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Miranda Kerr: West Hollywood Photoshoot!

Miranda Kerr: West Hollywood Photoshoot!

Miranda Kerr looks chic while striking a pose during a photo shoot on Melrose Avenue on Sunday (March 3) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old model changed outfits three times and posed both next to and inside of a classic convertible car for her shoot.

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The other day, Miranda was spotted wearing vintage cat-eye sunglasses while catching a departing flight out of JFK International Airport in New York City.

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at her photo shoot…

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  • E.

    Guys…just to make it short: Miranda wants nothing but attention, ALWAYS, no matter how. Go to YouTube and watch all the clips of her, paparazzi, photo shoots, red carpet footage…and noone could ever deny that. There is no need to discuss or argue about that, just seeing her posing and bathing in the flashlights speaks for itself.
    Orlando: was once a Hollywood cake, sexy, stylish, funny, …now he is not any more. He tries hard to get roles, but the big Hollywood movie roles go to others. All he has now is a supermodel-trophy-wife he is not happy with and who let him father a child to get him on the hook for her own carreer. He is a grown up man, he knows what he is doing, so no excuses for him.
    I think a lot pap photos are staged by their management, too. Because: without attention in the gossip media, what attention would they get elsewhere? And they have nothing else than that, other than living a fancy lifestyle. So, if gossip media takes photos, it is possible they don’t do that because it sells to people, but because they get booked by celebs themselves. That way people continue talking about them. If they lost this, they would loose everything they have, including their income.
    Orlando and Miranda a happy couple? What a nice fairytale, but this time, it does not have a happy ending. Tell me of a fairytale where prince and princess are unhappy together!

  • @50

    Why so angry?
    Oh noes, MK is not famous because two paps temporarily forgot her name, and two paps represent the world! Geez, let go of that. It makes you sound so desperate.
    Of course they were TV mentions, what did you expect, a 25 minute documentary? OB wasn’t a nominee, so mentions were mostly about the red carpet.
    Valentino sent her dresses. NO! is not even a reply. Tell me, just tell why would a designer miss the chance of having great publicity, having his dress exposed in a party that will be shown on all media sources, for not giving the dress for free? What he gets in publicity is several times more valuable than the price of the dress. Not giving it would be a major marketing fail, as the celebrity could choose to wear the dress of another, more generous designer. If the celebrity wearing it is a model, even better as he gets to show his dress at its best.
    See, I refute everything you say and I haven’t “b!tched” at all, unlike you.

  • @51

    I see that you sleep under their bed, to know what their marriage is like so well. I’d even say that you have telepathy with them, as you even know why they got married.
    What would they have without a fancy living style? Well, ignore their work if you want, millions of people won’t.

  • Miranda Hobbs

    Love her, she is gorgeous

  • @50

    *waves at Joloonie*
    Who do you think that you are kidding? We all know that this is just another one of your socks.
    And I see that you are backtracking on your comments about the paps not knowing who she was. I guess that you realized that not only was it proof that Miranda didn’t call them, but that it was an indicator that Adriana isn’t nearly as famous as you seem to think.
    And funny, I certainly remember seeing them on ET, E!, Extra and in photos in several different magazines. The fact that you are refuting something so obvious just tells us how desperate you are.
    And still with the dresses? How stupid and blind can you possibly be?

  • @51

    You mean she actually POSES for magazine shoots!!!!!!!!!
    And she POSES on the red carpet!!!! As if they put the red carpet there for people to have their picture taken!!!!!!
    I bet that her next stunt will be doing ANOTHER COMMERCIAL for her job!!!
    THAT B!TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miranda Hobbs

    Miranda is an Amazing Lover. Miranda knows how to keep a man happy. He kisses her with his Warm Breathe all over her body, on her Neck, and Stomach. He feels her warm sweat as he pulls her body closer. He penetrates deep inside her, filling her completely and feeling the sensation spread everywhere in his body. He keeps the passion alive with Bedroom toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Chewer/10

    Wait, am I missing something here. So the main discussion here is how the paps called Miranda Kerr Adriana and another name and some people think that it must mean Adriana isn’t famous?!!! Is that what’s been said here? Because I don’t want to think people (Miranda’s fans) are suffering from brain damage to a point that they can’t add two and two together.

    I’m actually quite shocked to see the paparazzi couldn’t get Miranda’s name right on two different attempts… The paps calling her Adriana proves they know more about Adriana than Miranda, thus Adriana really has more star power over Miranda. And then calling her Amanda before finally getting her name right sealed the deal that they don’t really know her but were sent to do their jobs (most possibly because Miranda’s people informed their agency). That my dear, says more than any denial essay you people can write. My conclusion is, Miranda is fame hungry and is bringing this attention on herself rather than being a real celebrity. I mean, Adriana, and I’m completely sure Gisele are several levels more important and famous than Kerr, but they are MIA most of the time. You people are really twisted.
    And OMG, stop it already, you can’t make us believe Valentino sent Miranda dresses. You said the prove is in a video but you are yet to post that video, so we’re going to rule it as a big fat lie. If Valentino wanted publicity, there were more important people to choose from. Why Miranda who was an underdog on such a big event? It would actually look bad on Valentino’s end… while other designers are having A list stars wear their gowns, Valentino’s best shot is no one but Miranda? LMAO. Valentino didn’t choose anyone to wear his dress this time at the GG, designers don’t give stars special dresses to wear in every award show.. some times, people just buy the dresses themselves. ariel winter was wearing valentino at the GG as well, morena baccarin was wearing valentino haute couture. So STFU already.
    And I won’t even say anything about your deluded story of Miranda being covered by TV/Tabloid shows at the Golden Globes.

  • Chewer/10

    no more thing, at the night of the GG, designers who had stars wearing their gowns were tweeting about it even before the stars arrived on the red carpet. Valentino never tweeted about Miranda. Not before the show, and if he did tweet about her in the dress, it was during or after the show when he learned about it.
    So bye girl. Not giving you another second of my time.

  • whatever

    There’s no way I’m believing that Miranda lied about Valentino giving her the dress, especially as it makes total sense marketing wise. Let’s see if you get it into your thick skulls, only you crazies believe it would be a total dishonour for Valentino that Miranda wore his dress because you are obsessed with knowing every detail of her life and make strange interpretations of everything you see, but Valentino is not a crazy conspiraloon. He knows Miranda is a good model, and that other HF brands have hired her before.
    The other stars were also dressed with dresses by other designers, and of course those designers in all likeliness sent them those dresses.
    And no, designers don’t send dresses for ALL the events, but the VF Oscars party appears on ALL media, because millions of people watch the Oscars and what people wore is something that many people like to see.
    I’m not even going to keep commenting on your ridiculous story of the paps getting a name wrong. It’s obvious that it means that Miranda didn’t call them (as they’d have the name fresh in their minds if they’ve just been called) and that two paps temporarily forgot her name doesn’t mean anything concerning her fame.

  • @chewie

    If Adriana was teh superstar that jaloonie (you) is making her out to be, then wouldn’t the paps IMMEDIATELY know that it wasn’t her? They should be able to recognize her from a mile away. They didn’t, so theyhave no idea what she looks like. LOL!
    And how can you still claim that the paps were sent to photograph her, when they didn’t know her name? Wouldn’t they know that they were sent for Miranda, not Adriana.
    Talk about the inability to put two and two together.
    And now you’re putting Adriana in the same league as Gisele??? Oh please. That has to be the funniest thing that I have read yet. LOL!
    And we told you which video to see Miranda talking about the dresses. If your too stupid to find it on youtube, then there’s no help for you.
    And really? You’re still claiming that they weren’t covered at the party?
    The evidence is all over the internet. Ignoring it just solidifies the fact that you are delusional. Pathetic and delusional, no matter what sock you decide to put on for the day.

  • Chewer/10

    lol, I mixed up the GG and the Oscars up because of all these comments…. Haha and it’s not even the Oscars but an After Party! Oh God. Stupid obsessed fools are what Miranda has for fans… Jennifer A and Oscar winner Hilary Swank were wearing valentino haute couture at the actual Oscars. So you mean to say Valentino skipped those major stars (WHO WERE ACTUALLY AT THE OSCARS WHICH HAD MORE THAN 40 MILLION VIEWERS) and decided to have Miranda, who is like a a nobody (WHO WENT TO THE VF AFTER PARTY THAT ISN’T EVEN IMPORTANT AS THE MAIN EVENT AND WAS ONLY COVERED BY TABLOID SHOWS THAT DIDN’T WASTE TIME SHOWING MIRANDA ) to represent his gown?… You’re a pathetic idiot. Model rosie was wearing Valentino at the VF after party, so was zooey deschanel. Haha how exactly is Miranda more special than them. Rosie was in Transformers, also have an upcoming movie alongside Charlize Theron (sure to be a hit) and her boyfriend is an actual A lister unlike Miranda’s has-been husband. Zooey is 10000 levels more relevant and famous than Miranda.
    Is it that you like Miranda belittled and proved to you how much of a worthless, attention-seeking nobody she is or you like making a fool of yourself? I don’t get you haha.
    And Miranda as shameless as she is didn’t say Valentino selected her and sent her gownS to choose from. And that video you’re talking about, lol you’ll never post it if you don’t want more embarrassment. That lie is all you, her idiotically obsessed fan who’s campaigning for her to be actually somebody in the A-life.
    Lol, and don’t kill yourself about the paps calling her Adriana. Miranda already suffered the embarrassment first-hand at the airport.
    Haha sorry for embarrassing you and calling out your poor lies. Better luck next time
    Bye. Said everything that needs to be said. Don’t expect me to post again.

  • @Chewer

    Who said Valentino skipped anyone? In all likeliness many designers sent many dresses to many celebrities. The more celebs wear your design, the better. Miranda received two dresses from one designer, but i bet that the nominees received lots of dresses from lots of designers, as I imagine that all of them would want the nominees to wear their dresses.
    So no, nobody claimed that Miranda is special.
    About paps calling her Adriana, I have patience with people of very low intelligence but it’s not eternal. If someone mistakes Miranda for Adriana, that means they have no clue of what Adriana’s face looks like, so if it is embarrassing for Miranda, it is embarrassing for Adriana too. It’s not rocket science.
    And don’t post again, it’s a wise decision when one’s made a fool of herself so much.

  • ha

    It’s funny that when confronted with facts, this hater just sticks her head and the sand and pretends that she never saw them.
    I guess that’s what stupid people do.
    Too dumb to have an actual debate using facts, so she just keeps repeating the same garbage. And why bother changing socks when it’s so obvuously the same person.
    She’s a special kind of stupid.

  • jololi

    Oh My Nerves!!! U guys are having this same debate. But I see some people are putting Miranda’s fan to shame for real lol. She won’t accept logic and facts even if you slapped it in her face. She is worse than stupid people.
    I’m still laughing at how this character is still going strong with Val sending Miranda gowns. As if she was of any significance to the night. Designers send nominees and A listers their creations… not wannabes. This has been proven over the years many times. Halle Berry, Rene Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts all wore dresses at the request of designers when they were nominated for Oscars (which they eventually won). Making sense because they were the centre of attention. And a designer uses ONE Oscar nominee/A lister to highlight his/her best creation. Anyone else who wants a dress will have to shop and PAY for it. Sorry, but Miranda is not even in the top 5 most important models not to mention an elite in Hollywood.
    I’ve never ever heard a designer sending a person who isn’t a nominee or in any way important in the Oscars or Hollywood, gowns to choose from and wear to an Oscars party. And I’m confident there hasn’t been anything like it in history. Try proving me wrong. Give it a rest little darling, Valentino would be caught dead sending a nobody gowns.
    And I’m sure u detest the truth but I’ll say it again lol. The paps calling Miranda, Adriana proves that Adriana’s name is what most people are familiar with. Which means she is more, totally famous than this famewhore. And calling her Amanda proves she’s a nobody even in the eyes the paps. And you say the paps didn’t recognize Adriana, then why did they stop calling her Adriana almost instantly? Explain that. Lol I bet she died a little when she heard ADRIANA. Haha I’m so glad it was caught on camera. And of course that epic moment of calling her Amanda… I bet she just wanted to be buried alive. The fact that they paps called her Adriana in the first place and then instantly changed the name to Amanda clears that they knew exactly what Adriana looked like and the fact the only time they got Miranda’s name right was in the third attempt proves that they couldn’t even catch her name (even when their agency got a tip from her and her pr team). That spoke volumes…. meaning Adriana is WAY AHEAD of Miranda. And the fact that they did not only call her Adriana but when they tried to get it right screamed AMANDA (amanda being similar to miranda) only proves Adriana is a lifetime more important/famous than she is. I just realized I’ve been insulting Adriana by comparing her to this low life. I’m never giving Miranda that uplift AGAIN.Embarrassing isn’t even the word. The paps ruined all her fun as she didn’t even literally spend a minute with them like she usually spends minutes. And don’t tell me that insulting story about her not calling the paps if they called her different names. The paps knew she was coming because they were prepared. They weren’t caught of guard as the camera was on even before she got off the car, and didn’t miss a minute (as someone pointed out). How did they know someone was coming that they should photograph for them to have the cameras on even before the driver pulled over?? It could have been anyone if they didn’t know. You slow thinker…
    But why can’t you just love Miranda for the shameless wannebe famewhore that she is instead of being in deep denial about her? If you’re a true fan, that’s what you’d do. haha. All of this just made me love Adriana more as her fame and importance speaks for itself. No need to visit 200 events a year or calling the paps.
    Chaw girl.. lmao. U can keep talking to yourself. I’m gone

  • @jololi

    So you changed your name so that you didn’t look so bad for posting again after saying that you wouldn’t? Now that is sad! hahaha
    But what do I see? You say that you’re leaving again, so what will your next name be? Oh the mystery!
    No, designers actually bid to get nominees to wear their creations. It’s not just that they send gowns, they PAY fees. Surely this wasn’t Miranda’s case, but did Valentino send her dresses? Without a doubt. The Oscars Red Carpet is the biggest catwalk, and Oscars after parties are not as important but are also perfect for publicity.
    And it’s true that they not always send gowns to everyone. Sometimes they prefer not to give them to people who won’t be able to pull them off.
    And only YOU think that Miranda is a nobody. Don’t twist my words into me saying that she’s the biggest superstar in the planet because I didn’t say that, but her popularity is growing at the speed of sound right now.
    I’m not going to keep talking about paps and Miranda, that conversation is for morons and I’m not one. I said what I think and I stand by it. Paps aren’t as retarded to forget the name of the person that called them, that simple. And nobody would find embarrassing that two paps didn’t remember their name, except for you.
    I don’t love Miranda and I don’t hate Adriana. I just can’t stand people like you who are unable to recognize the achievements of people who work, just because you’re jealous.

  • jelly

    Yes, you don’t love Miranda, you’re obsessed with her since you make it your mission to respond to every single comment critizing Miranda. And you don’t have Adriana, you’re just bitter that she has the status Miranda will never have. And what does anyone have to be jealous of Miranda for Adriana? Wake up girl, Adriana is the 4 highest paid model in the world. And you’re so totally right, Valentino totally sent Miranda dresses… in your dreams lol. I would ask you to prove it and post that nonexistent videos where she said this, but I not it’s a waste of time because it NEVER happened.↲
    I’m now waiting for you to claim you’re only now posting and you’re not that infamous miranda fan. And also sing about how I’m using a sock even though this is the same name I’ve been using ever since.

  • jelly

    also, the paps calling her different names should be a lesson to her that famewhoring does necessarily make one famous. Just like how money doesn’t buy class. Once again, Adriana oversadowing Miranda even at her absence. It can’t get better than this.

  • @jelly

    So now you’re jelly? You are one creative girl! Well, you claim that I am responding to everything, but for that to happen there must be someone to respond to. Why am I obsessed but the person I’m responding to isn’t?
    I don’t hate Adriana and I actually wish her well. She’s successful? Great, I’m glad. It’s her fans that have a strange obsession with Miranda, bringing her up on both Miranda’s and Adriana’s articles to bash on her. Who knows why, as she’s such a nobody.
    I’m not the person who talked about that so called video, it was someone else. I’m simply saying that I think it’s perfectly logical that Valentino (and other designers) would want to dress the guests of the VF party.
    And no, I have posted on this thread before. I didn’t make all the comments that oppose your views as you so passionately want to believe though.

  • @jo-jelly

    I see that your little private princess Adriana invited the paps to yet another work out session. She also did a little h0-stroll on the streets of Miami, too.
    Such a desperate famewh0re.
    Oh, and since you are just too darn lazy to hop on over to youtube, here ya go.
    This is one segment of the 27 minute long interview. They ask her about the dress at around the 1:20 mark. At about 1:30, she says “he (Valentino) sent me a couple of options……”
    I’ve done all the work for you. Now will you be an adult and admit that you are wrong? Or will you just show yourself to be the child that you are, and ignore this proof as well?

  • jelly

    You’re just so stupid, I never change my username, I’ve had arguments with u when u go trolling in Lima’s threads here, but you’re dead brain u won’t remember… Go check her threads and see.
    Oh yes, you don’t hate Adriana, you’re just bitter… which is why you don’t have a problem calling her a famewhore when deep down, you know that’s the opposite of her. Lol, everyone knows that Miranda’s is modeling’s #1 famewhore. Lol no one can compete with her even if they tried. That’s the only #1 position she holds. Lmao. Quite the achievement.
    “It’s her fans that have a strange obsession with Miranda, bringing her up on both Miranda’s and Adriana’s articles to bash on her.”
    Lol. I guess it’s true that you’re sick if u mistake your behavior for others’.
    And her saying he sent her dresses is supposed to mean Valentino requested her to have his dresses? You’re more brain dead than I thought. She ORDERED THE DRESSES. She could’ve contacted him, but she ORDERED them. Designers are only going to know the obvious stars that would no doubt attend the party, which are most definitely oscar nominees and A listers, and Miranda doesn’t fall into both categories. Anne got a dress from a designer for the VF after party. And Prada themselves confirmed it. Thtat’s how it was for all the stars that got special dresses. Why would valentino pick a random nobody that he most probably wouldn’t have known was going to attend if she didn’t order his dresses? You’re too dumb for my liking. Why didn’t he ever mention it? Or he’s to ashamed to admit Miranda is wearing his creation that me specially requsted her to wear to an after event? Miranda who’s like this certified famewhore would, of course want people to believe V did, it as she’s capable of it. But u see, people know better. Only her biased fans who thinks she’s this important person would believe. I’m sure u still won’t believe it even if Val denied it.
    And yea right, you’re totally not the same girl making all the ‘Miranda is a star’ comments. You totally aren’t.
    Like I said, love (or obsess over) Miranda for who she really is. If she’s a famewhore, accept her for it.
    bye gurl. stay pressed

  • @jowhatever

    LOL! You keep on denying facts? You are a bigger idiot than I thought. And that is saying a lot!
    How can you deny video proof? We have video proof that Valentino sent her dresses, and that Orlando and Miranda were shown on numerous entertainment shows and websites.
    You’re insane. There is no other explanation. If you won’t admit that you are wrong in the face of so much evidence, how can you possibly think that you’re ok Do you still believe that the world is flat? Or that the moon is made out of cheese?
    and what about the latest pap pics of Adriana???
    Miami doesn’t have regular paps, so if they ‘found’ Adriana, she must have called them. And it just so happens that she is working out in full view of the cameras? And you still claim that she is private?

  • @jelly

    “I guess it’s true that you’re sick if u mistake your behavior for others’”

    Is that so? Why don’t we check the FACTS? Let’s quote the first comment mentioning MK on Adriana’s latest JJ articles:
    Jan23 article: “That Miranda fan is always the first one to post on every model’s thread. She doesn’t want comparisons (today) because she knows Adriana is far ahead of Miranda”
    Jan15: “Not everyone is obsessed with Paparazzi model Kerr”
    Jan6: “She’s the most famous model at Victoria’s Secret, but u don’t see the paparazzi following her everywhere like a certain someone”
    Dec24: “more pictures of adriana less of miranda kerr.”

    So let’s see the statistics: on at least the last four Lima articles Miranda’s name was brought up for the first time by a Lima fan, and it was brought up to attack Miranda (and it seems you hold the doutful honour of being that first person to start insulting Miranda in many occasions). So you still claim that it is Miranda’s fans the ones who attacks Adriana? YOU start ALL the discussions, it is always YOU the ones who provoke MK’s fans, it is YOU the ones who feel insecure about Adriana’s position.
    Hey, if you want to be proved wrong more, why don’t we do the same with Miranda’s articles?

  • @jelly

    Oh, and I’ll give you some advice for your future use of socks. If you really want us to believe that you are not ‘jololi’ you could’ve at least bothered to hide it, just a little bit. Instead, you both use “u” instead of “you”, you both call Valentino “Val”, you both write random “lol”s between sentences, you both end a long essay with “Good bye! I’m leaving this thread for evaaah”…

  • @jo-sock

    What? No answer as to how the paps just happened to find Adriana in Miami?
    You call Miranda a famewh*re for being photographed in the pap hangout that is LAX, so what does that make Adriana? Especially since she looked directly at the cameras, and then made sure that she did her workout where they could see her.
    Are you going to label her a famewh*re now, too? Or will you remain the hypocrite that you are?
    And you kept demanding that we post the video of her talking about the dreses, and now you refuse to watch it? Why? Afraid that you are wrong AGAIN???