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Brad Pitt Rides His Motorcycle, Shiloh & Zahara Get FroYo!

Brad Pitt Rides His Motorcycle, Shiloh & Zahara Get FroYo!

Brad Pitt goes incognito under his helmet and sunglasses while riding his custom motorcycle around the neighborhood on Thursday (February 21) in Los Angeles.

The 49-year-old actor’s daughters Zahara and Shiloh were spotted earlier in the week stopping for frozen yogurt at Pinkberry with some friends.

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Last week, Brad, his fiancee Angelina Jolie, and their little ones Knox and Vivienne were spotted spending Valentine’s Day together. Check out how Knox is a Brad mini-me!

25+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt, Shiloh, and Zahara out and about…

Just Jared on Facebook
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 01
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 02
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 03
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 04
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 05
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 06
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 07
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 08
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 09
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 10
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 11
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 12
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 13
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 14
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 15
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 16
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 17
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 18
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 19
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 20
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 21
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 22
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 23
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 24
brad pitt rides his motorcycle shiloh zahara get froyo 25

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  • Kelly F. Johnson

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  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thanks for the pic. I’ve always thought Shi looks so much like her grammy “Jane” and she does, but she is also a perfectly beautiful combination of Brad and Angelina.
    Angelina’s mom is soooo very pretty. What a beautiful profile.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture.

  • anustin

    cutie pie girls.poppa pitt lookin’ delicious!!!!

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I say “ditto” to your posts!
    Cannot help but wish them all the joy, happiness , love and every good thing life brings. They are such a loving couple and help so many people. They are both truly amazing. May their home always be filled w/fun, love, laughter and all kinds of riches.

  • Frenchy

    Wow before you know it the girls will be as tall as their mom!

    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JMHO

    Let’s face it the Jolie Pitt kids hit the jackpot, the biological ones and the adopted ones.

  • Perfect Beauty

    Angelina is the most beautiful woman in this planet.

    Brad is the most beautiful man in this planet

    Together they have created the Perfect Beauty

    Shi is already a beautiful kid but it will be the most beautiful girl in this Universe for sure.

    Shii, the perfect beauty

  • waitak

    Shiloh’s hair looks good like this. She is such a pretty little girl.

  • Dakota

    #47 fyi 12

    It is so much fun to see each of the kids & pick out special qualities of each, whether it is physical or characteristics that they have emulated from their parents. Each is beautiful.

  • JJ and JP kids = no adjectives

    its incredible the lack of respect that Jared have when he report something about Jolie-Pitt kids.

    JJ makes a real point and a hard work for not used any “adjective” when he write about the jolie-Pitt kids.

    it must be really harder and difficult because the kids are the most beautiful, cute and funny that Jared have seen in his life.

    It´s become a boring but irritating little thing.

    Please, Mr.Jared can you used some “cute” adjective next time. ..please…..peeeeeeleaaaaaaseeeee …. PLEASE

  • fyi12


    I totally agree. Pax has Dad’s swagger & Zee is all Mom and even copies her style except lately the leopard tight & pink high-tops is not quite Angie, well maybe when she was doing the Hackers. LOL

  • Rose

    @JJ and JP kids = no adjectives: I believe the only way we can get JJ to use the adjective “cute”, “adorable”, when describing the JP kids is for a few of us to send Jerard a e mail requesting this. Maybe we should set a time and date to send a e mail via the contact on top of page. anyone agree?

  • alana

    i don’t feel we should beg for adjectives. It should be genuinely given or it means nothing. Of course they are cute kids ,that should go without saying, but who knows why JJ does what he does.

  • curious one

    Does Zahara have a birthmark on her face?…Does Shiloh have a yellow bandaid on her forehead?

  • fyi12


    Agreed. If it is not genuine who cares.
    BUT don’t forget the LIKES of Perez Hilton’s latest pro- Aniston posts. He used to be all PRO Angie & Brad & made fun of MANISTON for years & years!

    Until Maniston cornered him in a garage and asked him to stop calling her Maniston OR make fun of her EVAH! Unfortunately this was the same time Ellen was promoting ‘anti-bullying’ I SERIOUSLY doubt Ellen meant the 44 year old talentless Aniston.

    Ellen meant people who are really BULLIED for their sexual orientation, race, country they were born at, disabilities, religions.
    BUT the pathetic Perez Hilton bends over and says OK Huvane, whatevah you say! Gross! I have not been at his site for 3 years & will never go there again.

  • Rose

    @alana: You have a point. I know it’s upsetting to some fans the way JJ always Refers to BA/JG and other stars children glowingly but never the JP kids. I will support sending JJ an e mail if others want to do so.

  • fyi12

    @curious one:

    NO & NO!! Does that answer your question?

  • Rose

    @fyi12: I see you got rid of the bi-polar troll tonight. Did you tell her to pick a side and stick with it? Just don’t mention the word Ticky and we will be fine. :-)

  • fyi12

    Hi Rose, you are up late my early bird friend.

    OMG we are getting the blizzard full force. I am up late watching the weather report, they have already closed down almost all schools tomorrow morning Yikes.

    I want to share some sexy Brad pictures from zimbio LOL

  • Wonderbust

    credit kitnpup on IMDB the casting call for unbroken, apparently they want someone between the ages of 19-26 to star as Louis so that takes out most of the well known stars

  • are you serious?

    weird loons begging for adoring adjectives!
    mental infants must be spoon fed your proper pablum or you fuss!

  • Rose

    @fyi12: Thanks for giving me a video before I go to sleep. I’m sleepy! but I wanted to check in to see what was happening while I was away today. Will talk tomorrow, take care.

  • fyi12


    ROTFLMAO! Isn’t that the truth, the bipolar one could care less if we talk about or make fun of other celebrities, which we always do using the “OT” but God forbid IF we mention Aniston, she comes out of the ground like a venomous snake!
    Actually I find it funny because I can almost time her tantrum even if she changes her name assuming we won’t catch on. Shre always lectures JP fans why Brad & Angie are LOSING (in her twisted mind) & proceeds to give them her tips how to be even more A+++++ stars LOL

    I am sure Angie & Brad can’t wait to hear carry’s NEXT advice to their whole family! ROTFLMAO.

  • lsam

    Don’t worry folks Perez-Hilton’s site is over rated. I used to read his site until I got tired of how he makes fun of everybody for no reason. Thanks JJ for posting photos of the JP family. Always a bonus for us to see the cute and gorgeous JP kids.

  • Wonderbust

    @are you serious?:
    go back to your 81,000 topic forum with over 1.5 million posts about you and the other 10 freaks fussing over people you hate

  • curious one

    look close shilohs forehead zaharas cheek,,jeez I am not blind fyi12..duh.lmao

  • Rose

    @fyi12:#73, ITA with you. Thanks for leaving me with sexy Brad’s picture. I told you I was sleepy, I thought you left me a video. I have a feeling the family is getting ready to go on location soon.

  • fyi12


    OMG, our bipolar friend will be back with another name—do you want to bet on it? Just kidding. It really is so sad that these FFers or Duh-Listers are such losers to go to such extremes to go from site to site spreading hatred. I can honestly say I have never been at FF or Duh-listed. But these losers are always here? So anyone in their right mind would ask—WHY do they come to a thread 24/7/365 to sprewaad their hatred of a FAMILY OF EIGHT?

    Well, the answer is obvious, they are some screwed up losers who either need help or very jealous fools who need to get a LIFE of their own. IMO

  • Rose

    @fyi12: #78, FYI, they are here because no one is at the jenhen boring site. I’m leaving now! Good night.

  • fyi12


    Haha you want sexy video—How about this one! Sweet dreams :)

  • lizzie

    @curious one: Looks like face paint or kids’ tattoos. you can clearly see the heart shape on Z’s face.Shi’s could be a tattoo, paint also or a bandaid.

  • are you serious?

    you should check out the SHUT IT DOWWWNUH thread! over there.
    it’s ha ha ha hilARious!
    some of you are stars, screencaps of your goober comments and everything! they even have a pic of one of your mascot in a straightjacket blaming your idols’ fall on FF!
    so frickin’ diabolically funny.

  • Jaqueline O

    Such Cute Kids! STOP YOUR HUSBAND FROM CHEATING WITH Romantic Toys at AthenaToysdotcom

  • aimee

    Love seeing the girls and hot Brad on his bike. Remember: DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

  • fyi12

    @curious one:

    Well if you are NOT blind, you obviously need glasses! lol

  • are you serious?

    please forgive me loons, the pic of your mascot in a straightjacket is on page 385 of ‘i’m in photoshopping mood’ thread…there are some great pics on that page……ENJOY that and ragging on pitt’s barren lonely boring exwife of eight years, it always feels good to kick a horse when you think it’s down!!!!
    angleiron prefers to express her equine abuse by coercing white ones into licking her milk bags.

  • SAD

    There are some seriously sick people in the world. Thank God Brad and Angie have body guards.

  • Wonderbust

    the board is so hilarious yet your ass is parked here? lol you freaks are f’in hilarious you psychos think its normal to post 81,000 topics and over a million posts about celebrities that you dont even like heck even if you did like them that would STILL be creepy. the fuglyfemales are bored talking to themselves(all 10 of them) so they come here, only to have Jared eventually delete their comments. Not our fault Jareds gets 3.3 million unique views every month and Brad and Angie are the top celebs here. so now the ff freaks that have have the same psychos posting try to come here lol gotta love the desperation. the internet knows you all are crazy i already posted the link awhile ago to your head leader psycho joyce aka slimandsexxy on ontd who turned out to be an ugly balding woman and was exposed on ontd.

  • are you serious?

    whatevah….don’t worry…be happy…and don’t stop ragging on jennifer, she is so relevant to dud and ho.

  • Wonderbust

    exactly! anyone who thinks its anywhere near normal to dedicate 81,000 topics and one million posts to people you don’t even know nor people who do not have an effect on your life in any shape or form need to be committed. Even hard core fans don’t post that much and the scary thing is, it’s only a few people posting on that site, which means they spend 24/7 talking about Brad and Angelina, scary.

  • http://! hag

    instead of jenhags celebrating manny’s oscar presenting with baldy they are here.

  • Wonderbust

    oops I lied apparently Jared now gets 14million unique visitors a month between this site and Just Jared Jr.
    LMAO No wonder the psychos are flocking here, it gets lonely talking to yourself over and over bwahahah. Waving to the millions of people lurking right now lol.

  • Wonderbust

    its because they know she doesn’t belong there and hence why The Wrap questioned why she and Rudd were presenting since neither of them have even been in an Oscar nominated flick. Did you also notice that people mag, usmagazine, etc never did a writeup about her presenting. Nor has any sites been wondering what she will be wearing on Sunday. I already called it when her ass comes on stage to present one of the lesser known awards viewers will be asking why is she on stage, kind of like they do when Jessica Alba or JLO present.

  • Wonderbust

    In addition, Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, neither of whom has an Oscar or even a nomination to their names, have been named as presenters.
    K good night folks

  • oscar ‘night before’

    i think it is hilarious and quite telling that angleiron’s wide leg and peepaw’s hashpipe are ‘out’ of the oscar ‘night before’ exclusive event. but jen and justin are so ‘in’.
    your idols come tumblin’ dowwwwwwnuh!

  • http://! hag

    we all know the tick will be DRAPED ALL OVER RUDD because she sooo insecure.

  • ZeeHooker

    Wow! Zahara is dressed like a cheap vvhore.

  • ZeeHooker

    And what’s with her hair?

  • watch jennifer sunday night!

    and you will all be watching to watch her, while your idols try to pretend they don’t care.

  • Jen Fans are Mental

    omg at the hen bragging about ticky and gigolo going to an oscar party, really, is this really what the hens are excited about, a party. they are as shallow as their idol. yes Brad and Angie are crying at night because they arent going to an Oscar party, an Oscar party that they never attend anyway. are the hens really this dumb, serioulsy. while most people are celebrating that their favorite celebrities are being honored at the Oscars with a nomination, the hens are rejoicing at her going to a party. hows Echo films going. When was the last time gigolo had a job?

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