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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder - Elton John Oscars Party 2013

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder - Elton John Oscars Party 2013

Nina Dobrev and her boyfriend Ian Somerhalder step out in style at the 2013 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party held at the Pacific Design Center on Sunday (February 24) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“Celebrating hollywoods biggest night while raising money for a good cause :)” the 24-year-old actress tweeted while enjoying the night at the fundraising affair.

“Thank you @audi for getting me around this crazy city in this crazy Oscar time.I truly appreciate your hybrid&diesel love-thank you” Ian, 34, wrote on his Twitter account that morning.

10+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at the Elton John viewing party

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  • Sarah.

    She looks amazing!! That dress looks amazing on her.

  • Samantha

    All this Ian guys does is smirk…. get a new look and new hair plugs

  • M

    even that mole on her back is beautiful

  • Warren

    Nina looks beautiful. Such a pretty face.


    nina is perfect

  • nice!!!

    @M: hahaha oh so true she is perfection

  • Jime

    Love the dress

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    awesome dress

  • Clare


    Spoken like a bitter PW fan. Nothing new. Same sh every time.

  • MsBis

    She gets it right, always!
    And that is Ian’s smolder … trademark pending ;)
    Love these two!

  • Kate


    Really?? He’s pretty accomplished for that being all he Don’t hate because he’s beautiful, talented, and a great person.

  • ohh

    Nina is such a talented and pretty actress. Ian is a very good looking guy although I have to agree with the hair plugs his hair is obviously receding on the side but still very hot guy!

  • marry

    they are not couple.

  • marry

    And, look at this smile, this same pose, they are not intimate. All they do, work for the fans, because fans expect something…anything.They know exactly the moment when it will take a few photos and agitate the fans.Images will circulate the internet and will be written about their big love. They need attention. They were the only guests last night, not actors who are good and something great done.How different then attract media attention?
    The truth about them is very different and uglier.Fairy tales exist only on the screen.Life is a little different.Fans are biased.They do not want to see the truth. The little things want proof that they are right.And these little things do not mean anything.Ian’s hand on the Ninas leg? O my god!!! Or,Nina in Ian’s lap!!!So what? I also take pictures with my friends. No sparkle in their eyes or closeness that is felt even when people do not show.

  • Mandy

    @marry: Right because, all friends make out, spend every Christmas with each other’s families and introduce the other to their little nieces and nephews as their boyfriend/girlfriend. Right, that’s not a couple at all.

    If you think they need attention, then apparently you don’t see the Kardashians or the Speidis of the world. They’re not asking for it. It just comes with the territory. In case you haven’t noticed, TVD isn’t exactly in much need for publicity and neither are Ian or Nina. They’re together, because they want to be. Not because they need to be. If you don’t see it, fine. But it’s their lives, not yours. If they’re in a relationship, they’re in a relationship. And it has already been made very clear they’re in a relationship, by both actors themselves as well as their family and people on set. It’s your own opinion if you don’t believe it but there’s no need to try and drag everyone else down with you.

  • marry

    Another blind fan.Ok, I respect everyone’s opinion.Only I know what I’m talking about, believe me.I have a friend with whom I spend every holiday and go out for decades.And we’re just good friends.And we are very close as friends for 36 years.
    You do not need popularity series.But, life goes on even after the vampire diaries.Now everyone is looking for their five minutes of fame, because tomorrow when the show is over … them and the audience will slowly forget. There will be more interesting. There will be new characters.It’s not bad to enjoy it, is a bad way that it does so.

  • Naya

    @marry: As I was a very huge TVD fan (2010 and 2011), there was a picture from them – celebreating christmas together. Later the picture was away, because the management from them wanted this. There always celebreating together with their familys. I believe their relationship is real, it’s obivous. And no, I’m not a blind fan.

  • TeylaW

    @marry: Yes, Ian and Nina are a romantic couple and have been for going on three years. Apparently everyone else knows this except for you.

  • bubbaness

    He wasn’t there on behalf of the green mobile power company that provided the power for the event or anything. Just another dumb, pretty boy actor looking for his 15 minutes and has no positive contributions to anything but himself, right?


  • Isabella

    Ian is super gorgeous! End of Story! Can you PW Fans just stfu for once?! So pathetic :(

    And about Nian! I have mixed feelings about them! Sometimes they really seem to be a couple but then there a times where I really doubt they are in a relationship! I mean all the pics we got (on Vacation, on flights, with their familys)…don’t really proof anything! Neither of them ever confirmed it!

    And why are they always walking the red carpet seperately? I noticed that a while ago…TVD trio used to pose for pics together! Does it mean they don’t get along anymore? Its just weird :(

  • guest

    Totally agree that there is something wrong with their “relationship”. I personally think that they may have been together, but something happened. She stayed away from Twitter for dayyyyys during her birthday and later came back and said her account froze from so many greetings. BS! If that were true, Ian’s would’ve froze on his birthday too AND her mom would’ve tweeted that instead of just thanking fans on her daughter’s behalf. I think they may have split up in Thailand or soon after. Why else did she ditch the People’s Choice that she PROMISED fans she would be attending?? I think they are trying to make things work, but both of them are realizing it’s not going to. As for TVD, it would have NEVER gotten picked up for a 5th season if it wasn’t for the NIAN publicity. The show itself has had the lowest ratings ever until DELENA. I also agree with Isabella. Why is it they NEVER walk any carpet together? What are they hiding? Nina already blabbed to several publications about them. Funny, too, that since that happened, neither has said another thing about it! Ian’s NEVER confirmed a relationship with her even when he’s asked directly about it. That’s not a man in love. Especially when they both have 4 days off for President’s Day, and he hauls butt to Mexico without her. Duhhhhhh…..

  • Isabella

    @guest: I agree! Ian is such a honest person! If they are truly in love why can’t they just admit it? Since everyone already “knows” it anyway…I really don’t get it!

    I love Ian and Nina but its like they’re playing a game and its really starting to annoy me!

  • Gem

    @guest you are so right lol things that happen between them the little bit of PDA we ever get is normally around or right before a big DE scene on the show…if that does not scream anything to anyone then I have no idea what would…People believe fairy tales are real life when it really is not like that at all….I loved how last night Nina tweeted that she had the most epic night ever and people thought they got engaged….i mean really….poping the question on oscar night…..HOW dumb people can be…I dont hate nor love Nian because I could care less if they are dating or not…the fans actually make me lean toward hate because it is so in your face and annoying….its the only thing people talk about..

  • sara

    I read your comments …I have to say that I know people who know Ian and Nina.Not everything is as it seems.People who know them wonder how were they connected as a couple.Ian is very open in their emotions and very straightforward.Its not a problem that kiss his fans, or someone dear to him in front of everyone.He is a man who makes no secret of his girlfriend when he is in love.He is 34 years old and knows what he wants and what is not. Also, his type of woman is absolutely not someone like Nina.Nina is a fun thing and publicity.He is a very shrewd and practical when his work and promote themselves in the matter.There is no emotion, it’s a job.And Nina, she was completely unknown as an actress until TVD.She had no fans, no one paid any attention to it ..Ian, a very popular with women, it was a good chance that someone notices her.She plays sweet and good girl. It was vain, conceited, she drinks, smokes and is jealous when someone else has more than her stump.Many times the problem is Ian made ​​for it.Definitely, people want to see what is not there.The media contribute to it.They are aware of it.They play with fans who see The Perfect pair of stupid stuff, stupid messages on Twitter which, incidentally, is less and less.They just have to follow their writing on Twitter, and you’ll see that they lead completely separate lives, they are at odds.If something happened, it had previously done.In addition, the whispers about how Ian has someone and that person is well hidden from the public.This person is involved in his work on the foundation, often traveling together …
    I have nothing against these people.Everyone lives as suits him.Irritate me only those who blindly believe everything they see and read and defend their views without using brain

  • jess

    couple sweet, I know that they are together and are really happy!

  • Marsha

    They are so together! I hate trolls!!

  • fifty

    I do not like naive defending its position regardless of the facts.Nina wiped his last message on Twitter, right?Why do you think?

  • TeylaW

    @guest: The Vampire Diaries beat ABC and NBC in the demographics of 18-49 year olds. The ratings are just fine and TVD has the highest downloads of any other show.

    As for Ian and Nina spending the long holiday weekend apart, there was a good reason for that and it had to do with a nice gesture on Nina’s part. Butch Hogan was in Atlanta doing a magazine cover shoot with Ian. It was for Origins Magazine. As it turned out, Butch ended up going with Ian to Mexico, as Ian’s father stated “They are long time friends and brothers”. Nina ended up going to spend the weekend with her family in Toronto. It is called “trust” within a very strong and solid relationship. Ian and Nina are pretty much together 24/7 so being away from each other for a weekend isn’t a big deal. Ian’s family has confirmed the relationship between Ian and Nina as being the real deal, as well as Nina herself.

    As for Sara’s remark about the person with ISF that travels with Ian, she was recently married and Ian actually officiated her wedding. That is Ian’s personal assistant and ISF secretary. Occasionally, the ISF Executive Director travels with Ian too, but she also has a family of her own.

  • GAgirl

    Blind and obsessed defenders will find helluva lot reasons to convince themselves that Nian are togther, even if their theories and excuses contradicts themselevs. But if it makes their life better let it be. A lot of ppl know that Nian never ever were together. They were friends at season 1 but in season 2 even that was over. Ian acts civil near Nina if that is love then let it be.
    They even stopped posing together in 2013, whispers from CW has it that PA’s started break up scenario. Finally!
    Ian has someone, Nina is having flings from time to time here in ATL. Ppl see a blond girl staying at Ians a lot. So poor fans soon you gonna cry a river

  • sara

    Underwrite all that is written.Not interested in their lives, but my nerves blind fans.Did you mean: Толико страсти да се докаже да съ заједно!
    So much passion to prove that they are together!Funny!If someone decent and gentleman, that does not mean he’s in love.
    And yes, he does have some.Maybe the fans do not like it, but it’s true.
    And when we talk about vacations, is not normal for two people who love to be together?Why not Ian traveled to Toronto with her, but in Mexico with a friend.It has nothing to do with confidence, but with desire.Last nonsense about the engagement I think it will be a drop in the overflowing cup!Fans were made​​, fans will destroy them.That is, destroy the public lie about their relationship

  • ATL

    They even stopped posing together in 2013? haha if you say so..

  • GAgirl

    hen candice and micheal went on vac together no one thought that he left his gf for candice. When Ian protecded his ex gf till the beginning of 2011 and fide her from fans after they attacked her, but traveled with Nina for WORK related events fans though that he left his ex and dating Nina.
    When Ian kisses kat,candice or hug Claire and Persia sitting on his lap in a bar in Atl fans thinks that it is friendship, when Nina sits near him in limo it is love
    that is smth what bugs me. they asked Ian in Brazil does he dates Nina Dobrev?he said NO he dates Tvd. But hey who cares what Ian says, fans know better
    he is travelling with his gal a lot,but fans see only Nina beside him so he can openly dated whoever he wants fans will still think he is with nina

  • sara

    Ian never confirm their relationship! Never!But, fans confirm!If you love someone, why is that a problem?Why is it a problem to appear together on the red carpet?Why, when everything is so perfect and amazing?

  • TeylaW

    @GAgirl: And yet Ian took Nina to the “Optismist” restaurant in Atlanta this year for Valentine’s Day and they were canoodling throughout their romantic dinner.

    Nina, Ian and Butch all left Atlanta on Saturday and came back on Monday. On Friday night Ian & Nina, Ian’s ISF secretary and her husband, Butch Hogan and Nina’s former personal assistant all went out to dinner together. Butch was already in Atlanta doing Ian’s photo shoot for Origins magazine and it was a very nice gesture on Nina’s part to suggest Butch go with Ian for a couple of days to Mexico, which gave her the opportunity to spend time with her mother and brother in Toronto. After all it was “Family Day” in Toronto. The tickets to Mexico were already purchased, although Ian and Butch did have a bit of a problem with the Delta ticket agent. I don’t see why anyone would think Ian and Nina going in separate directions over a holiday weekend is odd, especially under the circumstances that came about. It was only for 2 days and they are pretty much together 24/7.

    Also, Ian and Nina never have walked the Red Carpet together and until they are married, they never will.

  • Gem

    @TeylaW: It is people like you who are so completely blind to anything….If they are together it prob will not last after the show is over…Nina is so young…this show is her stepping stone to her career and a life long one….it would be so stupid for her to get married after the show is over….Nina herself even has said she does not want to get married for years down the line….which i doubt they will….you are one of the overly obsessive Nian people that look at their “relationship” as some fantasy fairy tale story when some day you will be sadly mistaken a long with anyone one else who has no life but to be obsessed over another person’s relationship

  • TeylaW

    @Gem: I’m giving facts to counter the ridiculous lies that are being spread by the trolls and I’m the one being obsessive or blinded. Now that is rich. Whether Ian and Nina decide to get married eventually, that is totally up to them, but I certainly do not have any expectations of a fantasy fairy tale.

  • GAgirl

    Facts?U prefer to tust a random tweet who even misspelled Ians name in it about VDay dinner but ignore Ian’s words that he was working till early hours that day.And how do you know that Nina suggested him to go to Mexico?are u a fly on her wall or what?B/c srsly she was expecting him to go to promote a restaraunt in TO,her buddy there even tweeted about their supposed dinner the day before he went to Mexico.
    Ian and Nina get married?They need at least to start dating before getting married. Last time we saw them together outside the set was few years ago, those two are on odds and civil to each other only by PA’s and CW demand!

  • sara

    Are you kidding?You’ve been there and seen it all in person?If you’re in it for sure, why not write an article about it published the photos and showed us all the truth?You sat in the optimist and saw them together at the dinner?You were at the airport when Ian flew to Mexico?Or did you just read the various post to Twitter and developed story!?
    Twitter is a social network.There’s everything to people write things just to get attention.Or are followed.Some profiles are fake, some are not.If you follow Ian’s twitter, you can see that he sometimes writes a lie.For example., Wrote that on the set, and drove the bike around Santa Monica.
    It’s stupid to be so passionate.As for the red carpet, do not appear on it together just married couples.On the red carpet taking some self important person, not just a husband or wife.It is the rule in Hollywood.By the way, Ian’s ok people, but nothing is as great as it looks.

  • TeylaW

    @sara: I live in midtown Atlanta and share a 2 story warehouse loft with my two sisters in what is considered the Old Fourth Ward historic district and YES, I was at the Optimist Restaurant on Valentine’s Day with my own special Guy and Yes, I did see Ian and Nina canoodling during their romantic dinner. I was not at the airport when Ian flew to Mexico with Butch, but my cousin was. I do not get my information from twitter posts. I do find it offensive when lies are being spread about two very nice genuine people.

  • GAgirl

    so it was ur hubby who misspelled Ian’s name when he was so mature to tweet about Nian during ur romantic dinner?lol it seems u are always everywhere were Nian is, sad thing to many other ppl who actually live in Atl near Five Points see Ian and Nina separatly at the same time when u see them somewhere else cuddly with each other. LOL

  • ATL

    another fan in love with Ian and jealous of Nina.. poor! ahaha

  • TeylaW

    @GAgirl: Hubby? I’m not married, but I do have a special guy and he has no interest in TV or Hollywood Celebrities, nor does he have a twitter account.. He owns his own business and is a computer software engineer. I work in Marketing and Communication. I’m not sure how you got “hubby” out of I share a 2 story renovated warehouse loft in midtown Atlanta with my two sisters. I’m the oldest of the three (26, 24, 22). Our parents died 5 years ago. My middle sister works in property management for a company that owns several apartment communities in the area, one of which has leased apartments to some of the TVD cast. Her boyfriend works for a local company that is subcontracted and he is frequently working in the field and handling issues at the studio sound stages in Decatur, GA. My youngest sister 23 is a waitress at a nearby midtown restaurant and she is taking classes at a local college. Her boyfriend is a bartender at one of the midtown Atlanta hot spots. Both see and talk to the TVD cast frequently. I have no idea what other people in the area see regarding Ian and Nina. I can only go by what I know and see. For some reason on this website Ian and Nina tend to get a lot of hate by people who don’t even know them, or interact with them. I do know they are very nice and they are definitely a couple.

  • TeylaW

    I love Nina’s dress and thought she looked beautiful. Ian looked handsome in his Armani Tux. More Hollywood celebrities should get a clue about how to dress… Nina gets it right every time.

  • LOL

    @TeylaW: You find it necessary to tell your life story, to just prove your facts. Seems more shady then legit. Only someone that wants to get their delusional fantasy across and make it sound some what believable would do what you just did. I have nothing against Ian, I think Nina seems really fake, as much as I try to like her, she just seems snobby. I will never be jealous of that girl, because I do not care for her. It’s funny, you make it sound like you know them, when you obviously do not and what you hear seems to be a lot of hearsay. What makes your stories believable? A delusional NIAN fan tring to get her point across by making up stories. Not surprised, it happens quite frequently it seems.

  • TeylaW

    @LOL: Obviously, there is just no talking to some people. Believe me or not, it is up to you. I’m not making anything up and it is all true. It looks like no matter what … .haters will hate for no good reason other than for their own miserable existence so by all means wallow in it.

  • GAgirl

    PPL who works with ppl from holewood,have a confidentiality contracts to not spill the beans, so i don’t buy ur family tree story

  • sara

    You called me a liar?Why?Because your story does not make sense?OMG!Do you realize how much you’re in trouble?You’re so obsessed, that there was no way to defend your opinion. What has your family with this story?And my friend is a friend of Ian’s, so what?Is that a reason to insult those who think differently?
    Yes, I think different from you, and what now?I’m not obsessed with Ian and Nina and their relationship.That’s why I can see.You can not because you’re blind fan.

  • love

    You understand that you testify against yourself?

  • sara

    Yes, especially when it comes to obsessed fans.With them is not worth discussing.

  • TeylaW

    @sara: What is amazing to me is that it is okay for the haters to spew the lies and some people look at that as the truth, but yet close their minds to what is real and what is the truth. Nothing that I said as anything to do with confidentiality agreements because nothing was mentioned regarding working on the show itself, but yet I am the one accused of lying. I was establishing a baseline on how I knew what was the truth. It is about daily life and living and working in midtown Atlanta. I was at the Optimist restaurant with my Boyfriend on Valentine’s day and saw Ian and Nina there. I’m not sure why that is so hard to believe. Being obsessed is typing in the names of Ian and Nina and searching for stories about them in order to put up unflattering comments, rumors and lies about them. I’m not an obsessed fan of Ian and NIna, but I am a supportive fan. I am also a fan of the entire cast, as well as a fan of the show. At some point one has to ask the question “Why even bother?”