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LeAnn Rimes: Malibu Country Mart Retail Therapy!

LeAnn Rimes: Malibu Country Mart Retail Therapy!

Leann Rimes does some retail therapy at the Malibu Country Mart on a sunny Friday afternoon (March 1) in Malibu, Calif.

The 30-year-old country singer also stopped by a grocery store to pick up some food that morning.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Happy March 1st everyone!!!!!” LeAnn tweeted that day. “Juggling discussing frustrating record label stuff on a phone call, making a pb&j sandwich for jake‘s lunch & Prosciutto & Eggs for breakfast.”

20+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes‘ busy morning out…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 01
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 02
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 03
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 04
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 05
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 06
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 07
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 08
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 09
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 10
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 11
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 12
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 13
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 14
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 15
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 16
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 17
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 18
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 19
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 20
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 21
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 22
leann rimes malibu country mart retail therapy 23

Photos: AKM-GSI
Posted to: LeAnn Rimes

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  • hopeso

    Love love love the shoes

  • hopeso

    I never see her that i dont scroll down to see the shoes that she is wearing

  • mel


  • Cat

    She dresses like a 14 year old! Oh wait, mentally she IS a 14 year old!

  • BmoreGir

    Brandi Glanville’s book has done soooo well! They are asking Brandi to take th book to a movie. NOW, Sleestak is stating the same on her twitter. Leann feels she is loosing in all of this. Eddie is looking old and tired lately and Leann cannot sell cd’s or concert seats. SHE is a hasbeen hillbilly hick. GO AWAY SLEESTAK!

  • Shauna

    BARF!!! I think I just threw up in my mouth!!! Poor Eddie has to look at this fat face and rotten teeth in the morning???

  • Christie

    YUK. A jean skirt? REALLY?? Can she fire her hair and clothes stylists? She has knobby knees and a face for radio.

  • Nik

    She hit the UGLY tree and fell on every branch on the way down!

  • CapitalHill

    This freak was in DC at Dulles Airport acting like a celebrity. She called the paps. We do not have paps here!!! Politicians and REAL celebrities can walk around without being harassed. People were laughing at her.

  • Vanilla

    LOOK AT ME…LOOK AT ME!!!!! HUGE NOSTRILS!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Mimi

    Someone got trout pout and cheek fillers. Hideous. She looks like the joker.

  • Scheana

    Leann, Eddie still keeps in contact with me.

  • kel

    Hideous looking.

  • Holly

    I wish Leann would stop SWF’ing Brandi. Brandi is a wonderful mother and does not need mentally challenged Leann to act like she is their mother. How can you be a stepmother when you are taking laxatives? I bought and read Brandi’s wonderful book that sheds the light on how vindictive Leann has become. Leann needs professional help stat!

    God bless Brandi and HER boys
    Holly from East Tennessee
    A day one fan of Brandi!

  • crabcake

    Her face is like a big PIMPLE, get a pin and pop it!

  • Insidescooper

    She’s looking healthier, but that’s all I can say.
    There’s some major screws loose with this chick, but it seems Eddie likes them that way…

    By the way, I wonder how many of these comments are written by Brandi herself. It’s pretty clear she’s still not over Eddie.

  • serenityzhere

    Why oh why does this former country singer have to post all these pictures almost daily? Why oh why does this site and daily mail always post them and talk like she is some superstar that paps caught a glimpse of. It’s so laughable. Or does she also write the article to go with the pictures? It sounds like it a lot of the time. If she is so currently famous, why is she not giving concerts like Carrie Underwood or Lady Antebellum? LOL. No comparison between them and you sure don’t see their pictures posted on here every day. Just don’t get it?

  • Gwen

    Who didn’t see this one coming? Since Leann tweeted on Thursday that it was going to be 84 degrees on Firday and that she was going to be on the beach, everyone expected these “candid” photos of Leann from AKM-GSI. The only difference is that we expected her to be in a bikini on beach, not the country mart bribing Jeff. Don’t you see a pattern here? Leann takes her “friends” on shopping sprees inorder to get them to do what she wants them to do.

    What was the point in being photographed by her BFFs AKM-GSI with Jeff? Is this promotion for her album release? Leann is trying to promote her album by smarking rumors that something is going on between her and Jeff. And what was it that Leann said about drama and publicity stunts?

    1) “Leann Rimes does some retail therapy at the Malibu Country Mart on a sunny Friday afternoon (March 1) in Malibu, Calif.”

    AKM-GSI took these photos. So this just another STAGED photo-op. Just like we all predicted would happen. So are we going to see another staged photo-op with AKM-GSI from Friday. Or is Leann done for the weekend? Is she going to call Fame/Flynet to get more photos of Brandi’s son at his baseball game?

    2) “The 30-year-old country singer also stopped by a grocery store to pick up some food that morning.”

    So this is a 2 in one staged photo-op, just like the day Leann invited Fame/Flynet to get photos of her buying a pizza and at Eddie’s son’s baseball game.

    When did any of this take place because she was tweeting the entire time on Friday? The only time she stopped was when AMEJEAN came here and made posts using the name he hijacked from Perez Hilton and went to US Weekly using the name he hijacked from Radaronline.

    3) “Happy March 1st everyone!!!!!”

    Which in Leann speak means STAGED photo-op with her BFFs AKM-GSI.

    4) Does anyone notice how much Leann is desperately trying to look like Lizzy? Check out the photos of Leann in the sunglasses. She looks just like the photos of Lizzy of them at LAX. You can always tell who Eddie is sleeping with by who Leann is single white femaling. Things must have gotten really serious between Eddie and Lizzy.

    5) Anybody else think that Leann is writing the articles for x17, JJ, DM, GG, and Eonline to go along with her staged photo-op?

  • Gwen



    So then who does that make you? Leann? Why write that it’s Brandi making these comments when you can’t even post using the name you used when you made this very same comment months ago?

  • Honey Boo Boo

    Hi Lele!!! Your “acid” washed jean skirt was hideous! You are the joke of these sites.

  • Windy

    Quick! Call animal control….a huge chipmonk with an 80′s jeanskirt is loose in Malibu!!!

  • Brad

    Who is this little girl? JustJared should show Brandi photos. Now SHE is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!

  • Carl Robbins

    She’s getting FAT!!! Sausage thighs.

  • Laura

    Who said she got trout pout and cheek fillers? Totally! Look at those fish lips and chipmunk cheeks! Oh my god, she IS morphing into Lizzy. This woman is insane. I can’t even imagine how much Eddie is growing to despise her. You can just tell. Tick, tick, tick, tick…………….

  • echo

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  • Du jour

    Poor thing….she is deparately trying to morph into Eddie’s true love….Lizzy.

  • Peony

    Does Leann have Fetal Alchohol Syndrome? SHe has all of the symptoms. So unfortunate looking. Eddie probably has to think of Brandi or Lizzy while banging this alien.

  • hahahaha

    Helen Keller could pick out better styled clothes!

  • FrogFaceLeannWhines

    Leann’s alone. Eddie must be having a “boys days”….code for cheating.

  • louise

    Oh come on Jared, we all know whar good buds you are with this grinch face has been, She looks more and more like her Mama and that is definately NOT a compliment. She’s not caled big belinda for nothing

  • Gwen

    Eddie is cheating on Leann. How come JJ didn’t include the photos of Leann hanging all over Jeff? The sad thing is that Leann looks more comfortable hanging all over Jeff than she does Eddie. Which is more proof that the PDA photo-ops with Eddie and Leann are all just an act.
    The Jeff Berger guy is the founder of Dope Den Productions, which specializes in Entertainment Service-Artist Management . On the twitterpage he has a photo of Leann in sunglasses and a photo of the shopping mart where they met up with AKM-GSI for this staged photo-op. So why is Leann making a big deal out of the “business meeting” she had with this Jeff Berger guy? Is Capitol Records threatening to drop Leann?

    The Dailymail’s take on Leann’s staged Malibu “shopping” trip with her BFFs AKM-GSI: “LeAnn Rimes gets cosy with longtime pal Jeff Berger on Malibu shopping trip”

    “And LeAnn Rimes is clearly still close with Dope Den Productions founder Jeff Berger as the longtime pals shopped together at the Malibu Country Mart Friday. The 30-year-old country star even appeared to get flirty with the music producer as she giggled, felt … “

  • Hope

    She should be considerate of other people…bag that face before she goes out in makes on nauseous

  • Gwen

    From Just Jared twitter’s page: “Stole Jared’s phone at lunch. So glad someone else likes lamb as much as I do lol–@leannrimes #leannrimes #jjs…”\

    The comment was just posted 52 min ago to JJ site, so that means that Leann is with Just Jared right now.

    Why is Leann having lunch with Just Jared and posting tweets on his page? That explains why Just Jared called Brandi’s son, Leann’s son and why they said that Leann was at the Oscars party. It also explains why the name hijacker has back in full force again. How nice of Leann to make her connections to these blogs so public. So did Just Jared do an exclusive interview with Leann or she took him to lunch to reward them for the fluffpieces?

    2) “Beautiful hike w/ my hubby this morning.”

    How can she be hiking with Eddie when she just posted a comment to JJ twitter page now? In order to post that comment to his twitter page, she has to be near JJ. So is JJ on this hike with Leann and Eddie? Which means we are going to be hit with another staged photo-op from AKM-GSI.

    3) To show just how much she and JJ are great friends, she retweeted the comment that she posted to his twitter page.

  • Lesley Lauralei

    She is not a HOMEWRECKER. She knows how to KEEP HER BOYFRIEND HAPPY AND NOT CHEATING with Passionate and Romantic Bedroom Toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • gwen

    So yesterday, Leann went “grocery” shopping, met up with Jeff Berger, and then had lunch with Jared, all while tweeting the entire time? So was Jared with Leann during this “shopping spree” with the Jeff guy? Or is JJ going to post a seperate fluffpiece about his lunch with Jeff and Leann?

    We know that Leann is with JJ right now because she posted the photo that she took with his camera yesterday to his twitter account just hours ago. If JJ posted the photo of Leann, why didn’t he put quotations around her words? The time stamp on this fluffpiece says
    8:20 am, so how come he didn’t post Leann’s twitpic then? It only goes up just minutes before Leann starts tweeting about the hike she took with Eddie.

    Thanks Leann for confirming what we have been saying all along. Leann posts and reads here on JJ and that she pays sites to post nice things about her.

  • gwen

    Well now we know what Leann discussed during lunch with JJ!

    1) She is tweeting like crazy about Canada, so be prepared for staged airport photo-ops.

    2) “I know my hubby’s 40th isn’t til June, but I just got so excited about it. Starting to plan now!!!! Gonna be OHMAZING!”

    Of course she is planning now. She has to pay Eddie somehow for participating in the staged airport photo-ops with her. Which means she is going to bombard the internet with even more staged photo-osp than before. Last year she did a staged photo-op everyday.

    3) “…not yet cause we’re not moving til 2 weeks from now, but I will”

    So I was right, they were taking photos in the old house. So why did Leann tweet that they were having a picnic in the new house if “they” haven’t even moved in yet? Eddie and Leann are living in seperate houses. Eddie moved into the new house, while Leann is still in the old house. So that is what Eddie told Leann? That she can move in 2 weeks later?

    Didn’t she take a photo of the pool from their new house and post it to her fan website this week? Why doesn’t she just admit that Eddie has been living in the new house without her, it explains her manic phases on twitter and why she has been going so hard towards Brandi.

    4) “… literally in our back yard. It’s on the back side of our hood”

    She isn’t being discreet is she, she is telling AKM-GSI and JJ exactly where to get the photos of her and Eddie “hiking”.

    5) “…no I was trying to nap one day w/ the radio on and heard it. I thought I was hearing things at first lol”

    When was Leann trying to take a nap? Between her Adderall induced manic phases on twitter?

  • gwen

    I typed that Leann was on another Adderall induced manic phase and JJ sent my comment to moderation. Too funny.

  • Hope

    Leann is starting to look more like her scarey.Belinda looks inbred as does her who$e daughter

  • gwen

    The reason my comment was sent to moderation was because I posted Leann’s tweet to JJ where she tells the blog owner that she had fun yesterday. At first I thought my comment went to modertation because I said Adderall, so I tested it by breaking up the comments. Since the comment about Adderall went through and the other 2 comments posted without any problem, I then reposted Leann’s tweet to JJ( which was orginally apart of comment 35). And it went straight to moderation. What was the point in allowing Leann to post a comment to their twitter page using the photo she took yesterday, but then not allowing any comments that she is making directly to the blog ownner on her twitter account?

  • Tina

    Hey Jared, how much did she pay you to post this garbage when you had lunch with her yesterday?? Jealousy and insecurity is making this chick crazy, she will be boiling bunny rabbits next…

  • Jen

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? It wasn’t even mean!!This site is bizarre. Will not be back.

  • Casey

    @Jen: Because you’re expected to worship the throne of LeAnn Rimes.

  • Ana Maria

    I can’t believe she’s only 30! looks like a 50 year old to me

  • Marco

    The Fuc*!!! Awaiting moderation!? LOL LOL LOL LOL You are pathetic Jared!!!

  • Marco

    My post was about money exchanging hands. ;)

  • kami

    i believe leann is paying a lot of ppl including magazines and blogs to post stuff she wants posted–stories to compete with anything brandi has said or done or is going to do. and she just let the cat out of the bag by tweeting about having lunch with jj.

  • Janelle E.

    Veneers are gone and her teeth are yucky! She is looking less and less attractive at a very fast pace, all the while her husband is looking more handsome with age. Go figure…
    Love her shoes, though.

  • Tori

    Girl’s putting on some serious weight and hunches like an ape. Can’t put my finger on face change, but she does look different….and not for the better.

  • Bobbi R.

    One word : gross.
    Two words: grossly unattractive
    Three words: grossly covered by media.

  • Jo

    No matter what her weight, what she wears, or what her hair style or color is, I just can’t find her attractive. No matter how hard she tries. There just something about her facial features that I find terribly unattractive.