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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano - Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2013

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano - Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2013

Henry Cavill suits up on the red carpet at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 24) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actor was joined at the party by his girlfriend Gina Carano.

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Earlier in the weekend, Henry and Gina attended both the Great British Film Reception and the Tom Ford Cocktail Party together!

FYI: Gina is wearing a Narciso Rodriguez dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. Henry is wearing a Nigel Curtiss suit.

10+ pictures inside of Henry Cavill and Gina Carano at the party…

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Photos: WENN, Patrick McMullan
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  • Liz

    He looks hot!!! She has static on her dress.

  • KimC

    henry is always gorgeous!! i love gina’s hair here, she looks lovely!

  • ventouse

    For once that a man is not standing next to a skinny brainless brat. Loving Gina’s dress =).

  • Lauren

    Henry looks handsome, as usual. But why is Gina so dressed down? This is an Oscars event, not an office party.

  • ugh

    Love him……soooo jealous of her. Lucky B*tch. pfff

  • CavillMe..

    she looks so demure! i love the fact she has curves & they seem happy enough :) my new fave couple (even though i’m slightly jealous)

  • elle

    I’m so sick of these two together already. Also, this woman continues to be one of the worst dressers in the history of Hollywood. Enough with the tacky short dresses.

    Also, what’s with this awful assumption that women who are naturally thin are somehow “stuipd?” Uh yeah, that’s sexism and body shaming people.

    Gina is a known pothead and frankly doesn’t come across any smarter than any other woman to me. Her fans are mean and nasty putting down women who are naturally thin or shorter than her? How..empowering.

  • Ambar

    Because still insist ad nauseum with this guy and his transvestite

  • giovanna

    These two causes disgust, nausea, and even embarrassment

  • Texas

    She is a hot Italian babe her dad was in the NFL.

  • niras

    that dress. I don’t get it. so skinnies are brainless! is just she has no good taste in dressing and he does point!!

  • OK seriously….

    …this is so weird! Henry brings this manly looking woman EVERYWHERE he goes but he never brought Ellen, who he was ENGAGED to, anywhere! Fishy to say the least.
    Also, mr Cavill has a s/h/itty taste in women. And Gina’s man hands are scary.

  • roonie

    As someone that has been in the HC fandom for a good few years – we never used to see Henry from one month to the next or the next or the next, he would disappear off the radar for half a year at a time and as a fan of his that was sad because I used to love seeing his pictures or reading his interviews but they were very scarce, then BAM he dates Gino and now he is everywhere but he has her in tow. Im not against him having a gf because thats life but I am against him coming out of the woodwork sooo much at the exact same time she is in his life. Like has been said, he never took his previous “fiancee” anywhere like this, this is overload and what adds insult to injury is the fact that Gino cant even be bothered to make an effort to look classy. Who wears a leather jacket to a pre Baftas party? or a leather dress to Baftas itself? I dont care what size she is because its irrelevant – anyone, any shape can look nice but its like she chooses the most God awful dresses she can find then opts for a dress size or two smaller. We also have seen more paparazzi pictures of him in the short space of time he has been with her than he has ever had in the past. Its sad but this is killing his fandom because its overkill.

  • KimC

    omg i know ppl are entitled to their opinion but the last few who commented on here…trolls! skinny people aren’t brainless at all….it’s just nice to see a man dating a woman with real curves…not a stick insect! calling her a transvestite is just nasty! she’s really pretty…it just so happens she is dating the hottest guy around! i love the fact that if you ppl actually had the balls to say these things to gina’s face she would kick your ass!

  • Stephanie

    Cute Couple! STOP YOUR BOYFRIEND FROM LEAVING YOU with Romance Toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • expert

    Her and Henry are FAKE! Believe it!

  • Katie

    I am getting tired of seeing these two together everywhere. Overload and overdone. Not a fan of these two but this is overkill. I don’t even see Channing Tatum and his wife this much and that’s with his wife. But this guy is bringing his girlfriend everywhere. Do they ever appear or go anywhere separately? My God, give us a break!

  • L

    @KimC, Do you not realize that when you call petite women “insects” you are, in fact, contributing to the body shaming and misogyny that women face in media? You can celebrate what you like about Gina without doing that.

    Also, the term “real curves” is also a bit offensive. All women are REAL. This is actually a problem right now that alot of women make when defending bigger women. All women are real. No matter their size or shape. Flat chested women are “real” women. Small and big women are “real” women. Fat women are “real women.”

    I really don’t care who Henry dates. That said, I’m getting a bit tired of seeing these two together every time he steps outside. While I wish her nothing but good things in her life, I’m just not a fan.

  • uh oh

    Man she looks pregnant… He’s a fine lookin man with a career that’s about to take of so I hope she didn’t pull the good old “oopsie contraception magically failed” stunt.

    I don’t like these two together. I don’t wish her any ill will, but I cant shake the feeling that she isn’t the one for him, but he seems in such a rush to settle down. I hope instead he focuses on his career for the next year and blows every one away.

  • Amanda Vadstena

    Henry looks great! But Gina’s dress is awful! This woman doesn’t have a clue! She looks ridiculous in every event. Trash!

  • p a m

    i would rather see THEM both rather than Kanye&Kim or Boxer Chris Brown&punchingbag Rihanna!!!

  • p a m

    or Kristen Stewart!!! yikes!

  • dweeb


    i know she’s got a nice full face and body. good for this studdy muffy

  • dweeb

    okay, i’ve seen more of her, she’s not so pretty. i hate her. what is it with hot, manly men with unattractive women? and what about me then???

  • Nicole

    Is this a koke? there are so many beautiful women with class, style, elegance and poise messes with this butch? that crap to behold

  • Jeannie

    He’s so freaking handsome! That color is great for her, but I don’t like the style of the dress. They both look really happy, so I’m happy for them.

  • Wow.

    Looks like Gina has been sparring from the bruises on her shins. I hate the outfit but I still adore Gina. My girl needs a bra and a good stylist.

  • Danny

    I’ve seen better transvestites than her. Sorry but am embarrassed for this dude. Something wrong with her kimono style dress. And is she knocked up?

  • g

    What happened to this man? fat drips off this monster

  • Camden

    I love these two!
    I really don’t understand the hater comments. The way I see it they stem from two camps. Either your a fan of Henry and jealous of Gina, when frankly you should simply be happy for the guy.

    Or you don’t even care that much about him, but feel the compulsion to spew your hatred around the web. Which frankly means you have way too much time on your hands.

  • Mary

    1.- For those who say she has curves ¿? I see someone not skinny-slim but who doesn’t have curves! I’m not saying she is fat because she is not but c’mon she doesn’t have curves. A latina has curves, even if she is bigger.

    2.- What I don’t really like about her is that she is not an elegant woman, and he OBVIOUSLY is a gentleman.

    3.- This new couple is like JLo & Ben Affleck, both cute both DON’T MATCH. I hope both open their eyessss

    4.- I saw tons of pics of her and she is not the kind of person she is trying to ‘sell’ us

    God bless them both BUT c’mon! LOL

  • OhLord


    Brainless twat? Perhaps you missed the red carpet last month when she told an interviewer that she had no idea what “periwinkle” is (her dress was frigging periwinkle) and everyone was questioning if she was drunk because she was talking like a blithering idiot. She’s been the joke of the red carpet for the last 2 months.

  • OhLord


    How on earth do they look happy? They looked happy in early January. Now they look posed and unnatural.

  • Alisha

    Why does Henry always look like he just ate something bad or is constipated? I don’t get why some women find him attractive. He looks so stuffy and arrognat. At least Gina looks pleasant and smiles as if she’s enjoying herself. He just looks like an arrogant bore.

  • Ale


    And since when fat is synonym of intelligence??? lol Give me a break, this girl has spent her life in gyms not in libraries!! She’s horrible looking as always, clearly has no taste in dressing.
    Henry looks gorgeous as always, but he should do also alone photos in the red carpets, like other actors,actresses who are even married do!!

  • Ana

    @elle: Couldn’t agree more. She is classless, tasteless. what the hell is he doing with her

  • Ana

    @roonie: totally agree with you. It makes no sense why all of a sudden!! Constantly. He is not helping himself with this thing in his life. its too suss

  • Ana

    @uh oh: Well said

  • KimC

    @L… you miss the point entirely. i’ve nothing against naturally slim women. i don;t think body shape indicates iq. just nice to see a lady who enjoys her meals donning the red carpet! so she has a bit of a tummy….i love it! she looks great, he totally loves her. good on them both i say!

  • Ana

    @OhLord: really OMG LOL

  • cella

    what the is she wearing?

  • Paul Marsh

    @Lauren:Because it was the Oscar’s after party not the Oscar’s itself,that`s why he`s not wearing a tux….Darling!!

  • Liz

    It is not normal that so many people say they look odd together. You can understand comments at the begining (jealous fans) It’s obvious that he doesn’t see what we observe. Hopefully he will sooner that later.

  • Kay
  • g

    Kay your comment si so funny! I can not stop laughing

  • Hiba

    Where Cavill, pathetic showing you with this whale

  • Hiba

    Were Cavill, pathetic showing you with whale

  • Druzy

    Henry had his first real public appearance with Gina at the Critics Choice Awards,she was nominated,he was presenting.,,guess they both had to be there then. His second appearance with her was at the BAFTA’s in London,again he was presenting that evening.(I suppose he could have left Gina in LA,but why should he,she’s his girlfriend) Man of Steel is going to be opening soon,June to be exact. It’s now promotion time folks. When you are an up and coming actor,you want exposure,and I’m assuming so does the studio that’s backing the film.(I’m assuming) So I don’t think it is too far reaching to think they would be seen more often now. They didn’t go to the Oscars,but they did attend Oscar parties,just like about every other actor in Hollywood does. (Prior to all this,he was with her at the Queens 60th Jubilee,after they first met,back in Aug.2012.) This is awards season. So what’s the problem?

  • Druzy

    @p a m: I tend to agree with you on that one!

  • linda

    She is unbelivably clueless about styles and fashion, everything on her is WRONG! from hair colour to the shoes. Total fiasko!
    He is wooden as a log in his posing, does not even smile .
    What a couple.