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Kristen Stewart: Saint Rocke Concert with Tamra Natisin!

Kristen Stewart: Saint Rocke Concert with Tamra Natisin!

Kristen Stewart makes a quick exit out of Saint Rocke after watching Marcus Foster‘s concert on Sunday night (March 3) in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress was joined by her pal Tamra Natisin and some other pals for the fun night out.

Kristen seems to be walking better after hitting the red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards on crutches last weekend. She used the aids after cutting her foot on glass just a couple days before.

“I just hope [the wound] doesn’t open up right now,” Kristen said backstage (via Us Weekly).

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Karen London ring.

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  • sara


    Who’s Tamra’s girlfriend?

  • J

    Ewwwwwwww gross and more ewwwwws

  • Funny

    @talia: Actually, the comments are hilarious because they are actually funny. That’s no attack.

  • truth

    WHAT IS GOING WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE THAT ARE OK WITH PEOPLE DRUGGING THEMSELVES? that would be cocaine, heroin, or even a joint. do you think that’s cool? would you like to see in the future one of YOUR kid drugging themselves? with that awful excuse of “coolness” and “relaxing effect” you all seem quite non mature and dumb*sses. I absolutely LOVED JENNIFER LAWRENCE. thought she was different from all that crap, but unfortunately she’s made of the same material than KStew an Cyrus.

  • yesiam

    @Anne: Um, what does JL has to do with this?! Don’t take the comments to heart. People are just joking around. The jokes regarding this concert outing may seem tasteless to YOU, but well, nothing you can do about that. I doesn’t have anything to do with “being human” and certainly not with JL.

  • yesiam

    @truth: Um, because you sound extremely mature? Right? Yeah, no.

  • yesiam

    In all seriousness, though, I don’t know what’s going on and I
    ‘m not going to pretend I do, BUT… Rob and Kristen being away from each other for so long… almost for two months now, and not even a mini set visit… looks awfully fishy. Something is going on, regardless of whether they are still officially a couple or not. They have never been apart for this long in all the years they have been together. Something is definitely up.

  • A

    Is delusional Anny commenting on this site under different names?

  • echo

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  • sjhugl;


    right hating cos they’re not her

  • LaCroix

    would it kill them to wear clean clothing? nasty.


    Its HILARIOUS to see some sad Rob fans make a beeline to comment on this post with “OMG! SHe is Hanging with A female!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS gay!!! Tha’ts what happens when you live in your mom’s basement with no pals to hang out with ;( These are the same people with Rob avis & background who keep bashing Kristen 24/7 like she killed their puppy.

    Deep down inside their heart they know that Kristen is still with Rob so they want her to be gay so she leaves Rob alone


    @Tamsten: Yeah you are right Rob should stip bearing for Kristen and go to his real loooooooooooooover Markus Molanri

  • Georgia Peach

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  • Mik

    @TAMASTEN? O RLY?: Comments like yours is what happens when fanaticism prevents someone from having a sense of humor.

  • mariah

    @Mik: *claps* bravo!

  • N.

    LMAO I’m just laughing at all the idiots that comment on someone they supposedly hate. If you hate someone, why not ignore them like sane people do? Some people just need to get a life, if only we could buy lives that would solve a lot of problems. Oh and you guys who are saying that you hate her and want her to go away, well she won’t go away if you give her attention. So by commenting you’re doing exactly that, giving her attention, which works in her favor seeing as it keeps her relevant in Hollywood. People seriously lack common sense and logic. Sad, pathetic people lol.

  • lol

    kstew likes to jungle nuzzle?

  • Sila

    Rob has moved on and it looks like that KS has done the same with Tamara! Good for her, I love lesbians.

  • dn

    This is my problem with kscrew why she is hiding her face from the paparazzi they have found her at the concern so let them take their pictures besides apparently she wasnt doing anything wrong she was just out watching a friend in concert. with that actitud she is not making any friends in the paparazzi world. Somebody has to tell her that the twilight series are over

  • Lara

    soo.. Kho dropped her glass strap-on and cut her foot. Ouch!

  • ToasterStew

    Everyone in LA knows she’s gay. She goes to gay bars, all her friends are gay, she has girlfriends. Only delusional twi-hards who think Edward and Bella are real don’t think she’s gay. Guess what, vampires aren’t real either SHOCKER!


    I don’t care about RPatz. Kristins lesbian fans are glad to see her stepping out of the closet. You have the problem!

  • Butch

    I hope she finally comes out too. Put an end to all that Stewart/Patterson crap.

  • KSpew’sFakeCrutches

    @Guest: AMEN!! Agree 1000%!

  • hiy

    @Butch: yeah she should stop dating ‘Patterson” crap

  • Suz

    What sad, nasty people there is, leave the girl alone.

  • ks

    @yuck: Nah, that’s just you.

  • jilly

    Good for her, let her be who she wants to be. I just wonder why she was messing with the married director!!

  • Jane

    lmao the same couple of haters posing over and over again! Kristen owns their life! I love her!

  • Olivia

    Wow, Kristen is seen with a girl (and loads of other people) attending a concert and she is gay? Let’s ignore the fact that she has a boyfriend and made out with Rupert Sanders! mmmhmmm! How do people like you get by in life?

  • ug

    sloppy girls

  • Lola

    Tamra and Kristen are dating? Cute couple, I ship. She and Rob never convinced that I have never seen a couple that has been together for 4 years and never been kissed in public. Many have in fandom twilight said about kristen and tamra for some time, CSI fandom, I love it!

  • Caroline

    I feel so sorry for all you haters. You must be such miserable people.

  • julie

    handsome couple! You go girl!!!

  • Liz

    All of her friends look like stoners. They all look like those Los Angeles kids who grew up rich and technically don’t have anything to really rebel against, but still make their parents’ lives hell because they deem it, “cool.” Hipster druggies, the whole lot of them.

  • Vic

    I hate people.

  • Thea

    Tamsten is sooo alive ! I hope she’ll eventually come out. She’s supposed to be “real”, right ?

  • joak

    wow what is all this.. she’s not the best actress and is obviously socially awkward.. but all this insulting isn’t necessary..

  • Emma

    Yes it is. After what she did to Rob, she deserves all the insults in the world. I hope Rob never speaks to her again and get a beautiful faithful girlfriend ASAP.

  • Miranda Hobbs

    Kristen is an Amazing Lover. Kristen knows how to keep a Man happy. He kisses her with his Warm Breathe all over her body, on her Neck, and Stomach. He feels her warm sweat as he pulls her body closer. He penetrates deep inside her, filling her completely and feeling the sensation spread everywhere in his body. He keeps the passion alive with Bedroom toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • emily

    Just wondering who is the person with the checked shirt? I’m not interested in mean comments, just curious.

  • Natacha

    Love you kristen
    You are so cute

  • Lily

    Happy to see kristen
    Wish you the best

  • Um…

    People who are offended, being gay is not an insult to anyone. Plus, most importantly, people are joking. It’s actually funny that some “fans” are clearly missing the point that people are joking when they write their self-righteous, scolding messages. Oh well…

  • Grace

    Why does people care. Seriously…

  • eca

    why a lot of people jealous?

  • Loly

    I think you forget Robsten kiss in cannes

  • racer

    I was at the concert and Kristen was there with many of her and Rob’s friends…isn’t it interesting that Just Jared only got pics of her and Tamra. How about uncropping those pics JJ so everyone can see the other people around them?

    and to the haters and bullies on the board: Rob and Kristen are together, in love, happy, successful and very wealthy…they could care less what you think or say about them. Apparently the only thing you all have going for you is logging on to gossip boards to bully and harass a 22 year old woman…good luck with that cause karma is a b!tch LOL

  • @racer

    @racer: dammmmmm your a kristen fan who went all the way there to stalk her? and then come here and comment on it….-_- look at your life look at your choices….