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Jennifer Lawrence: 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Poster!

Jennifer Lawrence: 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Poster!

Check out Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in these newly released posters for their highly anticipated film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

“The Victory Tour with Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, Winners of the 74th Hunger Games.” the poster was captioned from the movie’s official Facebook page.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is set to be released in theaters on November 22 – be sure to mark your calendars!!!

Also starring in the flick are Liam Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Stanley Tucci, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and more!

Check out an alternate version of the poster below as well…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer lawrence hunger games catching fire poster 01
jennifer lawrence hunger games catching fire poster 02

Photos: IMP Awards, Facebook
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  • kit

    Poster sucks but I want to see the trailer!

  • GFW

    Awful. Could it be more white? Frosty? Cold? Uninviting?

  • malia

    nice try to make him look like he’s taller than her
    they are cute though

  • Dee

    Lol for them making Josh seem MUCH taller then he actually is.

  • Sammy

    Screw the poster, give me the trailer!!!

  • Charlotte

    I am such a big fan of HG and I cannot understand why they always so much photoshop. Jen is beautiful without that all stuff. I can’t get it.

  • moneyback

    They look like aliens from space.

  • anna

    i like this poster

  • annoying

    People complaining about anything, why so much photoshop? why he is taller?, why she is fat or skinny? pffffff (especially when they seek out an article to comment on them) are annoying!!!!!!! Get a life its just poster not the movie WOW its such big deal,! people are frustrated at the slightest of things its really sad

  • eerie.

    @annoying: Due to the non-existent voting system, I could not “like” your comment but AMEN! Stop freaking complaining all the time peeps.
    Also, I think the poster actually reflects the mood of the book, really “cold” indeed and not in a bad way.

  • eaud’axile

    @annoying: People are just commenting because the thread is about the poster. And there still arent many comments about it. So calm down and dont take them too personal (ADVICE).

  • jecobjesan

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  • dean

    so Twilight and HG posters made the same person

  • carrielove

    It looks good.

  • Marine


    Cold? Uninviting ?
    Of course, everything is perfect and cold but it is supposed to be !! They use perfectly the codes of totalitarism propaganda and mixed it with the futuristic side. It express what the film is about : propaganda, lack of compassion of the medias, appearance, abuse of power. perfect poster, try to analyze it before criticize it. It is more complexe that what you think

  • austin

    @kit: are you out of your mind?

  • Christina Gleason @ WELL, in T

    Yes, like Marine said… This poster does not say “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” with the actors’ names on it. It says “Victory Tour” with the characters’ names on it. It’s propaganda from the Capital, and for that, it is absolutely perfect. Photoshop? How long do you think it took Katniss’s stylists to get her from beauty base zero to that? ;-)

  • Julie

    I like it. Has a very propaganda/Soviet Union feel to it which is quite appropriate, considering.

  • maranda

    The poster is terrible. How is that complaining. If all the comments were saying how awesome it was then nobody would have a problem with that. The poster looks cheap and very budget. This franchise has made too much money for them not to raise the bar.

    Calling the poster horrible is not complaining it is just stating the OBVIOUS.

    @Christina Gleason @ WELL, in T:

    regardless of the reasoning behind it. It is still a bad poster. They should have done that kind of poster later. NOT THE FIRST LOOK.

  • Becky E. Arrington

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  • alina

    very cool .

  • ha ha

    it looks like that movie the new Twilight, The Host.
    Ugly poster…

  • MAY

    the girl’s damn f*cking PRETTY

  • confusing

    They both look like they’re about to kill someone. :L

  • Toni

    It looks cool :D

    Cant wait to see it! They are a bit scary, but really good :)

  • marilou

    Peeta looks lime old Tom from McFly

  • danielramirez

    !!! THIS i cant wait for the trailer


    literally rolled on the floor, fangirling. ugh. why can’t the movie come out tomorrow!

  • mARIA

    I really like this poster i can`t wait to see this movie

  • amika

    @GFW: pretty certain based on your comment that you know nothing about the books or the franchise. cold and uninviting that’s exactly what the victory tour is – they realize all of the negative things that the capitol has done not only to them but also to the people living in the other districts.

  • ee

    LOVE it. Captures the mood of the book perfectly!

  • Peach

    @kit: The publicity campaign to BUY this minimally talented ‘actress’ is nauseating. Riva, Chastain, Wallis & Watts are all insulted by the wooden faced Lawrence having her name linked with theirs.

  • Ana

    It looks interesting, being based of a wartime propaganda, but it’s not a film poster. It’s most likely a promotional image. I don’t really like that they made him taller than her in heels.(In flat shoes, they look each other in the eye).I don’t really understand what’s wrong with a shorter man and a taller woman-I kind of feel like everyone else is more sensitive about him being shorter than he does.

  • It is supposed to be cold and very minimal. It is not a poster for Catching Fire! It is a poster for The Victory Tour! It is supposed to look like propaganda, and look a little ‘fake’, because everything in The Capital is!
    These posters are perfect for what they are trying to convey.

  • Josh


    It looks bad how? Because it’s simple? It’s perfect for what they are making it out to be, propaganda by the Capitol for the Districts. Making Katniss and Peeta look romantic and pure with the mood, colors, and outfits. It looks like the marketing team is geting into the head space of the Capitol and are trying to give off a innocent, in love feel to the viewers.

    Then we have the white roses and the huge monument behind them. Obviously symbolic of Snow and the Capitol’s power over both of them, even if they are Victors.

    The photoshop? May be a bit over done, but fits when you think of it as I mentioned above. At least it’s not like the garbage Twilight posters.

  • DHutch12892

    OMG! Ppl stop judging it looks nice from a more complex meaning, it looks weird if you have no idea what ur talking about! Jen does look different, and it’s natural for them to make him look taller. I’m still really, actually waiting for the trailer but they are making ppl anxious for a reason… THIS IS NOT LIKE TWILIGHT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!
    PLUS, why r ppl using this as a place to put info about different things here?!
    P.P.S. I LOVE JOSH >.<

  • Karen K

    Love love this poster. Josh looks hot. Now give a trailer.

  • Marc

    What the heck is that thing in the background made out of metal?

  • Tate

    Omw. This isn’t *THE* poster, it’s “propaganda” (see that is says Victory Tour?). They did it for a lot of the other characters in the first movie (Effie, Ceaser) in the form of ads and stuff to promote the capitol aspect of the movie.
    And yes it’s cold and they look like ailens because, well, remember what lengths Nazi Germany went to to make shit look pleasant? Well that’s the same damn idea for the books.

  • http://@arieldf Ariel Tian

    My friend Anastasia Lin, Miss World Canada Delegate, used a quote from Hunger Game on her official page, “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.” and it is one of the most shared posts. She is an actress and human rights activist in Canada.

  • http://@arielttdf Ariel Tian

    This movie touched Chinese people in a very unique angel at this certain period.

  • tph

    ummmmmmm I think that’s the point, it’s supposed to look like an actual Panem poster for the victory tour. It’s marketing for the film, but it’s not the official poster…

  • Poesy


    If you’ve not read the book, that’s the point. They are supposed to objectified and cold and distant during their victory tour.

  • Bread

    Peeta looks so dayum hot!