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Miranda Kerr: Plaid Flight After the Oscars!

Miranda Kerr: Plaid Flight After the Oscars!

Miranda Kerr is a plaid bombshell while arriving for a departing flight after the Oscars at LAX Airport on Monday (February 25) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 29-year-old supermodel bared some midriff while posing for a photo shoot at a private residence.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Loving the LA sunshine,” she recently tweeted. “Such a beautiful day”

On the same night, Miranda was stunning while attending the Vanity Fair Oscars Party with her her dashing husband Orlando Bloom.

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Frame jeans while departing LAX.

30+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr flying out of Los Angeles after the Oscars…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 01
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 02
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 03
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 04
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 05
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 06
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 07
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 08
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 09
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 10
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 11
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 12
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 13
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 14
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 15
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 16
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 17
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 18
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 19
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 20
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 21
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 22
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 23
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 24
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 25
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 26
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 27
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 28
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 29
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 30
miranda kerr plaid flight after the oscars 31

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • -_-

    *Rolllllllllls eyes*

  • Ian

    @-_-: Why ?

  • -_-

    @Ian: because she’s on this site more times than is really necessary. TBH this site has become a de*ad-zone. It’s like a bone yard of random models and reality tv stars

  • Green

    she’s VERY thin, like all the other 2013 supermodels, but at least she looks healthy (she’s really big on superfoods and eating well). Take notes, Alessandra and the other scarecrows!

  • ta

    This beautiful, successful young woman has been on this site so many times because people respond to her posts. Supply and demand.
    She has many fans, and a few dedicated haters, who just can’t resist the urge to comment. Much like you.
    No one forced you to read this thread, or this site, for that matter.

  • ta

    She looks gorgeous, btw.

  • -_-

    @ta: no one asked you to read my comment :)

  • Em

    stylish as always

  • @-_-

    If you’re sick of Miranda then don’t click on her pics, simple!

  • @7

    Sooooo, you didn’t post a comment so that people could read it?
    It’s kind of hard to ignore when a fan clicks on a thread. Especially if it’s the first comment. Stalking, maybe?
    It’s much easier to ignore a thread altogether, wouldn’t you say?
    Or would that be admitting that ‘ta’ was right?

  • sara

    She looks fresh and beautiful. As always.
    She and Orlando both looked gorgeous at the Vanity Fair party.

  • adrl

    funny how Naomi freaking Campbell,Heidi,Gisele,Adriana and other big(ger) supermodels can fly in and out of airports unseen….

  • -_-

    @@7: no one is forcing you to read it :)

  • -_-

    @adrl: no it’s a spontaneous paparazzi raid where they force her to stop and smile for pictures that go on a blog to promote….. whatever it is she does =/

  • ha

    So the casual, random poster has revealed herself to be the idiot hater that she is.
    Most celebs, unless they fly private like Naomi, are photographed coming and going through LAX. That’s a fact that you simply can’t deny. But maybe you just aren’t paying attention since you don’t STALK them across the internet.
    You chose to open this thread. No one but you is forcing you to either read or post. It’s your patholocical obsession that drives you to do it.
    Stalker haters who try to pose as casual observers are the funniest haters yet. They can’t help but to reveal themselves if they say more that two words.

  • @12

    That’s funny. I’ve seen photos of all of those ladies at airports. And not all at LAX (where the paps camp out).
    I guess that maybe you’ve just forgotten about those pictures? Or is it more likely that you ‘conveniently’ forgot?

  • sashi

    Her skin is perfection.

  • Brenda

    Miranda looked beautiful at the Oscar after party. Orlando looked handsome as well. Miranda is one of my favourite models and she always looks stylish.

  • Camila

    @adrl: The reason she is photographed so much more than these other ladies (outside of the modelling business) is because of her everyday “picture perfect” street style. I remember watching a documentary about papparazzis -by Adrian Grenier- where one of these camera men explained: The shots that will get you the most money are the scandalous ones. Second to that, those that you can sell to fashion magazines, websites, etc. Miranda may not be the best poser; though most of her peers aren’t always put together like her. Another example, Rosie Huntington Whiteley. She hasn’t done hardly any modelling since Transformers and hasn’t had another movie released since the previously mentioned. All the while, you see her around pretty often. Why is that? People want to see what she’s wearing. It might not be the most profound reason, but it is what it is.

  • @19

    Logic? On this site?
    Don’t you have any compassion at all?
    Logic hurts the haters!! It burns them.

  • Camila

    @@19: That was my first and this is my last time commenting. What I wrote wasn’t anything but logical. I’m sure whoever is behind the negative writing already understands this, it doesn’t require too much thinking. The fact is, if she were covering her face the comments would read “Who doess she think she is?” and if she smiles and decides to coexist with these personalities (from who she originally covered face) after all these years then “She┬┤s a fame whore”. It doesn’t matter what I write, or how obvious it is. If anyone reads my response and purports to keep spreading nonsense, they’ll pretend they never read this and keep insisting.

  • Camila

    *does. Now this is my last time commenting.

  • @Camilla

    Actually, #20 was agreeing with you, and acknowledging your logic.
    But as they inferred, logic is an anathema to the haters. They despise it, and avoid it at all costs.
    If the statement or argument is logical, they pretend that it was never discussed. If they are forced to face it, they disappear, only to come back with the same garbage on the next thread. Then they whine about fans being “bullies” who won’t let them have their say, or that her fans are “crazy” for pointing out their lies and hypocrisy.
    This place can get pretty ridiculous. But I, for one, make a point to visit once in a while. To get up to date on what Miranda and Orlando are doing, and to keep the liars and hypocrites in check.
    And since the truth is on my side, I always have a lot of fun. =)

  • Camila

    @@Camilla: Pretend I never said “I’ll never comment again”. I know #20 was agreeing with me and I can see how my comment implies I don’t. I was just reaffirming what his/her paragraph said in my second sentence. Earlier saying I wouldn’t comment again because I’ve read “logical” words around here, from time to time. Just to come back to the same rumors and assumptions. But like you and I said, and #20 in a way. Haters despise logic (truth), ignore it and continue babbling. My personal reasons for looking at Miranda’s pictures are to browse what she’s wearing. Plus, seeing the ever adorable Flynn is never a bad moment. Nothing important. Then there’s Orlando, but you always find out about his movies, one way or another.

  • @Camilla

    My favorite examples of haters ignoring the truth to continue spreading their lies is when it involves photographic proof.
    Two recent examples of this involve the Golden Globes red carpet, and their African safari adventure.
    We have photographic proof that Orlando went with Miranda on the safari, proof that even the haters themselves have referenced, yet they continue to claim that Miranda ran off with her ‘lover’ and left Orlando home with the baby. Hard to be at home with the baby when you are hundreds of miles away at an airport.
    And they continue to claim that Aleen had to order them to hold hands as they arrived at the Golden Globes, even though we have video proof that she never did any such thing. That is, unless Aleen pronounces ‘hands’ with a ‘ch’ at the front. And you also have to ignore the fact that Orlando was reaching for Miranda’s hand before Aleen had a chance to say ‘chands’. They got pretty creative with the editing of the gif to make that one work. They are dedicated, I’ll give them that.
    It’s actually quite funny how far they are willing to twist themselves into knots to avoid the truth.

  • Camila

    @@Camilla: I remember. In early September 2012 Miranda stopped being photographed until early November, right before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. If you follow her on twitter or instagram you should know she wrote about being in Africa during those months and posted images of herself during a safari. She reappeared for business and didn’t head back to her husband’s set because in two weeks he would be finishing. Not to mention, Flynn was with her at all times. You have to be a bit of a Miranda follower to know this, but I’m sure these people don’t just read about her on Just Jared. Now the gif, you said it. It takes dedication. Oh.. and, yes, this comment-reply game is obsessive. I guess I’m writing what I’ve been thinking for the last two years regarding Miranda.

  • @26

    I don’t think that you are being obsessive. It just looks like you are having a conversation with someone, and venting a bit.
    And we all know how much conversational material that the haters supply.
    Oh, and if you want any news on Miranda, check the hater sites first. Since they obsessively stalk her across the internet, they are always the first with news. They are fully aware of where she is at any given minute, even though they pretend to not know the facts. You know, like when they said that she was “in hiding” when everyone knew that she was taking six weeks off to go to South Africa to be with Orlando while he was on location. And before that, they said that they had been apart for two months, even though she was in NZ with him while he filmed The Hobbit.
    This is fun!


    LOLLLLLLL welcome to the delusions of fangirls.. this sh*t is hilarious.

  • @28

    Thank you for stepping in to completely prove our point(s).
    You completely ignore any and all of the facts that we have presented, and fell back on the lame diversionary tactic of labeling everyone ‘delusional’.
    It doesn’t work, you know. We still have facts on our side, and great memories. You won’t steer us away from the truth by insulting us. Your actions just make you look pathetic.

  • Camila

    @HAHAHAH: First of all, I’m not a fangirl much less delusional. Anything I know of Miranda is exclusively from Just Jared, the comments on it and from ocassionally viewing her instagram. She’s not the wallpaper on my computer or phone, I don’t collect her editorials, I don’t remember her birthday, I don’t remember her every move or bother to comment on every post defending her or saying she looks beautiful, etc. If I recall certain situations it’s because for more than one or two threads people mentioned this. You know, I’ve “followed” Miranda for the past two years on this site and never bothered to write a word. Until now of course. I’m not obsessed, this “conversation” went beyond Miranda. The only reason I pay any attention to her is because of what she wears. And it’s probably the only reason any of her fans do. Vain and a waste of time, I know. But so is reading and commenting about her when you don’t even care for that. You pretend you know what she does and how she is but it’s all out of lies and assumptions. That doesn’t mean I’m saying she’s humble, smart and funny but I’m not saying she’s not. All I’m saying you should do, and not just here, is stop criticizing and ignore what doesn’t add to you.


    @Camila: HAHAHHAH
    just never stops being funny

  • @31

    Yep, there ya go.
    Classic, desperate, hater response.

  • -_-

    @@31: LOLLLL
    miranda kerr fans really live in a world of their own huh? hahah

  • @33

    You mean a world where facts and truth matter? Yeah, I guess that we do seem strange to haters who are unfamiliar with our world.
    If you think that we are delusional, please point out exactly which statement led you to believe that.
    Prove anything that we said was a lie, or our imagination, and I will admit out errors. We’ve already exposed yours within our posts. How ’bout you doing the same?
    Put up or shut up.