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Ian Somerhalder: Shirtless for 'Origin' Magazine!

Ian Somerhalder: Shirtless for 'Origin' Magazine!

Ian Somerhalder gives a glimpse of his shirtless body on the cover of Origin magazine’s latest issue.

“Me& butchhogan (on Instagram) shoot’n @OriginMagazine Cover in my living room-shot by @onebosschick” the 34-year-old The Vampire Diaries star tweeted during the shoot.

“On the phone with founder of Origin Magazine doing an article for the cover. I’m really proud to be on this cover” Ian added.

Origin magazine is a publication that prides itself on “bringing worlds together, building bridges, and giving consciousness an expanded voice in national media.”

Be sure to check out Ian‘s alternate cover below.

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48 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder: Shirtless for 'Origin' Magazine!”

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  1. 26
    S Says:

    The magazine sounds cool!

  2. 27
    Gem Says:

    @karen: I think you by far are pretty much one of the very few that believe that…I am not a Delena I am just Team Damon….and really…if you do not get why he posts about his foundation on his twitter all the time…you are clueless…what he is doing is very smart…it is a social network what he posts is seen by millions….why hate on someone? what is the point? If you do not like Ian so much…Be mature and stay away from posts that are about him….

  3. 28
    vicky Says:


    Yes she is they are dating.

  4. 29
    Anna Brazil Says:

    HELLO! this show is based ON A BOOK! Stelena, Delena.. all on the book.. so..

  5. 30
    whatt? Says:

    I’ve read somewhere that the original writer of the book wanted to make Delena the end game but then he got fired buy the producer?.

  6. 31
    GAgirl Says:

    The article isn’t about Delena or TVD in general. Seriously ppl, this man is so much more than Damon. So sad u see only this one small part of what he is doing. He is worth much better fans

  7. 32
    Jerome B. Salisbury Says:

    just as Steve explained I am amazed that any body able to profit $8845 in a few weeks on the computer. did you see this website… http://www.snag4.cℴm

  8. 33
    Pink13 Says:

    Have you guys totally forgotten that “The Vampire Diaries” are based on the BOOK series? The producer takes stuff from the book and makes it into an Episode. It has nothing to do with Ian and Nina dating! Don’t you guys know that if a TV show is based on a book you have to follow what is says on the BOOK?

  9. 34
    Allie Says:

    Loved him on Lost but he needs to move on from VD. Also, he needs to seem less desperate for CG, it’s almost sad. i just dont see it though since his film career failed a few years back and they would never trust him for such a franchise. His imdb is kind of empty too. The bearding is sad too in 2013. We’ll all love him no matter who he is.

  10. 35
    GAgirl Says:

    i know the bearding is sad but this time the fact that he is bearding for her is somehow noble, if she comes out it will be the end before her career even begins.
    Read the new intereview he has so amazing personality and such incredible intellegence. That man is not only talanted but very clever.

  11. 36
    ATL Says:

    the sad you are!

  12. 37
    ATL Says:

    just because you do not like a person you do not need to wish evil or the end of her career .. shame!

  13. 38
    He's so hot! Says:

    Lol! This is so funny! Ian and Nina have nothing to with any problems the show is having. That would be writers, directors, producers. To me the acting is the same as ever. No better, no worse. If the story was better I’d like it more. The tension between the three main characters is the much the same to me. As for Ian’s charity work goes he is very dedicated to them and wants to raise money. Getting the word out and creating buzz is crucial. I respect his dedication and conviction.

  14. 39
    Anna Brazil Says:

    that’s what i said above

    people don’t loose time arguing this!

  15. 40
    ash Says:

    Thanks Ian for being as good hearted as you are good looking!!!

  16. 41
    ash Says:

    @Anna Brazil:


  17. 42
    sam Says:

    @GAgirl: I didn’t know she was gay. Is she?

  18. 43
    Jessica Johnson Says:

    @karen: Love his style. He has great fashion sense. She met her new Boyfriend at TallPeopleMeet

  19. 44
    One Says:

    Why so much hate because someone thinks differently?Ian looks ok, works ok actually thinking ok, but not as fatal as it represents.Perhaps he was given more importance than it really deserves.There’s so much more beautiful, younger than him.He is an average man who knows how to use its features.It’s nice that you like, but to say so ugly .. why?

  20. 45
    sammy Says:

    Seriously now your saying she is gay?? Come on people I am not a Nina fan but thats just cracked me up! Many have said Ian is gay whats next?

    Funny how a cover magazine shoot turns into a Nina and Ian witch hunt just makes me laugh!

    I for one am not a Delena lover think that them as a couple is boring I am more for katherine and damon or maybe the salvatores should just move on and find someone new, i for one like that Elena is gonna cause some major riot now that her humanity is off!

    Sorry totally off topic there :)

    As I said I dont like Nian or not a huge fan of Nina but I wouldnt say she was gay, Ian as much as I love him and think he is amazing, I do feel for him cause I think no matter who he dates people are still gonna hate on her.

  21. 46
    Solari Says:


    Actually Nina is his girlfriend they’ve been dating since season 3 I believe and was at one point talking marriage..but I agree with the rest of your the way they’re not annoyed with Ian they’re jealous!!

  22. 47
    Solari Says:



  23. 48
    MV Says:

    why an article about Ian resulted to the Nian thing is beyond me..
    Ian is really nice with what he does for the animals, he seems clever and a nice guy. (and he is hot as hell).
    As for the show itself i will aggree with sammy. Come on! Two handsome guys like Damon and Stefan should just move on. Damon is a lot funnier when he is not whipped, same goes for Stefan. And two brothers should not fight for a woman.
    As for his twitter….if you don’t like or understand what he is trying to do unfollow him and don’t read about him. He seems very dedicated to what he does with the charity work. I admire that to him.

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