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Jennifer Lawrence: Hawaii Hugging Gal Pal!

Jennifer Lawrence: Hawaii Hugging Gal Pal!

Jennifer Lawrence keeps it comfy while spending time on her hotel balcony with a gal pal on Wednesday (February 27) in Hawaii.

The 22-year-old actress is reportedly in Hawaii for her highly anticipated film Hunger Games: Catching Fire, where she has shot scenes previously.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Earlier in the week, Jennifer also dyed her hair back to brunette for the film after winning her Oscar for Best Actress.

30+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence hugging a gal pal on a lounge chair in Hawaii…

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jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 01
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 02
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 03
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 04
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 05
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 06
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 07
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 08
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 09
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 10
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 11
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 12
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 13
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 14
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 15
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 16
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 17
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 18
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 19
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 20
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 21
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 22
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 23
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 24
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 25
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 26
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 27
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 28
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 29
jennifer lawrence hawaii hugging gal pal 30

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • queti

    She also smokes weed, and that is talented and won an Oscar not? hahaha now they will say to defend it?, because so did Kristen Stewart and she’s a bitch eh?

  • Toni

    @queti: How do you know she smokes weed? And yeah, she is talented.

    Lol, and KStew is who she is because of alot of things besides the weed.

  • SS

    Love Jennifer Lawrence. Wish she was my gal pal! She looks really happy with her friend.

  • queti

    @toni looks the pictures

  • queti


    looks the pictures

  • queti


    her hand, what you see?
    M A R I H U A N A

  • Wayne C. Varner

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  • emily

    Jennifer is the shiny new toy that everyone loves at the moment.

    But the problem is hollywood builds you up to make you fall…she is making all the classic rookie mistakes (like being caught smoking weed, giving the finger etc., and some inappropriate jokes/comments).

    She will get a pass for now, but once the shine wears off she will bear the brunt of the criticisms like those stars before her.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    She’s so unremarkable,also changed her hair color so I didn’t recognize twas she.

  • kj

    She looks kinda bloated here compared to sunday at the oscars – in the arms and face. She probably been eating a lot after starving herself for the big night.

  • Mia

    wow people. Im not a fan, but she has a talent and of course she is not a perfection, but it is her personal life. I respect her because she has done things that many at her age cant even dream about, including myself.

  • Josephine


    What are you talking about? There is no weed or even a cigarette in any of these pictures. I will never understand trolls.

  • lizzy

    who hasn’t smoked a joint or two before? i certainly have during my college days in providence. and i still partake in it, but not as often as once a month. jennifer lawrence somehow if not indirectly admitted that she smoke pot. she was asked what song she listened to when she smoked her first pot and she replied “i so cannot answer that, im in a franchise” hahahaha so obviously, she smoke some pot, hopefully not often. it’s very relaxing actually. i understand why she has one in her hand after a whirlwind of public appearances during the award season. hope she shares those pot with woody and josh hutcherson. lol

  • Cc

    In the photo of her holding the wine bottle and a glass cup, you can see a lighter in her hand too. I agree with Mia, also she is a grown ass woman, let her to whatever the hell she wants, it’s her life.

  • kudo

    This girl is on top of the world right now, im happy for her. I hope she stays true and grounded through it all. I wish her a long and fulfilling career.

  • sarah

    is that weed? i smoke weed, occasionally. we totally need to hang out sometimes.

  • Dolphin

    Creepy that the paps managed to snap these pictures of them. They can’t even have a quiet private moment to themselves! I’m sure they didn’t want to be photographed without makeup and in their jammies.

    I agree that she seems to be Hollywood’s shiny new toy now. I thought she was a good choice for Hunger Games but that’s about it. In fact too much publicity may be a bad thing – I feel that I may just give her future movies a miss cos I’m already seeing her face everywhere else.

  • i

    can people stop kissing her as(s, she’s been caught with weed a few times but stop making out like she’s above it all.. i’m the last person who cares about kristen stewart but these two have been seen with drugs and have the same stank attitude — when k.s acts like a brat everyone attacks her but J.L does the same and is praised for it -_-

    If she wanted to act for the craft she’d do broadway but she wants to be famous and this is the price she’ll have to pay — no privacy and being a role model for teens who LoOvEe*~ her — she knows she’ll be followed everywhere so if she’s going to smoke at least do it in private.

    whatever.. her attitude isn’t going to get her far.. right now they think it’s cute but give it a year………

  • Paula

    girl… people have bigger problems with Kstew than the fact that she smokes weed lol… Jennifer has admitted in the past she smoked occasionally so its not a big deal.

  • sarah

    @i: relax! you should smoke a joint right now to calm you down.

  • i

    @sarah: congratulations on your childhish tumblr style response..

  • Bee

    Jen had a little bit of fun. Come on people! She’s just a human :)

  • sarah

    @i: thank you… kidding aside, both girls are just living their lives. the only difference is they’re doing it under a microscope. they’re human and young. give them a break. and also give yourself a break. :)

  • truth

    …And her FALL is started… Not because of weed or drink, but that Oscar and commercial success of THG and Dior ads give her false sense of superiority and power. Of course she will continue PLAY this public image of sweet down to earth quirky gal, because ist works in her favour, but mark my words, her Ego and bitch nature sooner or later take power on her. She is already show that can be mean, unrespectful, rude and arrogance. Besides, all her entourage endlessly kiss her ass, so there is no people who will snubbed and back to reality,
    And she is totaly knows that paps photographed with pot, but dont care.

  • i

    @sarah: uh get off your high horse – they can live their life whichever way they want.. i don’t point is she knows what she’s doing, knows there’s cameras around.. i have no sympathy for it..

    now don’t you have a blog to run?

  • truth

    and please, dont call me a hater, im just little bit older then her teenfans, have a good memory and see this scenario many many times, not only in celebs but in people that surrounded me too. i wish her nothing but the best, but noticed a lot alarming signs.

  • meh

    @truth: agreed!!

  • sarah

    @i: right back at you! between the two of us, i think you’re on the higher horse. i’m just on a donkey. LOL… of course she knows what’s she’s doing. she’s obviously not a baby. but the paps, i don’t think she knows about that. and sorry to disappoint you, i’ve no blog to run that’s why i’m happy to talk to you. :)

  • i

    @sarah: ?? now i’m just creeped out

    i don’t give a shit abou this b&tch enough.

    have fun with yourself freak

  • sarah

    @i: have fun yourself, fellow freak! remember, relax!

  • Moreen

    Excuse me??So any actor who doesn’t do broadway is not a good actor and just wants to be famous?This is ridiculous..i don’t give a damn about Kristen Stewart and i don’t care about whatever “bitch fight” the media and people want to put those two into!But Jennifer Lawrence is a truly great actress..end of story! and by the way when will the world realise that weed is not a drug like cocaine,heroin,LSD etc?

  • i

    @Moreen: lol calm down fangirl

  • i

    @sarah: stop, i’m seriously uncomfortable

    @Moreen: did i say she couldn’t act? stop throwing in sh&t i didn’t write.. i said i don’t like her attitude.

  • Moreen


    Well calm down person-who-knows-it-all!LOL!i am not a crazy fan trust me..i don’t think that Lawrence is the queen of the universe!i just love movies and she makes good movies that’s all…no hate…relax ;)

  • marymary

    I just have feeling that Jennifer is fake, she reminds me of the immature tumblr girls, maybe thats why she’s so popular there, she’s talking all the time about food, boobs, body, weight, alcohol, her brightness is on the same level what Kesha, Katy Perry and Paris Hilton, but unlike them she’s praised for that. Her acting skills also are not the best, she was really good in Poker House and Winter’s bone, but she’s good in one type of movies, just like Kristen (though in OTR Kristen gave much better performance than Jennifer in SLP), but when you had Wienstein behind your back…

  • R

    @truth: Go jum off a bridge, osycho!

  • R

    Where is the weed? awhy there are so much jealous bitter assess commenting here? coz the entire world could compare the living mess that is KStew and the magnificient Queen Jen Law at the Oscars?

  • Laura

    Don’t get me wrong i loved Stewart in Welcome to the Riley’s but let’s be honest..Lawrence’s performance in SLP was much much better than Stewart’s in On the road!i don’t know why people compare those two!in my opinion we should applaud young talent and Lawrence won an oscar why are people trying to bring her down?Anyway they are both good but also very different

  • haha

    @R: its in her hand LOL

  • ana

    @Laura: I agree they’re very diffrent, but they acting skills are smilar, both are good in one type of roles, they’re are not (or not yet) Jessica Chastain (totaly diffrent role in The Help, Tree of Life, The Debt) or Jodie Foster (at they age of course). Jennifer is more lucky, cause she’s supported by Harvey, let’s be honest her performance wasn’t even lead, but she wouldn’t win against Anne, so they put her in lead category (they did the same thing to Jake Gyllenhaal in BM and Hailee Steinfield in TG). I liked Kristen more in OTR than Jennifer in SLP, but I respect your opinion, I will wait to Serena and maybe there Jennifer will amaze me :)

  • Den23

    D*mn, the pics are of Jennifer and all you crazies can talk about is KStew. We know who you guys are obsessed with, and it’s not the chick in these pics.

  • Laura


    Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for Winter’s Bone which was a dramatic role and in SLP she played a more comedic role with much i don’t think that she is capable to play only one type of role like Kristen!To be honest i wanted Riva to win the Oscar..but i was happy that Lawrence won because i think that the Academy gave it to her not only because she was great in SLP but also because she represents a new generation of actors!I’m looking forward for Serena too..the story sounds so interesting

  • truth

    That is what surprised me the most – i literally never didn’t listen anything wise from her, EVER. even in serious mags like Vanity Fair she say “acting is stupid” and after campaign for that Oscar until to death, without any sence of humility or restraint, no other actress in previous years campaign SO HARD. There was no a day without tv-show, some event, magazine, newspaper or internet site without interview – but everything she talk about its her boobs, farts, urinating, hate to paparazzi, love to dunk food and kardashians, lack of education, starring at john stamoss ass, called harvey weinstein very sweet warm Teddy Bear(???) and there is I beat Meryl or SND disses, mega bi*ch face to Emmanuelle Rivas win at Bafta and middle finger at Oscars. And her so called *fall* totaly was scripted STUNT QUEEN, she literally pounced on the stairs. Once she say “Hollywood is a playground and I wanna be winner in this game”. Ins was before SLP, now she is more secretive and manipulative and everything that says is calculated. Her false image win that Oscar, Why she didnt was catch with weeds and bottle of drink or middle finger before ceremony??? Because at that time it was necessary to play this funny unpretentious almost innoсent (she even drop her boyfriend in the day of Oscar noms, weird right?) *just like you* girl.
    And while I think Oscar was not deserved, Im agree – she is a good actress who very well trained and coached to play not only in movies but media and fanbase which make her rich and famous. Stay tuned and will see confirmation of my words.
    ps no, im not a psyho! i just truthteller who see her game through
    (my native language not English, sorry for mists)

  • Futz

    Wow! Jennifer Lawrence is fat and ugly. Hollywood sure know how to fix them up and package them nicely for mass consumption. It’s amazing what they could do to make her actually look good for the public. These pictures are not flattering at all. She looks like the character from Monsters. As for her joint, everyone needs to smoke those more often.

  • Jenny

    She looks like a dirty druggie dyke. Ewww. I knew this girl was a fake and all of you have been duped. Girl next fore my as ss. No wonder Nicholas wasted no time in replacing her.

  • Paula


    she looks beautiful! the girl has amazing skin, a great natural beauty, and a great smile. Also, and Oscar to boot.

    Btw, Jennifer dumped HIM, not the other way around.

  • Jenny

    Since most of you like to talk about KStew so much, let me chime in. The main difference between her and JLaw is that KStew doesn’t hide who she is. She doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not and she doesn’t ask to be loved. JLaw wants to be loved and plays the part perfectly. I knew all along she was just a poser.

  • Wellthen

    I didn’t know Jennifer is a pot head and a lesbian. Is that her girlfriend?

  • Paula


    Jennifer has admitted to smoking pot in the past, this isn’t news. She campaigned as much as all the other nominees – Chastain was everywhere too- thats part of the process. Chastain did all the talk shows, mags, etc. Jennifer just got a lot of attention because she is young and the frontrunner and was supporting the movie and her director.

  • Paula


    Jenny your an ill informed idiot. Jennifer never admitted to being perfect, in fact thats what everyone likes about her. She has admitted to smoking pot in the past, she admits to not being ladylike, she admits she has flaws. How is she pretending to be something she is not ? She even stood UP and defended your precious Kristin multiple times in the past, so stop creating controversy where there is none. Its certainly not between these girls.