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James Franco Goes Blonde at Daytona 500 Fire Up!

James Franco Goes Blonde at Daytona 500 Fire Up!

James Franco shows off his new blonde hair while attending the NASCAR Spring Cup Series Daytona 500 at the Daytona International Speedway on Sunday (February 24) in Daytona Beach, Fla.

The 34-year-old Oz the Great and Powerful actor was on hand to announce the “Gentlemen, start your engines” message, but he put his own twist to it.

“Drivers… and Danica!!!… start your engines,” James said, referring to female race car driver Danica Patrick who participated in the race.

Watch James deliver the announcement below!

James Franco Speaks at the Daytona 500

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  • Sarah.

    Damn, he looks hot!! The hair, sunglasses, leather jacket and the white tshirt.. perfect.

  • Cocksickle

    Another desperate bid for attention. He seriously needs professional help. His constant need for attention is almost pathological at this point.

  • Prezes

    If he wanted to acknowledge and pay his respect to the female driver, he could’ve just said “Ladies and gentlemen” or even “Gentlemen and Danica”. “Drives and Danica” is kinda unfortunate, as if he was stating that she’s not a driver and was there by mistake.

  • Toni

    Franco= awesomeness.

  • fresh_OD

    think this is a cry for help …. james what you doing ???

  • Atasi

    Franco is just ahhhmazing oh yeah Daytona 500 baby!! But wooh he’s just so much a beautiful man in brunette I still don’t get it lol my roses just died!!

  • sally

    His choice of words gave the wrong impression. It made it sound like Danica wasn’t a real driver which some people think anyway. But I don’t think he meant it that way. Only problem is he’s been promoting the h ell out of Oz and this was a big Oz promotion. When he started getting flack for his intro, he took to Instagram and told everyone to “suck his”. Not great for someone promoting a Disney film. He seems not to care anymore about Hollywood which is fine but he openly says he uses them to do what he wants which is to be an artist/small film maker/etc. All that is well and good except it shows in his work lately. Oz looks terrible. He looks like he couldn’t get beyond the green screen. Springbreakers is worse. Be what you want to be but don’t walk your way through stuff just for the money.

  • Goose

    i love this guy he went to a drag race on Oscar Sunday, wow that is awesome !

  • Lookin Hot

    @sally: It’s all open to interpretation, I got exactly what he meant without it being offence to Danica. He also made it perfectly clear at the Press Conference that he admired her and called her ‘important’.

    Regarding, his comments on Instagram, I don’t blame him and proves his human (l like my stars honest). What on earth were people going on about, it’s just a few words that again, open to interpretation but I’m sure Danica wasn’t even offended by.

    The overboard of some fans, plus the media stirring things up was a disgrace. Sorry, but in the grand scale of things, it wasn’t that important as in life threatening.

    Oz looks fantastic and and feedback states he did great plus in certain corners Spring Breakers will become a cult classic and his role as Alien is Oscar worthy.

    Whatever, he does to earn money is his business but I don’t think he walks through stuff but a very hard worker. You might not appreciate it but some do. People love to hate on him, meaning Franco carry on you’re doing something right.

  • 2cents

    @sally: I agree with you. He does porn then he does Disney then he tells people to Suck His C ock . He’s messed up. I use to like him but he’s become a pretender.

    @Lookin Hot: Just because he does a lot of things at once, doesn’t mean he’s a hard worker or good at any of those things. Putting a jacket on a picture and calling it art doesn’t mean it is. Writing cra p doesn’t make you a writer. Buying your way into schools doesn’t make you smart. And your wrong when you say whatever he does to earn money is his business. When a major company is paying big bucks to get people including kids interested in their film, then it’s THERE business and you don’t respond to criticism with Suck My C ock. It’s disrespectful to EVERYONE.

    I know what he meant too but it wasn’t the James Franco show. It was the Indy 500. Whether or not YOU think it wasn’t that important doesn’t matter. It’s a tradition and he screwed it up. It offended some people whether he meant it or not. It’s not a “disgrace” that the media and fans of Nascar picked on him. He was disgraceful in his response. He could have been gracious and classy and explained his error but instead, he was rude and vulgar which has become his chosen M O.

    Oz looks fantastic TO YOU but your feedback and mine differ: I hear that it looks like c rap and I agree. And seriously, Spring Breakers a cult classic? Somebody other than 15 year old Bieber fans would have to actually see it first. And Oscar worthy? He’s attempt at a southern accent is laughable as is your attempt at Danica mind reading.

    He needs to take a long walk on a short pier.

  • cc

    I’m gonna have to agree with #7 and #10. I use to find him attractive but now he’s just creepy. I’m gonna pass on Oz too. Even my 9 year old thought it looked cheesy.

  • Lookin Hot


    Franco is not messed up, he has different tastes and interests. A company like Disney, doesn’t seem to mind. Franco has been working in the business for many years, it’s not like Disney only found out about his background yesterday, so whether he wants to carter for the porn industry or Disney it’s totally different audiences, unless you like both.

    Basically, you have a choice.

    Whatever areas Franco covers whether movies, art, writing etc. Some will like and some will not but the most important thing is, he’s doing what makes him happy (TRY IT, INSTEAD OF HATIN) and TRYING his best. If he fails (or anyone fails), so WHAT just get back up and move on.

    Regarding, buying his way to schools, unless you have legal proof you are talking crap and sound extremely jealous.

    I’m pretty confident that no one thought it was the James Franco show, it clearly stated Daytona 500 and that’s what people were attending or watching, plus the fact Danica Patrick’s had history-making pole position added to the bonus.

    Again, his words were not offensive.

    “Drivers… and Danica!!!… start your engines,” let’s have an idiot breakdown. Drivers + Start+Engines should be enough CLUE that EVERYONE involved is racing. Repeat Engines…..meaning EVERYONE not someone left out.

    So even though, Franco added AND plus named checked her because this was history-marking; it AGAIN isn’t an OFFENCE. It’s all to do with EDUCATION.

    Oz and Spring Breakers, we just have to agree to disgree. No one is making you read his articles or watch his movies but others who like him will.

    ‘He needs to take a long walk on a short pier’, as LONG as you promise to GO first.

  • Lookin Hot

    @Lookin Hot: With all the silliness, I’ve spotted a mistake, SHOULD read history-making NOT history-marking obviously.

    To add:

    It’s strange, Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars was sexist, racist and targeted domestic violence but some see it as he was just joking only, yet Franco’s words at Daytona 500, everyone acts like, it’s the end of the world. What a world we live in.