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Beyonce: Mrs. Carter World Tour Trailer!

Beyonce: Mrs. Carter World Tour Trailer!

Check out this newly released extended trailer for Beyonce‘s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour!

The 31-year-old singer’s new teaser is directed at London’s O2 concert-goers – and displays Bey in full royal regalia!

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Bey kicks off her world tour on April 15 in Serbia and will shut it down at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on August 3. Be sure to check out the full list of dates and locations that Beyonce will be hitting up this summer.

Check out the extended commercial below.

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  • Shelly

    “Full Royal Regalia”…and i thought her ego couldn’t get bigger than it already is.I was wrong,her ego grows faster than i thought…lol
    She so full of herself right now,that she forgot she’ll get old one day,that she can get ugly,fat,that her 15 minutes will be up one day and that her fans won’t care about her anymore.Even her money will end one day if she doesn’t save for the future.I believe her ego isn’t allowing her to see the truth,to see how irrelevant she’s becoming nowadays.She’s trying to hard to stay relevant,and it shows how desperate for attention she is.I could hate her if i wanted,but actually i feel bad for her.All these attempts to make her look powerful and perfect will ruin her life one day.

  • jaybee

    @Shelly: calm down. it’s not that serious.

  • rachel

    her ego is big because people buy the crap she sells.

  • LOL

    Copying Madonna. What else is new this trick copies everybody.

  • hui

    You could think she is afraid she won’t sell tickets without all this fuss…

  • hui

    Or do you think O2 wanted this trailer??

  • Marc

    Another Madonna wannabe, Jesus!, Madonna is to blame for all these girls that lose their heads, no matter how different their musical genre is, they all wants to be MADONNA The Queen of Pop.

  • jm

    the video is freaking awesome-cut her some slack, it is entertainment after all

  • me

    can’t copy the QUEEN!!!!!

    copying doesn’t count.!!!!!!!!!!
    as if she’d EVER be Madonna.


  • Mya


    Her so called “15 mins” of fame turned into 16 years and going… You so sick of her, but you’re the first one to comment. If you’re sick of her STOP checking for her.

  • Mya


    Madonna DIDN’T invent this look. Madonna got it from somewhere else as well.

  • Mya

    This is sooo hot!

  • Mya


    Please learn your history b4 going saying someone copied MADONNA as if she invited this look. As if this wasn’t how royalty dressed i.e Elizabeth I of England back in the 1500′s.

  • Fred C. Hale

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  • lika

    beyonce is boring as always

  • um

    Didn’t Lady GaGa do tihs a while back?

  • no thanks

    Ick! Everything looks so kitchy & schlocky. How could she do this when the great Bette Davis and Cate Blanchett are so vivid in our minds with their amazing turns as the virgin Queen Elizabeth I? Beyonce is such a dork.

  • Really

    Boring. At least Rihanna doesn’t bore me.


    She’s not a queen, she’s just like everybody! But she don’t know..

  • Morgan

    Just because they call you queen B it does not make you a queen.

    Self-entitled and annoying. I am over Mrs Carter (VOMIT).

  • coco

    @LOL: @Marc: Madonna used to copy Marylin Monroe’s look as well Mya is write

  • coco

    @LOL: @Marc: Madonna used to copy Marylin Monroe’s look as well Mya is right

  • viper

    You know how the Native Americans were so grossly offended by Gwen Stafanis music video where she dressed up like a warrior chief? Yeah I now know how they feel; I am grossly offended by this woman. Does she really not know who Queen Elizabeth was??? That she would take our monarch; who suffered for most of her life, trying to stay unmarried just to remain in power as a woman. In a world more violent and merciless than it ever could be for a woman. Who had to massacre her own people and her own kin just to stay alive in it – THAT is who this imbecile thinks she can emulate and sexualize even???

    Pathetic tart.

    Maybe if we used black paint and painted ourselves as sexuality lynched black victims hanging off of trees Beyonce will get the hint at how stupid she is. Because this is VILE not ego, just pure VILE uneducated, disproportionately offensive garbage.

  • Laurie

    Ok now I enjoy Beyoncé performances and stuff I’ll be the 1rst to dance if crazy in love comes up but here she’s going a little bit too far !
    Girl you ain’t no queen like that, I mean people call you like that it’s true, just say thank you but don’t take it so seriously by actually doing a video where you’re dressed up and acting like you’re a real queen lol.
    I don’t know why she’s so self centered now a documentary about her own life did by herself and now this. This is not a good look

  • QueenT

    Boring huh? this concert is selling out like crazy! why is she the queen? she has 17 grammys selling out concerts! thats her job! i like how everyone says how overrated she is but every articles shes in the haters are the first to say something! lol

  • HumorMe

    Yea, because it’s entertaining reading gossip. Dont forget that we all have the right to express our opinions, good or bad. We can’t resign from being community members as long as we are living. News is news and commenting on public information is fair game. Now, i do think your Queen lacks in objectivity and that’s what makes her superfluous—not a good thing for a Queen!

  • Jess

    15 minutes of fame up? Beyonce has been in the game for over 15 years … trust me her fame isn’t up. Especially when she’s selling out her world tour in a matter of minutes with out any new material. So stop it! @ really Really? If you don’t like Beyonce that’s one thing but don’t diss her then go and put Rihanna on some pedestal. The bitch can’t sing to save her life. Beyonce has better range, tone, good vocal control, resonance, and the best damn rifts and runs in the industry right now. Very few artist can dance the way she does while executing those vocal combinations. Trust me a no talented gimmick like Rihanna can’t. Whether or not you like her style of music better is fine because its subjective not factual. What is factual however, is that Beyonce is the more talented of the two and a waaay more exceptional singer. So keep it real and give props where they are due.

  • TruthSerum

    @viper: To be honest I just think you are finding an excuse to be offensive. She isn’t even being Queen Elizabeth, how do you know that? She is being a European queen but I don’t see how it is offensive. We are living in a predominately democratic society so people no longer take monarchy as a serious part of life. Tell me why she should even respect this Queen when she probably would have enslaved Beyonce’s people? Your viewpoints are illogical because she isn’t even showing your precious Queen in an offensive light.