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George Clooney: Deutscher Medienpreis Award Honoree

George Clooney: Deutscher Medienpreis Award Honoree

George Clooney flashes a smile while being honored with the Deutscher Medienpreis Award at Kongresscentrum (Congress Centre) on Tuesday (February 26) in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Over the weekend, the 51-year-old actor was dashing while attending the 2013 Academy Awards with his girlfriend Stacy Keibler, where he won Best Picture for his hit film Argo.

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On the red carpet, George chatted about his new tequila line, Casamigos.

“Our tequila is doing really well so I’m just going to stick with that for awhile,” George shared. “I have a satellite over South Sudan that I’m trying to keep some people alive with. It costs me a lot of money every year so now I’m getting it paid for.”

25+ pictures inside of George Clooney receiving the Deutscher Medienpreis award…

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george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 01
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 02
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 03
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 04
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 05
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 06
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george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 09
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george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 13
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 14
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 15
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 16
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 17
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 18
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 19
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 20
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 21
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 22
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 23
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 24
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 25
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 26
george clooney deutscher medienpreis award honoree 27

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  • Jason & Argonauts

    Ben Affleck’s Argo wins Best Picture. Clooney was just one of producers.. Admin not creativity.
    No Academy Award for Best Producer…

  • paydirt

    No one rememember producer. Why is Clooney so smug?
    Oh, that’s right, profit!

  • Vanity Fair Casamigos Review

    Anyone who would buy this tequila because George and Gerber have a photocopy autograph on the bottle and the same number on every bottle we saw in the store is a fool. It is a low end glass bottle and they say it is supposed to be classic??? George should stick to movies (great actor) and let Gerber stay famous for his wife and not for trying to be famous himself. The tequila is fair at best and heard George and Gerber never even went to the distillery and they use the shitty agave left over at the distillery that Azul and Avion throw away. They definitely add carmel because reposado aged “7 months” is never this dark and after tasting must add other things like glycerin to make the silver smoother. It smells crappy like a column was used to distill which is the worst way to make tequila. It should be 20 bucks a bottle max. Total scam and insults all of our intelligence. If you buy this you are so desperate.

  • Vanity Fair Casamigos Review


  • Courtney Rubin

    Meaningless awards…
    His ego inflates.
    He’s no Daniel day Lewis. Just a functioning hypomaniacal alcoholic with vile taste in dispensable defective immoral women.

  • whatever Lola wants…

    Jetlagged, tired & hungover.
    He’s certainly not talented like Daniel Day Lewis.

  • *sigh*

    @whatever Lola wants…:
    Ah, but he thinks anyone who criticizes him is jealous.

  • newsworthy

    George Clooney confided that he & Stacy Keibler are in a fake publicity arrangement & that HE HAS NEVER SLEPT WITH HER. HE’S DECEIVING THE PUBLIC.

    DEFECTIVE, BLAND, UGLY AND BIG AS SHE iS, she made herself availble for anyone wanting services IN ORDER TO ADVANCE A STAGNATED CAREER AFTER 10 years of violent stripper wrestling..

    GEORGE CLOONEY relies on financial film investing from affluent Hollywood power players. He concedes to pressure to sell a false public image.

    A PUBLIC IMAGE PROMOTED BY A NETWORK OF TIME-WARNER publications correspondents.

    STACY KEILBER was introduced to him by dodgy “investor” Rande Gerber.
    Clooney refers to her as the GIANT RODENT & STACY KYBORG. Has never once slept with her.

  • Evelyn Healy


    George Clooney should be ashamed of himself for forcing the world to know a violent-stripper wrestler with a sordid past.
    His audience of intelligent people who respected his work and humanitarian efforts SUBJECTED TO SCUM OF SOCIETY, LIKE STACY KEIBLR!!!

    Huge, beastly Stacy, who’s built like a bulldozer with Hulk Hogan legs will prompt innocent children to Google sordid, disgusting photos of her past! Inciting violence.
    Has this man no shame?! Keibler should be censored!!!

    Clooney hired Stacy Keibler as his red carpet escort. She spent 10 years kicking women in the head in trashy $5 nylon lingerie, while inciting domestic violence. ALL FOR GREED.

  • Sylvia Cheevers

    Oh, yuck!! I nearly threw up!

    Stacy Keibler has legs & broad shoulders like a man & fugly face. AND THE TRAILER TRASH HAS THE MOST ANNOYING HELIUM INHALING VOICE & FAKE SMILE IN HOLLYWOOD.
    Photos of Stacy Kyborg & her fat tree trunk legs & bland ugly massive cranium.

  • Sylvia Cheevers

    Giant Stacy kicking smaller women in the head to incite domestic violence amongst her redneck, trailer trash followers. a.jpg

  • Evelyn Healy


  • Francis R. McGuire

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  • rebecca

    “Ben Affleck’s Argo wins Best Picture. Clooney was just one of producers.. Admin not creativity.”

    George Clooney and Grant Heslov are the ones who bought the Argo script and put the movie together. They’re the ones who hired Ben Affleck to direct and star in the film. Without them, Ben wouldn’t have been a part of the movie. You don’t sound intelligent enough to understand what a producer does.

    And for everyone criticizing George Clooney just STFU. He does amazing humanitarian work with his own money. What have any of you done except sit behind your computer and complain about celebrities?

  • Jason & Argonauts

    @rebecca: STFU too, pr troll.
    George does fcuk all for humanitarian causes. Sudan Satellite Sentinel project is a CIA front. He couldn’t give a damn about genocide.
    He got paid to front Haiti.
    Clooney doesn’t care about anyone but his hide… & profit.

  • Jason & Argonauts

    Clooney did nothing but partly finance Argo. He may have leeched the idea, but he sure as hell wasn’t responsible for the fim’s development.
    If he directed it, he would have messed it up, like Ides of March.

  • catrina90265

    He got paid to fromt Haiti Relief telethon….& gets massive tax deductions/ incentives for his alleged ‘humanitarian efforts.’

  • leilakin

    It should be mentioned that the Deutscher Medienpreis Award is a German German Media Award for his political commitment and humanitarian endeavors.
    I’m glad he was recognized for his peace activism and hard work in the Sudan.

  • Trotsky was a Menshevik

    @leilakin: he cares about money laundering ventures in Mexico like Casamigos Tequila to assist shady characters like Rande Gerbe & associates.
    Humanitarian efforts & peace activism in Sudan?? Oh, P-L-E-A-S-E!!
    It’s a CIA front to launch satellites in spheres of interest.
    Clooney himself uses the spyware for his won amusement..
    How many lives has he saved?

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    Geezus…why don’t you take that active imagination of yours and write a book? At least that would make some sense. The time you spend endlessly posting under every name you can think of gets you NOWHERE….you’re such a pitiful thing! hahahahaha

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    He STILL doesn’t want you and wouldn’t know you existed, except for the need to have a restraining order against you for stalking him….

  • catrina90265

    @Ah…Bite Me!: is that you KatiePuttPlug???
    You ‘ve hijacked someone’s name again.
    Too bad you’re a lowly paid Time Warner Inc gossip PR correspndent.
    Having to create bogus stories & convince the public about Clooney’s non-existant love life. They can’t know the truth about him now, can they?
    So you hire hoookers to play the part. And try to mold these “daughters” as you call them into respectable chaperones…

  • ca

    LOL at the crazy troll here. Let me guess, you think George Clooney is a part of the Illuminati?

  • conjecture

    @ca: not sure what others above think….
    He’s not involved in Illuminati.
    Bohemian Grove? ✓

  • Lorenzo

    Today I read his hooker is on her way to Germany to pollute the European air with her cleansing farts.
    Must be love.

  • whatever LOLA wants

    @Lorenzo: Did you, Timekeeper aka Lorenzo? Or is it PR leaks from you & senile seedy Stan? Did you bully vilage idiot George give her a peck on the lips at the Oscars too, to make the bogus PR arrangement seem “legit?”
    Cause your poor BFF Georgie looks like his about to throw up in her face in that millisecond of close proximity.

  • newsworthy

    There’s only so much sleaze a respectable company can take.
    Clooney has become synonymous with ugly gutter-trash hookers & the dregs of society like Stacy Keibler & Elisabetta Canalis!

  • $$$

    Oh, ha ha! KARMA, loser!
    Nespresso sacked you for Javier Bardem!
    Sleazy creep!
    Trying to say that he needs the money for Sudan.

  • Dominique

    @Lorenzo – she claims she’s planning to visit, according to some Time Warner gossip publication….Or rather his PR is pushing that angle to make it happen.
    Might be imposed on him too! What a way to live! Force feeding the world lies because of the corrupt minders behind him who delegate his PR strategy. Of course, he consented to it.
    Pretending he’s with giant rodent Stacy Keibler who’s never slept with him. How pathetic!
    She’ll completely jinx his film just like he was cursed when Canalis visited him on his last film sets.

  • Lorenzo

    @whatever LOLA wants:

    Aren’t you looking forward to see the lovely ex-stripper/wrestler in Germany posing for the paps (yawn)?
    Easy going happy bunny will love it!
    Eventually she can afford one Tequila or 20 after cleansing, big fun is coming!

  • whatever LOLA wants

    oh, why, is that what you’re planning next in the PR strategy?
    Sending Stacy the Giant to Germany to jinx his film…
    It’s all a big taunting joke to you…lol..wink wink

  • Guest

    It’s bad enough the deluded giant Stacy Keibler thought she was the star attraction at the Oscars, acting like an A-lister on the red carpet, till Stan’s pacemaker nearly exploded! She paraded past George the midget & Stan the dwarf thinking that Giants are superior to A-list actors. Even reality cable TV guest kitchen-hands & former stripper-wrestler GIANTS.

  • newsworthy

    @Lorenzo: “easy going happy bunny” writes Kirstie SnowWhite/ Loenzo, about Stacy The Giant.
    Of courese the blimp’s happy! She’s getting PAID to pretnd she’s in a relationship, has no sex with the decoy, & still sees her real bf Geoff Stults…
    God knows who Clooney sees…

  • Lorenzo

    @whatever LOLA wants:

    My dear, I couldn’t care less where she is.
    When I see her fake smile things get soft, you know.

    Since you know people from COH, I need the number of the cheeky blonde nutcase called Dior. Emergency!
    Tell the little witch she has to answer my pm, I am a superior person.

  • whatever LOLA wants

    @Lorenzo: and which of your usernames should I say you contacted her on, phys major (from Clearwater, Fl) or Cinderella?
    Don’t tell me you have more :O
    A dormant Lorenzo too? Cause the gay Lorenzo_ who was on this weekend was banned in less than 24 hrs.
    Yes, at least you measure your superiority on wealth & power.
    Not height and broadness of shoulders.

  • Anonymous

    @Lorenzo: oh, Dior will get your message now, dear. The Time Warner Inc global PR network gnomes read here. That’s why your BFF Winky called them gnomes, remember?
    Oh, and superiority is not measured by wealth, fame & power either in the grand scheme of things. But in the nature of our actions & kindness of our souls.

  • Lorenzo

    Just do what your told.


  • whatever LOLA wants

    @Lorenzo: you can use that tone with Winky, Lola Snowwhite, but I’m not your subordinate! He’s your puppet-on-a-string! Not me! :P
    You’re just lucky I’m … discreet, when I feel like it!

  • Lorenzo

    Come on, give an old man a thrill…pleeeeze:)

  • whatever LOLA wants

    I’m trying subterfuge to sneak back on that forum. The gnomes screen registrations these days.

  • Lorenzo

    Told her I want to eat her and looking at her makes me feel uncomfortable in my pants. Boy, I’m so romantic!

  • whatever LOLA wants

    who Dior? No wonder she never answered.
    But you’re a woman. Not that there’s anything wrong with it…

  • Lorenzo

    First I was George Clooney, now I’m a girl LOL!
    Thanks for upgrading.

  • whatever LOLA wants

    @Lorenzo: when did I say you’re George, sly Foxy? I said you’re his BFF, or so you teased when he was forced to do the Wholefoods photo-op with the jolly Giant, for credibility.
    And didn’t you just post on imdB?
    Btw, Dior is on COH now live. But I imagine so are you…& hiding… LOL.

  • Lorenzo

    imdB? I do not even read there.


    @Lorenzo: no, of course not. And you’re a man, too. *sigh*
    Instead of preaching #kindness, why don’t you practice it for a change? You’re not almighty. And you’re not exempt from karma. Take a hint!
    Who are you posting as on COH, nowadays? .Oh! Let me guess!

  • Lorenzo

    Didn’t you say you were….discreet?

    Me is not preaching nor posting.
    I’m a silly old donkey looking for a cheap thrill.

  • whatever LOLA wants.

    @Lorenzo: discrete when I want to be…unless I have an NDA or causing mischief….

  • whatever LOLA wants.

    @Lorenzo: err… discreet, that is.
    btw, Dior’s single & using dating services, she claims. Go for it!!
    Lowly paid media pr staff (including Time Warner global network pawns) would be impressed by your… superiority…LOL

  • Lorenzo

    Dating serviceswhen she can have me?????
    That can’t be true!!!