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Justin Bieber: Shirtless Hotel Return on 19th Birthday!

Justin Bieber: Shirtless Hotel Return on 19th Birthday!

Justin Bieber goes shirtless while returning to his hotel in the early morning hours on Friday (March 1) in Central London, England.

The singer, who started the celebration of his 19th birthday that evening, was returning to the hotel after performing a concert in Birmingham.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Bieber

“gonna chill and get ready for this show. last show as an 18 year old,” Justin tweeted before the concert.

“Great show!!! Now gonna go celebrate 19!! Thanks,” Justin added later in the night. Happy birthday, JB!

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# 1

IDGI why are his pants so low

# 2

I am so very confused by these pictures!
Why is he shirtless and why are his pants so low?

But, I would seriously love to have his tan right now.

# 3

He’s nothing more than a little B.I.T.C.H…I can see why SG dumped his pathetic ass. His popularity is slipping . Bye Bye little B.I.T.C.H.

# 4
Rupert Sanders @ 02/28/2013 at 9:28 pm


# 5

he’s sucha an annoying little child. what is the point of being shirtless? other than to show off his odd, scrawny frame and lean muscle?

# 6

what a LITTLE BOY. He needs a parent to put him in his place ASAP.

# 7

omg get rid of those shoes!! so ugly, why do guys think they’re cool??

# 8
[~Fug Face Man!ston~] @ 02/28/2013 at 9:43 pm

@alan: …Because he thinks he’s a early 90′s rapper. LOL
He looks more like Rob Van Winkle every day.

# 9

Shirtless and almost pantless. So ridiculous!

He looks ridiculous!

Ohhhh Justin PLEASE workout more before you try to show that skinny body off

@Nick: hahahah right hes 19 but still looks like a child

Pull up your damn pants!!! You look like a fool.

How does one actually WALK with their butt sticking out ENTIRELY from their pants??

lol, he’s like the Vanilla Ice of our generation!

duh, what an a**hole showing is a-s-s. little boy needs to grow up. he’s 19 now not 10.

douche pull up your pants

good thing he is 18! Justin is looking good! Stay out of trouble please. xo

What a douche. Seriously when did Bieber become such a twat?
What’s with the pants, and why the hell is he shirtless half the time?
He STILL looks like a kid. He needs to grow up, fast.

Steve Perry @ 02/28/2013 at 10:41 pm

ICE, ICE, Baby…

Pants on the Ground
Pants on the Ground
Lookin’ like a fool With your pants on the Ground

oh justin, no matter how much you try to look like your tough and cool you’re always going to look like a little kid. it’s like that kid that tries so hard to see big and bad and you just wanna laugh at how hard he tries

i love you jb curse you pepole who insult him

” it’s like that kid that tries so hard to seem big and bad and you just wanna laugh at how hard he tries”


I dont get how anyone can like this dou che. So embarrasing, he thinks he looks so tough and hot, but he is a joke. No one who is really cool has to show off like this. Modest is hottest, dude. I dont care how many tats of Jesus you get. Vanity is not cool.

Big ol Top @ 02/28/2013 at 11:12 pm

HAYYYYY HAYYYY ALL ya bullies…leave her alone! Where I come from, hanging those jeenzies like that means she’s hungry for love! And I LOVEZ :-P

Damn has he become a man! Wasnt this the little kid who did the head swoop and was singing baby, baby, baby??! lol crazy how ppl grow up so fast… yeah he needs to pull up his pants. i bet he misses selena

Pull up your pants, and put on a belt, you look like an idiot!

Does he think that braindead expression is sexay?

Steroidbieb @ 03/01/2013 at 12:01 am

Oh, I see he’s using ‘the clear,’ or some kind of steroids to build lean muscle mass. Probably topical testerone too. Too bad he can’t smear it on his face, so he wouldn’t look like a 12 yr old girl.

I’m restraining myself from making fun of him because I definitely did some stupid things when I was 19 and maturing into puberty. It’s even worse for him considering he has to mature and hit puberty in the public eye; I’m sure his chaotic state of puberty is even worse.

who cares if he looks young for his age, when he is older it will be a good thing.

But it matters when someone gets older but acts more childish …showing off your chest and walking around showing your behind is dumb and immature.

Dingleberry @ 03/01/2013 at 12:29 am

He certainly is no threat to win the Mr universe.. But he has a nice shape.. If he added just a little more muscle he could really look like something.. Perhaps when his singing career is over he could be the next James Bond

narcissism definitely

He’s obviously trying to flex his nonexistent abs extremely hard… Poor little thing! Hopefully a hemorrhoid won’t emerge.

If he were using steroids he would be packing on some serious muscle and he isn’t. So your argument is invalid. He is an ectomorph, and will have a hard time gaining muscle.

LOL! he’s actually trying to make himself look bigger by flexing?????

Come to Daddy Jake now Justin.

what the hell this mongoloid went out for??!! did he know that his body is not that really good?!!! take a nap men and please no more wids!!! burf!!! gay!!! brutt!!

no matter how hard he tries he will always look like some lesbian kid

Well, I guess we all know what he looks like naked now :/

I used to like him but now ewww He thinks he is too cool for school, but he is not. Selena deserves someone more mature and less in love with himself.-

happy 19th birthday justin.hope u have a good time.i really want to meet u.i live in chicago west side on agusta n kedvale.i wont give my address because i dont trust other the way i’m 12

“….he could be the next James Bond”
best laugh I’ve had all night!

With the flashes going off, there wouldn’t be any shadowing on his abdomen. Which means that he had those abs PAINTED ON!!!
Such a do)uche bag!

pull your pants up, boy

what an idiot

was he coming from the beach or what who he hell walks around in London in early morning shirtless and pants down, he is making a jack a s s out of himself but he too immature to realize it … boy !

Does he hang out with thugs from The Bronx because that’s exactly who he is emulating with the way he dresses and carries himself. The one and only time I sat and watched him in an interview, I swear I thought I was watching a half ass, white boy version of my cousin Jamal. Saying “Ooooo-weee” as an expletive like a negro. White boy you ain’t never going to be black! Stop embarrassing yourself.

This kid used to be alright but now he is just getting so full of himself. The way he carries himself now is just pathetic.

People who have the time to write so much **** either have no life or are completely jealous of Bieber.. sorry but if you didn’t like him why would you be writing all this **** and even reading through an article about him. You amaze me

nope. he still looks like a little boy.

exhibitionist much? o.O The shot with his a$$ sticking out of pants is pure comedic gold.

Gabrielle @ 03/01/2013 at 5:42 am

he has nice ass


he’s so ugly. you can hate me now, i don’t care.


The definition of EEEWWWWWW!!! Gross!

Well, I am not fan…But I have to admit that he made a great body!

Oh please!!! Would this fool pull up his pants already? And it’s winter and fairly cold in England right now, people are wearing weather- appropriate coats and this one is walking around shirtless like he’s hot shiit. There’s no reason for him to be shirtless, put a damn shirt on. This wannabe is SO in love with himself it’s sickening.

Juicy Lucy @ 03/01/2013 at 7:21 am

Can someone explain to me why this closeted whimp is appealing? He’s much to delicate to act like a tough macho guy.

talk to me @ 03/01/2013 at 7:32 am

Ewww. I agree with whomever said he’s Vanilla Ice jr.

How butch she is these days! Still can’t grow hair on her face though – not enough testosterone.

He’s so disgusting

Gross grown up kid full of himself

Pull up your pants little punk!

He looks like he’s getting ready to star in a gay porn.

My o my…Bieber…I see your growing into a fine young man :)

He’s really clueless, isn’t he?

it’s not his fault that he has a girly face BUT his try-hard “look at me” antics makes it easy to make fun of him…..I just cant take him seriously at all.

He looks all natural to me since he’s only added muscle *definition* so far, no major bulk.

In London, England? Seriously? It’s like winter there… don’t tell me he was hot he couldn’t handle his shirt… stupid attention-wh…

It looks like he wants to go to the bathroom you know, pants almost down ( or down already) he is flexing, he is like holding something inside

laughing really hard @ 03/01/2013 at 11:19 am

Little boy wants to show all the little girls his “thingee”
Here’s a plan for ya….
Pay Playgirl to feature you in their magazine so that all the little girls who think you’re something can have a look-see!
What a joke you are with your backside hanging out your stupid pants.
Real men are taught by their mothers how to dress….I’m guessing yours missed that lesson…

Where are all the Beliebers to see Justin’s pants falling down, haha

Oh my,this is embarassing,those pants falling…ewww.Why would anyone like this ridiculous and immature douche?He looks like a girl,has a ridiculous hairdo,fake “abs” and wears those horrible pants everywhere he goes.I never liked him,and i’m glad his 15 minutes are starting to disappear.
Btw,he looks high in the photos…

VANILLA ICE @ 03/01/2013 at 3:06 pm


Lol.. he looks like a kid who wants to be cool .. and why showing your ass.. what .. does it make a man to look more masculine?! This is so freaking stupid.. What is the message behind low pants, beside being “cool” ??? I don’t have nothing about him.. he has a nice voice.. but he looks like a stupid kind with those pants and shirtless. What .. you’re 50Cent – full of muscles? :)

What a douche… He’s making fool of himself trying to look gangsta. Annyoing and disgusting little boy.

adamwright justion bieder nxt

He definitely is as retarded as his fans going shirtless during the winter.

This twink needs to put his shirt back on and pull up his pants. Why does he always have that clueless expression? In every photo he has that clueless expression.

He just looks weird to me. Like a child pretending to be an adult. Put some normal clothes on.

He is a strange person.

If I were his mother….his face would have been smacked long time ago….PULL THEM DAMN PANTS UP! #unacceptable

I wish his Mom had disciplined him more, and taught him some values, shown him some class. And taught him to pull his pants up. He looks like a spoiled little boy lost. Sad.

I also don’t understand why all these little girls are screaming crazy for an uneducated, classless little boy white boy who can’t bother to pull his pants up. Double Sad.

Happy 19th Birthday Justin

he can’t even walk like a normal person because his hands have to near his pants all the time -_- lookin like a fool with his pants on the ground

Totally disappointed in Justin Bieber.

wow,don’t h8 gals.He needs an asian woman to rock him…once you taste asian you never go back to caucasian.Were taking YOUR boys and like McDonalds were “lovin’ it”…………..:)

Brandon Johns @ 03/03/2013 at 11:18 pm


Teenaged girls are idiots.

Okay… I am a teenager and everyone in my school sags. Its just what is “IN” now. But thats not sagging. No one wants to see the outlining of your cheeks booboo. It’s not cute.

& PLEASE put on your damn shirt! No one is trying to see a chicken-chest little boy. Gawd what is my generation coming to? Disgrace.

JB looks like a class A douche with his pants so low (Damn like take them off already) but he seems like a pretty humble guy -cough- anyyyway, he still looks hot despite the fact he looks like an total and complete ass -no pun intended-

oh my god..he looks so funny with this stupid looks! I pity at him actually, have to try so hard want people to accept him even though he is really suck.

he want to tell us, he no longer need pampers.

if he’s 18 and his fans are all 13-16 is there even a point in having groupies? and at what point does he become Raffi?

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