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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dead at Age 58

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dead at Age 58

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has passed away at the age of 58!

The controversial political leader lost his two year long battle with cancer in a military hospital in Venezuela on Tuesday (March 5).

Vice President Nicolás Maduro just announced the news and said that he was on the way to the hospital where Hugo was being treated when “we received the hardest and most tragic information that we could transmit to our people.”

Hugo had not been seen nor heard from since releasing some proof-of-life photos on February 15.

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  • Alicia

    His loved ones? This man was a ruthless dictator!

  • silly

    is people your best source???

  • xax

    LOL! This site loves Obama so much, it’s weird that they post this about Chavez, an anti America president

  • FARS

    One dictator less.

  • Wes

    I’m in shock!

  • mina

    he was a real history..sorrow

  • Eyda

    RIP ! amazing man , very sad :(

  • Isa

    This man is once of the worst things that had happened to venezuela… I’m not happy but I’m not sad either

  • m

    Are you kidding me???? this is news on just jared????

    Chavez did not die today… he died a long time ago… this is a farce..

  • Eli2810

    @Eyda: An amazing man ??? How does it note that you not live here in Venezuela.. He destroy a lot … But we haven’t anything to celebrate … RIP

  • windsor

    amazing man, a true legend. RIP

  • S

    Good riddance.

  • Sofia

    He was NOT a dictator because he was chosen by his people!! Or maybe you’re just so ignorant that you don’t know the difference…
    Honestly I didn’t like him but I’m sorry for the people who did.

  • power

    a true leader! so sad

  • Katy_Yo

    Welcome to the Hell, b i t c h

  • offtheproperty

    This has looked like a murder since Day 1.

  • yes

    given cancer by the cia

  • paula

    a good man and leader… IF someone have not something good to say , better dont say a thing… for respect…

  • http://@Farina1029 lynng

    Unfortunately, he will not be entering through the pearly gates. He died young. Must have been all the venom inside him.

  • mary

    he was NOT an amazing man he was a murderer and a dictator that destroy everything GOOD that my venezuela was.. I live here and right not he couldnt be happier!! yes, he was a human being! and you’re asking right now for respect?? where’s the respect to all the people starving to death?? or to all the people that lost everything they had?? including jobs, houses! everything they worked for?? stop saying he was amazing! he WAS NOT! thanks to him we are also known for being one of the most dangerous cities in the world! right now we only can pray for what’s next.

  • http://FreeVenezuela! Yoha

    I’m venezuelan, and is true, he was a dictator and he REALLY won the first election…. The rest was bought by money, because he gave away a lot of money…. All the powers are controlled by “chavistas” by people who just do what he want to do

  • Kary

    RIP Hugo Chávez. I’m not happy about his dead but I’m not sad either… he split my country… Now we need faith to Venezuela back to what used to be

  • Mika

    leader? legend? this fcker killed millions of people, cheated on voting polls, robbed people of their properties, gave away the country’s only resource, fckep up relationships with other countries, stole, FOOD is a fcking luxury ok? people live off of flour and cola, vegetables and fruit needing to be imported and therefore pricier than they should be. this guy, for the last ten years, has been on a traveling spree, barely setting foot in the country, his kids going off to paris for madonna concerts while “his” people plain struggle. and dude, he’s been dead since like, last year, the government kept hiding it, telling people he had “just arrived from cuba” shown “recent pictures” of him. all bullsht. GOOD EFFIN RIDDANCE

  • Scout

    why the hell is this on justjared?

  • Julie

    @Sofia: He WAS a dictator that only became president for many years because he manipulated the population with his fraudulent laws,with the media and by brainwashing people.He was crazy and delusional.He wasn’t an angel.He was a human being,but wasn’t a good person.Venezuela was a great place before Hugo Chavez,but after him,it became poor,unstable and corrupted.If i feel for a crazy dictator’s death?No.But if i feel for his family…?Yes.Cancer is a horrible disease,and nobody deserves dying because of it.But he was a delusional dictator,a criminal.

  • Gabiinka

    This man was the most controversial President we ever had, he made Venezuela his better tool to gain power over everything, and he did whatever he wanted, half of my country voted for him on October 7 2012, and I was shocked that we lost against him, after everything he did, we hate him to “death” but we cant change that he was a human being, he was crazy but a human being, and we deeply respect his family and friends for the pain they are suffering right now, I would never be happy for the death of anyone, ever. His people are trying to win again, lying to us, changing the words over and over again, But this time we are ready to change the curse of this country, We love Venezuela and we want peace, and Chavez people will never give that to us. We are Sorry for them but enough is enough.

  • sweety

    Americans must be happy! weel I am not an American and I liked him just because he hated USA :D

  • ha ha

    Funny thing: Americans calling him dictator! LOL when Bush and Obama are the same! lol so funny!

  • isabella

    I´m venezuelan too and i won´t cry for him, because here in venezuela a lot of people die and nobody talk about it, but hugo chavez dies and everyone talk about that! i just want the peace in my country Venezuela

  • Chloe

    @Sofia: Ha, ha, and ha. The elections were rigged.

  • S

    I don’t get why this is on JJ.

  • Alejandro09

    I’m venezuelan and this man destroyed my country, and actually I was happy to hear the news!

  • Carla

    I can’t understand the people who support him he was a really bad person and for all of you saying that he was an amazing man it must be that you’re not from Venezuela so if you don’t know all the thing that he did don’t say anything.

  • tea party

    Finally, freedom in Venezuela!

  • Paul S. Williams

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  • breezedash

    one more era have passed… he was a legendary politician
    RIP Hugo

  • joneblaze

    I didnt agree with all of his politics,but he was a man who extended himself to
    Americans who needed his help.
    Local news is barely giving him a minute

  • Sarah

    dictator is the presidents that the filthy us have and had u kill people in war at least he didnt create a war that kill many people that is a shame and is more a shame that u defend that kind of president shame on u USA u disgust me as a country and as a population RIP CHAVEZ FCK USA

  • Andrea

    @Eyda: WTF ? I’m from Venezuela and this man was the worst thing that could happen to my country, grateful that this nightmare is over.

  • camila

    I’m from Venezuela too. I’m not celebrating his death but I’m not sad either. I can’t even imagine loosing a family member while people celebrates. I will celebrate when my country is really free… the next days and the route taken by the “leaders” will be the most important in our history.
    People who are not well informed shouldn’t comment on this kind of news.

  • andu

    Yo no necesito hablar en otro idioma para decir que chavez no fue nunca un dictador los idiotas que hablan sin saber existen las urnas el voto popular .y fue uno de los grandes precidentes que nos unio mas a los latinos uno puede coincidir o no .pero lo seguro que todos los latinos es que usa es una mierda .ayer en vez de dar consolencias se preocupo en las relaciones politica.usa es basura del mundo

  • Fern

    @Eyda: amazing man? really? come to Venezuela to see the amazingness of that “man”

  • Mary

    @Alicia: most certainly!

  • Lisa

    HEY HUGO YOU SUCK !!!!!!

  • andu

    USA ,Obama & bush you suck!!!

  • majid

    i loved him so much , he was a legend

  • Lorein

    gringos putitos se estan cagando en el mundo hijos de puta