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Jamie Lynn Spears: Engaged to Jamie Watson!

Jamie Lynn Spears: Engaged to Jamie Watson!

Jamie Lynn Spears is engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Jamie Watson!

The 21-year-old actress and younger sister of superstar Britney Spears shared the news on her Instagram account on Saturday (March 2).

“Guesssss what??????” Jamie Lynn captioned a photo of herself and Jamie, 30, posing with her engagement ring. She also posted a photo of the gorgeous ring with the caption, “:) #hedidgood”.

Jamie Lynn recently posted some photos of her new fiance Jamie and her adorable 4-year-old daughter Maddie, whose father is her ex Casey Aldridge. Check them out below!

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jamie lynn spears engaged to jamie watson 01
jamie lynn spears engaged to jamie watson 02
jamie lynn spears engaged to jamie watson 03
jamie lynn spears engaged to jamie watson 04
jamie lynn spears engaged to jamie watson 05
jamie lynn spears engaged to jamie watson 06
jamie lynn spears engaged to jamie watson 07
jamie lynn spears engaged to jamie watson 08

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  • Not your friend

    Actress? Since when…?

  • Cece

    Congrats! She has done very well for herself since getting pregnant at a young age. You never saw her boozing it up air taking drugs, she kept out of the spotlight.



  • Logan

    He looks much older than her.

  • Meh…

    Wow he does look a lot older than her…

  • Jackie

    she was on all that. and Zoey 101

  • Danika

    @Logan: He *is* like 9 years older, I think… (out of curiosity, is he related to Emma Watson?)

  • Adriana

    our he seems much older than her. Well I hope you are happy and Nthat els will not score here talking to expire one month

  • zey

    you guys it clearly says he’s 30 years old.. thats means hes been with her since she was 18.. gross.. so he is 9 years older.. and no hes not related to emma watson .. HA!!! he’s a guy who lives in Tennessee where she lives.. god only knows what he does for a living.. she threw away a one and a billion shot at hollywood for a teen age pregnancy.. crazy

  • lisa he was 27 when she was 19?!

  • babboom

    Who are we to judge on this relationship? Yes she was 19 and he was 27 when they stared to date. Big age gap but obviously she is a bit more mature considering she does have a child. By the pictures he looks like he is great with her daughter so that is all that matters!

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    She looks gorgeous, way more attractive than Brit-Brit. Jamie, you did good!

  • Marnie

    will they both be Jamie Watson after marriage???

  • Tom

    The engagement ring looks super fake.

  • Toni

    Aww thats nice for her :)

  • Mkhay

    looks like her dad…

  • Silvia M. Burgess

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  • kel


  • Lucia

    Wow! I remember when she was a child!
    Both have the same name! do you guys notice that?
    What can I say? Everybody wants to be happy!

  • Anna

    The age gap is big, but not to big. Nine years is not that big a deal. With her having a child dating someone a bit more mature is a good thing. Think about it, how many guys can really be a family man at 20/21 ? not many. They are both adults and have been together longer than five minutes so good luck to them.

  • Rhonda

    Congrats!!! Who is he? He doesn’t look bad btw.

  • Kilem

    That ring is nice!

  • B.

    Everybody has so many bad comments! Why can we just be happy for something good happening to other people?
    He might be 10 years older than her, but if she said yes to him is because he makes her very happy, so at the end of the day that’s what counts.

  • joanna

    lisa @ 03/02/2013 at 10:16 pm #10 he was 27 when she was 19?!

    He’s 30 and she is 21 so , three years ago she was 18 and he was 27. So they got together when she was 18 and he 27.

  • joanna

    @B.: #23

    How do you know he makes her happy?

  • talia

    @joanna: actually lisa is right, she was 19 when they started dating late 2010 ( think nov/dec time)

  • B.

    @joanna: Because you don’t say yes to a man unless he makes you happy. Your question is just so stupid!

  • S

    He looks older than 30. He looks like he’s at least late 30s.

  • biker mike

    jamie is so much better looking than Britney,

  • amy


    i agree! She did the right thing by her daughter and seems like a nice down to earth girl. It’s a shame that people judge her so harshly when all of us are human and at such a young age it is easy to have errors in judgement. At least she is not a baby murderer – she did the right thing and did not have an asbortion. Some of these who commented here are probably guilty of the very things they judge her for.

    I hope she will be very happy – I wish her the best.

  • amy


  • Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse!

    And if you wanna´ know, if he loves her so…
    …………………………………………………………´s in his kiss, that´s where it is!
    …………………………………………………………´s in his kiss, that´s where it is!

  • Kelly Campenella

    She is an Amazing Lover. Her Boyfriend knows how to keep her happy. He kisses her with his Warm Breathe all over her body, on her Neck, and Stomach. He feels her warm sweat as he pulls her body closer. He thrusts passionately and caring deep inside of her, feeling her sensation everywhere in his body. He keeps the passion alive with Bedroom toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Olivia

    Why all the fuss about his age? It’s not like she was underage or he was 40 or more. Let’s hope the marriage lasts. As someone said they’re both going to be named Jamie Watson, that’s weird

  • CoolerthanU

    She has a kid at 16. Not many men want that. She’s just lucky to take what she gets.

    Men use her sister for money and fame, bc well, what other reason woudl they date a smellly, ugly brain dead turd?

  • Mary

    Who cares that he is 30! My God, My hubby was 28 when we got married and I was 19…. GET OVER IT!!! if they are happy who cares

  • Rhonda

    You are mad because the 21 year old is marrying someone earlier that you! LOL! the eternal sh*t thing is getting ridiculous!!!

  • Comical

    Bet she was the one who paid for the ring!

  • Lauren

    She has a child. She needs a mature man in both of their lives. Unlike Taylor Swift, she knows a 21 year old boy would not make a good husband because they are to young and immature and don’t want the responsibilty

  • Juliet

    Interesting that when they first started dating his age was listed in all the magazines and blogs as being 29. That was more than three years ago. Some Hollywood math going on methinks!

  • Juanse

    @Not your friend: Zoey 101

  • Dina

    that sucks that , she is no longer with her father of her daughter, she looks pretty long, and wow 3 years like liam and miley, i hope it a long engement atleast

  • Lux

    He looks way older than 30.

  • safireskeye

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Jamie and Jamie Watson!

  • Jesse

    Typical desperate single mom going with any man no matter how much older they are .

  • Canuck

    Weird colour flashes in the closeup pic of the ring. Is it CZ?

  • Silver


    That is a really good point. Agreed. She needs a father figure for her growing daughter and hopefully it works out for them!

  • Britney’s ex, Jason was also 10 years older then her.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Oh, I see not so much complaining abt their age gap…at least not that much as everybody complains abt the gap btw JLo & CSmart. haha!