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Miranda Kerr: West Hollywood Photoshoot!

Miranda Kerr: West Hollywood Photoshoot!

Miranda Kerr looks chic while striking a pose during a photo shoot on Melrose Avenue on Sunday (March 3) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old model changed outfits three times and posed both next to and inside of a classic convertible car for her shoot.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The other day, Miranda was spotted wearing vintage cat-eye sunglasses while catching a departing flight out of JFK International Airport in New York City.

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at her photo shoot…

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75 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: West Hollywood Photoshoot!”

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  1. 26
    lame Says:

    ok seriously why are Adrianas fans stalking other models more than they do her? LOL shows you she’s not as busy as you would like her to be I guess….Everytime I come into a models topic one of her crazy fans is linking to their fansite or saying something rude about another model. Its not a very good reflection on her that she only attracts obviously very YOUNG rabid immature CRAZY fans. poor Adriana. I doubt she is as mean and nasty as most of her fans are and would probably not like you bashing her fellow model friends and co workers.

  2. 27
    sbj43 Says:

    OMFG!! Adriana stealing Miranda’s thunder without actually doing anything. The paps clearly screamed Adriana. And also, if they didn’t know Adriana’s face, they would have continued calling Miranda, Adriana, but instead they called her Amanda in the end when they quickly figured out it wasn’t Adriana. But they still didn’t get her name right. Oh this is just soo good. The sheer disgrace. So how come she’s getting papped everywhere if even the paps don’t know her? Haha and I just love how whoever it was trying to make it seem like it’s because they don’t recognize Adriana Lima’s face when the logical explanation is that they don’t know who Miranda is and they thought it was Adriana when she was getting out of the car

  3. 28
    meme Says:

    I think Lima fans have a clear case of inferiority complex since Miranda’s fame has sky rocketed. well thats always the case with them when another model becomes more famous and popular. seen it happen for years. the only way another model wont face their wrath is if she’s some unknown out of work catalog model. You know your fave model is doing well in her career when AL’s psycho fans cant get that said models name off their tongues.

  4. 29
    jololi Says:

    You want to copy/paste lmao ok girl
    “LMAO. You’re a liar but a very terrible one. When did Adriana ever invite paps to her workout sessions?!!??!! When? The only times I remember is when she formally invited the press to her workout to promote the Victoria’s Secret show. She’s not some kind of famewhore who calls the paps every single day like Miranda.
    Haha, and you know the cheating rumors are all Miranda’s. I mean I know her and her PR team will do anything but Justin Bieber? Come on that’s creepy. At least the Leo rumors are decent. I mean this is the same woman that was doing cartewheels for the paps she invited flashing her underwear for them. WHILE HER LEGS WERE OPEN. Sinking to a new low for FAME everyday.
    Oh and those article that were dissing Adriana’s post pregnancy body, can u post a link? You won’t because there isn’t a single one of them lmao. All I saw were positive articles about her body.
    Refusing to leave which stage? It’s not her fault the audience applauded her so much. She just showd her gratitude at the end of the runway.

    Miranda is so much of a famewhore and narcissist that she forgets to promote the actual product they’re interviewing her for. Lol. I watched her GMA interview and she pretended that she got the interview by herself instead of VS sending her. Behati did another TV show that same day, but she promoted VS as a brand, not just herself.

    LOL. When Adriana wasn’t pregnant last year, Miranda didn’t appear in even one VS TV commercial. They compensated her with only online commercials. Her catalog pictures were few and far between. But when Adriana took a pregnancy leave, Miranda was part of the christmas campaigns and has done two events since November and is being more featured in the catalog, even featured in a TV commercial.
    She’s nothing but a filler. And now that the main boss is back. Bye Bye Miranda.

    HAHA, yea, they could have only attended Oscar parties, not the actual Oscars. lmao. You see, that’s for the truly relevant.”

  5. 30
    jololi Says:

    copy/paste: Honey, you’re talking to someone who follows pop culture. What IMPORTANt/RELEVANT newspapers feature Miranda???? Other than NY times (once) which also featured Adriana? You u have dementia? Are u stupid? God, u are the kind of fanatics that will say anything to defend their idol even if they’re in the wrong. Which websites pay for her worthless pictures? lmao. Sites like Daily Mail and Just Jared only ever post about her because they have a deal with her and her PR team. Common sense. She wants to get famous and JJ and DM are helping her. Just like her famewhore friend Alessandra. Also, it’s the same PR that started the rumor about Leo and Bieber and then denied it later. That’s how this ruthless business works. I mean, who gives a sh!t about Miranda in the real world?
    Which shows covered her at the GG? I mean do u think networks are stupid enough to cover a virtual nobody in the midst of world class A listers???All they did was show her for a minute and covered the actual relevant Hollywood celebs. Heck some shows and websites didn’t even mention her.
    There were people that were not involved in nominated movies and they were at the Oscars (do you want me to give you a list?). And u can only become a presenter if the organizers want you to. You’d just have to be a relevant A lister to make into that prestigious award show. Sadly for that famewhore couple, they’re not A listers. They’re not even B listers lmao.

    LMAO, everyone was at the VF party, even Chanel and Karolina were there. LOL. Did you say you’d have to be an A lister.
    Valentino would be caught dead sending dresses to Miranda for the Oscars. That’s an insult. Like please. Designers send couture and hand tailored dresses to timeless and relevant A listers, Oscars nominees etc. Like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize, (who was at the Oscars and WASN’T NOMINATED NOR PART OF A NOMINATED MOVIE BUT STILL GOT A HAND MADE GOWN FROM DIOR).
    In the meanwhile, world famous models like Kate Upton and Adriana were home counting their loaded bank accounts and booking jobs. Gisele also threw an Oscars party for her friend Mario Testino but went home right after. Kate Moss wasn’t in sight as well. And those people are 100 times more famous and powerful than your famewhore. You should know by now Adriana doesn’t care about this frivolous attention seeking. She could have booked appearance in show when she got the super bowl commercials and Pirelli Calendar but she didn’t she’s had dozens of opportunities to seek attention but she didn’t. She’s too good for that. And I’m contented with that. Not like this famewhore who wants attention even when going o bed. It’s only people who don’t know the business that would think Adriana fans are jealous of this frog. Adriana was a Prada exclusive this season. Where was Miranda?? Seeking attention??
    And only an idiotic pretentious industry know-all would actually think the VS show is a real fashion show. LMAO. Adriana can send kisses and acknowledge the audience all she wants. Are you jealous they weren’t applauding Miranda? HEHE.
    The GMA segment was prove of how much of a narcissist she is. You are pretending like she’sthe only model they ask about beauty secrets. LMAO. She could’ve talked about her ‘beauty secrets’ without acting like that was the reason she was there. She didn’t talk about the bra that much (not that I’m surprised). Behati was asked other questions, that weren’t about the Bra, like her cameo in hawaii 5-0, but she made sure the Bra was the main thing to talk about.

    This professional famewhore will for ever take a back seat to real supermodels no matter how hard she tries.

  6. 31
    jololi Says:

    copy/paste:Lol you’re too funny. I’m sorry but just the thought of Valentino sending Miranda not one but two dresses because he wants her to wear at the party is just hilarious. I won’t deny that she might have ordered (and paid) for the dresses, but Valentino in his right mind would never give that social climber a minute of his time when there are hundreds of stars to pick from. You know, STARS that went TO THE ACTUAL ACADEMY AWARDS, not an after party. I’d like to see the video in youtube where she said this. Lol Post it if there is one.
    Also, stars that weren’t presenters/nominees/part of a nominated cast were at the Oscars, natalie portman, , jennifer aniston, hilary swank, amanda seyfried, kate beckinsale, kerry washington, ETC ETCETC…. they were all there just for the sake of being there not enjoy it and give support. They have connections and can pull strings, get invited, and can get into any award shows they want. Not like that loser couple haha. So what was that u were saying?

    “”The truth is they feature her so often because she gets lots of hits, more hits means more dollars for them.”
    yea ok riiiight.
    “You’re just upset that poor Adriana isn’t relevant enough to get invited to any of the A list parties, maybe next year if she’s lucky!!!”

    Sweety, I’m not upset, Adriana doesn’t care about that, just like Gisele and the two Kates, they have bigger fish to fry. And who told you the famewhore couple were invited at the VF party? LMAO. They probably fought for seats. I mean, who would even think about inviting them? They are not exactly people that would come at the top of your mind when you’re making a decision in Hollywood.
    Miranda is so famous and relevant that, people at the JFK airport called her Adriana (just a few days ago) and it was caught on camera haha. How embarrassing.

    I’m not saying they didn’t show them on the red carpet at the GG on TV shows, you said shows were covering them and I’m saying that’s a lie, some shows didn’t even bother showing them, the ones that showed them only gave them like 10 seconds. Sad Story. lmao

    And for the last and final time, I never denied I’m an Adriana fan, I’m just not a hardcore fan. I know a lot about her and Miranda because I’m a tFS member and I open any thread of models that get updated.
    Finally, I’m I supposed to believe there are more than one person responding to my comments?! Please

  7. 32
    jololi Says:

    copy/paste: Lol. You don’t have a logical respond to everything I’ve said do you? Truth hurts. And what are you talking about? I’m not a die hard Adriana Lima fan. I’ve mentioned that in my first comment here.My favorite model isn’t even a Victoria’s Secret model. DO I like her? Sure. I even used to like Miranda ( and posted in her thread at tfs) but then she turned herself into a diva who does annoyingly shameless things for attention.
    I couldn’t care less if Adriana is more famous than Miranda or Miranda’s more famous. All I know is, Adriana is the more successful one.All I said was I’m glad she’s back to work with Victoria’s Secret especially because of the annoying Miranda. And then you wrote all those ridiculous stuff that were not even vaguely valid. That’s why I responded.
    And what do you mean Adriana fans are always in Miranda threads? I’ve checked the last 10 threads on here and there’s almost no mention of Adriana.

  8. 33
    facepalm Says:

    Precisely, jololi. You should have continued your already lost debate on the other thread. Instead, you started a new one here with the same, already refuted arguments. That’s why the other person copied/pasted their replies, because it’s absurd to start from point zero a debate that had already started. Well, absurd to us, it makes sense for you that you’d want to start it again to see if someone who hadn’t seen the other thread buys your bridge.

  9. 34
    @sbj43 Says:

    “So how come she’s getting papped everywhere if even the paps don’t know her?”
    You tell us. You’re the ones who claim that Miranda calls people that don’t know her name (????)
    “….the logical explanation is that they don’t know who Miranda is and they thought it was Adriana when she was getting out of the car”
    But why did they think it was Adriana if her face is so tattoed into their brains as she’s so famous?

  10. 35
    creepy Says:

    Does anyone else find it creepy how Miranda’s fan like insulting top celebrity models? Is it that they make her insecure and she already knows Miranda wll never reach their level of success and fame? Go to Gisele, Kate Upton, Adriana Lima’s thread ang you’ll see her talking about how ugly, ******, not supermodel worthy they are. Hell, she attacks even Bar Rafaeli. That’s just too creepy.

  11. 36
    sbj43 Says:

    “But why did they think it was Adriana if her face is so tattoed into their brains as she’s so famous?”
    Whoever said her face is tattooed in their brains? I never said she was so famous, not that she isn’t famous but I didn’t say that.
    Lol sorry, but Jololi is putting u people to shame, with LOGIC. You can pretend otherwise, but your ass*es have been kicked with no less a weapon than the truth. The more you comment, the more u sound like lunatics. Your theories have been disproved one by one.
    It must so so embarrassing, having called the paps and expecting a warm pretentious welcome only for u to be called by the name of your superior. She isn’t the only person that uses that airport, models like Gisle use it too and she uses it without a picture insight, never mind paps. And it was so obvious that she informed the paps she was coming because they weren’t caught off guard, the camera was on moments even before she got out of the car. They didn’t miss a moment. How could they have known who was in the car??? That was just an attention seeker doing her thing. That is what makes it more sad, they knew she was coming but they couldn’t even remember her name. Serves her right Bahahahah

  12. 37
    what Says:

    why are people slu*t shaming kate upton and calling her vulgar.. because of her body? that’s bullying and pretty disgusting to me. A woman’s body is NEVER vulgar

  13. 38
    @sbj43 Says:

    Therefore, you agree that those paps didb’t know what Adriana’s face looks like, so if it is embarrassing for Miranda that they didn’t know her name, so is for Adriana. As for Jololi, excuse me but hahahaha! Was that a joke? It’s the other way around! We have disproved EVERYTHING jololi said, while she was completely unable to explain:
    1. How is it possible that she called the paps if they don’t even know her name?
    2. She said that no media covered their appearance at the GG, which is completely false as anyone with an Internet connection can see.
    3. She said that they’re irrelevant because they attended the VF Oscars party but not the award show…but several A listers did the same! Jololi’s reply? Silence.
    4. She said that Valentino didn’t send her dresses, against all evidence. Her proof? None.

    So who exactly did Jololi put to shame? Besides herself, I mean.

  14. 39
    @35 Says:

    Actually, Adriana’s fans are all the time bashing on Miranda, both on Miranda’s and Adriana’s articles. So if someone is insecure, those are Adriana’s fans.

  15. 40
    @jololi.... Says:

    If Adriana is so relevant and Miranda a nobody as YOU claim why are you so bothered by Miranda???

    Simple, you are very very jealous that Miranda gets all the media attention and poor Adriana hardly gets any unless she’s promoting VS.

    Miranda goes to the GG’s and her “look” is all over the internet, co-hosts Global Green pre Oscar party, attends the A list Vanity Fair party, Valentino sends her beautiful dresses, she’s on GMA, a long interview with the Huff Post…….and where is poor Adriana?……Jealous much???

  16. 41
    echo Says:

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  17. 42
    Georgia Peach Says:

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  18. 43
    jololi Says:

    lmao… this nobody model’s fans can’t handle the paps not knowing Miranda’s name lmao so they are trying to construct the theory that then the paps must not know Adriana’s face, and even if that’s true, I’d still be ashamed that the paps I couldn’t even remember my name and called me another model. At least the paps knew it wasn’t Adriana almost instantly and gave her the name Amanda. Wouldn’t that mean they after all knew Adriana’s face?? So so what does Miranda’s fans have to say to that?? Even the paps (like more than half a dozen of them) didn’t know her but they know she’s famous and her pictures sell? Where’s the logic you fools?
    And you’re quite the entertainer aren’t you? What words of mine did you disprove? lol this is too much. How it’s possible she called the paps if they don’t know her name? I gave a clear explanation about that, so has another member. What, you can’t handle the truth?
    And can u have an argument like an adult and stop twisting people’s words with your petty lies? I never said no media covered her at the golden globes because the internet is also part of the media and websites put her pictures up. Not all websites. My argument to your ORIGINAL argument was television shows did NOT cover them, heck it was not their place to be covered. There are actors/nominess and they were NOT what the night was all about. The might have mentioned them but they weren’t been covered. That would be weird and out of place. And some TV shows didn’t bother ever showing them, not even for one second. But you’re free to stay in denial about it.
    Also about Valentino sending her dresses (lol), I know it;s not true becasue I’m a member at tFS aka fashion central. I know which designers most of the stars were wearing, both males and females and I know the ones that had special gowns from the designers themselves (Jen Lawrence, Anne etc) Miranda my dear wasn’t one of tose stars (because she isn’t a Hollywood star let alone an A lister). Sorry, but she wasn’t wearing a dress by Valentino’s request. The dress was Valentino but he didn’t request her to wear it. And can you already post the damn video where she said Val requested and sent her the dresses, if you’re confident with the rubbish argument, POST IT.
    And which actual A listers went to the VF party but didn’t go to the Oscars? Don’t tell me Gerard and Kruger and Dunst lmao… I can see a poster already clarified that for you.
    So what exactly did I say have you disproved? smh
    Nobody is bothered by Miranda, I mean how could one be a fan of Adriana and be bothered by Miranda? That’s ridiculous. She’s just an annoying b!tch who will toss aside her virtue for attention if it comes down to it. That’s why she annoys people. It’s hilarious that you think only Adriana fans see her shameless behavior. You will find similar comments at tFS and Bellazon and DailyMail. Sorry but that’s the reality.
    And you think I’m jealous? Why? Because Adriana isn’t a famewhore whose priority is fame and to get into every event and party like a desperate middle aged suburban housewife? I’d rather despise Adriana than want her to be like Miranda. I’d rather want her to go to event where she’s not an underdog (like Miranda willingly does) which she actually does. As you can see the last event she went to, she was treated like a Queen and was surrounded by rich and powerful men all over the world… even escorted Legendary Hollywood actor, Kevin Spacey on the stage. What’s there to be jealous about? Tell me please.

  19. 44
    @jololi Says:

    Uhmmm, honey, you just embarassed yourself by posting your comments over here. You just reminded everyone of how you got OWNED on the last thread.
    We proved you wrong on every count. EVERY COUNT.
    You just look pathetic by posting it all again. Unless you enjoy being made to look like a fool?

  20. 45
    sweet Says:

    jololi, wow, you’re awesome. How are you successfully making these people look like nonentities? Please you’ve embarrassed them enough… I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for them.
    And Miranda not being recognized by the paps? ‘Ouch’ doesn’t even begin to cover this.

  21. 46
    ann Says:

    That’s really not a flattering hairstyle for the round shape of her face. This is where we differentiate the high fashion models from the ones who do underwear/swimsuit.

  22. 47
    @45 Says:

    Joloonie, are you talking to yourself? LOL!
    Because you’re the only one who thinks that you won this discussion.
    Yet another sign of your delusion.

  23. 48
    @46 Says:

    So, what you are saying is that hf models have round faces? Because Miranda has been on a lot of hf magazines and runways.
    That’s what you mean, right?

  24. 49
    #38 here Says:

    Jololi, I have to admit it, you’re unique as a comedian.
    So when the paps stopped calling her “Adriana”, it’s because it took them a little to look at her face and realize it wasn’t her. Fine. But a few seconds later, after noticing their mistake, they end up calling her Miranda. If they had absolutely no clue of who she is, how did they (finally) know what her name is? Spontaneous generation? Dumb luck? Hahahaha
    Me thinks they mistook her name, not that they didn’t know who she was. And nope, you didn’t give any logical explanation about how did the paps not know the name of the person who called them. I don’t blame you, there isn’t any.
    It’s strange, because I’ve seen parts of TV shows showing them at the GG on youtube. Is it only my youtube? And I’ve seen news about their appareance at the GG in several languages too.
    And because you’re a member of a site, I have to believe that you know if Valentino gave her the dress or not? Sell that bone to another dog, please. It’s very simple. Everybody will watch pictures of the guests of the very famous VF Oscar party. They’ll be all over the Internet, the press and TV. It only makes sense for any designer to give a guest of that party a dress, you can’t pay publicity like that as it will appear everywhere. If you don’t give the dress for free, another designer will, and it would mean stupidly losing a really good chance.
    And yes, another poster said that Butler, Dunst and Kruger aren’t A-listers, and I told her that if those 3 aren’t A-listers, then Kate Beckinsale (which you counted as an A-lister), must be a C-lister. So no, don’t even think you have dodged this one.
    And yes, the only way I can justify that Adriana fans are so hostile without any kind of provokation is insecurity. Maybe because Miranda has VS in the US, is a star in Australia, has HF covers in Paris and Italy, and made a master move in Europe with her Mango campaign. And you must be the only person who’d think it’s shameful to attend the VF Oscars party.
    She isn’t super famous, but she’s definitely doing things right.
    In conclusion, you didn’t disproved anything, we disproved everything, like I said.

  25. 50
    Miche Says:

    So I’ve been reading these crazy a$$ comments and I think that the only flaw in all of Jololi’s comments are the paps not knowing who Miranda was. Of course they knew who she was. As they knew she was going to be there. If I were Miranda, I would find it unsettling the paps didn’t call me my own name not once but twice. The called her Adriana first, them Amanda, then and only then did they call her her real name. That’s so cringe-worthy. I mean this kind of says that she’s isn’t as famous as it is made out to be.
    And about them being covered at the Golden Globes by TV shows, that NEVER happened. I’m pretty sure we live on the same planet. They probably had mentions but nothing major. Can you please post the youtube videos where she was being covered by TV shows at the GG. Funnily, it’s only because I visit JJ did I know she was at the GG.
    Valentino sent her dresses. NO! and please stop
    I don’t have anything more to add. U can bi*tch about it

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