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Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: 'El Hormiguero' Visit!

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: 'El Hormiguero' Visit!

Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez participate in some fun activities during their appearance on El Hormiguero, which aired on Thursday (February 28), in Madrid, Spain.

The ladies, who taped the appearance during a break from their Spring Breakers international press tour last week, seemed to have a blast doing some fun science experiments on the show!

Spring Breakers
will be opening in theaters in NY/LA on March 15 and everywhere else in the country on March 22.

Watch the first part of Vanessa and Selena‘s appearance on the show below and click inside for part two.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Katharine Kidd outfit. Selena is wearing an Alberta Ferretti top, ALC leather pants, and Casadei shoes.

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez – El Hormiguero Part I

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez‘ appearance on the show…

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez – El Hormiguero Part II
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vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 01
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 02
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 03
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 04
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 05
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 06
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 07
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 08
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 09
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 10
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 11
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 12
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 13
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 14
vanessa hudgens selena gomez el hormiguero appearance 15

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  • Not your friend

    Vanessa is sooo girls, love her!

  • mo

    they are adorables

  • anney

    my babyyyyyyyyy! she is so gorgeous.

  • anney
  • hannah

    i cant, she is so f****** cute

  • hannah
  • SelenitaQueen

    i love Valena <3

  • emma

    hahhaa so fun.

  • maria

    Would love to see these girls play sisters in an upcoming movie. They have natural chemistry!


    Yep, Vanessa comes across as such a fun person. I love how sporting she is.

  • Warren

    Selena looks so hot and beautiful!

  • Rachael M. Bryant

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  • Pattycake

    Vanessa has such a beautiful personality

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  • Mollie

    Vanessa is the cutest thing

  • VEE

    They are so adorable together.

  • VEE

    vanessa is soooooo presh <<<<<<<<3333333333333333333333333333333333

  • melanie

    Ahhwwwww the both look so Awesome and sweet ;):..<3<3 love you Vanessa ;)<3<3

  • yets

    both are so beautiful….i love you V

  • shahad

    LOVE vanessa

  • the truth

    pretentious and ugly…duck face

  • BO

    when I look at these pics , I genuinely feel sad for hudge . she didn’t quite recover from that weight gain for GS . she looks like she’s close to thirty than to 25 .her face and figure has lots of untoned fat

  • tina

    @the truth: Nice of you to give us a description of yourself, so we will know you if we ever see you. On the other hand, the girls look great here. You can see they enjoyed this promotion.

  • aye

    @BO: ouch . lets see how quick u lose weight in a short amount of time

  • BO

    @aye: aww , you call 2 years a ”short amount of time” ? lol

  • Alicia

    Animo a todos los famosos de Hollywood que vengan al Hormiguero!!
    Se lo pasaran muy bien!!
    Podeis ver el programa completo con Ness y Sele aquí:

  • maria

    Sad for “Hudge”?????? LMAO. She has been all over Europe, looking gorgeous and perfect, and stunning at an Oscars party. Sad?? No way. She looks fabulous! In every way! She took that weight off in a healthy way, with exercise and healthy eating. Go, V!! How anyone can trash her for her weight is an a$$. Look at pics of her with Selena and Ashley on the promo tour, and you can see she is tiny next to them, and certainly not heavier.

  • BO

    she’s the only actor who has ever toured all around the europe .yup ! how can anyone feel sad ’bout her .duh ! the pic you chose to post to show he glamour is just ghastly .lol i didn’t even recognise her .she looks tiny next to others . obviously , she’s only 5 3′

  • bullsht

    They look as if they were acting on that tv programme.

  • tina

    Sorry little one you lose on this one. She’s happy, healty, and enjoying her life. The best revenge against haters. The outfit you just put down made many best dressed list. She has lost all the weight she needs to and looks great so your just sounding silly. She looks younger than her twenty four years. She is a young women who embraces it. I have said over and over again nothing is sadder than a grown women dressing like a teen.
    On a side note, I hope you don’t have an obsession about your weight or you’ll end up looking like Emma Roberts who I’m worried about. There is nothing attractive about a bag of bones (and it’s got to hurt to hug,lol). Nothing wants a bone but a dog, and even they bury it.

  • the truth

    PRETENTIOUS !!! VH = Hight school musical and nothing else !! she’s boring and ugly..

  • tina

    @the truth: So why the hel l are you here? Maybe it just me but I tend to ignore things that bore me. So where are your pictures showing you as the most beautiful anything? I would like to see them.

  • tina

    Oh, glad to see you learned a new word. Here another just for you asinne idiot.

  • BO

    happy , healthy , enjoying life …. guess you can’t find anything less average to say bout your idol . the dress is nice , it’s the one wearing it that looks like a pile of untoned fat .again sorry to say this , but she looks close to 30 , not like a youth in her middle twenties , her face has lots of muscles like an aged woman .

  • anney

    “contigo no, BICHO”

  • VEE


  • VEE


  • fern

    lmao, that one was perfect, hello BO aka BICHO.

  • lorel

    Vanessa is so freakin’ adorable, i can’t

  • lorel


  • SelenitaQueen
  • SelenitaQueen

    love it when people go TO eh, it always loooks so fun. Selena is so cute, but BBV is flawless

  • SelenitaQueen

    you sound like one of those inmature jelena stan, but you are a die hard zanessa fan, right?. POOR YOU, Vanessa has said like a million of time she is in love with her boyfriend Austin Butler during the european tour, and now Austin has described her ideal woman and guess what? it is Vanessa!. Get over your obsession with Vanessa, everyone knows she ended her relationship with Efron. GTFO

    contigo no bicho!

  • tina

    @BO: Sorry but not even you can detract from her beauty. lol LOVE, her cheekbones and her smile. She looks like an eighteen year old. Her eyes are glowing with happiness. Obviously her new relationship is giving her something that was missing in her life. Believe me, I ‘m surprised at how well this little movie is doing. Sorry but you can say all the negative things you want. She’ s looking great, ( one word BEAUTIFUL), she’s happy and I’ m happy for her. Just looking at her brings a smile to my face. Living a negative life will weight on you, little one. Nothing makes a person uglier than hate. Meanness tends to put lines on your face, you become the witch you are inside on the outside. I try to make every one around me smile, and at the end of the day I feel great.

  • BO

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  • BO

    @VEE: speak for yourself , will you ? lol we all know your hudge’s diminishing of beauty has something to do with either drinking or drugs .may be she shoud just stop taking those martinis for breakfast which she posted on fb : P

  • BO

    @SelenitaQueen: i feel sad for you .i mean seriously .you know , you are living in a fantasy world of Vaustin .they aren’t gonna last . and again , i don’t give a rat’s whether she says she loves him , a thousand times , nor he says shes his ideal woman or whatever .i’ve made more than one time that i think Zac deserves a better classier girl .you pumpers may think hudge is te most eligible woman on the planet , prettiest , most talented etc etc , but face the truth . she’s not .Zac so obviously deserves better .

  • BO

    @tina: ah! you are making up for the lack of sermons here due to the abcense of babyji .it’s just sad to see how her face has become so packed with bulging muscles .that happens to PH girls .just look at her mom .she also has lots of fat on her face .

  • Leah

    Vanessa’s outfit is very unflattering and don’t get me started on that hair. Why can’t celebs dress properly? Obviously money can’t buy taste. I usually like Vanessa, but sometimes her clothes are just a miss.