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Jessica Chastain: Hotel Exit with Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo!

Jessica Chastain: Hotel Exit with Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo!

Jessica Chastain is all smiles as she exits her hotel with boyfriend Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo on Sunday (March 3) in Paris, France.

The Oscar-nominated actress and the 31-year-old Italian fashion executive held hands on their way out to dinner.

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Earlier that evening, Jessica and Amanda Seyfried sat side-by-side at the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Chastain leaving her hotel with Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo

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jessica chastain hotel exit with gian luca passi de preposulo 02
jessica chastain hotel exit with gian luca passi de preposulo 03
jessica chastain hotel exit with gian luca passi de preposulo 04
jessica chastain hotel exit with gian luca passi de preposulo 05
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  • AG

    You state the guy’s age (and he’s a nobody) but not hers? 38.

  • lily

    Everytime I got to see her I feel like she’s getting more and more stylish. She’s gorgeous here, appropriately matched with Paris.

  • Ann

    Her hair looks so sleek! Lookin’ fierce girl!

  • Yeah..

    She’s the only celebrity who doesn’t get her age published on JJ. I remember reading that she paid a lot of companies not to publish it and tried hiding it on her imdb.

  • Carol

    She has said many times she wont be pictured with a guy. . .yet here she is constantly on JJ with this guy. Getting annoying and quite unexpected from someone who claims to be a “serious actress” and wants to keep her private life out of the tabloids.

  • Erza

    I think mags and websites don’t publish her age because she never confirmed it. And is it such a big deal anyway? Coming from Europe I really don’t understand Americans’ need to know every bits and details about someone… They’re friggin actors/entertainers not your child personal teacher or some political figure. 25-30-35 or 40 so what ?

  • jess

    Why is she so cagey about her age? If she’d have stated in the very beginning no one would have drawn attention to it. It’s not like she’s really 7 or 64. No one needs to take themselves so seriously.

  • ha ha

    She didnt win the gold trophy so she’s showing off this one ad naseum.

  • sheigh

    WTF with this red Cher’s wig ?

  • Mary

    37 ?

  • PG

    This guy is a big time womanizer and loving the limelight…using JC as a walking billboard. He degrades her personally.

  • ann

    WTF is she wearing?? She looks ridiculous. And those hair extensions are so tacky.

  • Journalistic

    Her hair looks great like this

  • funny witch

    Carol №5
    Pictured with a guy is much better than be pictured smoking WEED!!!

  • betty

    He’s classy but not as classy as Benjamin Millepied or Ben Affleck, right? If so she deserves better.

  • Patty

    I’ve heard her PR group set up with this guy to improve her Oscar chances. They don’t seem to mesh at all. I liked Jessica before she became desperate and tacky.

  • AG

    @Erza: The only reason anyone cares about her age is because she (or her PR) went to such lengths to hide/lie her real age. If she had been honest from the start, it wouldn’t still be an issue. She’s 37/38. Her 55-year-old bio dad just died, and he said he was 17 when she was born.

  • Lana

    Yawn so much for keeping her love life on the low down lol. Posing for the paps doesn’t reek of that to me.

    Really is annoying me, why doesn’t she just go back to acting!
    Oh wait that’s being questioned now with the squashed VF piece. lol

  • Erza

    @AG: She said she didn’t want people to know her age so casting director/producer/director/audience won’t limit her in the part she choose by saying “she’s too young/old for that part”.
    Other than that, heaven forbid for me to do that again – I feel really bad about it, I had access to her father’s FB before it went private: he wasn’t 17 when he had her.

  • Cate

    Why should her age matter? It’s hardly relevant as long as she is effective in her roles.

    She has been dating Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo for ages so I’m not sure where all these conspiracy theories are coming from. It was common knowledge in Italy and fashion circles. Vogue Italia talked about them dating months ago. The only reason they getting more attention now is because her profile has raised so much thanks to Zero Dark Thirty and her Oscar nomination.

  • sherry

    @AG: well hey, if shes really 38, then good on her for looking REALLY GOOD for her age. shes stunning, shes incredibly talented, a true stage and cinematic actress, and a legit Julliard graduate that rightfully has deserved every accolade she has finally long enough awaited for in hollywood since it took a long time for her to get recognized in tinseltown. alot of actors lie about their age just for a greater range of scripts getting handed to them, especially the older ones, thats all, its pretty normal actually even though it isnt very honest of them.

  • Lily

    @Lana: all the people she worked with praised Chastain for her commitement and her acting skills: Terrence Malick, Helen Mirren, Biggelow, Brad Pitt, Al Paccino, Tom Hardy among others. Being a fan of Mirren I can say that she rarely praises so openly about an actor – unless he/she’s trully talented.

    Everybody can have its opinion so I respect that. That being said and in all fairness I genuinely think that this VF paper was poorly written and constructed. He said Chastain lacked personality in her acting, that we couldn’t get a glimps of her true self in the roles she played. Isn’t it the point of an actor? At least this is what I look in an actor. I can’t watch a movie with Hathaway or Stewart in it because all i see is “this actor trying to be a…” they’re too present for me to imagine another person instead.

    That guy’s a fashion mag editor, he should keep doing what he do best: picking which perfume ad to put in which page in his magazine.

  • momo

    What kind of name does he have? Seems like it never ends. His parents already wanted him to be ‘someone’.

  • echo

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  • P

    Now she has to get him to marry her or get keep this momentum going…she really is all over the place!

  • Georgia Peach

    She is an Amazing Lover. Her Boyfriend knows how to keep her happy. He kisses her with his Warm Breathe all over her body, on her Neck, and Stomach. He feels her warm sweat as he pulls her body closer. He thrusts passionately and caring deep inside of her, feeling her sensation everywhere in his body. He keeps the passion alive with Bedroom toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Lana

    @Lily: he wasn’t overly damming and raised some good points. Nice to see someone not fawning over this actor, but offered up critic. Like it or not it’s just an opinion.

    Fashion magazine, no 2 writer for vanity fair the fashion magazine, what?

  • ann

    About her age, the only reason it’s become an issue is because she initially (before she got really famous) had it on her resume as around 5 or so years younger than she really is. When people saw her on The Tree of Life they thought she was some lovely young ingenue who was just starting out but was already so held together. She got caught though when Mandisa of American Idol was so excited about seeing her make it big that she put it out there that they went to high school together.

    As for the boyfriend, they’ve supposedly been together since last summer so no, he didn’t materialize out of nowhere just for Oscar season. It remains to be seen, however, if he’s going to turn out to be the famewh-re some people who know about him (in Italy?) think he is. He’s supposed to be some titled aristo (a count or something) so I’m not surprised his name is longer than my address.

    What I want to know is whose idea it was to make their relationship this public. If it’s on JJ, then that’s PR at work.

  • Jay

    @ann: They befriend over the summer and see each other a few times. Then they dated during the fall more frequently.

  • AL

    She was worried about being typecasted? Well, dating a womanizer just did that for you..congrats Jessica! :) I hope this womanizer goes away as he degrades her big time. I miss the real Jessica when she was just an actress…now look what Hollywood has done .

  • Lily

    @Lana: he’s not a writer, he’s an editor. Editor comes up with stories/subjects for the mag. A good editor doesn’t necessarily means a good writer. 2 different job.

  • Lana

    @ann: there was a blind item in the New Yorker musto guy,, I think that was basically stating chastain and Ellison were sleeping together, then next day puff this dude makes an appearance on JJ and other well known sites. Now there was a piece albeit minor about how an article was suppressed by vanity fair that wasn’t favourable about Chastain during oscars push and puff here this dude is again, it’s laughable really. Coincidental, hhhmmmm as you say JJ is PR friendly site.

  • Sienna

    She looks good with straight hair!

  • Kary

    Great looking couple, the Italian guy is so handsome! great pick Jessica love how u look. Sure they would have beautiful babies.

  • NotFromUSA

    Hi my previous name was Jenfan.

    Why is that weird person posting about her age in each page, who cares?

    I like Jessica Chastain now after the Oscars, don’t know why, mmm.. I feel she’s like a real Hollywood actress. May be the dress she wore at the Oscars , or her attitude, or may be I am not convinced of Jennifer Lawrence winning, especially that she doesn’t come off as a star. It’s good to be normal and down to earth, but Jennifer Lawrence is being more and more goofy and not glamorous :( At first I wanted her to win, but once the Oscars started she looked like a chewing-gum street boy eating street sandwiches from Harlem, while Jessica Chastain looked like a real actress from Hollywood who is at the Oscars, and appeared as a grown-up lady.
    Also, while they were showing the nominees, it was apparent even from the brief clips that Jessica’s acting is better.
    And then Jennifer Lawrence appeared smoking weed, while Jessica Chastain is attending a fashion show in Paris.
    I think I am going to change my name to Jessfan haha..

  • NotFromUSA

    but those pants are weird like an inverse underwear over the pants.. something distracting right in the middle that needs to go away.

  • Lana

    @Lily: fair enough, I still stand by it was an interesting read.

  • Jane

    @AL: I don’t believe that Jessica was “changed” by Hollywood, she always been like that and now that she is famous she is starting to show her true colors. Since she appeared to the media with Tree of Life, she is been constantly saying and doing contradictory things, like pose for paparazzis everyday when she says that she doesn’t want fame, she says she is vegan and got caught wearing leather clothes many times (what kind of vegan does that?), she flirts with her male co-stars (and some of them are married/engaged!) in public after she said she is “too shy around guys”, and her public “relationship” with this guy after she said that she wants to protect her private life is very suspicious, and she confirmed their relationship to a gossip site like JJ!
    Personally I don’t believe that fame and money changes people, it only reveals who they really are.

  • AL


    I wish her all the best but this guy is degrading her big time! Perhaps you are right…but she deserves better than this ad naseum…She has crap taste in BF’s but many believe this is a PR stunt? Your thoughts?

  • British Latin American

    @AG: And who are you?