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Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Troubadour Night Outing!

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Troubadour Night Outing!

Kristen Stewart dons a “The Body Shop” t-shirt while arriving at the Troubadour with a gal pal on Tuesday (March 5) in West Hollywood, Calif.

When arriving, the 22-year-old actress sat shotgun in a car while her Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner was seated in the back seat.

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Over the weekend, Kristen was spotted wearing the same cap while leaving Saint Rocke after attending Marcus Foster‘s concert.

“Well I tried to raise my kids…I didn’t raise them to be children, I raised them to be adults. That’s a concept that might be lost on a lot of people. I also tried to make them understand that it’s OK to make mistakes, so don’t be afraid to have a go at doing something different,” Kristen‘s mother Jules recently shared.

FYI: Kristen is wearing Karen London‘s Caradona ring.

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  • maria

    oh that is so good! i love taylor and kristen great friendship

  • anna

    Kristen looks awful

  • Kick it

    Her style is lame.

  • Honey

    Kristen has been partying a lot but its good to see Taylor

  • Karolina

    Okay Kristen lesbi-honest…

  • Futz

    Supporting her boyfriend’s BF Marcus again I see. Cute.

  • Futz

    Oops, I meant her boyfriend’s BFF of course. Unless Rob’s crazy b1tch fans think he’s gay too.

  • Pals

    Didn’t you know? She’s bi-sexual since she’s seen kissing Rob and Rupert. DUH

  • Lexi

    Beautiful girl and beautiful friendship with Taylor. If it weren’t for Kristen, there would be no Rob or Taylor. She fought for their roles in Twilight. No wonder they both adore her.

  • Honey

    This backwards cap trend was first started by Rob during Cosmopolis promo,then Kristen adopted it to be good stage 9 clingy gf,not mention a faithful one too *snort* and told her loser friends to do the same thing

  • Honey

    But someone needs to remind Kristen that she forgot to take out her epic love necklace and missed a good photo op opportunity.I’m glad Rob didn’t let her come to OZ with her paparazzi circus

  • sam

    I can’t believe her mom is even trying to defend her cheating with a married man with children. So trashy and low class

  • guest

    Is the wh**e dating taylor lautner now?good… Rob is too good for her. Like mother like daughter… Not a good parent apparently.

  • guest

    Not a good parent obviously.

  • k

    she is probably fu**ing Taylor now good thing Rob dumped that loser

  • guest

    @k: yes, it’s one of the best things Rob dumped that wh**e. Be careful lautner, she’s going to cheat on ya with married men

  • talia

    some people are just plain rude,calling people names just makes you a bully@sam: how is her mum defending her cheating. in life, we need to make mistakes or screw up if we are ever going learn anything

  • talia

    @Honey: the backward cap trend was not started by Rob

  • Sharon W. Wood

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  • nina

    OMG!!!! KStew is out and proud!! More famous lesbians out of the closet please!!

  • Honey

    @nina: Yes you are right that would explain why she is dating pretty Roberta LOL

  • V

    Great to see Kristen having fun with her friends. But it sucks that these paps won’t even let them walk through the door. A bit of distance would be nice.

  • OTR


    I think it’s pretty disgraceful..that you say you are gay..yet you allow people on these comments to make fun of Kristen by calling her a lesbian. Is being gay a joke or something? I know people who are gay, and I would at least think you are against such posts Jared.

  • Rebecca

    Well Kristen’s mom raised a cheater. She likes to have affairs with married men.

  • http://@Emma_iam Alice

    Promote what you love instead of bashing
    what you hate <3 To all those with negative, prejudiced and hurtful comments towards Kristen.

  • @OTR

    How is calling KStew a lesbian making fun of her? She’s bisexual at the very least. One day she will come out like her idol Jodie Foster.

  • just me

    When you cheat on someone its call cheating no matter what form it is. People think its great and its not. People that have money think its ok to do anything they want. Because they are celebrities. Are get back together for breaking a engagement or when a man beat you. That’s wrong and think that people suppose to accept their behavior. When your career is on the line and nobody will hire you and you are going to be known for that situation you was in or gotten yourself in. You suppose to move on and be with other people or try to make your life better and career too.Cheating is wrong and her mom is wrong for defending her. When she was with someone”s husband.


    @Karolina: I think I love you, LMAO!

  • Peaches

    Her mom should have taught her to close her close her legs to married men. Say no to married men Kristen!

  • Kylie

    Her mom’s comments are richly ironic. She may have tried to raise an adult, but she raised someone whose maturity is stunted and remains in adolescence.

    And mom is yet another person in her life who is so ready to make excuses for her and so ready to expect so little.

  • Liz

    Kristen’s dating taylor? wowwww poor Taylor.

  • peach

    just seen this video (! ) of them leaving Troubadour and one of the papz went as far as climbing in the front seat of the SUV they were all in to take pictures and you can hear someone telling the person to get out.

  • Loly

    You are idiot
    You must to read full interview she didn’t defend kristen about that situation

  • Loly

    Happy to see you
    Taylor and kristen

  • Kara

    Love kristen and tay

  • pam

    I was there and it was pap central. There were about 40 papz and they couldn’t even get in their car. It was scary! But people are just being really mean with the name calling. She’s out having fun with her friends. Like normal people do. Her mom was saying it’s okay to make mistakes. Which I’m sure a lot of you do. So let’s not judge.

  • Jessica

    It’s good to see her out having fun with friends :) Christina Perri was there too!! she was wearing a beanie! LOVE THEMMMM

  • COOL-AiD

    WOW, all these haters be trippin’ CALM DOWN people. Last time I check it’s more than okay to go out and have fun with YOUR FRIENDS!!! HOW RUDE that SOME people have to make it something else and call people NAMES! Have you guys seen the video!?!?! And you WONDER why KRISTEN doesn’t smile when it comes to PAP pictures!

  • miriam

    wow! i love kristen <3 she's awesome!

  • MAD

    Poor girl can’t go anywhere without a million of paparazzi following her. She’s a cool chick, saw her last night at the Troubadour. A large group of them just hanging out in the VIP balcony. But they were having fun as friends do. No harm in that.

  • MAD

    @COOL-AiD: That’s crazy, thanks for sharing. All I saw were a lot of flashes. But the way the paparazzi’s are…it’s just horrible for anyone to be put in that situation.

  • lucy


  • Insider

    The wedding of Robsten is July 27th.

  • jd

    @Karolina: LOL! these type of comments are better than the stories jared posts….

  • Led


    Sure you were there just like yesterday right pam? stop inventing sightings in a public board you make yourself look ridiculous and desperate not to mention psychotic

  • paige

    @Rebecca: Do you know her personally?

  • Jessie

    Wow! She can’t act in movies, but she’s a darn good actress in real life. All this ‘oh, I’m so fragile I need someone to take care of me,’ is getting old. She still talks s.hit in interviews like she’s some badass, but she can’t face the paparazzi? Please! This girl really knows how to rock the sympathy. She did what she did, now she’s playing the victim? If she’s so badass, she should just suck it up, ( no pun intended) and hold her head high like the badass she wants people to believe she is. Public opinion is going to be what it is.
    She’s been so coddled since the affair that I think she might be feeling she’s the one wronged. I’m sure everyone, except her mother, is telling her it’s not her fault. Any interview she does is done with heavy PR intervention so that no one asks her about the affair. Maybe if she faced up to it, answer the hard questions, she can stop looking like she’s some horribly broken soul. Her mouth doesn’t match this shrinking violet persona she gives out in public.

  • nosac

    every chick needs that “go to” gay friend

  • 908

    as someone who dresses like kristen stewart AND IS STRAIGHT, i think it’s so f*cked that everyone says she is a lesbian because she doesn’t wear pink or blouses. You are just perpetuating stereotypes and telling girls that they have to be ultra feminine or people will make fun of them. there is NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with the way she dresses as a straight girl. and there is nothing wrong with her have friends that are girls that do the same thing. y’all are being so f*cking closed minded.

  • fatfatterson



    she a lesby