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Gerard Butler: Fogo de Chao Dinner!

Gerard Butler: Fogo de Chao Dinner!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool while exiting Fogo de Chao after enjoying some Brazilian BBQ on Monday (March 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Last week, the 43-year-old Scottish actor posted a video and tweeted, “Hey everyone, Exactly three weeks until @OlympusMovie is in theaters! Here’s an inside look… – GB.” Check out the video below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Check out the newly released poster for Gerard‘s upcoming film Olympus Has Fallen, out in theaters on March 22.

Gerard Butler – Olympus Has Fallen

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler enjoying some Brazilian BBQ at Fogo de Chao…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 01
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 02
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 03
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 04
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 05
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 06
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 07
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 08
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 09
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 10
gerard butler fogo de chao dinner 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • DatingMaddie

    New poster seems to direct the eye to Morgan Freeman.

  • Alina

    Novak and gerard butler cause why not.
    33 mins ago

  • Alina

    Ashley Tarutis

    @samsteeleponder and I with #gerardbutler

  • incredibiltalent
  • Roobee

    Wow! New thread about leaving a BBQ place, there really must be nothing better to say about him at the moment! Give us something exciting to read about you Gerry for heavens sake!

  • Alina
  • Alina
  • Alina
  • Alina

    Isauro Meza

    Novak Djokovic, Pete Sampras, Mardy Fish, Bruce Willis, David Walton, and Gerard Butler were at school today:)

  • Andy G. Williams

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  • http://snowdancingwithracoons GFW

    Aw, he looks start-struck by Bruce! That’s an adorable look on his face.
    Good to see him doin’ stuff he likes to do, like watch games and eating out! We had our Christmas party at one of those types of Brazilian restaurants. I know he at well last night, and most likely all the time! He’s learned food is medicine and not just, ah, food. Lookin’ good! Love my casual lug.
    Yes, like the new poster. I have all three in my office (cube) with this one my favorite. It is an ensemble cast. No shame there. He has talent working alongside him be proud of that! I’d like to see him obtain a Mike Banning franchise. I’d have love for The Bricklayer to have established that because Steve Vail doesn’t say much, but is wiser than wise, and also an ‘ex’ FBI agent (for good reason, very) with a hugely thrilling story that ends fantastically.
    A mysterious organization calling itself the Rubaco Pentad is blackmailing the FBI. If the Pentad’s demands for money are not met, high-profile victims will die. Each demand is bigger than the last, and the drop-off instructions are lethally complicated—it’s almost as if the Pentad wants the FBI to fail. But when an agent disappears with the cash he’s carrying, he needs to be found, and fast. The FBI pins its hopes on former agent Steve Vail, who quit rather than compromise his rigid personal code and is now working as a bricklayer. Vail masters cryptic clues leading him to traps worthy of Rube Goldberg’s evil twin, but the logistical implausibilities won’t trouble most readers, who will root for the tough, intelligent Vail while savoring the sexual tension between him and his FBI handler. Boyd is said to be a pseudonym for a former FBI agent, and this fast-paced thriller includes many authentic-seeming details about the Bureau’s bureaucracy. But by creating a character who is allowed to operate outside the rules, the author’s inside knowledge seems like an opportunity missed.
    Sadly what’s ‘missed’ is a good opportunity to bring a fast-paced interesting story to the screen! Why (these days) this is everyone’s hero!

  • Alina
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Hoby

    In the video from GB leaving the restaurant, you can see MG in the passenger side of the car. Still the razzies just film him.

  • yawn


  • What?!:)

    Novak Djokovic is ten times hotter than Bruce and Gerard…Standing next to him they look like sh….

  • Tia

    I remember a time when he used be quite interesting & had some depth about him but now just looks like a washed out man who just parades around to every event, opening, holiday with his unemployed gf! Don’t blame ppl for not taking him seriously! He has nothing credible apart from posing for pics! He is so yesterday & dissappointment This should be an example & lesson to learn for all the young talented boys & he can be a case study to them as what the outcome is when your career & personal graphics like his!!!


    @Hoby: No its not , he came alone and left alone. He met some people there.

  • GFW

    It’s clear guys were impressed with his surfing movie, which should have fared better and that’s a huge shame. He was SO good in it. He gave his all, was there in the moment whose “awhile” has significant meaning beyond the words. A forced “awhile” in which we nearly lost him.
    And Frosty, the real one, must be proud. Yet I’m sure he’s disappointed too because he could have felt his true story should have done better along with his book release too. It should have.
    Again, it can’t be overstated: everything matters. Also praying he rekindles his acting bug again bringing us something where he can use his dark side to draw us in!
    Like him or not right now (it’s not his fault in many ways), that’s your choice, but he is a massive talent who should not be denied challenges to prove it!

  • RollingOn

    The poster is pushing Freeman as the creditable actor and Gerry as the beefcake.

  • GH


    “In the video from GB leaving the restaurant, you can see MG in the passenger side of the car. Still the razzies just film him.”

    According to reports on another site she’s back in Italy.

  • Hoby

    @GFW: Chasing Mavericks was completely sold out at the local Target here. Breaking Dawn pt 2 and Skyfall were not.

  • Hobyisdelussiona

    @Hoby: Hbyis

  • RollingOn

    @GFW: Richard Gear saw it on the plane and called it stupid to Gerry’s face.

  • GFW

    You mean after he cried watching it?
    Gere doesn’t have a lot of room to talk for some of dead-on stupid films he’s made in his lackluster film career.
    No one should be that blatantly rude to another actor unless he was intimidated by his learning to surf, and surf well, past the age of 40?!? Think that’s it. I do.

  • GFW

    That doesn’t surprise me because it was yanked from theaters prematurely. I hope Target restocked!

  • GH


    He didn’t say that at all. Look at the video.

  • GFW

    OMG that website was not mine. Damn, one has to be careful what they use as a URL? I just wanted ‘color’ for my ‘name’. Eek!
    who wonder who all the boys were he dined with?

  • Juicy Lucy


    Maybe Gere was crying because the film was that bad. I will agree that it was classess to be that rude to one of your peers.

  • Juicy Lucy

    Each time I watch the trailer, two things become clear to me. 1) Gerry is still hotter than h*ll. 2)Morgan Freeman should be running the country.

  • wilsonarden

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  • More?

    What’s interesting about him going to Fogo de Chao? This smells like a plug for the movie more than anything.
    JJ probably gets paid big $$$ to start a GB thread, I’ve never seen so many comments on any other thread.

  • Little ol’ me

    @RollingOn: .

    Richard Gere did not say that the film was stupid

  • More?

    Just saw the trailer, looks like a good action flick, nothing original but great cast, could be entertaining.

  • GFW

    I say see it before you criticize it (Chasing Maverick) with an open mind that it’s a PG film mostly about Jay, not Frosty. But it is Frosty who changes, grows into a mature responsible man, along with Jay who tackles being from the wrong side of the streets.
    I loved the essays. I wish Frosty ordered Butler to do them for why he was making his film. And on the same topics! He faced a lot of fears making that film. I know he’s a strong swimmer but feel the got introduced to the Sea in a different way and looks at it with more respect now than just a playground.

  • GFW

    @Juicy Lucy:
    You just nailed yourself as not seeing it. I won’t discuss it with you then. Your negativity is yours, same like your prejudices about a film you’ve never laid eyes on. Two words: your loss.

  • Melissa B

    Yeah this is smart, just give them ideas. *facepalm*

  • GFW

    I’d like to see Chasing Mavericks sell out everywhere and make more than it did in the theaters! That’d show ‘em, huh? I’ll own a copy. Too bad many here couldn’t see it on the big screen where it belongs. The cinematography was outstanding!

  • Waccatroll

    @Hoby: Can you provide the link to the vid? Thanks in advance.

  • Movie

    Chasing Mavericks watch free online, great movie!

  • same old same old

    Here comes the daily photo ops now leading up to OHF.

    Gerry goes to gas station – hey give those guys a free plug too will ya?

    Gerry goes to doctor.

    Gerry goes to tennis tournament and picks up a new batch of women.

    Gerry goes to SXSW Film Festival and picks up a new batch of women,

    Gerry goes to Starbucks.

    Gerry goes to the Grove.

    Gerry goes to the gym.

    Gerry goes to the Chateau Marmont and parties some more to ease the stress.

    Gerry does not walk Lolita but makes sure he is seen jogging at Runyon Canyon and/or Los Feliz park and/or Malibu.

    Now we can add Gerry goes to lawyer about lawsuit not about new movie contracts.

    Gerry and Alan have a power lunch.

    Gerry and Freddy on motorcycles.

    Avi Lerner takes Fuqua and Butler to a Lakers game. Nah make that Fuqua and Freeman.

  • mardi gras

    Gerry is seen buying Brandi Glanville’s book at Barnes and Noble.

  • same nutball posters

    @mardi gras: Lol

  • A Fan

    @mardi gras:

    OK that’s funny! LOL

    Richard Gere did not tell Gerry the movie was dumb. He told him he cried at the end of it – meaning he was touched by the story. Stop making things up.

  • Aquarius

    Video in the comments.
    Richard Gere saw Chasing Mavericks on a plane.

    Chasing Mavericks-this movie is wonderful.

  • GFW

    Gerry and Morgan and Basset seen at the White House invited to watch it with the Obama family with press photos .

  • GFW

    I use that site a lot! Thanks for posting it. I’m a Netflix, Amazon Prime user as well. Ah, so many movies, not enough time.
    who would like to see Gerry signing books (his) at Barns & Noble one day in the not so distant future

  • GFW

    Richard Gere saw Chasing Mavericks on a plane…

    Aw, that’s cute. He gets defensive crossing his arms but guess he was awe struck by the man who made his ‘comeback’ in Arbitrage [great acting by the way] getting nominated for a Golden Globe way past 50!
    who thinks showing it on the planes is so cool and ideal because it’s light fare not too heavy but has lots of depth in all the right places and Gerry is way good looking in it in that ‘blue collar’ kind of way with his head of massive curls and amazing body there on display

  • casandra

    That was so nice of Richard Gere to say those words. I bet Gerry felt pretty good about it, since he gave his all for this movie who wasn’t appreciated as it should have been. I cant wait to see it on DVD.

  • Clamsie

    @same old same old: Gerry is seen feigning outrage at razzi snapping away at him on Robertson Blvd.

    Gerry seen buying Tom Ford shades.

    Gerry seen leaving Ed Hardy.

    Gerry seen entering high end jeweler’s with Freddy at his side. They are snapped leaving with matching bracelets, prompting more gay speculation.

    Gerry caught exiting a unisex salon where he’s had his weekly mani-pedi.