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Taylor Swift & Carey Mulligan: BRIT Awards After Party Gals!

Taylor Swift & Carey Mulligan: BRIT Awards After Party Gals!

Taylor Swift meets up with Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford at the Universal Music Brits Party following the 2013 BRIT Awards on Wednesday (February 20) at the Soho House Pop-Up in London, England.

The 23-year-old singer was spotted dancing with International Male Solo Artist award winner Frank Ocean at the Bacardi hosted party.

Ellie Goulding and Jeremy Irvine were also spotted attending the bash. In case you missed them, check out dates for her tour with Bruno Mars!

Make sure to watch Taylor‘s performance of “I Knew You Were Trouble” from the show!

FYI: Marcus is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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Credit: Dave M. Benett; Photos: Getty
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  • .

    Love Carey and Marcus! Cute!

    I could have lived without seeing Taylor Swift though. Goodness she drives me insane. At least she actually looks her age, too bad she can’t act it…

  • leslie lorene

    How ugly , how would u feel if someone talked about u this way? People are so rude these days.Think its OK to say whatever they want-whatever happened to common decency, good manners, and respect.

  • Carter

    I totally agree! I understand this is a gossip/entertainment news site but sometimes people take things too far. Just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean that makes it okay, it’s all in the principle of it. However people on this site will TD because they don’t want to see it that way!

  • yup

    Taylor please step away from Marcus Mumford before you make his music bad too, which would really be a shame as he’s absolutely brilliant.

  • DemiTasse

    Carrie Mulligan is gritting her teeth. We’ve probably all been at a party when the really gross girl tries to attach herself to you. Taylor is posing and acting like she is having so much fun just like she did when she was in the audience at the Grammys and kept trying to get attention when other people were performing. Marcus was obviously being ontroduced at the afterparty because he just won a huge award. Maybe Taylor was posing with him because he beat One Direction. Taylor is revengeful like that and I love Harry Styles because he refuses to play her ugly games. Yes, Taylor, step away from Marcus. Him & Carrie are way too nice for you.


    Jared, when it’s a guy, it’s “Carey” and when it’s a girl, it’s “Carrie.”

  • liz

    i looked at the pic and then looked at the title confused, but then i looked back at the pic and realized that IS taylor! damn. she looks different here. she is starting to look older.

  • Lol

    @DemiTasse: I agree that Taylor is an annoying attention seeker and loves revenge, but I’m sure they don’t dislike her. They don’t have a reason to.

    That’s how she spells her name.

  • what


    You are the one who needs to act your age and stop talking shit about her for no reason on a comments section of her. FFS

  • .

    @what: The comment section is not just for her. Not everything is about miss princess Taylor. I clicked here for Carey and Marcus and Taylors face is unfortunately included.

    And I didn’t talk **** for no reason. I stated a fact; she’s overexposed and immature. And I dislike her for a long list of reasons of which I am allowed. There’s nothing wrong with having opinions. Especially on a freaking GOSSIP SITE. I doubt you’ve never had a negative opinion before nor expressed it. It’s not like I had called her talentless or a maneater (except now), of which she happens to be both…

  • Ava

    Talyor Swift is gorgeous , she looks like a model off the runway, and has such beautiful skin, she is only getting better with age.

  • guest

    @#9: Settle down, what are you getting so worked up about?…She is far from immature…people fail to realise that most of the time the image celebrities project are very carefully crafted…she knows exactly what she is doing, and there is a reason for everything she does..and it is working, she is winning in a big way….i think she is cute…don’t really like her music, but i know lots of people that do and it shows in her album sales…she rocks!

  • NotAGirl

    One of these people is less, LESS talented than the other two. Can you guess?

  • Delilah

    Just remember, not everyone loves Taylor, and on a gossip blog we are free to have our own opinbion. So when the Taylor fanbots start posting their garbage about their “princess” there’s a lot of people who can’t stand her and see thru what a fake she is. I agree she is standing with Marcus Mumford since he won the award instead of One Direction. Taylor is always about two things. Having revenge and getting attention. Taylor doesn’t travel in the same circles as Marcus and Carey. They are class people. We see a lot of photos of Taylor alllll the time. But never before with them. This isn’t the first party they were at.

  • Carter

    @Delilah: I agree with that also. I’m a fan of Taylor but I’m also not blind so I can see some of the same things you guys/others see and I agree on some of those things. Some Taylor stans/fans can overdo it at times and go to far and so do commenters. In general it’s fine to have an opinion but there’s no need to be negative/name call and be ruthless about it and that goes for any person/celebrity. It’s the principle within the action!

  • Delilah

    Well, but you have to take it into consideration that it is Taylor who uses her personal life and her encounters with various guys to be very public and mock and embarrass and humiliate them. She has made this part of her act. Here she is at the Brit Awards and she choses to pose for photos with Marcus Mumford who won an award instead of One Direction. She has no class. There is a certain kind of cruelty and ruthlessness about her and she has no problem in embarrassing these guys she dated. Personally I find her repulsive. So if she attracts some rough comments, it is because in her way she has invited them. She cannot always play the victim and think that she can do things and say things, and not get a reaction.

  • Carter

    @Delilah: I agree and I don’t think it’s right that she’s doing that but, it was never like that until Connor and Harry that’s when it became annoying to me. I wouldn’t say she has no class but, rather respect for the guys that she dates personal business or whatever they did to her/she did to them and I don’t think that’s right. I was just saying that sometimes on this site people put really pointless,unrelated,mean comments on here and it’s getting old.

  • Delilah

    I do understand Carter, but even though you only see it with Conor and Harry, it was her pattern long before that. She trashed Jon Mayer and embarrassed him, and a lot of people didn’t care because he had a bad reputation. But Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, all got ugly treatment from her and they all have a reputation of being very nice. In Jake’s case they only went out for a few week. Taylor got really terrible and ugly to Camilla Belle and tried to shred her reputation on account of she started dating Joe. She does all of this in public with her “songs.” but she also likes to confront her “exes” and usually does it in public. I think Taylor is unbalanced, really. Her behavior is very immature. She invites the kind of critcisms she gets..

  • Marika

    Oh my f****** god, stop over-analysing Taylor’s songs! You do not know everything, you can only guess. She just writes what she feels, it’s her side of the story. Why do you ever care how many boyfriends she’s had? It’s her life, get the f*** out of it!!!

  • goodbye

    @Marika: There’s no over analyzing involved. She always makes it blantanly clear who the songs are about, purposefully might I add. She likes the attention. She wants people to know about her love life because she wants people to hate her ex’s like she does. And she’s had 8 confirmed boyfriends since 2008. That’s not guessing. And nobody cares which is why it’s so annoying. If she’d just shut up and close her legs for once, none of this would be a problem. But she continues to talk about it and bash people which brings in the negativity. It’s all on her.

  • Pamela C. Kelly

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  • Sophie

    @Delilah: PREACH, sista’!

  • Audrey

    One word to Mr. Marcus Mumford: now that you’re famous, you’re ridiculous. And Taylor Swift is an opportunist, as always.