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Anne Hathaway Steps Out Post-Oscar Win in Beverly Hills!

Anne Hathaway Steps Out Post-Oscar Win in Beverly Hills!

Anne Hathaway steps out for the first time since her 2013 Oscars win on Tuesday (February 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress, who grabbed brunch with a friend that afternoon, took home the prize for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Les Miserables at the award ceremony this past Sunday.

During a press conference, Anne talked about the backlash from her acceptance speeches.

“It does get to me,” she said. “But you have to remember in life that there’s a positive to every negative and a negative to every positive.”

FYI: Anne is wearing a Madewell dress and an Autumn Cashmere sweater coat.

15+ pictures inside of Anne Hathaway stepping out post-Oscars win…

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anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 02
anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 03
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anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 05
anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 06
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anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 09
anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 10
anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 11
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anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 16
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anne hathaway steps out post oscar win in beverly hills 18

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  • AG

    She’s pissed that Jennifer Lawrence took all of the spotlight last night. She was supposed to be the belle of the ball, and Jen swooped in and snatched it from her!

  • Bill

    I love her! Her Oscar was truly deserved. Hope to see her in new exciting projects.

  • jasmine

    Please have we not seen enough of this snob. She got the awards. Although I couldn’t stand to watch Les Mes because she was in. Jennifer is wayyyyyyyy more talented. Jen, deserved ALL her awards, she’s NOT a snob, she’s down to earth. Even REAL ACTORS like Jack thinks Jen is GREAT!

  • dsol

    used to like her before Les Mis… now she isnt natural or herself… total opposite to j. lawrence!

  • dont hit i’m belgium

    anyone has a translation of her quote?? what wanted she to say?

    ok Jlaw is genuine but she didn’t deserve to win
    sorry but even if Hathaway is annoying ,she deserves her Oscar

  • Annie

    Bleck, I’m sick of Anne, but I’m getting equally sick of J-Law…pfft, lil, missy not-too-fat-not-too-skinny, everyone loves meeeeee! She’s just as contrived as Anne, except that her (or rather her publicist) are better at saying the things that everyone wants to hear.

  • nana

    she is cool

  • sierrarose

    Are we all doomed to be in high school forever? Anne is a talented beautiful woman so we just have to rip her to shreds and compare her unfavorably to another actress. She tried hard not to be overly emotional and rambling in this speech and people are still pissed off. It reminds me of high school cliques and hate books.

  • truth

    At least no one doubt that Anne Hathaway DESERVE her award while everybody knows Jennifer Lawrence wins because harvey weinstein’s hustling!!! Her role was supporting and if she go against Hathaway there is no way she has a chance to win.

  • truth

    And Hathaway was so sentimental while her speeches becouse she work on Fantine role and in movie industry really HARD for years while Lawrence just happens to be in Harveys movie and by her own admission show up on set without knowing her lines. Her win pure FRAUD and if compare her perfomance to past winners like Kate Winslet or Marion Cotillard or Charlize she looks weak and forgettable,

  • Flo

    the oh so vegan anne is wearing a snake-skin like purse….she is so stupid, can’t stand that b.

  • S


    I think that’s a Stella McCartney purse, which would make it fake snakeskin, since Stella is also vegan.

  • Gmaninhollywood

    I definitely prefer my red jumper!

  • truth

    Flo! STUPID is Jennifer lawrence who endlessy taking about FARTS, BOOBS AND BUTT, dissing Meril Streap, her fellow Oscar nomenies, Peta, Emma Stone and show middle finger at the Academy Awards.

  • Angelina123

    @truth: I agree. Anne Hatheway has made her mark and it took her a while to get where she is. I remember in 2004 she was still doing Princess-y type roles. Remember Ella Enchanting and the Princess Diaries? I think she has grown as an actress wheras this Jennifer Lawrence has no real merits.
    I honestly had no idea who she was until this Oscar season. Why did she get an oscar for Silver Linings anyways? It was a crud movie and average acting from everyone.

  • ha ha

    Anne Hathaway = lame actress!

  • truth

    Ha ha you are IDIOT!
    Anne Hathaway is 30 year old and working in industry half of her life! She is not just IT Girl of the season like your JLaw,
    Annie is probably the only young actress around who can do all genre in movies – comedy/drama/action/musical/triller/biography, SNL and Shakespeare in central park… She was the only deserved Oscar winner actress this year and do it by her talent and hard work. And nobody ever will say its becouse Harvey W, marketing and PR.

  • Holly

    Her acceptance speech was so contrived. “It came true!” Really??? OMG, who wrote that crap. She practiced that speech a 1000 times in her bathroom mirror. Oh and let’s not forget – in reference to her husband “The best moment of my life was the one you walked into” BARFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truth

    Holly! Even if she practiced that speech a 1000 times – she still has right to do it because her performance was the best part of Les Miz! What if you has a chance win the most honored award in your industry didnt you do same???
    And yes, she thanked to her HUSBAND (not just same lover or boyfriend) with whom she share all up and down moments and who biggest supporting system in life – is it criminal in your eyes? Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman did the same thing,

  • Agreed

    I like anne hatheway. Yes her speech sounded bad but so what? She is a good actress and has worked hard for many years. I have known her work for for almost 13 years.
    I don’t understand all these people saying jennifer lawrence is more talented, better, etc.
    How? She came out of nowhere and is suddenly everywhere! Her oscar win was shocking to me. I thought the Oscars would go for naomi watts or emaunelle rievera.
    She got it for a medircore peformence and its sad. She has no amazing track record and tons of actresses have been nominted at a young at too. Its not only her. Like someone said, in comparassion to other winners, it just looks fixed and rigged.

  • said it

    She can be a little annoying but people are getting to be a little annoying putting her down.

  • truth

    Before anybody call me a hater, I want to explain something!
    I have nothing against Jennifer Lawrence as a person – but after watching SLP and knowing that she win Oscar for this, I lost all my credibility to Academy.
    Naomi Watts or Emaunelle Riva delivered breathtaking perfomances and make my cry, Jessica Chastain do the best as she can with that ZD30 script and if her role play any other less powerfull actress – in will be mega bomb, she literally carry hole film, Hushpuppi was good, but still better than Lawrence because at least she was LEAD and hole movie work on her.
    Jlaws caracter was poorly developed – there was no info who she is, what her job, family, friends, home -only that she is widow – that is clearly supporing role, but Harvey Weinstein knows there is no any chance win over Anne Hathaway so put it in Lead, which is FRAUD! just like he put Christoph Waltz in supporing while it was lead. All Jennifers dialogues in movie (besides one) very short and not really impressive. It was too easy role for the Oscars category.
    Think about last years nominees and all hard massive complex work that Roony Mara made for Lisbeth Salander or Michelle Williams for Marilyn Monroe, or Meryl Steep for Margaret Thatcher – that is what traditionally called Oscars caliber role, not some “Tiffany” with 2 screaming scene and 1 crying.
    What work Jennifer Lawrence did for her caracter??? Did she chage her look, lost weight, studied singing, some phisical training or intelligence research??? NO! She even didnt manage learn how to dance and she moves really BAD! Remember Natalie Portmans finale dance in Black Swan? That is what DESERVE Oscar! Tiffany too superficial, banal, mediocre and even unlikeble.
    And I didnt felt her pain like I felt Viola Davis in THE HELP. She was just Ok – average, not more, So FOR WHAT actually that Oscar was given?
    And I find it absolutely ridiculous craziness that really great brilliant actors like Leonardo dicaprio, Tom cruise, Gary oldman, Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Clint Eastwood Matt damon, Bill Murray, Tom Wilkinson, Annette bening, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson and many many others did not has Oscar, but some 22 year old upcoming actress that alredy dissed Meryl Streep from Golden Globe stage and her fellow nominees, endlessy takling about her farts, boobs, butt, admitted that she didnt lern her lines before movie set – HAS!
    There is only one explanation to it madness -God Bless Harvey Weinstein!

    PS. Sorry for all mistakes, my native language not English,
    And will be interesting to know what you think about subject of discussion)))

  • lol

    Anne deserved the award. Her speaches … i like them, because she tries to thank everyone and that is not an easy job. Jennifer … I have never ever disliked an actress so much. Never. She is rude, primitive, has no idea what bonton is, mediocre actress who is totally overrated … and above all she got the AA for an average performance over stellar Emmanuelle Riva. Her fans are true lunatics. I sincerely hope she disappears in a few years and i hope that she’d go into the history as Gwyneth Paltrow with undeserving AA.

  • farout12

    whenever she comes off as annoying, i just keep remembering her SNL impressions of Claire Danes and Katie Holmes — she made me laugh there big time!

  • Sigh

    The Oscars hold no credibility for me anymore–it’s not about the talent, it’s about your connections and how good your PR team is. Hollywood has definitely fallen far. Now, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence both did very well in their respective roles, far above the likes of what most people could do…but in my opinion neither of them deserved the Oscar.

    I think Jennifer just won because she’s really popular right now and Harvey Weinstein pulled a LOT of strings. I thought it was surprising that Anne won the Oscar because she was only in Les Miserables for a short while and although it was a powerful performance, I think she only won because she had to cut her hair and lose a huge amount of weight–the Academy loves it when actors have to work hard to prepare for a role, regardless of how good their performance actually is. In general, I find both actresses quite irritating.

  • Peaches

    I hope that she’ll disappear now. Geez, she’s an ugly and annoying actress who’s full of herself. I hated her speeches which lacked any real humility. Go crawl under a rock AnnE!

  • jj

    Perfectly said. (so in the spirit of the post, should we act like we hate you now, too?) ;>