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Gerard Butler: Hollywood Domino Pre-Oscar Gala!

Gerard Butler: Hollywood Domino Pre-Oscar Gala!

Gerard Butler suits up at the Hollywood Domino and Bovet 1822 Pre-Oscar Gala held at the Sunset Tower Hotel on Thursday (February 21) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor served as host for the night along with Madeleine Stowe and was joined by Jesse Williams, Adrien Brody, Ali Larter, David Arquette, Kristin Davis, Moby, Heather Graham, Peter Facinelli, Rose McGowan, and Josh Hartnett.

The Gala benefiting Artists For Peace And Justice held one of its most successful fundraisers, raising over half a million dollars and growing.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and others at the Hollywood Domino and Bovet 1822 Pre-Oscar Gala

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gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 01
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 02
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 03
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 04
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 05
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 06
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 07
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 08
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 09
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 10
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 11
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 12
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 13
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 14
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 15
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 16
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 17
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 18
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 19
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 20
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 21
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 22
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 23
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 24
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 25
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 26
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 27
gerard butler hollywood domino pre oscar gala 28

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  • Bbe

    Hollywood is morally corrupt they’re all shagg/ing each other rather incestous if you ask me! You really don’t need to have any shame, respect or principles to hook up with them! Who would like them as husband material no thanks

  • eggy


    Hollywood sets the pace with regards to how our 1st world society functions…kind of reminds me of the Hunger Games. Hollywood is the “Capitol” and the rest of us on lookers in our respective “districts” look on in awe and desire to have their “lifestyles”. Hollywood is a distraction from reality, but it makes ALOT of money. If we didn’t have hollywood, many people would be out of jobs.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    littlebird89 Chelsea Wallace 3 mins
    @tinainalay and I with #GerardButler #apj #oscar #party
    Gerard Butler right after pledging 75k at #hollywood dominoes event sponsored by @ciroc #cash #money

  • lolita

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hi, GCE, how are you? Finally get to see him in regards to good pr and so handsome. Brody’s lady is pretty and nice to see Gerry and him together.
    The only thing I felt bad for him was when he was asked about his oscar plans and he tried to joke out of it. I do believe whether he would ever admit it that not being part of all the events has bothered him a lot.
    I guess he was not considered for a presenter. Well maybe next year will be better for him and some really good roles will come his way.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @lolita: Hi Lolita. I’m just fine, thanks for asking. How have you been? It’s always nice to see Butler clean up for an event. Not sure if he’ll show up at the Oscars, I guess not from the way it sounded, but you never know. I was just reading this article at WO about his attire last night. They said he needed to hem his pants because they were pooling at his ankles. I hadn’t even noticed it. I wasn’t looking at his feet. LOL
    Hope you’re well and thanks for saying hi. Have a good weekend.
    Here’s the article if you’re interested–

  • Susie

    I’m sure Gerard has many invitations for Oscar viewing and/or after parties. Who knows if he will attend any of these parties or not. Year to year, many movie stars are NOT asked to be presenters at the Oscars – it’s perfectly normal. Also there are many stars that aren’t in town or that even go to any of the events.

  • littlebirdie

    @NO Way:

    He does not exclusively date models. That’s a stupid remark and he is not fake. Better get new glasses and a better sense of reality.

  • lolita

    @Can’tGetEnough: Nice article, they way they talked i thought you wouldn’t be able to see his feet. I agree, I wasn’t looking at his feet also.
    Doing well, dropped one of the meds, nasty side effects. Thanks, have a great weekend too♥

  • For F cks sakes

    @Becky E. Arrington: Go sell your pies somewhere else!

  • Domino

    Nice article at #55…also enjoyed the E! Online article…some funny GB remarks. Love that sense of humor!

  • For F cks sakes

    @Bbe: Agree with you.

  • Totally Useless Information

    GB pledged $250,000 to AJP a couple of years ago along with several other noted celebrities. The $250,000 was to be paid in 5 payments over 5 years so probably the $75,000 is part of the yearly payment.

  • Tasty

    Who’s the lady with Butler?

    He looks good in a tux . . . sadly the lighting in this pic is not so forgiving on his forehead.

  • ?


    Her name is Brooke Atkinson

  • Is he free?


    Who is she?

  • SouthernBelle

    @Is he free?:

    Her name is Brooke Atkinson Waters. She’s a fan.

  • dweeb

    I just know this man can NOT be dating that. I will never forgive Gerry Balls. NEVER!

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “… but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

  • Joie de Vivre

    @God Bless yoou all!: My favorite! Bless you.

  • Joie de Vivre

    Greetings all! Butler always looks good in a tux. It’s been a while since I’ve read or posted here but it looks like the same old boring same old. Hope OHF does well at the box office. Whatever is happening with our hot mess, I hope he finds a new tan consultant soon. LOL! Yikes!!! Lolita, CGE, Ducky, Autumn, Maggie PU, Ana B. angelsrock, cupcake and everyone else: Hope life is treating you well and kind. Wishing Butler only the best and a big kick in the bum to see the forest and not just the trees.

  • hhaaaa

    ;watching Dracula 2000…. wow he has aged badly. and that cap line from the self tan… seriously.. how embarrasing.

    At least he’s not wearin crusty pants… maybe he has them on undernearth

  • observer

    @SouthernBelle: Actually That’s not Brooke Atkinson. It’s Nadine Velazquez, actress and model.

  • ha ha


    OMG! He probably does! It’s like his own personal version of the cutoffs from Arrested Development. He’s a never-nude!

  • justsayin’too

    @Can’tGetEnough- ITAWY GB shows more passion kissing Haggis than in any of his pictures with MG. He’s even pulling Haggis closer to him instead of at arms distance like MG… makes you wonder.

  • Tom

    @observer: Why do I get the feeling he brought her back for a threesome?

  • observer

    @Tom: I don’t know about that threesome, nor do I care quite frankly. On the other hand, there was a tweet about him being at LAX 2 hours ago. Think he flew away from the glam and glitz of Hollywood?

    Lindsey Young ‏@lindssseyoung
    First celeb spotting in LAX Gerard butler your sexy 👏 #keepcoollinds #oscarweekend

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    @Joie de Vivre:

    Joie you crack me up. I emailed you! I really do need to be put in my place for my email negligence. I just remembered a great story that I need to tell you. I agree with everything about your post. But I also can’t possibly be the only one here besides Gerard B that has had a spray tan mishap. I would never do that again that’s for sure. I actually think he looks really good tbh. Wishing him positive energy and to keep it real! Hoping everyone is well. :-)

  • Just to say


    Because you have a filthy mind and want to believe the worst in him.

  • smile madalina, smile
    WO posted this old link. He came across as far more likeable, less arrogant, less jaded , less egotistical ten years ago. Pre 300, the success that turned his head. His best work came before that, when he was willing to take instruction and worked with better quality producers and directors. When he was a versatile jobbing actor learning his trade, not a caricature action/romcom celebrity. Their ilk can’t really be termed actors.

  • It seems to me

    @Totally Useless Information:

    No, that was then. This is now and an entirely separate donation.

  • has JJ banned everyone

    or has the last Butler fan left the building?

  • Clamsie

    It doesn’t do any good to think about what he was ten years ago. It’s what he is NOW. He ruined his career by making rotten choices in films. I never thought he was a good enough actor to carry a film, even in the early days. It was all about his looks back then, nothing more. He isn’t hot any longer. He should investigate the Lifetime for Women network for grandfatherly roles.

  • For goodness-sake

    The bad tan is his lazy way of fighting against getting the Shar Pei look, but he’s losing. My goodness he’s soooo wrinkly.

  • lolita

    @Joie de Vivre: Joie, my goodness, how are you? So good to hear from you. Hope all is well in your world.
    I don’t know why he spray tans. I am fair also and when I fake tan it only darkens my freckles so I look like a jaundiced dalmation. When I tan naturally, it never looks like that.
    I hope OHF is a hit, he is in need of one. That might open some doors for him that have been closed of late.
    Take care and God Bless♥♥

  • GFW

    Nebulous and faceless scheming killing machines need to be careful what they wish for.

  • perez hilton

    Gerry escaped from LA for the weekend has he? Don’t that speak volumes if true.

    Guess MG will have to party Oscar weekend with her girlfriend Aria Crescendo, but it sounds like she’s not been missing GB at all, party party party.

  • This is so funny…

    I thought I read that Madalina was busy with the LA/Italia Festival thing right up to the 23rd Feb. I bet they’ve both taken off for the weekend somewhere. I’m not expecting to see either of them at the Oscars based on a recent Gerry interview saying that he’d rather visit a space station.

  • get real

    @Just to say: What planet are you on this is the guy who announced on MTV, a channel geared to teenagers, that he loves threesomes and of course he’s participated in them. And hey what man wouldn’t if the chicks are hot,

  • you are so funny

    @This is so funny…: Of course she is still busy with the festival, she was working last night, she posted photos apparently. She is the Master er Mistress of Ceremonies for the whole festival, So if he has left town his timing is fascinating.

  • GFW

    Her determined anger is a kill hammer for anything fun around here.
    All bets are off when you’re playing with someone’s financial freedom, hard-earned career and his life.
    In the instantgram, Gerry’s handsome face embodies wearisome. You see a face, you can imagine their heart.

  • GFW

    And he’s busy somewhere else. Up early stretching his Clydesdale legs like a newborn ready to walk upright again.
    Hope this uploads as a reminder of a tender heart the size of Texas whose giving surpasses his taking: A kind concerned face with a blend of compassion, empathy, wisdom, experience hoping his student surpasses his master. He didn’t. He was too reckless. Too daring. Too tempting the fates so went too soon. Far too soon.
    ~K, wishing all a good day…

  • casandra

    Can anybody translate what the h*eck GFW is saying? I am not American either, but she makes no sense at all..Its like she’s writing some sorts of strange poems or predictions…like she has a 6 th sense or something..this is worrisome…just like Dargabriel. Go get a life people even if its not the one you dreamed of (like being with your celebrity crush), but at least its something real, not a fantasy…

  • Let’s Be Fair!

    @get real:
    “this is the guy who announced on MTV, a channel geared to teenagers, that he loves threesomes and of course he’s participated in them. ”


    MTV is not geared especially to teens and the question was posed to him so I guess the MTV producers allowed the subject matter. Whether or not he participates in anything is no one’s business and just because he said he did, doesn’t make it so. In the 1970′s PG rated film, “Urban Cowboy” with John Travolta and Debra Winger, the character of “Bud” played by Travolta, after his first night at Gilley’s, awakens in bed sandwiched between two lovely women. Obviously, just another day in the life of an Urban Cowboy. Besides, G likes the shock factor.

  • Let’s Be Fair!

    @Bbe: I agree with what you say but not all are. Unfortunately, film makers aren’t taking enough responsibility with what they portray on the screen that children are exposed to and obviously parents need to take some of the responsibility as well. Our girls are growing up to be shallow, anorexic sex objects and the males with a sense of entitlement to anything and everything sexual. A fine race of people we are spawning. Whenever I see a teen awarded for scholar achievement or athletic abilities, he or she is originally from another country like India, Germany or the Orient. What does that say about our values as a country? It says it’s more important to make money then to achieve, better to take then to give. There’s a price on everything and I think we’ve sold our souls to the Devil for a dollar and I don’t even believe in the Devil. We’re reduced to voyeurism, watching the wealthy and spoiled go through their daily lives and holding them in high esteem when they’ve done nothing to earn it (Real Housewives, Kardasians, etc.) It’s all crap and it’s sad. Then we exploit the ignorant and the underbelly of society with Jerry Springer, Honey Boo Boo, etc. Next I guess we’ll attach a head cam to a criminal and follow him around as he breaks in buildings or steals cars. The ratings would go sky high! And the movies are made up of CGI generated fantasies, poorly scripted rehashed scenarios of other films and crude behavior. That’s what passes for entertainment with only a small fraction of television or films that are watchable. Even in one of the photos on this page of Jennifer Lawrence, she’s been so maniped, shopped and altered, only her face resembles her and barely at that. What message does that send out to young women her age? Obviously, that her already striking natural beauty was not good enough.

    Sorry for the long rant. I’ll get off my soap box now.

  • Let’s Be Fair!

    @casandra: I think she’s talking about Jay Moriarty and his relationship with Frosty Hesson.

  • explanation

    @casandra: Don’t worry casandra. Americans don’t understand GFW either. She is unintelligible in any language.

  • Go away

    @This is so funny…: I’m sure Gerry will be miss at the Oscars with all the great movies he put out.

  • DocP

    @explanation: That’s because she’s a fanatic and doesn’t communicate like the rest of us.

  • Heffer

    @Just to say: Tom came to that conclusion because Butler put it out there.

  • smile madalina, smile

    @Go away: surely the Oscars are the industry networking event of the year, so if you miss.them you’re out? I don’t think he’ll be missed per se, he’s already an outsider as far as the quality and the money is concerned. I would have thought he could have attended if he wished, but after missing the baftas, GG and more, has he decided to take a break? A lawsuit to set himself up for a while, and a sabbatical or change of direction?