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Chris Evans - Oscars 2013 Red Carpet

Chris Evans - Oscars 2013 Red Carpet

Chris Evans looks dapper in Gucci as he hits the red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 24) in Hollywood.

The 31-year-old actor was accompanied by his mother Lisa Evans at the big event.

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Chris hit the stage with his Avengers cast members Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Samuel L. Jackson to present the award for Best Cinematography.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Evans and others at the 2013 Oscars

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Michael Buckner, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • David

    The Hottest Men on Earth

  • kitty

    Last time i saw him without a cap he was almost bald… strange things happens in hollywood

  • JoRel

    am i the only one who thinks that Minka Kelly has him around because now his star is getting bigger? Cause she previously dumped him for Derek Jeter…and now shes moved back on to him. Chris you can do better..clearly. Can’t wait to see you do so well in you career. Loved ya since you started on that Fox show with Kyle Howard and Milo Ventimiglia…

  • fan

    Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!!

  • LOLA

    no Minka Kelly! I think he knows what she wants

  • Kelly

    He looks SOO good!! LOVE him :)

  • just sayin’

    Thank GOD he was smart enough to not bring that wh0re.

  • Lisa P.

    He doesn’t look too happy.

  • lina

    @Lisa P.: its ok, he never looks happy.. i guess he is not, you just cant have it all.

  • lol

    @kitty: LOL xD

  • K

    Finally, he went to enjoy an event without that leech Minka Kelly on his arm. Guess her little baby voice didn’t work on him this time. So glad he took his mom instead. Dude actually looks kinda happy here!

  • http://prisciabarbosa pri

    He has judgment thankfully did not lead to successful ambulatory blood sucking perfect decision.

  • June

    I bet Stinka Smelly is hiding under a rock right now, how embarrassing. Chris did not take her to the oscars or the vanity fair party. They didn’t even go separately! and you know that she had chosen the dress that she was going to wear to these events five months ago.

  • LOL

    @June: Don’t think she’s hiding anyway, won’t be surprise if i see pap pictures of those two in the coming days. Minka is gonna want to show everyone that Chris and her are still together and happy even though he didn’t bring her to the Oscars. Trust me that women will find a way to call the paps, just like she did on V-Day… expect a photo-op soon. Also i know she’s most likely crushed that Chris didn’t flaunt her around the red carpet this award season, especially at the Oscars. It would’ve certainly helped in getting her the publicity she needs to get a new job…cuz she’s certainly been having trouble landing gigs since her Derek Jeter days. Minka’s PR team must be frustrated and furious things didn’t turn out the way they wanted. LOL

  • LOL

    @June: Meant anywhere not anyway. damn auto correct.

  • K

    @LOL: Agreed. We’ll probably see them together in pap pics within the week, with a caption about how “together” they are. She’s just so boring and predictable. If she had any talent then she could get a real job and stop living a fake life in pap pics with Chris. He clearly doesn’t enjoy it, anyway.

  • June

    @LOL: Yup your’e so right. She strikes me as an insecure person. She’ll will think of a way to get papped with him to prove that they are happy together. Most people won’t buy it though.They’ve had many chances to come out as a couple, but Chris keeps on balking. I don’t think he’s that into her. Didn’t his friends say that he is ‘cautious’ of her? Will he ever trust her?

  • mulan

    i dont know if its too late to say this but isnt MK allowing him to take his mom to the oscar’s is, (putting it mildly) her best move so far. more like 3 birds one shot. a good impression on his mom, making him think that his mom is her first priority and the same reason applies for press and publicity. guess i need not elaborate the about last one…

  • ehh

    @mulan: Nah don’t think she had any say in that decision making process. That was the first time Chris attended the Oscars, pretty sure he had his mind set on taking his mom from the get go. Chris’ mom is the main women in his life that’s responsible for his success, think he wanted to share that first experience with her. I’m sure he enjoyed it a lot more with her than he would’ve with Minka. With Minka he there would have been the unnecessary attention he seemed to hate so much, also it would have taken away some of the enjoyment i think. Besides Chris knows that red carpet photo-op is one of the reasons Minka wanted to get back with him. In Touch weekly reported in 2011 when Minka was trying to get back with Chris… that she felt if they hook up again, they’d look cute on the red carpet together. It’s to bad she didn’t get her wish this award season, Minka would’ve loved every minute of it.

  • mulan


    thank u ehh. i really didnt know about the “in touch weekly thing”. long time ago some one on youtube commented that guys like chris evans ends up with models.. so i guess she would be disappointed..

  • JEN

    So many pathetic losers on here full of jealousy. LOL. All you sad girls that spend your free time hating on minka kelly need to get a life. Chris very much likes his privacy so they probably didn’t go together to not draw attention and gossip to themselves. Or maybe she couldn’t make it or didn’t want to make it. Picking out the gown, hair, makeup, takes a lot of time and effort that’s not really worth it unless you are there representing a film, giving out an award, are nominated for anything, or are there to support somone who was nominated.

  • Erin

    @JEN: if you are Minka Kelly, whose career is dead in the water, it would be worth the time and effort . Free PR, gossip, photo op for all the entertainment magazines. A miss opportunity for a talentless actress who has to rely on looks or boyfriends to stay relevant.

  • Erin

    missed opportunity

  • mulan

    the pathetic losers u call jen might be the people with actual jobs and academic degress. guess someone in this industry doesnt know what actual hard working job is. and as erin said unless u r MK or someone representing her believe me “its worth it”.

  • mulan


    oh and also u proved EXACTLY what i was saying.. so thank u actually for your comment.

  • ummmm

    @JEN: So your theory on why Minka didn’t go to the Oscar with Chris is b/c she wasn’t nominated or a presenter and couldn’t be bothered with picking out a gown or preparing herself for the big night. Right! IT”S THE DAMN OSCARS!!!!!!! Chris may not like publicity but Minka sure as hell does, her relationship with him is the only thing she has right now to keep her relevant. So trust me if Chris gave her the opportunity to go with him, she would’ve took it with no hesitation. You’re a Minka fan and have a right to defend her, but that women loves a photo-op and the Oscars would’ve have been perfect exposure for her. You could deny Minka’s ways, get upset and claim we’re all jealous of her all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that she a famewh0re….always have and always will be, why b/c she isn’t talented enough to have a successful career on her own.

  • silly

    people talked to some stylist who said she was gonna dress Minka for the Vanity fair oscar after party but MK didn’t go……

  • K

    There was an interview floating around YouTube with Minka’s stylist, who said (the day before the Oscars) that she was going to dress Minka specifically for the Oscars. So, obviously Minka didn’t plan to miss out on such a huge industry night. I think Chris probably decided last minute to take his mom, which explains the article on the Daily Mail website the day after the Oscars talking about how Minka and Chris are so together: she needed to do some damage control after he decided to take his mom instead of her. She wanted to make sure the world knew that him not taking her to the Oscars didn’t mean they are broken up.

  • Redhead

    @JEN: Jealous of Minka? What exactly are we supposed to be jealous of? Her beauty? She’s okay when a makeup artist gets ahold of her, but she’s nothing to write home about. Her acting skills? Please! I’ve seen better acting from the animatronics at Disney World. People here aren’t speaking from jealousy. More like genuine disgust with the way she uses men to further her career.

  • Bubbles

    @K: yeah i saw that interview with her stylist Estee Stanley, she’s also one of Minka’s closes friends as well. Minka always thank her and post pictures of them together after getting ready for a big event. Kinda curious to know what really happened…..why didn’t she go to either the Oscars or the Vanity Fair after party b/c according to her stylist, it sounds like Minka had intentions of joining Chris on Oscar night. Thought it was so sweet and adorable that he took his mom, but it looks like Mrs. Lisa Evans wasn’t his first choice after all……or was she? Maybe he planned on taking his mom all along and Minka didn’t know, continued planning anyway and got denied at the last minute. *lol* It’s also possible they were planning on going together but had a disagreement or something and opted not to go as the happy loving couple we’ve been lead to believe they are. I don’t know….whatever the reason, glad Chris and his mom enjoyed themselves.

  • http://prisciabarbosa pri

    people is the fact that Chris married her in secret and that she is pregnant??

  • cankles

    haha pri you crack me up!!
    if you check her latest pr stunt on she’s doing an exercise that a pregnant woman would never do.

  • uh huh

    @cankles: that could also be a lil stunt to mislead those who think she’s pregnant. She gets pap doing something like that and everyone would say “oh guess she’s not preggers after all”…..Minka is a smart women, won’t surprise me at all. I for one do believe she’s pregnant, but i dunno about the secret marriage thing. Who knows could be possible and if it is, she did a better job locking Chris down than she did with Jeter. LOL…..What a fool Chris is, fell for her stupid game and now this chick got him right where she wants him (wrapped around her finger)

  • http://prisciabarbosa pri

    I saw this story was on 25/02 and it is really a personal pregnant would never do that

  • http://prisciabarbosa pri

    But with respect to this alleged secret marriage have you seen anything about it?

  • kani

    @pri: Someone just started that rumour at twitter for fun. I have messed with 1D fans on twitter. people do it all the time. Don’t believe it until i see ring on fingers.

  • http://prisciabarbosa pri

    It is true that the people have nothing to do.The worse and that is that like it or not she should be worshiping these rumors.
    It’s very typical of her.

  • minkadinka

    @cankles: Agreed! A pregnant woman would not work out like that. She IS working out and it’s not pretend. Is she blowing off steam after not being invited to the Oscars? She appears to be obssessive about her body. If I had her legs I wouldn’t even bother to work out. It’s so easy to start a rumor.. let see I heard she is fu..king her trainer. Now that is a rumor I would believe.

  • misty

    @minkadinka: think Minka is getting her body in top shape because she just started filming again, she’s co-staring in a biopic called Papa right now. Surprising……but it looks like she’s working again.

  • Redhead

    @misty: Oh, she’s working again. Thanks to Chris’ connections. (Papa costars one of Chris’ former costars, and so does the next movie she’s filming). Her Oscars plans might have been a bust, but she’s still hard at work milking Chris’s connections.

  • misty

    @Redhead: yep! it was rumored Chris and his people helped her land those roles. Sad that she’s unable to get these gigs on her own. Most C/D List actors, especially females bust their a$$ to get jobs, Minka has done it the easy way for most if not all of her career. It won’t gain her any kinda respect, but at least she doesn’t have to work hard thanks to her more famous boyfriends connections. Anyway lets see how well her acting has improved, heard she took a lot of acting lessons during her little hiatus, right after the heavy criticism she received for her awful Charlie’s Angel performance.

  • http://prisciabarbosa pri

    If this does not work out well, she gives up being an actress because I’ll tell you as an actress she is bad, if it works great if not she’ll have to marry someone well famosso to be someone’s wife since she can not go without appear.