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Parachute's 'Hearts Go Crazy': JJ Music Monday (Exclusive Premiere)

Parachute's 'Hearts Go Crazy': JJ Music Monday (Exclusive Premiere)

Parachute‘s “Hearts Go Crazy” is this week’s pick and the exclusive premiere for and KIIS FM 102.7‘s JJ Music Monday!

The Virginia rockers have already performed acoustic versions of the song in concert. Lead singer Will Anderson has said it’s his “favorite song on the [new] record.” Parachute‘s yet-to-be-titled third album follows 2011′s The Way It Was and 2009′s Losing Sleep. Can’t wait to hear the whole album!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Parachute’s new song “Hearts Go Crazy”??

Parachute’s ‘Hearts Go Crazy’ (Exclusive Premiere)
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  • Cocksickle


  • Allisyn


  • Matt

    This is by far the worst Parachute song I have ever heard

  • Matt


    Hey 14 year old girl… Are you serious right now?

  • Priscila


  • Laura

    @Cocksickle: says Cocksickle… that name is pretty “yuck”-worthy.

  • caron

    Not as good as their other stuff. Maybe (hopefully) its a grower?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Love it.

  • what

    Wow they just sound like a typical boy band

  • Alex

    This cannot be Parachute…this sucks. So disappointed :(

  • Loga

    Why did they turn into a pop band…This sucks. I hope the rest of their new album is more soft-acoustic sounding.

  • Alex

    This song is a huge departure from their previous songs. I hate it.

  • Logan

    Wow guys, just be glad they’re still making music, they sound fine and its a new sound that they’re trying out. I like it, so what if its not soft music we’re used to from them. It’s new and today’s word is changing

  • Sarah

    Without Will Anderson’s amazing voice I would never be able to tell this is Parachute. I really hate this.

  • http://@DrewMartinMusic Drew

    Here’s the thing. I’ve been following Parachute for a long time. I opened for them a handful of times when they were still playing smaller venues in VA. Even back when they were Sparky’s Flaw. You’re right; this sounds nothing like their past records. It’s a cookie-cutter song. HOWEVER, for what it is, it is done well. It’s incredibly catchy and, frankly, has the anatomy of a hit song. Staccato strings (think “Call Me Maybe”), a synth hook, lyrics about youth/sex, etc. This isn’t the “first date, windows down” kind of Parachute anymore. This is the “getting drunk and hitting the dance floor” kind of Parachute. And I’m ok with that. Expectations skew perception. Don’t try juxtapose this with their old records.

    When a band is on a label, there is a ton of pressure to sell, to succeed, to breakthrough. You’re literally an investment. But Parachute hasn’t had that big breakthrough yet.

    The musician’s dream is to write and play music for as many people as you can get to listen for as long as possible, right? So, if I was in their shoes, I would be trying everything to find a way to achieve commercial success without sacrificing artistic integrity (i.e. while still putting out something I’m genuinely proud of, enjoy, and feel comfortable performing). I think this song, and possibly the whole record, is a result of that compromise. And I’m ok with that. Because when I’m in the mood to listen to cookie-cutter, radio-ready, fist-pumping, pop music, I want my favorite artists to be the ones performing it.

  • Meesh

    NOOOO, they’ve changed on us!! i liked the old parachute better, too pop upbeat dancy, i hate it

  • tasha

    the acoustic version sounds way better

  • Jen


    YES. This ^ is so true.

  • Paige

    i love parachute, but this song is terrible

  • http://cassk9 Cassandra

    Will performed this song live/acoustic on the TWLOHA tour the other week himself and it was honestly phenomenal and it’s been in my head since. This is the radio mix and the album version will be a bit different, so it might just be the different kind of music throwing people off. But strip it down and it’s still Parachute. The lyrics are still awesome but it’s also fun and catchy. As a fan for three years I really would love to see them get more recognition and I honestly think this song is a good way. A band or artist can’t grow if you don’t let them experiment and try new things- you don’t want to keep listening to the same records. You want something new but still the band/artist at the core. That’s what this song is. Anyway, as @Drew said, if you’re going to listen to those cookie-cutter songs once in a while, at least let it be by someone that’s your favorite. Just enjoy the song! It’s great! And the new album will be too.

  • Caitlin

    The acoustic is way better. This is so mainstream and pop-sounding. It’s not a bad song, but it’s not the same Parachute.

  • Danielle

    Guys…. Will from Parachute said that this is the radio remix…. the real version will not sound like this. give them a break! it’s not that bad…..

  • colette

    I’m disappointed. I hate it. I love it. As much as it’s not “parachute” it’s still catchy. Very torn.

  • Kenzo

    I think i need a hard drink..

  • Hannah Vel


  • mia

    I would much prefer the Parachute version that I know is out there. Mercury Records, please don’ t release this. I would rather wait one more week for the sound we all love.

  • mharby

    What the heck is this! I don’t like it.. :(

  • Allisyn

    I’m in college actually, and I apologize for being enthusiastic about music I like. My bad homeskillet, get a sense of humor.

  • J

    I’m a big fan of Parachute. I’ll admit this song is different than their usual stuff, but it’s good. It does sound like music of today, but bands gotta stay relevant. Parachute is pop music. I think it’s nice sometimes to see bands shaking things up. It shows their range, so people stop hatin’.

  • William J Anderson

    THIS IS A RADIO REMIX is suppose to be catchy and very pop. Will said on twitter that is the only song on the album with a lot of “Pop” As being signed to a record level there are certain requirements in which the artists need to follow to maintain their music out there. THEY DIDN’T SOLD OUT. There album have very diverse genres more Soul, and Rock. BTW the HEARTS GO CRAZY ALBUM VERSION IS ROCK not this one. THIS RADIO REMIX (as you can tell by the background effects and Will twitted about it) is for publicity is for them to have one of those really catchy songs out there so teenagers will be tuning in and requesting “Parachute”. They are not looking to be 1D mainstream because they are not a boy band. Don’t judge one song from the rest you haven’t even heard the complete Album.

  • William J Anderson


  • Jz13

    woah.. this is so different from the usual Parachute. :/

  • Robyn


  • Lily

    I LOVE Parachute! They are such an amazing band! But this song is so so so SO much worse than all their other work! I truly am shocked that it’s their song! :O Wow… Totally didn’t expect this. I know about label pressure, this is really sad :(

  • RaShae

    I want to say I love it but… I understand pressure from the label and stuff. maybe if they stripped it down and let Will sing with his amazing voice more. I’m all for giving more beats and etc. to your music. But I hate the auto-tune. It annoys me even more because Will can SING with his beautiful sexy voice I love so much. But I will try to keep an open mind.