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Rihanna Talks Taking Back Chris Brown

Rihanna Talks Taking Back Chris Brown

Rihanna gets escorted to her car by a bodyguard after having dinner with her boyfriend Chris Brown at Giorgio Baldi restaurant on Thursday (February 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 25-year-old singer is currently featured on the cover of Elle UK‘s latest issue and talks with the mag about taking back Chris as her beau.

“I have my own reasons, very, very private reasons. Very personal. A lot of things. Bottom line is – I know him,” Ri said. “I had a lot to think about and I had a lot of time to think about it. I was trying to do this for myself … You don’t have that feeling [of everlasting love] with everybody so when you have it you don’t want to let go of it. I would definitely say that he [Chris Brown] is the one I have that kind of relationship with.”

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  • lana


  • wren

    You sound no different than any other abused woman lassie. Till death do you part, unless you get smart.

  • JL

    Delusional and no self-respect

  • Gp

    i think she’s such a bad example for the young kids!
    i can’t stand her since she took that guy back!

  • janekay

    hot Ri Ri!

  • frt

    well.. of she loves him that much..
    Sadly I can’t say the same about him

  • Lianne

    Guys,that’s her life.If she wanted to go back to Chris,that’s her choice.Both were too young when they fought and that situation happened,but now they’re adults and Rihanna must know what she’s doing,she really must know him better than us.If something bad happens between them again in the future,she’ll be on her own,and he’ll be in trouble again.They must know what they’re doing,or they wouldn’t be together again. And remember she’s not exactly a victim,they fought because she started the fight.While you all judge and blame only Chris Brown,Rihanna knows she’s as guilty as him.I never felt pity of her,i never saw her as a real victim.Both are guilty of what happened that night,Chris for beating her and Rihanna for provoking him.
    I’ll only wish them good luck,with the bad press they attract when they are together,they will need it…

  • see

    yeah, her reasons are GUILT, he convinced her it was her fault for provoking him
    she really needs help, he still abuses her psychologically

  • sunnyautumn

    She weaseled her way back into a relationship with him when he was going strong with his ex. This rarely ever works out in the end.

  • afhowe

    the more she’s interviewed and talks and is portrayed the more i think she’s really just taking the easy route taking what she gets and already has. reworking all of this sh*t. not trying to work on something new. pretty common tho, having the same boring but stable sh*t all day.

    so it’s a blah. not a big thing.

  • LaCroix

    No matter what you do or say Rihanna..we all still look at you like you are a joke.. so stop trying to sell it to us. Have some respect for your private life.

  • Jessica

    Sure they’re not a good example for their fans, but if she loves him that much, I think she’s right on give him a second chance. In her place, maybe I would do the same.

  • Pepper


    You’re nuts. Provoking? That’s no defense or explanation. There is no excuse for beating another person, man or woman, for what you consider “provoking”. The only exception would be self-defense or defense of others. Provoking is such a broad term. If I walk up to you and punch you in the face, can I use it as a defense that I thought you looked at me funny and I felt provoked?

  • Respect.

    Well, good for her. But I don’t think that I would ever be able to forgive the man that would have done such a shameful thing to me. He is her first great love and that I understand and I sure understand that she is trying to hold on to that magical feeling but when a man takes it too far, he just takes it too far and it is time to forget about him and get out and find a new and even greater love. I mean she is so young!!! But who the hell am I.

  • Shazam

    Making her perhaps the most naive person out there? Of course she can have this feeling of everlasting love with someone else. She’s barely lived long enough to try. Who’s feeding her this garbage? She sounds unintelligent. When will her fans just stand up and say, fine, you want to throw your life away over an abusive guy, go ahead, but you’re not a role model and we won’t buy your music? The singer is part of the music and if the singer is going to throw her life away and won’t be swayed by courts or cops or intelligent people, let her.

  • joak

    i remember chris brown was still with his other gf when rihanna came back for round 2.. so isn’t it technically he the one who took her back? their relationship is so well known to the public it’s kind of disturbing. but oh well. it’s her life.

  • unknown

    that’s really profound… she loves him… love is greater than hate…

  • http://@laurielovesadam Solo

    They ARE in love, that matters more than all haters opinions on their relationship. There is no ex girlfriend, just a rebound sidechik, if he loved her, he would not have gone back to Rihanna.

  • Jena

    Well i hate to read her comment but it;s her own choice..

    Wonder if she is not talking about CB but could be referring to someone else…wish she gets back with M kempt.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Rihanna, please stop this constant talking abt your relation. I think many’re pissed already! JJ, plz I want som’ positive news abt sth…no anything, but this relationship.

  • chianne


    Yeah, my mind goes there too sometimes. Only they know what she did to make him lose it like that. And kudos to Chris for keeping it under wraps. He made some commments back then about both male AND female violence is wrong – gee I wonder why he was making that point….

  • Gonza

    I just want her to be happy. ¡Love you so much RiRi <3!

  • Liberty

    At the end of the day as she states it’s her life. Her choice to take him back. But she needs to stop publicly discussing it as it creates the backlash she claims to hate.

  • http://JustJared Janet

    I doubt she ever really left him…she blew her mouth off and shot herself in the foot when she claimed he beat her…a move I’m sure she regrets – cuz there was no going back to him without looking like an idiot. I always knew, after enough time had passed, that she’d make her move and be with him.

  • Ohboy

    She’s delusional. You don’t have everlasting love with someone who beats you up and puts you in the hospital. What she has is lust for him. She doesn’t have love. He, I think, could take her or leave her. but he is with her because it boosts his fame and his status, and his money. It’s good PR for him, because if she forgives him, and is with him, he thinks the public will as well. I don’t sense any love from him toward her. I think they’re both kind of unemotional, no offense, so since love, and empathy and compassion and those things, are out of the question for them, all they have is lust. But because they don’t know any better, they think that lust is love. Just saying.

  • Mary

    @Lianne: Let me just say that whether she provoked him or insulted him or whatever, no way in hell does that give chris brownthe right to physically abuse her. no man should lay a finger on a woman. Never.

  • echo

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  • Ana Maria

    At the end of the day she can do whatever she wants, but I’m honestly concerned for her. Ever since CB beat her years ago, she changed

  • Lady kaka

    Hoe n pimp !

  • Lesley Lauralei

    He was her first lover. Chris knows how to keep her happy. He kisses her with his Warm Breathe all over her body, on her Neck, and Stomach. He feels her warm sweat as he pulls her body closer. He thrusts passionately and caring deep inside of her, feeling her sensation everywhere in his body. He keeps the passion alive with Bedroom toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • guest

    I don’t agree with what Chris did because I believe there’s no reason a man or woman should put their hands on each other. But, I think there was more to what happen that night. Also, i’m willing to forgive Chris B since he was 19 years old. She forgave him, so why don’t folks move on. They both are still raking in the $$$millions. Rihanna had #1 album and single. She also just landed a cosmetic deal. Chris B still has a record deal and touring the country. So it seems they both still have plenty of fans.

    I have to admit I became a bigger fan of her because didn’t let the public pressure stop her from going back to him. It obvious she’s in love with him. For those who think she loves abuse, there are plenty of men out there who could fit that role, she doesn’t need Chris B. Chris B surely isn’t the only man in the world that abuses women. Many women and men put their careers before anything else. Ben A with JLo, Jlo with Puffy, Anne H. with her ex-beau.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Lianne: I agree. I don’t like him more because I just find him a dolt in general. That said, he without sin cast the first stone and I have a seriously strong feeling that 100% of us on this thread have forgiven someone others told you not to, have done something someone warned you not to, will DO something you have no business doing. We all have free will and she’s made her choice and I wish them both the sense God gave them to not repeat their mistakes.

  • Pepper

    He was 19.
    So what???
    I never knew any guys who beat up their girlfriends because they were young. Young doesn’t equal stupid or abusive.

  • WHAT?

    Thanks for sharing yet another comment with the rest of the world about ur broken and trivial relationship. People are dying and starving, no one cares that you can’t get over his D**K. Just make ur silly tunes that are catchy and repetitive and keep it movin”. THANKS RIH! Now go on.

  • UhmOK

    @chianne: Uhm I think he was so busy begging for her forgivenessr, that he failed to forgive himself for not walking away from that relationship! He got rid of his friends that witnessed her abuse & spoke up about it, e.g. B-Shaw, Chozin & all his other old dancers, & hiseven Scooter Smiff!
    I just smh @CB & wonder when & if he’s ever ver gonna get past his pass with Rihanna & just keep it moving!

  • UhmOK

    @Ohboy:I 100% cosign with you on this! Until they’ve had real love, which NEVER lead to physical violence, these two are clueless as to the difference in love & lust! Chris’ sex is the best she’s ever had SO FAR! I don’t see forever in the horizon for them!

  • UhmOK

    @Mary: @Mary ..and NO WOMAN should ever lay her hand on a man! It works both ways. That’s what my mom taught her girls! We aren’t above the law!

  • UhmOK

    At the end of the da, Rihanna & Chris are suppose to be adults. Their old enough to make their own life choices. However, they both continue to enlist the support of the public or if it;s just Rihannas Navy or Team Breezy!
    Unfortunately their private & public lives merge into their music! Chris has “Graffiti & Rihanna has Rated R to show the extreme pain they were going through. Not many people didn’t get it though. Now Chris is doing the most gutter rap ever! He’s depicting females as the worse! He ‘picked up the awful “female bashing” vulgar rap ever! I hate how he disrespects females calling them every name other than children of God! I won’t be supporting or buying nothing of his if that’s the way he feels about women! I’m thinking his mom should feel pretty let down if she’s hering this “new” material of his.

    I would venture to say they deserve each other but that would be glorifying one of the devils pieces of work which I refuse to buy into !

  • Carol Cotrone

    They did not “fight”. He beat her up. This is domestic violence. Young girls out there …. this is not love.

  • Reason

    You all are living in a false world Your parents even you have faught with your mate and did not leave. Stop getting so caught up in others lives and passing judgement.
    If Rihanna and Chris forgave each other. Wish them well and pray for them.

  • http://lilugmo lilugmo

    It must be nice to sit back and judge people that you don’t even know. I suggest we leave the judging to the only man sent to judge man kind. I don’t care how the media display there lives they have there whole life ahead of them mistakes comes and goes but they are just that and it is there’s to make.


    I get that we fall in love and some fall harder than others, but Rihanna can clearly see that Chris is still that angry little boy that abused her. He’s still getting into fights, so my advice would be to drag Chris kicking and screaming to some sought of anger management therapy, for as long as it takes for him to develop a healthy way of expressing himself.

  • Belinda

    If she wanted to go back to Chris, that’s her choice. Both were too young when they fought and that situation happened, but now they’re adults and Rihanna must know what she’s doing, she really must know him better than us. If something bad happens between them again in the future, she’ll be on her own, and he’ll be in trouble again.