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Oscars 2013: Jennifer Lawrence's Biggest Fan Talks Awards!

Oscars 2013: Jennifer Lawrence's Biggest Fan Talks Awards!

Jennifer Lawrence has a ton of fans all over the world who will be rooting for her tomorrow night at the 2013 Academy Awards, but perhaps one special fan will be cheering the loudest.

Andy Strunk, who is 23 and has Down syndrome, is a former classmate of the 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook Oscar nominee and he has been friends with her for over a decade.

“We are like best friends,” Andy told the Courier Journal. “She’s kind. … I think she has spirit.”

Andy has a collection of all of Jen‘s magazine features and the last time she was in town, she visited his room to check out the memorabilia. We love that she still remembers her friends from home!

WILL YOU BE ROOTING for Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars?

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  • Lily

    I love Jen but this Oscar move is so obvious.

  • MikeG

    At first I was like.. well he’s got all the pictures and mags there, that’s creepy as hell… but maybe he’s just really a big fan of hers

  • scarlett

    Well it can hardly be considered an Oscar move given that voting has closed can it. Oh shocker, she might actually just be a really nice girl!

  • emma

    This post is appaling!
    So what, being friends with a guy who has Down syndrome is supposed to make her look good and grounded??
    She’s IS, we know it already, she doesn’t need that kind of low publicity, and the press is just using this guy.
    Of course it’s not her move though. Just the press being the press.
    (sorry, this is pissing me off :)


    oh com on people the votes its close before yesterday, he is just fan like many others fans of her and made video its not big deal, i dont think thats will change anything

  • hello1

    Oscars are tomorrow, voting ended long before this came out. Nice try haters, keep cheering for those loose and cheap actresses.

  • Lily

    @scarlett: an oscar campaign is more than just getting the voters to vote for you. You have to make the people to like you as well. Oh shocker. I’m sure she’s a really nice person, but was showing this video necessary?

  • jimmy

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  • Heather

    Oh! WTH.. If it is a move or if not, I don’t care. If she deserves to win?. Hell yeah!

  • Brandt Hardin

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  • Susan

    No, she doesn’t deserve to win. She haven’t proven herself at all, she may be talented but acting classes would sure help as she doesn’t have technique.

  • ck

    The story about Jen’s friendship with Andy was first reported way before she was even involved wiht SLP,

  • ana

    Que patetica.

  • WHAT?

    @Susan: yeah sure you are an expecrt thats why she is nominated 2 times now, acting classes or not she is talentend before all this fame bc of HG, the first time i saw her on the poker house andThe Burning Plain In 2008, she was still very young and she proves that she has a huge talent after all you have the right of love her or not, but she is not nominee in 2011 and this year by magic

  • david

    @ana: c est toi qui est pathétique grande imbécile

  • alex

    She is same in every movie. Harsh country girl who is burn to suffer – just what you need to get Oscar. They gonna nominate her untill she gets one.

  • Maya

    She’s a very good actress. I dont know if she derserves this Oscar or not but it is the Academy who decides not the public who doesnt know anything about them and it’s moved by marketing.
    I find this very sweet but she’s not going to win for her affection but for her talent. I think you are jealous of her because she must be the only young celeb with her feet on the ground and who is being nominated by the Academy. Not a Disney Star like.

  • ana

    @david: Y vos sos un boludozo importante.

  • ashley

    OMG YOU GUYS ARE SOOO PATHETIC!!!! Oscar voting is over, so this have nothing to do with her winning, this is about a friendship that lasted for more than 12 years and how he continues to support her and will forever be her biggest fan. STOP trying to find something wrong with Jennifer, she is just a sweet girl.

  • D

    That’s just awesome! You go Andy! I hope she wins too! She’s deserves it.

  • Juana

    I was starting to get tired of seeing Jen’s face everywhere, but this is very endearing. Oscar move or not.

  • Daniel


    Your so full of shit. She needs acting technique? 2 Oscar nominations in 3 years. I’d say others hae more of a clue than you…