooms. Still think its weird the kerr family even Miranda’s grandparents are constantly seen with Flynn, whereas orlando’s parents and sister have not once been seen with him.

  • Me

    @@007….#33: flynns party was held the day before his birthday, Orlando was seen leaving LAX on the morning of his actual birthday. Sorry but I think a dad should be there for his actual birthday. Anyone with eyes can see that Flynn spends much more time with the kerrs than the blooms. Miranda seems to use him as a prop and for good pr, bringing her son to the gym just seems like a photo op. I have never once seen a mother bring her child to the gym, it’s not like use can use a treadmill or hold a yoga pose with a 2-year-old running around its just stupid and dangerous. No other celeb is seen with their child at the gym. The constant smiling and posing for the paps just makes her seem fake. We tire of what we see all the time, if she wants to have a long career she should try and keep more mystery about and just be more real (don’t go to whole foods in stiletto heels and a mini dress).

  • Sam

    For anyone interested in the video of their arrival…