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Miranda Kerr: Topless Free Spirit!

Miranda Kerr: Topless Free Spirit!

Miranda Kerr keeps it chic while arriving for a meeting at the Sofitel Hotel on Monday (March 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old supermodel was spotted taking her son Flynn to a gym with her husband Orlando Bloom‘s mom Sonia.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently posted a sexy pic of herself topless on Instagram and wrote, “You’re the best @chriscolls @koraorganicsbymk #purenature #freespirit.”

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr looking stylish while heading to a hotel meeting…

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miranda kerr topless free spirit 01
miranda kerr topless free spirit 02
miranda kerr topless free spirit 03
miranda kerr topless free spirit 04
miranda kerr topless free spirit 05
miranda kerr topless free spirit 06
miranda kerr topless free spirit 07
miranda kerr topless free spirit 08
miranda kerr topless free spirit 09
miranda kerr topless free spirit 10
miranda kerr topless free spirit 11
miranda kerr topless free spirit 12
miranda kerr topless free spirit 13

Photos: AKM-GSI, Instagram
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  • rachel

    go back to australia you famehoe. another uninteresting no personality self absorb dbag. i hope orlando divorces her ass.

  • enough

    ok this is just getting ridiculous now!!!! can she go a week/month without being photographed??!!!??

  • John

    Shes too skinny, no arse whatsoever. What kind of “supermodel” has no arse? She sux.

  • toriiw

    sad comment on what “the people” want to sse. Marry a Kardasian already!

  • liz

    topless… again? i don’t know why i’m so surprised. i guess no one should be at this point.

  • hm

    welcome to double standards.. her fans will love this (and say its “art”) but call kate upton vulgar for doing the exact same thing..

  • @1

    well, aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine. i bet that you are just surrounded by friends basking in your positive light.

  • @6

    kate can appear vulgar because of the way she poses, and her body type. that, and the fact that her bikinis are always intentionally four sizes too small.
    it’s not her fault, but if Kate had worn the Valentino that Miranda wore to the VF party, she would be hanging out and would look cheap (vulgar), whereas Miranda looked sophisticated and elegant. slimmer women can get away with showing more skin without crossing the line into vulgarity. Kate’s Vogue shoot was gorgeous. but there is a line between art and vulgarity that a woman of Kate’s build has to be very careful of.
    but yes, the photo above is art. if Kate posed the exact same way, covering just as much, it would be art as well.
    maybe you shouldn’t try to put words in our mouths, eh?

  • hm

    @@6: why don’t you try to NOT slu*t shame, EH? being slim does not mean you’re more appealing. what bullsh*t. As someone who developed at 12 i had men calling me a sl*t and now women, such as yourself, claim it’s vulgar or trashy.. blah!! you’re disgusting.


    “Of course people have different ideas of what is, or is not sexy.
    But to say that she is “sexless” is a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?
    I happen to find Kate Upton vulgar.”
    and who’s putting words in your mouth? you said it yourself =/

  • @09

    Uhmmm, where did they call Kate a “slu*t”?
    I certainly didn’t see it.
    Nor did they say that thinner women are more appealing, only that they can get away with low cut dresses without looking vulgar.
    And you really need to understand that the words vulgar and slu*t have completely different meanings. Having too much breast exposed can be vulgar, and it’s very true that a larger breasted woman has to be very careful about how much shows. The word slu*t has more to do with how someone carried themselves, or how they react around the opposite sex. I’ve always been large breasted, but not once have I ever been called a slu*t. Maybe you were just hanging out with the wrong people?
    I find Kate vulgar because she dances around in too small bikinis and makes sure to walk so that her breasts bounce almost comically. Note, I did not say slu*tty. I said vulgar. Big difference.

  • amanda

    She’s a model….this is what model’s do…they pose for pictures, and fashion shoots, sometimes topless…..some of you people really have no clue what that job entails

  • @12

    Oh they understand completely when it is any model other than Miranda. Other models can pose full frontal in suggestive poses, and that’s just fine and dandy. It’s fashion. Or it’s art.
    But if Miranda poses, they all pretend to be offended.
    Hypocrites. The lot of them.

  • hm

    @@09: the man was 40, but thanks for your completely ridiculous comment that retracted everything i said. A womans body is never vulgar.. no matter their size

    ..and telling someone at 12 that they were hanging around the wrong people? what the eff is wrong with you? the person was a family member..

    fangirls need to get their priorities straight. i’m done with this site. you’ve gone too far

  • lol

    I love how you go off on an illogical rant, yet call someone who was cool, collected and rational “ridiculous”. LOL
    And “slu*t shaming”?????
    Aren’t you always calling Miranda a “slu*t”, a wh*re, and worse? Now you are supposedly making a stand demanding respect for all women? HYPOCRITE!!!
    And now you’re telling us that you come from such a despicable family that they think that it’s OK to call a 12 year old family member a “slut”? That’s awful! (if it’s true) No wonder you are so messed up. Guess that’s one reason why you are so bitter and hateful. Or it that just an attempt to deflect the fact that you were wrong again? Yeah, pity parties don’t work here, sista. If you had been treated that badly when you were little, you wouldn’t be defaming women (Miranda) like you do, you would be supporting them.

  • hm

    @lol: you are disgusting. I have never called miranda kerr a slu*t

    and you blame victims of abuse?

    seriously miranda kerr fans????? disgusting.. disgusting. I’m beyond disappointed that people like you still blame people who are assaulted. you should be ashamed of yourself.

    And unless you’re a therapist you have no right to tell another person that they have issues or not. especially if you don’t know them.

    a pity party? no dear, it’s called respect for all women.. it’s not calling someone who has big breasts vulgar – but because i don’t shame other women i have issues? welp good but how dare you insult me and how dare YOU make jokes about abuse. You should be embarrassed and revolted in yourself. I have never taken this site seriously until now.

  • hm

    @lol: and i don’t come from a despicable family, one person doesn’t ruin my family who i love so don’t make assumptions. You have seriously set the bar for the most disgusting person i’ve come across on line. You should fee proud of your achievement. i’m sure miranda kerr will be happy to have a fan like you. I should send her the comments. For someone who represents kids help line i’m sure she’d have something to say about it

  • Nanette

    Glorified porn star. Cash in on it while you can Miranda cuz your future is yesterday’ news.

  • @hm

    You’re always posting hateful things on Miranda’s threads. You continually call her horrible names, and now you are trying to pretend to be a some great defender of all women.
    You are a hypocrite of the highest degree. And twisting people’s words to try to play the victim is ridiculous. ‘lol’ said nothing like what you are accusing her (?) of. Are you illiterate? Or just so determined to shift the focus away from your hypocrisy that you just don’t care anymore.
    You are making a fool of yourself.

  • @hm

    I have a serious question for you.
    If you are here demanding respect for all women, why are you attacking the fans, and not the haters who continually insult Miranda?
    People here have called her horrible names. Why aren’t you saying anything about them? Or is it ok to attack certain women?
    Can’t you see why people are doubting your sincerity?

  • hm

    @@hm: i have never called miranda kerr ANYTHING actually so how dare you accuse me of it?

    stop talking to me, i am disgusting and disturbed by all of you. you hit an all new low

  • hm

    @@hm: uh because it was a miranda kerr fan who said that kate upton is vulgar so i’m replying to that and staying on topic… how can i go after everyone who makes comments? leave me alone, seriously i’m done with you people.
    But go ahead and turn it around

    Everyone should know that the miranda kerr fans (well, two of you) think abuse is the childs fault. lovely. I will forward this to her twitter. Like i said she represents the kids help line so i hope she takes notice of her fans making these comments

    i could care less how i come off to you. leave me alone.

  • hm

    “”thats awful (if its true)No wonder you are so messed up. Guess that’s one reason why you are so bitter and hateful.”" — (BECAUSE APPARENTLY I’M LYING ABOUT ABUSE. OK!)

    “” I’ve always been large breasted, but not once have I ever been called a slu*t. Maybe you were just hanging out with the wrong people?”" — (YES IT’S THE VICTIMS FAULT)

    i will be forwarding these to her twitter

    good job, i’m sure she’s thrilled to have fans like you

  • @hm

    Sending her your twisted version of the facts will only get you tagged as a creeper. So go ahead. lol!
    And you’re seriously claiming that you never called Miranda any names in any of the dozens of hateful posts that you have made on her threads? SERIOUSLY?
    And you wonder why we call you delusional?
    And the reason that you don’t say anything to the haters calling Miranda names, is that you are one of them. And you think that it is ok to degrade a woman, as long as it’s the right woman…right? Hypocrite. Notice how many times that you have been called a hypocrite in this thread alone? Shouldn’t that tell you something?
    And speaking of dilusional, anyone who has seen the video of Kate dancing in a waaaaay too small bikini, with moves that attracted attention to her boobs and pelvis, and DOESN’T think that she is vulgar, has a warped sense of decorum.
    Bye now. Have fun getting on Miranda’s creeper list.

  • @HM

    Awwwwww, look who’s playing the martyr.

  • hm

    @@hm: i will be sending her the whole comment actually

    I’m a hypocrite?
    i’ve never called her anything actually but good job at being a lying freak

    you can call me an idiot, a liar, whatever you like but you will forever be someone who shames a person because of their abuse.

    That is the person you look at in the mirror everyday . so you can LOL all you like.

    why do i have to go after haters… that my job? i was just replying to a comment that was made. I KNOW HOW TO STAY ON TOPIC. but continue. i don’t care.. you’re just digging yourself in deeper here.

    AND lol@creeper list.. you mean showing her that her fans make jokes about abuse? yes how horrible.. please put me in that category

  • Daniel C. Horne

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  • debbie

    HER AGAIN? Like every f….. day? I don’t get to see my mother every day!!! There are so many interesting people but here it´s only about Kerr, Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna… She´s a famewh…. and Jared is the same because this is not objective anymore. This is selling yourself for money and that makes me sick.

  • Helo

    Omg, someone needs to reign in that obsessed fan already. 75% of the comments now. Holy moly.

  • ……

    these two always keep it classy -_-

  • ok

    hm, please take a look at the comments in a chronologic order. Just watch them carefully.
    First someone said they found K Upton vulgar, and you manipulated her words saying that she had called Upton a “sl*t”, which never happened.
    Then you said that you had been called that horrible name by “men”, and the other person reasonably didn’t think it was a member of your family (“men” is an inespecific word) and told you not to hang with people like that. Still, you manipulated her words saying that she was “blaming you” for being abused, which she couldn’t have possibly done as you didn’t use the word “abuse” until later.
    So if you really suffered abuse, I’m very sorry and I honestly hope you escaped that situation. But a gossip site is not the right place to bring that up, and it’s not right to bring it up to manipulate people, and much less to make free interpretations of their words to accuse them of being insensitive of such an issue.

  • @29

    You mean that obsessed hater? I agree. She keeps posting over and over, without making any sense. She’s psycho.
    She either doesn’t understand English very well, or is playing a game and pretending that she doesn’t understand so she can twist people’s words. My guess is that she understands perfectly well. And this is just a hater ploy. I know that she criticizes Miranda on every thread. And now she’s acting like she’s innocent. I don’t know why she thinks that people won’t remember the hateful things that she’s said in the past. She’s a fool if she thinks that our memories are that short. Either way, she’s ridiculous. People really are laughing at her. I wonder if she realizes this?

  • AnneG

    I think she’s either immature or silly. Maybe both. I don’t think she loves much her child. He kind of uses him in front of the cameras. If she really loved that child she wouldnt expose him many times per month or do all these stupidities. None of the nowadays Victoria’s Secret models are intelligent. Most of them speak as if they were having an orgasm with their silly voice and Adriana is too slow.
    Sexuality is born within someone. It can’t be really transformed.

  • @hm

    Soooo, you ignored this comment:
    “Shes too skinny, no **** whatsoever. What kind of “supermodel” has no ****? She sux”
    To complain about another, rather innocuous comment from another thread to start your rant about degrading women. And you really don’t see your hypocrisy?
    This post basically said that since Miranda has tiny boobs, and that she can’t be attractive with no boobs. Isn’t that exactly what you are complaining about with the post about Kate? You’re saying that women should not be judged by the size of their breasts, right? So why didn’t you jump on this person, instead on going to the trouble of bringing over the post from another thread?
    If you weren’t a hypocrite, you would be defending both women, not ignoring the plight of the small breasted women, right?
    But no, you just wanted a way to insult Miranda, so you are pretending to care about women’s issues. But only if it is convenient to you.

  • hm

    you can all laugh

    you can manipulate my comment (or people who read this thread)

    you can twist everything i say around

    I will continue to be disgusted with this thread and report it. without a doubt. You all are so revolting I honestly don’t know how you can think otherwise.

    i have never called miranda kerr a slu*t but believe what you like.
    You’re bullies who insult and criticize everyone.

    So please PLEASE laugh.. please continue with your lies and drama.. it’s all been reported. I don’t take abuse lightly and neither should anyone else. You’ve bullied enough people on this thread and hopefully you won’t be able to post again.

  • hm

    @@29: PLEASE laugh.. please continue to post.. it isn’t helping your plight

  • AnneG

    @hm: Nvm I can call her famewh*re. These people just love what you say and that drives them mad. They start to think over and over again about what you said and they twist your words to make it easier not falling in ‘love’. Love is scary.

  • rachel

    at least kate upton and kardashian have a personality this hoebag thinks she can do nothing and get attention

  • @hm

    How dare you trivialize the agony that true victims of abuse are put through every day.
    Someone called you a name? Someone hurt your feelings? Oh boo hoo. You’re comparing your hurt feelings to the pain and suffering of those facing REAL ABUSE.

  • hm

    @@hm: lol that all you have?
    how am i trivializing it?
    tell ME
    i’m not hurt, i’m disgusted.. that’s the difference.

    HOW DARE YOU tell me what i do and DON’T go through daily

    you revolt me

    you and your ‘group’ are the lowest form of scum. those who laugh at abuse.. who blame the victim.. ugh whatever.. i said i’m done with you people and i am. I have reported this thread and this site.. you think authorities take bullying seriously? i KNOW they do.. you’ll find out for yourself.. BTW you’re not doing yourself any favors by continuing with your stupid comments. go away

  • @hm

    You come here calling names, twisting words and LYING, and you think that YOU are being bullied???
    Proving you WRONG is not bullying, sweetums. That’s just you being stupid.
    And you reported this site?
    That has to be the funniest thing that I have read yet.
    And “go away”??
    Didn’t you leave about 14 times, already??

  • hm

    @@hm: Keep bullying.. you’re not helping yourself here.. And you think reporting someone who insults another person on the internet is nothing? I’ve reported you to the national crime prevention who deal with people such as yourself (and your friends who all seem to write/and post at-the-same-time) who attack others.

    You think abuse is funny? great, like i said keep going – PLEASE.. i’m sure miranda kerr is thrilled to have people like you support her..

    I’ve also contacted the site provider to have your IP’s traced so you can LOL.. and call me a liar.. and BULLSH*T about things i’ve written i could care less.. but don’t think you can bully me like you do everyone else on this site..

  • @hm

    Oh this just keeps getting better and better.
    The “national crime prevention” people? OH NOES!!!!!!!!
    BTW, who would that be? Reno 911????
    “And you think reporting someone who insults another person on the internet is nothing?”
    OH MY!!! Did you*cough* report *cough* (LOL) yourself then, too?? And all of your fellow idiotic haters? You know, since you losers insult Miranda all the time?
    Please keep posting. This is just too good!

  • hm

    @@hm: keep laughing, it’ll help me not you.

    You think this is a joke? even better.

  • Kath

    Omg…Look I love Miranda. She looks great, has nice fashion sense, has great products in Kora, has a beautiful boy & hubby. Shes tries to do her best with what she has….her looks! She knows her career is not here forever & needs to milk it. So whats wrong with that. Ive actually met her here at home in Australia. She doesnt take herself too seriously & can actually have a good laugh at herself. I might be a fangirl but I do think she wears some ugly dresses & I hate the orange red lipstick. I also dont like the fact they let Flynn on the beach with no shorts when she knows that the papps have zoom lenses. There are so many pedophiles out there. She might be a fame wh**re to some or not seem the smartest or boring or ugly or whatever …. love her or hate thats our opinions & we should be allowed to have it. But they way some if you carry on on these threads are like d**kheads!! If you truly cant stand her stop checking her out! Fangirls stop taking the bait too much & chill a little. We know there are some like rachel for instant that are just nasty. Rachel in my opinion you have no personality & it shows. And hm, get some help love to release your anger & find some patience. The fact you want to post this to Miranda etc….is you over reacting. Miranda doesnt read these threads. And posting that to her twitter is a bit abnormal. And Sabrina if your reading this Im coming to the states to visit you soon. Love you heaps xx

  • hm

    @Kath: really? making jokes about abuse is OK though? whatever.. your comment reeks of passive aggresive junk. I’m not angry i’m disgusted.. get a clue.. and you think i’m taking it too far but making jokes and bullying because-of-miranda-kerr is alright?! lol hilarious

  • @hm

    Still here??? I thought that you were leaving. And leaving. And leaving…..
    And stil playing the martyr?
    As hilarious as that is, you really need a new act.

  • Kath

    Hm… one I could see said abuse to children is ok. Just having an opinion on Miranda is ok even the stupid dumb nasty comments. Abuse to children Is the absolute worst. You mention an incident when were 12 but by the way youve reacted it sounds like you need to seek help. Im not trying to be smart but sounds like this issue isnt resolved. Ive got friends that have been sexually molested when they were children & they dont carry on the way you have. Disgusted, angry, well your reactions sound the same to me. Please re read all your threads to see how your coming across to everyone. Remember your comments & backlash to what happened to you has gotten off track. This has nothing to do with other people having an opinion on Miranda on this Just Jared site. Have some patience dont react to everything. Your taking the bait to people wanting to wind you up. Some would say you can give it but you cant take it. Theres always going to be someone out there who replies to your comments whether its good or bad. Like you have to me. You just have to learn to suck it up.

  • hm

    @Kath: LOL you have to learn to mind your own business.. you are no therapist and do not know my situation.. also your back handed comments are ridiculous and transparent..

    and IF YOU HAVE READ THEIR COMMENTS you’d see they were indeed making jokes at my expense.. and lol @ me being angry, i’m disgusted in the way these “fans” talk to everyone, being angry would mean i care about them personally so stop trying to analyse and give me your passive aggressive cra*p..

    @@hm: well stop replying but tbh your sh&t helps me so continue :)

  • @hm

    We’re making jokes at your expense because you’re making a fool of yourself. Aren’t you supposed to laugh at fools?
    And if you kept to your word and stopped posting, then we wouldn’t have to keep responding, now would we.

  • Kath

    Hm….no we dont know your situation and no we dont care. These threads are for everyone to see so I added my 2 cents. Take it or leave it. Suck it up girl. All I can say to you & most will agree…… Rant……Rant…….Rant…….