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Alexander Skarsgard: Thursday Lunch with a Pal

Alexander Skarsgard: Thursday Lunch with a Pal

Alexander Skarsgard leaves a restaurant with a pal after having lunch together on Thursday (February 28) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The day before, the 36-year-old actor was spotted filling up his car with a full tank of gas at a local station in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

It was just announced that Alex‘s latest film The East will be playing the upcoming SXSW festival as the closing night flick on March 16!

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard having lunch with a friend…

Just Jared on Facebook
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 01
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 02
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 03
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 04
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 05
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 06
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 07
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 08
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 09
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 10
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 11
alexander skarsgard thursday lunch with a pal 12

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Keiko

    He looks like he has a full tummy.

  • ladybug

    The pal is Fares Fares.

  • JHC


    Well he just had lunch. Haha it looks like he is gaining back his weight. That’s great, he looks real good. JJ you know that is Fares Fares what wrong are you jealous. lol

  • Keiko


    I know, would it hurt JJ to mention Fares by name (and that he was in Zero Dark Thirty)? Give it up once in a while to other actors are work hard.

  • Strange

    Two days straight now .. Ovaries overload ..

  • No films yet

    Wow tb must be a light workload for Alex this yr compared to recents yrs
    no new film announcements ??? None stop in 2011 WMK, disconnect , the east 2012 hidden
    not much going on this yr SHAME. Hope work offers isn’t drying up .

  • Disney Villainess

    What? More Skars goodness, I say come on with it.

    “Alexander Skarsgard leaves a restaurant with a pal”

    LOL, JJ, you know damn well who that is…..dude does have enough(and rather impressive)credentials to at least be named.

  • Jessica Johnson

    Love his style. He has great fashion sense. She met her new Boyfriend at TallPeopleMeet

  • Give me a break

    Fares deserves his own tag Jared!

  • Macy

    Great to see him out with Fares. I love that his friendships last so long and they seem to really be good ones. I think it’s good that he supports Fares on his projects too.

  • ladybug

    @Disney Villainess: Well, in the last post JJ combined The East and Disconnect, it doesn’t surprise me that he keeps overlooking Fares.

    It’s not just JJ’s commenting systems that needs work, his fact checking/writing needs it as well.

    And Disconnect has an official webpage now, not that there’s much to it at the moment:

  • dweeb

    dude is gay. i can smell it!

  • missing

    Do any regular posters know what has happened to Zola24? She was a poster here. Thank you.

  • @missing

    Zola posts on the Alex thread at the Purse Blog.

    Alex is looking great and so is Fares Fares.

  • tpf

    @missing: theres a zola24 at the purse forum

  • http://shoegaljayne Jayne

    2 days in a row…. talk about heaven

  • Disney Villainess

    @Macy: Yeah, it’s really admirable and looking from the outside, I think it reflects positively on his personality. I think he said (paraphrasing) that once you’re in his circle you’re there for life. And indeed, everyone does seem have each other’s back.
    @ladybug: Too true, but I don’t usually don’t read what JJ writes most of the time anyway for that very reason. The thing with Skars and Fares though, is that they hang out together so much(and this site has plenty of photographic evidence of those occasions, LOL ), JJ just has to know who he is by now, LOL, especially being a Skars semi-stalker fanboy and such. Whatever, it is what it is.:)

    Thanks for the Disconnect link.:)

  • egp

    Liking the full Skars tummy.

  • ladybug

    @Disney Villainess: But reading the posts is half the exasperating fun! He at least used to occasionally correct it, now he doesn’t bother.

    As for Disconnect, that’s due out in 6 weeks, so hopefully we’ll get a trailer and find out what ‘select’ cities it’ll get released in.

    A few more pics from the same set as this, sadly none of Alex Gumbying himself to get into his car:

  • ladybug
  • Charlene

    @No films yet: Remember, Alex plays a vampire on TB and a lot of his scenes are filmed at night also. So, he probably has more day-time freedom than other actors. I remember an interview somewhere where he stated he has had a lot of all night shoots. Getting home at 5am

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks, for the link. :) I like this poster more, than that one that they had published first. I really hope, they will show it at the theater near by me.

    @Disney Villainess: #18 “I think he said (paraphrasing) that once you’re in his circle you’re there for life. And indeed, everyone does seem have each other’s back.”

    That’s something what I also like about him, that he puts so much emphasis on it, to groom his longlasting friendships and especially with his old friends from sweden. Which were already his friends, at a time as he still wasn’t in HW.
    I could imagine, it gives him something like a “stable background”, a good feeling to have a connection with the “real life” outside of HW, via this way. And I guess, that’s important – there are plenty of negative examples of HW-celebs who obviously have lost this earthiness.

  • Macy

    @Disney Villainess:
    Well it certainly seems that way and not just empty words. I’m glad he’s loyal to them and they to him.

    Thanks for the link! I guess since Lainey is posting about Charlize maybe hooking up with Seth McFarlane we can cross that stupid rumor off Alex’s list. LOL

  • ladybug

    @Macy: His loyalty to his family and friends is one of his appealing characteristics.

    I saw the CT/SM on Lainey earlier this week, maybe she’ll finally stop trying to make CT/AS happen.

    @Charlene, it’s not just the night shooting. Depending on the shooting schedule for each episode, the leads may work several days in a row and then have several days off in a row.

  • Macy

    I’m not sure how the guy can be unemployed when he’s had a regular tv job for 6 years. Some people amaze me.

  • Cookie

    I just want to climb him and cover him w kisses, please god answer my prayers!

  • JHC

    hahaha love it, good luck Cookie!

  • ladybug

    Trailer for Disconnect:!

    And apparently comments are back to going into moderation after they’ve originally posted.

  • Disney Villainess

    @ladybug: #20,21,29:”sadly none of Alex Gumbying himself to get into his car:”

    LOL, like I said, dude could be a full fledge contortionist for Cirque du Soleil or something with the acrobatics displayed to get out of that car. His tall ass just looks so silly climbing in and out of that vehicle.
    And thanks for the WMK and Disconnect links.:)
    @Cafélady: “I could imagine, it gives him something like a “stable background”, a good feeling to have a connection with the “real life” outside of HW, via this way”

    Yeah, I get what you’re saying here, it helps keep him grounded. Only family and good friends can do that for you.
    @Cookie: Girl yes, don’t we all…:)
    OK, the new WMK poster looks much better, the former looked like it was for a child’s slasher film with all the red and the silhouette. Just all types of wrong.

    And gotd*mn FINALLY, ~we’re here~, we’ve waited what, a little over 2+ years for both of these films to finally come out and now BAM here’s all this bombardment of posters and sh*t. Honestly, I’m kinda burned out just from the long ass wait alone. *Gasps*Does that make me a bad fan………does it?:P…….LOL

  • Macy

    That trailers makes this movie look much more interesting than I thought it was going to be.

  • ladybug

    @Disney Villainess: Not 2 years, both were filmed in fall of 2011. Actually all of them were, including The East.

    This poster for WMK is so much better, Onata/Maise is the focus, not some silhouetted child on swing. More personal this way. Looks more like the family drama it is than some slasher film the previous poster made it look like.

    @Macy, they did a good job with the trailer. It’s four separate stories, but not entirely separate, and I think they did a decent job at showing that. Also made it look very edge-of-your-seat.

  • missing

    Thank you for the information about Zola24. She used to be so constantly here.


    @ladybug: Thanks for clarifying that it has been as long as people think since all 3 movies were filmed back to back.

    I haven’t heard anything regarding ‘THE HIDDEN’. People seem to forget he filmed it last summer. He has at least 1 movie since being on TB. ’13′, ‘METROPIA’, ‘MELANCOLIA’(sp?), ‘BATTLESHIP’, ‘WMK’, ‘DISCONNECT’, ‘THE EAST’, and ‘THE HIDDEN’. So where do these people get this “unemployed actor BS” ?

  • Ki

    I think Alex should get back together with Amanda Seyfried. I think they were gorgeous together :)

  • LOL

    Jeez…Fares’ nose is huge!!! BTW, is he an Arab?

  • ladybug

    @FYATHYRIO: Hidden only finished filming in September, though I’m hoping for something, even if just a couple of officials stills, sometime soon.

    #36: gorgeous together? No one knew that they had even dated until she conveniently dropped that info in a magazine interview while she was promoting a movie two years ago.

    #37: Google (or the search engine of your choice) is your friend.

  • Keiko

    @Disney Villainess:

    “His tall ass just looks so silly climbing in and out of that vehicle.”

    Well, THIS is interesting. You girls get to insult and make fun of him for his height and how he looks getting in/out of his car, and everyone has a little giggle with you. But when I simply expressed that I hope for him to get roles in more quality films I was accused of being a “concern troll”. I have never, ever, never made fun of Alex for his looks or height. But you so-called fangirls do it all the time, including other other forums where I’ve seen fans refer to him as looking “grungy” or “dirty”.

    Expressing an interest in seeing Alex get roles in better movies (rather than little indie films that will only ever get a limited audience) is not insulting. Making fun of his height, looks, or the way he dresses IS insulting.

    It’s also interesting how you turn your hood rat act on and off when you want to.

  • Keiko


    That was rude. And yes, he’s an Arab. Lebanese, if I had to guess.

  • Keiko


    I returned to correct my mistake. I was right that he’s Lebanese (born), but he is not Arab. He’s Assyrian, which is pretty awesome. Assyrians are an ancient community, now an tiny minority in the Middle East. They are Christians–not Muslims–and have suffered a great deal as a minority among Muslims. Present-day Iraq used to be an Assyrian land, to give you some perspective.

    Alex’s other friend, Tariq, is also Lebanese.

  • wut

    his body is looking funny

  • wut

    @dweeb: it’s obvious ;P

  • Lisna

    @Keiko: Well, that’s good that Fares isn’t a Muslim. IMHO. :)


    Cant wait to see the reaction to that comment@Lisna:

  • Disney Villainess

    @ladybug:#32, “Not 2 years, both were filmed in fall of 2011. Actually all of them were, including The East.”
    Oh okay. It just ~felt~like it was long ago to me. And damn, wasn’t that a busy year for him? I remember the fandom being all up in arms over him possibly being burnt out and not being able to gain his weight back for True Blood………anyways, appreciate the clarification.:)

    “Looks more like the family drama it is than some slasher film the previous poster made it look like.”

    The first poster seemed so cold, severe and it certainly didn’t match what the trailer presented(IMO). Although when I think about it, from another perspective you could say that the red background symbolized ~the conflict~ and the silhouetted child represented ~the main object of that conflict~? The new poster at least echoes the trailer and displays those points more succinctly, clearly.
    @Keiko: Well well well. My “hoodrat” ass must taste sweet ’cause you keep coming back to it, you’ve moved your obsession from Lainey to me, I’m quite flattered doll but I don’t do INTERNET STALKERS. TOODLES

  • Macy

    Please don’t lump everyone in the same category by saying “you girls”. There have only been a couple people that have interacted with you this way. Saying that most if not all of posters on here other other boards do the same by using “you girls” is misleading. I haven’t made fun of his height or his looks, or anything else.

    That’s innapropriate, but I’m guessing you probably already knew that.

  • ladybug

    @Disney Villainess: He lost a little weight for The East, but not much. Not like for the Hidden. But he really didn’t get much break from when he started WMK in August through the end of TB S5.

    I knew what the first poster for WMK was going for, but it just didn’t work.

    Tarik Saleh is Egyptian-Swedish. Which doesn’t rule Lebanese ancestry.

  • ladybug

    In Skarsbrother news, the New York Times likes Gustaf in History’ Channel’s The Vikings:

    “Ragnar secretly has a ship built. (Best performance in the series: Gustaf Skarsgard as the flaky shipbuilder.) ”

  • chelle

    @Keiko: I pick at his height and that car cuz the vision I get in my head is pretty darn amusing…. I also hope he gets some more good roles…. yes battleship was…. well….yeah… straw dogs he did well with what he had to work with….totally not his fault. So I see what u were saying but I think the ones getting ready to come out will be amazing. Also, I think his grungy look is adorable…. that’s part of his charm… just my opinion

  • Keiko


    I just don’t think he looks grungy. When I think of grungy I think of Johnny Depp, who literally looks like he doesn’t bathe. And Benicio del Toro, he also looks un-washed almost all the time. Alex always looks very clean to me. He looks like he would smell like soap. That’s just not grungy to me even though his clothes are sometimes baggy. Maybe we have different ideas of what “grungy” means? Anyway, I think he looks fresh.

    But I might be a “fresh troll”.