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Seth MacFarlane: 'We Saw Your Boobs' at Oscars 2013 (Video)

Seth MacFarlane: 'We Saw Your Boobs' at Oscars 2013 (Video)

Seth MacFarlane makes an appearance on stage for his opening monologue at the 2013 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 24) in Hollywood.

The 39-year-old Family Guy creator is the evening’s host and his opening was interrupter by William Shatner as James T. Kirk, who told him his performance was going to be panned the next day.

William showed Seth a video of a song he performed during the show called “We Saw Your Boobs” and told him it would ruin his reviews. Check out the performance below!

Seth MacFarlane – We Saw Your Boobs

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seth macfarlane we saw your boobs at oscars 2013 video 01
seth macfarlane we saw your boobs at oscars 2013 video 02
seth macfarlane we saw your boobs at oscars 2013 video 03
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seth macfarlane we saw your boobs at oscars 2013 video 05
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  • sky

    sorry to say but i’ve found nothing he said funny…amy and tina should have hosted.

  • Candace

    He was beyond boring! What a douche bag!

  • Josie

    My hero!

  • bebeca

    soo o funny

  • hello777

    i hate what the oscars have become. extremely unfunny and uncomfortable once again.

  • Rupert Sanders

    classless, disrespectful to women

  • ha ha

    really funny!! Love it!!

  • sweety

    @Josie: mine too!

  • Awe

    He’s right! we saw their boobs! LOL

  • toriiw

    sucked so bad my pets misbehaved

  • Pt

    Love it! he’s funny! lol

  • sc3441

    I thought it was funny! Too bad they;re already blocking youtube videos on this…..on copyright claim. Television is completely lame nowadays, thank god for DVR’s…..

  • Dee

    He’s incredibly dull.

  • offtheproperty

    He loads his jokes with references to “The Christian Right.”
    How courageous!
    How original!
    How failed.
    (Ricky Gervais was a great example of what this dweeb tried to be.)

  • offtheproperty

    The Boob Choir was sooo lame and sooo crude — all at the same time.

  • Comeonpeople

    - Seth was amazing. All the number sounded amazing. We saw your boobs was funny! The reaction of the people shown were prefilmed and planned. Plus, the statement, we saw your boobs was true. He was using observational humor. It wasn’t Sexist. If he said, “women can only get a job if they show their boobs” THAT IS sexist. but if he says. We saw your boob in this film. That isn’t. Its just a statement.
    - The sock puppet joke. SOOO funny. I laughed so hard when they showed the socks spinning in the laundry.
    - And watching the other acting using there talent was enjoyable. Including Seth voice which was surprisingly wonderful.

    In general, great host. The bit was good, new and fresh. Look at your hosts of yester year: Anna and James, they flopped…. Well Anna was ok but James dropped the ball. Billy Crystal, same type of show, same clip real. Hugh Jackman, I’m sorry, I Hated his opening number. Ellen, good but not special, and Alec and Steve martin.. It was ok but not memorable.

    Seth was Great. If you say its sexist. That is a false statement and you shouldn’t think that any joke that involves women is always a sexist remark. Tina and Amy should have done it? Get off your horse, they will at some point but this year, Seth was great.,

  • Ed Firmage


    Loved your gig. There are a lot of boob haters out there. I’m not one of them. Sing on!

  • Louche

    I thought his entire night was classless and misogynistic. Boobs was just one of his missteps. Telling the ladies they looked pretty and that their weight loss from a flu was working? Using a gay joke that was so 1980s politically incorrect. Joking about blacks as slaves. He thinks he’s way funnier than he is. There was nothing classy about this act.

  • Chris

    Seth was great! Intro was the best in years.

  • Eli Sh.

    He’s stupid American jokes, and an idiot song about boobs didn’t get to much respect to the Oscar event.

  • kathat77

    Totally funny and NOT disrespectful to women at all. They did show their boobs to millions of people after all. If they didn’t want people bringing it up they shouldn’t have done it. And come on what else did you expect from the creator of Family Guy and Ted. Really?

  • ha!

    @Comeonpeople: I loved I saw your boobs! Who told them to keep showing their boobs?? I loved him!

  • crittermom


    I agree – not funny and most of them were tastless and crude

  • SirisDaddy

    Keep Calm and Get Off Your High Horse, people!! Must every joke have a sinister undertone? Everybody is now busy looking for how the rest of the world is OFFENDING them? I love Seth’s performance because it’s not only fresh but also memorable. Totally awesome. And I say well done to the Academy for staging a show that people can’t stop talking about. Crazy! But wait, whatever happened to America’s sense of humour.

  • Meia

    Seriously hilarious!!! I loved it!!

  • TarinMaria

    I’m just saying, anyone who says that this is offensive to women probably needs to take a look at certain areas in the world, because I’m sure there are many other places that are far more disrespectful. Those women must be aware that many people saw their boobs in these films, so why should it bother them? The reactions were filmed before hand, therefore the actresses knew that they would be involved. Get over it.
    If you get your tits out in a film, or let any pictures or videos of yourself go online, they are available to anyone in the world, this is no exception to the rule.

  • cdusty

    At least this blog post came out of this dumb song:

  • Awesome

    Seth MacFarlane did a great job. In the song “we saw your boobs” he just said the truth. if people became angry with that, then you mustn’t see those movies. he did a better job in hosting than most of those who were considered “more suited for the job”.

    P.S: Sorry for bad english, its not my primary language

  • K

    McFarlane is OBSESSED with singing at every chance he gets, but he sounds like Brian Griffin regardless.

  • Reif

    I thought his hosting was good! Well done Seth!!!!

  • jenny

    This was hilarious!…Loved it!

  • womenwithoutmakeupsuck

    @Louche: You should replace the “L” with a “D” in your name!

  • Dell

    I thought the song was more a statement against society, a society in which men really do respond to nudity in film in this way. I recall that actresses get paid more money for showing their breasts. Why? Because their breasts are worth money to the film industry. If one wants to condemn the objectification of women, don’t pay to see any movies with bare breasts in them.

  • TooSensitive

    @Meia: When did the world become so sensitive??? Seth is a comedian and known for his vulgarity, so his jokes should not have come as a surprise. I’m not a fan of Seth’s, but I didn’t find his jokes offensive or distasteful. With the boobs song, those actresses DID show us their boobs, and have to live with that choice. If they didn’t want people to bring it up later, they shouldn’t have done the nude scenes. I think showing your boobs is more offensive to women then someone pointing out the act in a song. As for the racial jokes, if it were a non-Caucasian host making them or any other racial jokes, I guarantee there would not be all these so-called offended comments made. Lighten up people. Words are just words. Don’t you remember that old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”? We’re turning into an overly sensitive, weak, cry-baby society. There are much worse things out there to worry and complain about.

  • Jorge

    Seth MacFarlaine is a genius.

  • matt71

    Not a big deal, if your ashamed of showing your boobs then DONT.

  • Max

    @crittermom: well, i guess the taste in humor might be quite subjective, so there’s actually no reason to say tasteless, just because he hasn’t got your kind of humor.

    i thought he was funny, nothing lame like the last oscar hosts, i prefer this dark humor the most. and i considered his qualities as a host as pretty good.