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Behati Prinsloo: 'The Couch' Appearance!

Behati Prinsloo: 'The Couch' Appearance!

Behati Prinsloo hails a cab while out and about in the Soho neighborhood of New York City on Monday (February 25).

The next day, the 23-year-old model went on The Couch to chat about her recent guest stint on Hawaii Five-0, and Victoria’s Secret new swimsuit line.

“It’s a lot of traveling, alone time which no one sees… it’s pretty awesome, fabulous, beautiful life,” Behati said about being a super model.

“I got there and I was kinda nervous, but it was just a great experience. I had so much fun,” Behati said about Hawaii Five-0.

Check out Behati‘s appearance below to hear her talk about her Hawaii Five-0 ep!

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behati prinsloo the couch appearance 01
behati prinsloo the couch appearance 02
behati prinsloo the couch appearance 03
behati prinsloo the couch appearance 04
behati prinsloo the couch appearance 05
behati prinsloo the couch appearance 06
behati prinsloo the couch appearance 07
behati prinsloo the couch appearance 08
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behati prinsloo the couch appearance 11
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  • i

    why do i get the feeling that she’s the new miranda kerr.. im already bored

    and why dont they post actual celebrities on this site anymore???

  • breda

    Behati is just one freakin cool person!!

  • http://tumblr marley06

    eat something prinsloo! you’re sooooo thin. you’re already skin and bones

  • Alvin D. Miller

    as Arthur responded I’m alarmed that anybody able to get paid $4711 in one month on the internet. have you seen this link… http://www.snag4.cℴm

  • KSB

    I sure hope she washed those pants after being all on the floor

  • http://tumblr marley06

    @KSB: she looks that she didnt take a shower like a week or so

  • KSB

    @marley06: lol in both pictures too. And im willing to bet she didn’t. Now that Anne and Calvin are subliminally posting pictures I think Adam is gonna try and compete

  • margot

    She looks like Vanessa Paradis!

  • http://tumblr marley06

    @KSB: if adam will compete, he should find a hotter one, anne got a hot man in calvin! to get even adam get yourself a hotter and beautiful model, and not behati!

  • KSB

    @marley06: hahaha, I was thinking that. Does anyone else find it odd that only JustJared finds her relevant? No other sites even talk about her. Tmz did once but that’s it.

  • Anthony

    The iDesignTiems interviewed Behati Prinsloo about what makes her feel sexiest. Check it out here!

  • KSB

    @Anthony: interesting interview. To each his own. You can look normal and feel sexy BUT looking like you came straight from the trailer party and need to be bathed in bleach is another. Some of my fav celebs like gwen stafani, jessica alba. Even rihanna dress down and have no makeup on but when they step out the still look gorgeous.

  • Mara

    She used to look more healthy. Now she looks unhealthily skinny.

  • martha

    @Anthony: revelation: How much is VS paying Adam to be an Angel’s or Angels’ boyfriend? Marketing ploy. He is selling fragrance at Marcy’s, houseware for Kmart and underwater for levine struck teenboppers. He appears to be money hungry…money/famewhor* so why not sell your boyfriend status appeal to VS. No pictures of the two together have surfaced since Christmas. Embarrassing choice Adam. Girl needs a bath and food. Clothes need to be burned.

  • martha


  • KSB

    @martha: lol death to her doc martins. Those shoes have got to go.

  • bliss

    oh gosh VS better fire her she is one of the worst angel ever she will never have the personality of alessandra or the sex appeal of adriana

  • Maria

    @bliss: EVER!!! these ladies carry themselves with class on and off camera. She literally is the worst VS angel ever. “My opinion” they should have at least gave the position to Cara. She’s got more of a model look than behati.

  • Melissa

    This girl gets so much hate. I think she has a great personality but I do wish she would put on some weight. She looked much healthier a few years ago!

  • Curious george

    Is it just me or is she sounding s bit drunk or “high” in the interview. Awkward !!

    They ask her about is it tough being a supermodel, and she says its tough with travelling , loneyly and … YOU ARE IN WATER, Its not hard ….? See a pettern. Girl is off her rockers!

    And thet eiffel tower and sattue of liberty?

    Hmmmm definitely hig on something

  • KSB

    @Curious george: can you post a link? I just saw a written interview. @Melissa where have you been the last year or so? It’s way to exhausting to go through why people don’t like her. I will say ( if ) your truly clueless and interested read some of the former threads about Adam or behati sans the parts about her wardrobe which is irrelevant to the reasons.

  • Curious george

    Ksb, the other behati post has it . I swear jj puts it up only so that people can see how dumb she behaved . Toooo much giggling

  • KSB

    @Curious george: never mind I saw it already #blah she didn’t seem drunk though.

  • martha

    Good personality….boyfriend stealer.

  • Melissa

    @martha: I don’t think she should be classified as a boyfriend stealer…

  • Melissa

    @KSB: First of all, I never stated that I didn’t know why she received so much hate, I was just pointing out the obvious that she does. Secondly, there’s no need to be rude and call me clueless when I have never thrown any negativity your way at all. I think she’s a cute girl, you don’t. You’re entitled to your opinion just like I’m entitled to mine, and I’m okay with you disagreeing with me. Let’s not be negative toward each other just because we have different tastes. I saw you commenting on the last post giving someone else a problem for causing a divide between people yet here you are doing the same thing to me. Uncalled for.

  • KSB

    @martha: Boyfriend stealer lol. Love it although you can’t necessarily steal someone who willingly leaves so I’ll just say she’s messy to intervene in an established relationship.

  • KSB

    @Melissa: clearly you are clueless because I was never rude to you although now I think your an idiot who can’t read and jumps to conclusions. Allow me to quote myself ” if you truly are clueless about behati than you should read the other threads” now if you took it wrong OH WELL ! I won’t apologize for being rude when that was not my intentions. You probably just needed a reason to start some s hit because someone doesn’t like your poor little behati.

  • Melissa

    @KSB: You’re a little on the rude side, dear. I might suggest proper grammar before calling someone an idiot. If you actually read what I wrote, or maybe I should question your own reading comprehension the way you questioned mine, I stated that I’m fine with other people not caring for Behati, I just have a differing opinion :)

  • Emily

    @Melissa: Ok first off I read both of your comments. @Melissa I don’t think KSB was rude to you. I think you read what she said wrong. Because she put “clueless” you got on the defensive side and ran with your emotions. Now the way in which you responded makes you just as wrong as the way she responded. @KSB You didn’t have to be rude back. You could have just explained nicely she took it wrong. All the arguing is just plain stupid. This is the reason we have lost half of the best posters. You ladies don’t know how to talk to each other without giving some sly snarky remark. Someone i kno once said “A wise man never argues with fools, because in the distance you can’t tell who’s who”. You should think about this ladies.

  • KSB

    @Emily: I agree/disagree with you. I feel if you attack me for something you took wrong then at that point it’s open opportunity how I respond, and it probably won’t be nice. But I do agree with most of what you said ♥

  • James


  • anon

    @James: james valentine is that you?

  • martha

    @anon: hahaha. So funny.

  • KSB

    @anon: lol too funny

  • KSB

    So what are you guys takes on the anti gay protest being held outside of the maroon5 concert tonight? Cray Cray right!

  • Sammi

    @KSB: Omg yes. How could you allow your child to preach hate like that. The parents ought to be ashamed. They are putting they’re children in harm’s way. Then at a concert with thousands of screaming girls. Its no wonder someone didn’t beat her behind.

  • KSB

    Where is new news about Adam Levine? Commenting on other people’s post is getting boring.

  • Helena

    @James: I doubt he’s James Valentine,but it’s really

  • Maddy

    This skinny sl*t isn’t a supermodel,never was and never will be.Nobody knew her before her fake relationship with Adam Levine,they don’t even know how to pretend to be dating,they always looked miserable together, barely touch each other and haven’t been seen together in months.If she really was a supermodel,she would be as famous as Gisele,Naomi and Kate Moss right now.Nice try,JJ,but you’re the only site that cares about this nobody and posts “news” about her.
    And what a bad choice to be VS angel…she’s ugly and looks like she doesn’t eat.

  • Helena

    @anon: Sorry,anon.I replied to the wrong

  • ann

    Yikes. Behati really shouldn’t make those faces. She doesn’t have the features to still look cute while doing them.

    @martha / @Melissa (etc.): I’m not so sure about “boyfriend stealer” because I haven’t read that much about an overlap, but it’s definitely suspicious and she is certainly not the nicest person for dating (quite publicly) her BFF’s ex within days of them breaking up.

    It’s like she wants to be the next Miranda. Miranda has gotten a bad rep with other models because she has no problem sleeping with a man who is in a relationship, even if that relationship is with one of her close co-workers.

  • KSB

    @Maddy: I would agree. She’s not established enough to be a super model. She’s been doing this since she was 15 but this is the first were hearing about her. Because of Adam Levine, and that’s sad. I know who meranda kerr is but I don’t know that much about her, but I know you can’t compare the two. That ratio is like comparing gold to copper lol. I figure maybe they have pictures of each other but just keep them in there phones or something. Im seriously trying to give this relationship the benefit of the doubt. I have seen pictures of her and thought well she looks pretty there but she’s only cute (sometimes) which is rarely. I honestly made an attempt to like her but within a minute I change my mind. I just can’t. It keeps going back to the principle YOU DO NOT DATE, SLEEP WITH, OR PURSUE your friends boyfriend. I don’t give a damn if it is show business.

  • Julia

    @KSB: yea. I guess if you take all that away that she did to Anne and add 3yrs to her age she would probably be a cool person. But I don’t care for her because Adam looks unhappy. I feel like he’s with her because he doesn’t want to start over.

  • BubbleGum

    Its funny Adam Levine doesn’t like Honey Boo Boo, I could’ve sworn Behati was related to them

  • pink

    Behati is Adam’s long term rebound GF. #fact

  • jen

    after she said “fabulous” for the 4th time, i was done.

  • Kathi

    Seen Adam Levine at Blackhawk hotel with a beautiful brunette girl. She’s fabulous even in jeans!! Down right gorgeous I’m jealous!!! I want to be her!!!

  • http://tumblr marley06

    @Kathi: better be sure it wasn’t prinsloo!!!lol

  • KSB

    @marley06: she said gorgeous so im sure it wasn’t behati lol