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Taylor Swift: BRIT Awards 2013 Performance - WATCH NOW!

Taylor Swift: BRIT Awards 2013 Performance - WATCH NOW!

Taylor Swift rocks the stage in a sexy outfit while performing at the 2013 BRIT Awards held at the O2 Arena on Wednesday (February 20) in London, England.

The 23-year-old singer performed her hit single “I Knew You Were Trouble” and stripped out of her oversized white dress into her sexy leather outfit during the performance.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift

Taylor was nominated for the International Female Solo Artist award, but lost out to Lana Del Rey.

Check out Taylor‘s performance below!

Taylor Swift – Brit Awards 2013 Performance

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift performing at the 2013 BRIT Awards

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Credit: Matt Kent; Photos: Getty
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  • MissOct


  • Kate

    Taylor put on a show! I loved the performance and I can’t wait to see her on tour.

  • Macy

    all you can hear is background singers and ‘dubstep remix’, quite amusing.

  • Ginger

    Before the crazy haters come on here and bash her left and right, I just wanted to express that I loved her performance. She really brought her A game tonight. I just hope she plays her guitar on tour. Her guitar playing is what makes Tayor shine.

  • toodle

    How do so many young girls look up to these girl? all she does is s***t shame and complain about her ex-boyfriends

  • C

    looks like any other pop star who strips on!

  • smile

    love the black outfit! where can i get a similar thing?

  • Yawn

    Terrible singer.

  • halli

    She’s exchanged longevity and respect for basing her work with her very current life choices. Who at 23 still dates high schoolers and calls them boyfriends after supposedly dating for only 3 months? Her problem is she is without other substance and she made a major mistake when she and her team decided to roll with a tabloid career and not one based on music. Look at Adele, who is the SAME AGE as Taylor, shockingly,and you’ll see how pathetic this woman/child is. And though she is pretty, she is the least sexiest person there is.

  • Melissa B

    @halli: @halli: Yeah that is odd to think of them as being the same age.

  • NotAGirl

    It’s like she’s trying so hard to fit in with the other slútty pop stars. It’s kind of sad to see. But on the bright side, she’s just as talentless as said pop stars.

  • Mel

    I didn’t watch, but judging by the pics, she can’t pull off sexy. Im pretty open minded on all things, but I don’t get why people like her. so stupid and annoying.

  • lizq

    she can look great, usually she does in fact… but she has absolutely no sex appeal. i don’t get why. even 20 year old selena gomez, who is similarly seen as “wholesome”… has at least SO ME sex appeal.

  • Michael N. Coulter

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  • sookie

    @lizq: you’re right she has absolutely no sex appeal.. yes she’s pretty but even if someone put me and her a room i don’t think i wanna have sex with her..

  • sookie

    in a room*

  • Ish goes HARD

    @halli: OMG!!!! You just made me realise she and Adele were the same age O.O woahhhhh! They’re so not on the same maturity level, wow. And not only that, but also when it comes to talent…. we all know who has actual talent of the two. Adele can sing and she doesn’t need to strip on stage and put out repetitive songs about how lame her ex boyfriends were. Here, Taylor looks just RIDICULOUS trying so hard to be sexy and all.. The white outfit is horrible. I don’t think she is pretty.

  • Mia

    Playback much ? Ah ah ah ! She couldn’t sing live since all her performances are terrible.

  • Ana

    She’s so awkward. And while there’s nothing wrong with that (not everyone’s born to be a sexpot), She shouldn’t try so hard to be such. The facts: She’s not a great singer and she’s NOT a dancer. She’s not sexy. But she can (no matter how immature) craft a hit song. Her appeal lied in being the “everygirl”, relatable to the preteens and high school girls that buy her music. If she really wanted to mature both her look and music, she should have gone more of the ‘Safe and Sound’ route-because this new look, sound and attitude makes her look skanky, petty and childish.

  • Katie

    Looks like Taylor lip synced this performance. She doesn’t sound great on recordings but sounds even more terrible live. It’s funny because she probably lip synced because she knew her ex was in the audience and wanted to impress him and she probably knew her live singing wouldn’t impress. I feel like she tries SO hard to be sexy and at times edgy and it just doesn’t work for her. It’s so awkward.

  • LooseLipz

    I’m so glad I grew up listening to extraordinary talents such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Stevie Nicks, Karen Carpenter, Annie Lennox and so many more grand female voices.
    There is simply no comparison with the pop stars of today.

  • Kelly

    Sexy outfit?She has no sex appeal,and no sexy outfit will look sexy in her body.She’s a beautiful girl,but she’s trying to hard to be “sexy”…which she isn’t.It doesn’t matter what she wears on stage,she’ll always look like a desperate sl*t wanting attention.She’s annoying and fake.

  • Kayla

    I thought the performance was spectacular, as was to be expected. Taylor is a talented performer and songwriter. She knows how to entertain a crowd. Her theatrical sets and costumes are absolutely stunning and this performance has only further proven her skill. She continues to amaze and inspire me, and those of you who lack the maturity to look past her imperfections instead of attacking her every move do not deserve the privilege of sharing your opinion with the world. Were it not for the target demographic of her writing, as well as the media scrutiny of her relationships, I’d be more than willing to bet that she wouldn’t receive nearly as much negative criticism from you all as she is now. Her demographic and the magnifying glass under which she is watched has robbed her of the opportunity to be respected for her talent. It’s just too bad that so many of you are unable to recognize the true talent she has because you’re too focused on the relationships she’s been involved in and the majority age of her fan base.

  • Sophie

    And again, Taylor trying to get her “revenge” at Harry. Not sexy or classy at all…

  • linda

    she doesn’t have the body for it. she has NO ass she just isn’t shapely enough to be sexy. no offense to her of course!

  • yup

    Oh my gosh, she’s not even reaching the notes she wrote for herself. How embarrassing….

  • yup

    During that “dance break” literally everyone but her is dancing. She’s just in the middle spinning, trying to to look hot lol it’s actually kind of funny. She’s just so awkward, but she tries SO hard to look hot when she’s performing with the hair flip and whatnot. Nice artistry, Taylor.

  • jane

    I’ve never seen someone so awkward try SO hard to be sexy, no honey, just no harry doesn’t want it.

  • sid

    there’s NOTHING sexy about this outfit.

  • liz

    i liked her better as the girl with the banjo, curly har, and old fashioned dresses. i mean, i never liked her boy-bashing ways, but i feel like that old style was more authentic and true to herself. this new style isn’t terrible, but it seems like she is struggling to make it work because it is unnatural for her. i sympathize… i am an awkward dancer myself.

  • Len

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone trying so hard to be sexy .. and failing every single time.

  • Director

    she lost too much weight. poor thing. and she just can’t handle her image right. always “winning” in its worst sense…

  • guest4114

    23 and my 12 year old niece is more mature

  • nice comment

    every nice comment about taylor is down-voted. i understand if you dislike her, but why are you so mad that other people do?

  • Charlotte

    I always want to give artists some leeway but every live performance she has done….HER VOICE IS HORRIBLE! It’s thin in her upper register and gets so annoying. When will she mature as an artist? At some point, the “poor is me, I hate my boyfriend” thing is really going to get old.

    I agree with other statements above…she has NO sex appeal. At least Selena Gomez has a better voice and Adele…amazing voice! She’s trying way too hard.

    She should have stayed in her country genre. The audience there is much more forgiving and would have been loyal forever. What happened to the REAL music that had amazing lyrics and melody; real instruments and not loops; piano driven and not “club beat” driven. I miss REAL music. I’ll listen to Karen Carpenter, Sting, Michael Buble, Michael Franks, etc. any day, every day!!

  • Charlotte

    @yup: I agree. I watched it and it seems so contrived and uncomfortable to watch. Poor girl. I guess none of her agents, choreographers really want to be honest and tell her what she just can’t do…and they say white men can’t jump or dance… Guess that applies to some “women” too!

  • http://google vale

    ana you got all the reason that made her look immature, petty and childish and also the outfit she wore did not like at all and also she is sexy as say some many say “there she is divine” “very sexy” and I taylor sexy answer? haha do not make me laugh (no offense to the fans) dressed as bride because he knows he will never marry because if you still have boyfriends and break they will never have a husband or am I wrong? but good to me I like 1D

  • kat

    Yup that’s country all right

  • Marika

    You can hate her all you want, but she is still a better person than you will ever be.

  • Foxglove

    @halli: I would like to point out that Adele uses the exact same material for songs as Taylor. People mature at different speeds. Taylor is 23 and is in fact acting her age, so chill out. Most people this age are still figuring out who they are. She is a human being, let her grow.

  • Marina

    I’m amazed by the level of stupidity of the ppl writing here… but since it’s mostly resentful 15 year olds i’ll let it be.. although, it’s not her fault if you are ugly/fat/not talented/poor/resentful/brainless, but if it makes you feel a little better about yourself keep ranting about Taylor Swift, it wont make you any prettier though, it’ll just make you sound like a resentful brat., won’t change the fact she dated your beloved “Harry” and that he did like her and he’ll never give a damn about you <3 Dream on Directioners.. of guys that you'll never have, keep hating on the girls they date like immature selfish girls, won't get you anywhere.

  • Brittany Anderegg

    Why is that the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen? And where did her boobs go? I am not commenting on her talent but she is so not sexy in the least. Pretty not sexy.

  • Kali

    Her performance was amazing. Though the back ground singers were too loud. But the dancing and outfit were great! Love her.

  • jenn


  • diane

    my or lip or pop..I would say more britney spears than country..and such a terrible..boring..monotonous repetitive song..she has written better

  • Mindy

    I love how she can’t go anywhere now without 6 backup singers to help her hit her one octave vocal range! And what the crap she’s not even British so why is she performing?

  • Ninie

    Spectacular. and most of the haters doesn’t even know how to differentiate a spectacular performance and talent when they are overshadowed with jealousy. C’mon, i would die to have a slim figure like her, a positive attitude and kindness of heart like taylor swift have. maybe you haters should do some google search on taylor swift, not google search on taylor swift and harry styles.

  • Linda Stevens

    I’d like to know the date of this awards performance & the date Harry Styles & Taylor broke up — because she doesn’t look her usual perky, peppy, happy self at the end of this video (or at the beginning, for that matter).