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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau & Behati Prinsloo: 'GQ' Feature March 2013!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau & Behati Prinsloo: 'GQ' Feature March 2013!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Behati Prinsloo stare deeply into each other’s eyes for a feature in GQ‘s March 2013 issue, out on newsstands now!

“It’s probably my own lack of education,” the 42-year-old Game of Thrones actor shared about his reservations toward the fantasy genre. “But you know, it’s always good guy against bad guy, and there are those really tacky book covers.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj added, “I had to watch it [his film Mama] with the sound turned way down. I’m such a wimp.”

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Photos: Carter Smith
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  • snif

    I love the dress she’s wearing but it must cost too much.

  • belle

    @snif: It’s not the dress it’s her photoshop.

  • Jerry

    Nikolaj is sexy – of course – but I prefer him dirty and scruffy.

  • wilsonarden

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  • KSB

    This is modeling?

  • Emily

    Holy shiz Adam Levine broke up with behati to date Amanda Sutton from gossip girl. SAY WHAAAAAT

  • KSB

    @Emily: is it crazy that I didn’t like behati but I feel “a little” sorry for her. Maybe because we all saw it coming. But I said the way she got him would be the way she looses him. And the report says they broke up a month ago and he’s got a new gf.Adam ADam Adam. Give your heart a break.

  • bliss


    i don’t feel sorry for her at all , she deserved t now that he is gone she is trying to save what left from her career but most people in the fashion industry considers that her best days are way behind her , for adam new GF i wish her good luck she is pretty but dude is dawg can’t stay alone for more than 2 month lol

  • bliss

    i guess after all she still want some attention , in her instagram she posted a pic of her with the beibs in the VS fashion show doing her usual scary zombie face even justin was weird in the pic ; i find it amazing how the people that used to praise her and kiss her a$$ suddenly are gone , gues tey are someone’s fan after all !!! what amaze me is that she still run after adam a few weeks ago to concerts it’s give us all a little taste about the leech she realy is ! SCOOP ( or Bee ) goodbye :)

  • KSB

    Lol yes, omg I wonder if that arguing was because he didn’t want her around. Or she showed up unannounced. Omg this is alk so Cray Cray. I know Anne is sitting back laughing. Adam is a dog. Gosh man. Idk he’s cute but he got hoeish tendencies.

  • Emily

    Its sad because behati has to play clean up but its her own fault. Adams a guy so there’s that double standard where its ok to do what he does. But one measly month and he’s back at it again. Im a girl so I know what it’s like to have that guy you really like but to lose yourself over him is another.

  • http://tumblr marley06

    adam i hope one day you’ll try to enjoy your singleblessedness…just saying.

  • KSB

    @marley06: maybe one day.

  • Christina

    @marley06: I wish he would stay single for a while. But we don’t know if the rumor is true and they might just be casual dating, just enough for him not to feel lonely without making an actual establish relationship.

  • Kay

    Am I the only one that thinks her right arm looks kinda freaky in that photo?

  • KSB

    What im not getting is just why if he and the new girl was dating for a month would he “ALLOW” behati to catch a ride on tour with them. All the excuses in the world still makes this inexcusable to me. If your gonna move on because thing’s didn’t work out fine but don’t string someone a long. Don’t be that guy Adam. Now he’s looking like an asshole to me. I love him but I won’t support that. No I don’t like behati never did but no one deserves that. Yes shes gonna run after him, make herself available, try to salvage what she can but she’s young. I’ve done it. But Adam being the adult could’ve said no. I soooo badly wanted when they broke up to be like IN YO FACE BEHATI!! Ha ha, you got what you deserve. Why don’t I feel like that? I think I had a put myself in her shoes moment and got soft hearted. I still don’t think they were ment to be but …… let me stop before I become team behati.

  • anon

    @KSB: i agree with you, if he’s stringing her along it’s kind of screwed up. i’m not sure i believe the whole amanda thing yet though, it just seems like a crazy rumor to me. maybe they’ve just broken up and that’s that?

  • sara

    His new gf works for a studio in Hollywood. It’s not Amanda, they met @ his SNL deal & are together now. She’s been w/ him for alot of the tour. Bee has seen them together more than once. The girl can’t take hint.

  • Cecil M. Capps

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  • KSB

    There is a site called gossip girl blog or something and man oh man that’s all I gotta say. They was like Adam Levine broke up with his not so attractive gf. I was like damn the media is harsh but then so are we lol. Only thing is all before they were calling behati smoking hot and now that they are apart she’s the ugly duckling.

  • truth

    im with sara on this. dont know about the new girl. yeah, adam moved on fast from bee, but its not like they were together till last week. bee kept trying to come back in, but they were over in january itslef. cmon, we never saw them together, the girl suddenly stopped touring with the band and only the photog guy kept taking pics of her.
    shes been stalking him people. get that into yr heads.

  • KSB

    @sara: interesting. We will v just have to see.

  • http://tumblr marley06

    now that behati and adam is done…will anne v join the vs fashion show this year?what do u think?…just wondering.

  • KSB

    @marley06: probably. Didn’t someone say they went to the store and see a picture of her.

  • KSB

    Ooops, why are reports now claiming Adam and the new girl are not dating and they never met. Hahaha omg. I don’t know what to believe. I do know im about to start my diet because I might have a chance lol

  • bliss


    i would love to see her back i know she was earlier this year shooting for VS cataloge in St barth were other models and angels has done the photoshoot

  • KSB

    @marley06:I hope she does. But Anne doesn’t need VS. She’s so many places and in so many magazines making lots of money. But I won’t lie all of her outfits for the vs runway show are cute.

  • http://tumblr marley06

    i know there more us who wants to see her walk again in vs fashionshow

  • maya

    @marley06: yeah i hope so… and a model like Anne deserves to be an angel… :)
    but i read in gossip site that Maroon5 willl perform in VS show this year… im so excited waiting and see

  • maya

    @sara: do you mean the new GF is an actress???? who?? met at SNL deal??? maybe he met Jennifer Lawrence, because she was the SNL host before Adam.
    seriously sara, your informations are so absurd.. you always give some clues but it seems like you know (maybe) and you tell us but you dont want anyone to know.

  • maya

    @sara: you said before on other post that adam and the new gf met in november (remember???)… but here you said that they met at SNL deal???

  • Jenna

    @maya: Wasn’t Maroon 5 on SNL in November? Maybe that’s what she means? I agree though…if you know just tell us instead of saying haha I know I know just wait and see. It’s annoying.

  • KSB

    Lol. You guys are a trip. @unknown said behati was super clingy at the snltaping so I hhighly doubt he met anyone then.

  • Emily

    Adam dating Amanda Sutton in November is total bs. People are only saying this because on Nov.10 2012 Adam tweeted something about gossip girl. That doesn’t mean he met her then. People read waaaaay to much in to stuff.

  • TexasGirl

    Well, hello Sara. Your story about the SNL girlfriend who works at a Hollywood studio…. well, I call BS on that. That’s the same story a certain someone was feeding us over on the other board. Maybe you’re the same person – I don’t know. But I think you or that person may need to go back and read the original posts from her because there are some inconsistencies in the storyline that I think you’re forgetting. No-one as famous as Adam Levine can get away with dating someone in private. AND… the description of this girl also doesn’t match what the other person looks like.

    So everybody… Don’t believe all the rumors.

  • sara

    @texasgirl What the he** are you talking about?!?! What other board?!?! I think you’re a Bee lover/stan. Many of people who hookup in Hollywood have private lifes!!! U don’t always read about it. Bee hooked up w/ Adam way before June & no one knew!!! It’s when they want to make it public!!!

  • Nicole

    @sara: You’re right about hee being a stan. She uses many screenames here. But her name is Sheryl Zimmermann.

  • TexasGirl

    Nope, I’m not Sheryl. Nikki, is that you? If so, you should know which board I’m talking about. The mod had a hissy fit and started kicking people off. Still don’t know why, but I don’t really care. Just funny that Sara is spinning that same story. I know who this Hollywood studio girl is, and I still call BS. She isn’t dating Adam, although I think she wanted us all to think she was. So many silly stories out there. It’s all very amusing.

  • sara

    @texasgirl I don’t know who or what the he** you’re talking about. I know for a fact who he is dating. Unlike U!!! Why do U think his rep denied Amanda but not the Bee rocky rumor!?!? It’s so clear someone else is in the picture!!!

  • anon

    @TexasGirl: i agree with you. sara is all talk, no proof

  • Kathi

    @TexasGirl: Honey Bun, I’d agree w/ Sara. I live in Davenport, IA & went over to the Blackhawk hotel when Maroon 5 was in town last week. I have a pic of Adam w/ another girl who isn’t Behati. It’s not Amanda Setton either of the pictures I’ve seen. I was going to post it on twitter & thought better. I don’t feel it’s my place to out someone. It’s Adam’s life & privacy. Maybe more people should respect his privacy.

  • curious george

    For what its worth, i agree with Sara too. Thats the point we all have been making from day 1. that there are two parts to the story, Amanda hookup and breakup with bee. The rep ONLY denied the Amanda hookup. The rep never denied the Adam and behati breakup. These mermaid stans are low on comprehension.
    Sara has been spot on from day 1. Maybe its someone who isnt famous enough to be recognised and adam will come out with her after the tour is over.
    these mermaids stans are in a hurry to know the name of the new girl so that they can start off on new Twitter handles in praise of the new girl. Like they did with Bee.

  • Anna Klempt

    @curious george: Hahahahahaha. So true.

    Thanks, Kathi. I completely agree with everything you said. A young fan was also at the Blackhawk Hotel and got picture of James, Mickey, and a few friends. None of Adam and/or his ladyfriend, but the band and crew were all staying at that hotel.

  • TexasGirl

    @curious george: (Curi/Maggie?) – you’re just going along with the same story they’re trying to feed you, but be careful what you believe. Whether it’s from Mollie/Jen/Anna/Gina (or whatever other aliases she’s using these days) or Sara (who sounds like Kim), my point is they’re all coming from the same origin, and that person is not a true insider. They’re just making up stories to mess with everyone.

  • Ashlee

    @TexasGirl: HA!! Preach, sista!

  • Janet

    @TexasGirl – Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We all strongly believe. None of us are insiders who really know what is going on. If we really did know anything, we’d have to be freakin CRAZY to post it here!

    Making accusations about who is who on JJ? Really? Anna/Jen falsely accused me of being someone else. There’s no way to prove what’s right over here.

    As for me, I believe what I see with my own eyes and what I hear with own my ears. The rest is just conjecture. Sometimes it’s interesting to read, but usually it’s all just BS.

  • Curious

    @TexasGirl – hate to disappoint you but I’m not posting as Curious George. I’m sure you won’t believe me but its the truth. I have never posted on here under anything other than “Curious”.

  • Anna Klempt

    @Curious: Someone’s pretty pissed off that she got tossed from the other board.

    She’s been sending people PMs to friend them, even though she claims that she’s not angry about being banned.

  • curious george

    Simmer down TG. I am not curious ! Curious george is my fav animated character.

    Why are you getting so agitated anyway? Why do YOU want to believe the info Bee seems to feed you, with those backstage pics?

    Again, we will do it S-L-O-W-L-Y since you dont seem to understand!

    Adam and Bee are done… over… move on…. try thinking of new twitter handles and imaginary children for the new couple. Start petitions to shut down gossip sites …

  • Karma is a B

    am glad to know all this is over for adam. this girl was such a messy influence on his life. he looked unhappy, dirty, tired, wore tshirts with holes,looked unhealthy. he looked like a hobo for most part of the 8 months. and she was always smirking and snarling at the cameras. buying munchies late in the night.why has she suddenly stopped all that snarling and smirking in her pictures. Eeeww. good riddance.
    i know people bash adam for dumping her but have no sympathy for this girl. she stalked him and used people to plant stories and pictures till even two weeks ago. she was stuck to him like a leech. she deserves all that she got. karma paid you a visit B!
    let her go back to being a lousy model.