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Jennifer Lawrence to Jack Nicholson: 'You're Being Really Rude'!

Jennifer Lawrence to Jack Nicholson: 'You're Being Really Rude'!

Jennifer Lawrence meets Jack Nicholson while being interviewed for Good Morning America backstage at the 2013 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 24) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actress seemed starstruck when the legendary actor interrupted her interview and she jokingly said to him, “you’re being really rude”! LOL!

When Jack told Jennifer that he loved her in Silver Linings Playbook, she said she loves all his movies as well.

Jennifer freaked out to herself when she thought Jack left her side, but he was still behind her!

Jennifer Lawrence to Jack Nicholson: ‘You’re Being Really Rude’!
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  • Cocksickle

    Man, she is annoying.

  • Moreen

    hahahaha she is adorable and absolutely hilarious!

  • Toni

    Omg that was amazing! I would’ve reacted in the same way.

    So sweet of Jack!!

  • Lou

    She’s cute!

  • Christine

    Truly funny, lol. Love her.

  • Roxy

    Ann Hathaway is more annoying and has a Benjamin Button face

  • LOL

    @Cocksickle: everybody love her she is the most sweet girl and so funny yeah sure she will be annoying for you, get a life hater

  • Jane

    lol. What a troll fail.

  • Lee

    Jennifer is so charming, that you can’t teach in acting school… Anne Hawthway looks crazy with her constant holding of the Oscar, she won for supporting actress and she holding it like it’s a life line.

  • Yohji

    Wonder if she is aware that Harvey stopped at nothing to get that Oscar for her. Not based on merit.

  • Toni

    Lol Ive seen it twice now, its the best thing that happened that night :P

  • ugh

    Jack still loves flesh. Watch out Jenn!! He has daughters above your age.

  • Sarah.

    I love her! Hahaha her reaction when she sees Jack Nicholson, priceless.

  • kiky

    I dont get the joke. Why is she calling him rude? He’s giving her his congrats and saying how wonderful her movie was. I thought it was because he interrupted her very impolitely but no. It was just a moment. Anybody to explain?

  • li

    overrated. hope that after this award season she disappear

  • d_mac


    That’s the joke.

    He interrupted the interview that was in progress but when she said it – after she said thank you for him congratulating her – she was laughing and joking.

    simple as that.

    No disrespect what so ever.

  • LaCroix

    love Jennifer!.. it’s truly a relief to have someone like her in the industry that doesn’t seem to be fazed by fame. I hope she stays this way!

  • kiky

    @d_mac: Ok, thanks.

  • Maria

    I am really starting to not like this chick…I do not think she’s funny or cute or anything. She is very average…and did not deserve that Oscar. Emmanuelle deserved it. Everything she does seems like a cry for attention, including that fall.

  • Warren

    Kinda cool, but he probably does want her. And who wouldn’t?

  • shesok

    @kiky I think the same. And if you take a look in his face, after she says to him: ” how rude”… <He must have thought for a second: "Don't she get my joke"?

    Anyway Jack NIcholson deserves 10 Oscars. HE should be getting way more nominated because he's just the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    @Maria: You’re being ridiculous. Why the hell would she fall on purpose? I thought Emmanuelle should have one as well but thats just my opinion. Jen is so very talented, humble and down to earth so I don’t mind that she won instead.

  • marymary

    @Jess: to get more attention.

  • Jessica

    I hope she doesn’t turn into a mess like Amanda Bynes, because she already seems a little cuckoo.

  • ..

    @Maria: Finally someone said it! She really tries everything about attention! And she ends up losing fans! I never really liked her, but some of my friends used to…till lately…..

  • well

    her voice is annoying

  • Goose

    typical hollywood so fake jack is just being a kiss ass right there so phony !

  • Mary

    Nicholson was hitting on her and she rebuffed him. Nicholson rarely hears the word “no” when it comes to the ladies – regardless of their age – so it’s a breath of fresh air to finally see someone basically tell him to buzz off.

  • debong

    shes awesomely cuteeee

  • Bob T

    She’s a doll.

    Jack needs to give it up-he’s really reaching

  • Mel

    not sure if anyone answered you, but meh heres mine….
    She was just being funny basically like “your Jack Nicholson you can do whatever the hell you like so its gonna be funny that I tell you you’re rude for interrupting a interview” I thought it was a very funny and obviously a very real moment…she’s about as genuine as they come

  • cb


    I think she was being sarcastic (ie as if you’re being rude, you’re jack nicholson, you can interupt any time etc).

    The headline on this page is very misleading.

  • Marika

    She is absolutely hilarious! And so real. I just love her.

  • Jackson

    She comes off like a total bitch sometimes. Glad she fell and hope it hurt lol! Will not be watching any of her cruddy movies.

  • kanani

    @Maria:Wow, so many haters here. She doesn’t do anything for attention, if that were the case then she would constantly be in tabloids for scandals and whatnot. But she’s not. She’s a serious actress and very down to earth and genuine. As for people saying she’s overrated… she’s only done a few movies so far! How is she “overrated”? Lol that makes no sense. I mean she’s still such a new actress, so she’s not overrated. She’s a nice girl, stop hating. I just think the haters are jealous.

  • truth

    Jennifer Lawrence wins because WEINSTEIN’s hustling and did not DESERVE it!!! Her role was supporting and if she go against Anne Hathaway there is no way she has a chance to win. She just happens to be in Harveys movie and by her own admission show up on set without knowing her lines. Her win pure FRAUD and if compare her perfomance to past winners like Kate Winslet or Marion Cotillard or Charlize or Hellen Mirren she looks weak and forgettable,

  • Mana Swan

    The hipster crowd is going with their inevitable standby word “creepy” to describe anything they don’t understand or which seems too personal that occurs between age groups. The clueless and brainwashed Dateline generation never fails to amaze me. This was clearly nothing more than a flirtatious fist bump from Jack which he knows will boost the career of someone he genuinely admires. For those who don’t know, he’s basically the godfather of Hollywood. He doesn’t show up very often anymore, much less in this way. He’s not going to be trying to get into her pants, so relax. And if you think that’s what this was about, then you really need to yank out the ear buds and unplug from the moron-matrix for a while.

  • Sunny

    She is adorable and genuine. Nicholson was obviously as star struck by her as we we all were. Not too many out there like her, that can be sassy and sweet in the same sentence!

  • Sunny


    Well, the general public does not agree with you. I thought she was fabulous, and was probably the best part of that movie, although everyone was damn great.

    Is this Anne Hathaway in disguise?

    Talent is talent. and comes in all different packages.

  • bharath

    Jennifer Lawrence acting in silver linings Playbook is awesome. she is very natural and she is very excited in the above video and she is stil a kid:) . I dont find anything wrong with her and she is truly a gifted artist.

  • Eddie Duffy

    @li: Hope that after this comment YOU disappear.