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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Different State Outings!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Different State Outings!

Jennifer Aniston hides under her hooded coat while filming on the set of her new film The Untitled Elmore Leonard Project on Monday (March 4) in Stamford, Conn.

On the same day, the 44-year-old actress’ fiance Justin Theroux was seen out and about with a pal in New York City.

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“The kitchen was closed, and we made it special for them,” Terra Ristorante Italiano’s assistant manager Jean Maxine De Givenchy shared to People when Jennifer and Justin stopped by the restaurant a few weeks ago.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in different states…

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  • Emma

    They are about an hour or 45 minutes away. While she is finishing her movie, her fiance is visiting his home town. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Ally

    So what?Only because they’re a couple,doesn’t mean they have to be together all the time.This is not news…

  • ..

    uhh. she’s only 40 min from NYC. you act like she’s on another planet.

  • Emma

    They’re actually more together than any other Hollywood couple. As busy as Jen is with different movies, he is always near by. I love this couple and can’t wait to be married and have kids.

  • Courtney

    far from the first hollywood movie to be filmed in connecticut Justin’s hometown is Washington DC so it’s about 3hrs from where Jennifer is filming in Stamford Connecticut. not that this is gonna do well at the box office Jens movies never do the first award winning film to be shot in that area was Rachel Rachel in 1967 which was shot in Bethel Danbury Georgetown and Redding at a cost of $738,000 dollars back then.

  • .JL

    Nice photos. Wonderful life. :)

  • Miranda Hobbs

    Justin is an Amazing Lover. He knows how to keep her happy. He kisses her with his Warm Breathe all over her body, on her Neck, and Stomach. He feels her warm sweat as he pulls her body closer. He penetrates her body passionately and fills her fully and completely, feeling the sensations tingle everywhere in his body. He keeps the passion alive with Bedroom toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • .JL

    He kisses his beard :)

  • hmmmm

    Does he have a job yet.

    I don’t like that Jennifer seems to be buying everything. The house, all of it. I know he is waiting to direct something, but does he actually have a job. Because if he was working on a script it would be know. The man has not worked in what seems like years.



  • Moira

    Of course he has a job. Writers work is invisible.

  • Fibs

    She is “old” just for teenager. And yes she is a diva. People will go to watch this movie just because of her name.

  • http://iPad LOL

    He is not working, so why is he not with her, because he sniffing after Heidi in NYC. He left DC years ago, his divorced parents still live there.
    They’re tired of supporting him financially and his many rehab trips, Ticky is a heavy drinker, she is going to put his recovery in jeopardy, his fault because he’s enjoying the gifts.
    He was with a women for fourteen years no kids and he is going to knock up a woman that don’t want children, ba ba ba.
    Couples in Hollywood have lives , kids, jobs, traveling for business or pleasure. Not going to Mexico every six month to roast their leathery skin.
    Have you notice all her friends are Ugly, Chelsea, Laura, Jennifer Meyer, Courtney was the only one that was beautiful until she went to Ticky’s plastic surgeon.
    Her straight to video movie is going to be finished this week, then her next bomb will start shooting in June, so she should get married soon, you think she will stop stalking Brad and copying Angie after she becomes Mr Ticky.
    Will always be victim and a loser, due to her bitterness and her hatred of her mother.

  • mira

    How can you say this – “barren cow” – you sound like a trailer trash.

  • http://iPad LOL

    He is jobless, writing to Dear Abby most likely, he sure is writing for an invisible audience.
    Zoo lander 2 can’t get financing, because the first one bomb. Poor Ben Stiller is looking for work also. RDJ said the writing for Iron Man 2 sucked, so you know who did not get hired for IM3, bingo.
    Wanderlust was a bust due to writing, bet he was trying to get a job at the Oscars.

  • hmmmm


    like they did Wanderlust, Management, The Switch, Derailed, I could go on. But that is enough

  • stole Heidi’s sugar daddy

    What a fug pos. Maniston is. Who watches her crap films? Poor Pity can’t fill seats to her pos films. Grandma botoxed Manny needs to hide that leathery old face YUK!!



  • Curtain hair

    When this desperate needy old sugar mumma ever stop wearing that dried fake blond stringy curtain hair.
    I bet she will cry behind that curtain hair, while walking down the aisle thinking, omg I am marrying a midget dwarf jobless nobody!

  • aha

    She keeps cranking out bomb movies.

  • aha

    The rental gold digger finance will dump this old needy sour grape hag as soon he has his fame and money. He will try to go back to his long time ex girlfriend and marry her with this old hag money.

  • AGA

    That coat hiding her face is a better look than her boring Oscar “Look”!

    Read in a mad that her Oscar look was “SAFE” and her Hair boring. EXACTLY—She won’t even change her hair a smidge for the darn Oscars!!! Just a few curls even.

    And Yes her new movies will bomb or go straight to DVD–I really don’t understand why she keeps getting movie work–cause her fans don’t bother to see her dud movies LOL

  • Emma

    Exactly, you don’t understand because you’re an idiot and a jealous cow. She is loved by Hollywood and everyone around the world. Go worry about Jolie who is sitting at home doing nothing. Nobody including Jen’s Ex want her anymore.

  • Emma

    @aha: Why are you such a moron to think that Justin wants Heidi. He didn’t marry her in 14 years and he dumped her. The truth is that Brad is still in love with Jen and is dying that Jen is getting married to the love of her life and being so happy. In the meantime, he is stuck in a loveless life with the Devil and has nowhere to hide.

  • faye

    so sugar mama has to work, and her toy boy gets to hang out with his friends all the time, just having fun, spending sugar mama jen’s money. nice work Mr. thorax.

  • Joanne

    Bunch of bitter old hags are here yapping about this beautiful woman with tons of money who is about to get married and have a baby, hmmm!!! I wonder what their prblem might be, OH, THEY’RE GREEN OF JEALOUSY and their idol has fallen. How sad for all of you Jolie lovers…

  • Jentheho

    Nothing against gay people but the dude looks so gay with the skinny jeans and leather jacket.

  • Jentheho

    “have a baby”

    Joke of the day. LMAO!!

  • Emma

    So green, so so green. You cant have neither one of them faye.

  • Jentheho


    Yeah, if she is so loved around the world how come the movie she carried on her own didn’t make it oversea. Stop lying like your long chin old hag well ya. If she is so loved around the world, shouldn’t she get paid 15-20 mil/per movie. She has been doing movies for how long now and still gets pay 6-8 mil. Even Reese got better salary than this dry old prune.

  • Emma

    Yes, have a baby because she is pregnant already you moron. Gay or not, he loves her to death and is marrying her in a couple of weeks and they expect their child in about five months. They’re just perfectly happy with one child, because having SIX is STUPID. They’re gonna be travelling and have a happy healthy life together. Let’s not forget MARRIED.


    Justin riding fast for fawp
    aniston still w#oring as usual
    leaving lots super stinky fawp
    many vile rotting soil underground
    horrible stench
    aniston Lola no help
    aniston biggest whore
    fawp thick on ground
    all over NY apt that’s why she left it
    all over furniture store
    all over doctor office
    float in the oceans of Mexico
    plug la sewer
    toxic biohazard
    use thickest rubber
    use gas mask
    use hazmat suit
    use long pole
    use net
    use long like big blue one
    disease barren old cow
    u puke anyway
    u r are warned now

  • Emma

    She does a couple of movies a year and makes around 20mil in one year. Jolie has to beg for work now these days and the best she gets is to finance her own lousy rape movie that about five people saw around the world.



  • anna


    Well Actually Angelina is getting ready to direct her second film I hardly call that sitting around doing nothing.

  • WTF?????????

    Wow they are really pulling out all the stops PR-wise eh?

  • Emma

    Talking to yourself in the mirror CHIN CHIN? Except you don’t have any money! Whatever she does to get a man is better than chasing married ones and break homes. Look what Karma did to the one who broke hers. Miserable, loveless, skeleton, careerless…..

  • WTF?????????

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AJ finished shooting a $US180 MILLION film for Disney 3 months ago but whatever …. Loonifers will always claim Jen has a “brilliant career” despite she is making B-movies at a fraction of her 2006 salary … with crap production values and fart jokes masking as “plot”.

  • Mooooooooo

    I’m so empty. Bring me a mojito and a nail file.

  • Joanne

    Angie should keep directing small budget movies since her face is not wanted in front of the camera. That damn vein on her forehead, OMG!!! Let’s not forget her boney body…

  • aha

    The rental boy will dump this old sour grape hag into the toilet as soon as he get his money from marrying her.
    You watch.
    Karma baby.
    Emma you are a MORON.

  • aha

    This old hag is going for quantity not quality movies. I guess she owns her own film production so she crank out tons of movies and hoping one of them will be a hit.
    She was hoping for an A list actors but settle for an d lister like her.
    Old hag cougar is supporting her gold digger.

  • Tipsy Ticky

    PEOPLE pay 2 million of dollars for the wedding of our ticky ¡¡¡
    Jennifer Aniston’s Foodie Tour of Connecticut
    Jennifer Aniston has gotten quite a taste of Connecticut.
    In town for the month, shooting her latest film on a Stamford set, the actress, 44, has managed to please her palate by visiting a number of popular local restaurants.
    Stay in the know about Jennifer Aniston by subscribing now.
    On Feb. 2, Aniston had an array of delectable items at eleven14 Kitchen, an American restaurant at J House Greenwich hotel.
    According to the restaurant, as an appetizer, the star enjoyed the organic green salad with pumpkin seeds and fennel pollen in red wine vinaigrette. For an entrée, she chose the grilled Amish chicken with pearl onions, fingerling potatoes and mushrooms. For dessert, she indulged in almond dacquoise and chocolate mousse topped with gold leaf.
    Sipping on gin and tonic, Aniston dressed casually in black jeans and a black and white print button-down shirt.
    Valentine’s Day was ever so sweet for the starlet, whose fiancé, Justin Theroux, provided her preferred meal from one of her favorite eateries in the area, Greenwich’s Terra Ristorante Italiano.
    Aniston’s order consisted of a tre coloré salad (baby salad, arugula, radicchio, shaved Parmesan and balsamic-lemon vinaigrette) and Parmesan-crusted filet of sole.
    “The kitchen was closed, and we made it special for them,” the restaurant’s assistant manager Jean Maxine De Givenchy told PEOPLE.
    Then a few days later, on Feb. 17, Aniston and Theroux, 41, headed back to New York and finally found some time to relax.
    In Greenwich Village, the couple and three pals dined at Il Cantinori, where they seemed “very happy, very casual, [and] relaxed [with] lots of laughing,” according to Tayma Gandur, who dined two tables away from the group.
    “[It was a] calm, chatty night out with friends,” Gandur says, adding that Aniston seemed very happy and content. There was no PDA, but the engaged pair snuggled and sipped on white wine.
    Also during her time in town, Aniston popped into L’Escale, the restaurant attached to the Delamar Greenwich Harbor hotel.
    “She was having a cocktail,” De Givenchy, who happened to run into Aniston at the spot, says. “I was surprised because she drank vodka on the rocks with a squeeze of fresh lemon [when she dined at Terra Ristorante Italiano]. At L’Escale, too, she was drinking the same thing. She was very happy, and she had some friends with her [and some people from the movie]. I [heard] her saying, ‘Drink up girl, have fun!’”
    For much more on Aniston and Theroux’s wedding plans, their romantic Oscar night and look inside their relationship, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE
    Is drinking vodka on the rocks safe for someone who is pregnant?

  • Tipsy Ticky

    @Emma: Hey moron! You need to go get laid and make your own babies! Why are you wishing for the old barren cow w/ dried up uterus to be pregnant? Eyewitness says she is tossing back vodka on the rocks like a lush! Do you want her baby to come out re tar ded or deformed or something? What kind of fan are you? She is not and never will and never did want kids! Fact! She played you morons for a fool! Go scream in the ocean!

  • usd

    Jen’s salary is 8-10 millions per movie.

  • amber

    Jen’s wanted children. But many things must be different for this.

  • corinna

    @Tipsy Ticky:
    I fuess even F,B;I doesn’t know what was on her plate here and there. I like these “casual” witnesses everywhere…

  • Cheryl A. Paquette

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  • co&JL

    Poor AGA can’t forget Jennifer’s Oscar look. :)
    Can’t you sleep?
    Dream about red dress

  • http://iPad LOL

    With a BUDGET of 5 to 15 million, how can Ticky be getting 8 million for a movie, the budget covers all the actors, accommodations, food and the crew. The last movie that she received a decent salary on was the Dog movie. Why do you think she makes so many crappy movies?
    Leave Jolie out of this, one movie 20 million, she can afford to sit at home, she has a working husband, 6 kid to take care of and her Philanthropic work, see the difference, no, Ticky makes low budget movies, and supports an unemployed toyboy.
    The only movies, that she get hired for are low budget ones, if she is making a million, she is lucky, right now she has about three movies sitting on the shelf, that no one bought the distribution rights for because they’re bombs. They peddle them at the Toronto film festival last year and this year at the Berlin FF, still no takers and the movies were very, very cheap, ouch.
    Pregnancy and Ticky in the same sentence, in which universe, here on earth it is not going to happen.
    In Vanity Fair article, Ticky’s friend said, Ticky wanted Brad to go out and cheat and Brad said he could not do that, he wanted a divorce. She would’ve done anything to keep him, but he was bored out his fvcking mind. Why do you think almost nine years later her friends are still attacking Brad’s family, because she miss her A-list status, sure she is rich, but she is on no one’s list as a get, just like the Kardashians.