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Miranda Kerr Films Commercial at Fields Market

Miranda Kerr Films Commercial at Fields Market

Miranda Kerr steps out of her trailer and onto the set of a new commercial on Wednesday (March 6) at Fields Market in West Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old model looked super cute in a plain white tee and a pair of pink pants.

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“Shooting on location. Perfect way to start the day with my @koraorganicsbymk products!” Miranda tweeted that day.

Earlier in the week, Miranda stepped out in style while heading to a meeting at the Sofitel Hotel.

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Photos: National Photo Group
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    she is perfect <3

  • rachel

    really justjared

  • sookie

    such a beauty

  • sookie


  • YES!

    She looks so fresh and lovely.
    Her skin is flawless!

  • pretty

    she’s so cute

  • alexandrina


  • 9

    i hope this b&tch gets commission for these useless posts

  • Lily

    Gorgeous as ever. I wonder who she’s shooting the commercial for, VS, Kora….anybody know?

  • Colton

    She looks beautiful.

  • ii

    i hope this b*tch gets commission for these posts

  • Anonymous

    i hope this b**ch gets paid for these stupid posts

  • Anonymous

    cannot stand her

  • hah

    @Lily: herself.. she sets up a camera and just goes off.

  • charlotte

    @hah: LOL

  • Mary D. Warren

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  • ha

    sickening she could at least act like she isn’t being photographed.
    wish she would wipe that annoying smile off her face…

  • Piiia

    @ha: Yeah, it would be so much better to those peole that are woking with her if she would be surly or scowling fiercely. It’s so annoying working with friendly people!

  • Piiia

    *Sigh* Working, not woking.

  • Kiosko Interactivo

    She is so pretty. We love you Miranda!

  • errrrrrrrm

    “develops” kora but promotes chemically based hair products
    like wearing fur but working for PETA

  • @ha…..#17

    How typical of a Miranda “hater”……..bit*hing about her for smiling while doing her JOB………Jealous much???

  • 1twnety

    God…. She’s starting to look old and with the type of face she has, it’s creepy. And ppl need to stop complaining about her attention seeking. Some people just don’t care what they have to do to get fame. She reminds me of Kim K and that’s never a good thing

  • @errrrrrrm. #21

    Oh please what a load of BS. You know very well that she has said she tries to use organic when she can but it’s not always possible with some products. She has NEVER said she ONLY uses organic…..once again you’re telling lies out of spite & petty jealousy.

  • Kath

    You know I like Miranda, she smiles all the time because her grandmother told her to always try to be a lady and its how you hold yourself that shows. Theres nothing wrong with that in todays world. I like that she doesnt react to the papps with a finger etc. But I do have to agree with errrrrrrm. She tries to eat organic, have a healthy lifestyle & promote her organic kora line (which are nice products) but yet she does work to promote a product of shampoo which is basically all chemicals…….I guess everyone in the celeb world has a price.

  • Sin

    The shoes dont go with the pants.

  • Kath

    Oh by the way I do know that Miranda has never said she “only” uses organic products etc…. its the same with eating organic foods and so on and so on. But why go against what she tries to live by? Why promote that shampoo? It is a bit hypocritical. She could just say no……

  • Jelly

    Haha, she has no shame… I thought she’d take at least a 10 days break after the paps not knowing her name whatsoever. And calling her Adriana. Her shameless self told them her name in the end. Yet, here she is again, so disgusting. I’m sure she’ll never contact those paps again….
    @Kath She could’ve said no, but she never would have. First, I’m sure they paid her a lot of money and she instantly forgot practicing what she preaches. Secondly, a famewhore never misses out on a chance to get some publicity. And promoting a shampoo means press

  • errrrrrrrm

    @Kath: exactly, i don’t care what she uses but why would you promote clear shampoo when your website is about organic products? it makes no sense at all.
    Apparently this makes me a liar tho? -_-
    she can use what she likes but ya know, practice what you preach

  • errrrrrrrm

    @@errrrrrrm. #21: “You know very well that she has said she tries to use organic when she can but it’s not always possible with some products.” —— how would i know she said that?

    ..but she wasn’t FORCED into promoting clear shampoo so your comment makes no sense. She wasn’t stuck in the middle of the forest with only her chemical hair-care products to protect her

  • ?

    I don’t know why you think it’s hypocritical. HER products are organic, and she prefers to use organic products herself, but I don’t remember her telling anyone that they shouldn’t use products with chemicals. If I had ever heard her say that products with chemicals come from hell, ok. But that never happened

  • ermmmm

    @?: if you’re selling an organic lifestyle what are you doing promoting harsh chemicals?

    who said she was telling people NOT to use chemicals? i didn’t read that comment anywhere.. they’re (like myself) saying it’s strange to sell clear shampoo when KORA is organic.. i mean if she wants to sell them to a larger audience she has to pick the lifestyle she wants..

    people who use organic products WON’T promote her line on blogs if she also models for clear.. i know that for a fact.

  • wow

    So many sockpuppets.
    Love the ones on the first page that said the same thing over and over, but just changed their name. Brilliant, right?
    and then there are the ones on this page having a conversation with themselves. LOL!
    Oh, and then Jo-jelly-loonie-sock makes an appearance, too. Running away from all of those annoying facts on the other threads? Yeah, thought so.
    You haters are so pathetic.

  • @1twnety. #23

    Yeah sure let’s compare the two.

    Miranda modeled part time while finishing school then studied nutrition. Models successfully in Australia, moves to New York becomes a VS Angel.
    Walks the runway for High Fashion labels like Chanel, Dior, Prada, Cucci etc.
    Has many many magazine covers like Vogue Italia, Spain, Id, Harpers Bizarre, Talouse etc.
    Is Ambassador for Qantas, David Jones & Kids Helpline.
    Starts from scratch her own Organic skincare line which is now selling in Asia, US & UK.
    Writes a best selling book about self esteem for young girls which wins an award.
    Is happily married to Orlando Bloom & has a gorgeous son.
    By working hard & being professional is now a Supermodel & one of the highest paid models in the world.

    Kim Kardashian becomes famous for releasing a sex tape & making money from a fake reality show & fake marriage….

    Yeah their exactly the same…….NOT!!!

  • s

    @wow: what has that got to do with the conversation people are having though. I think we’ve established that there are ‘haters’, can you move on now? it’s getting stale

  • ?

    I don’t see what her lifestyle has to do with what she sells. Do all models/actors use all the products they promote? I doubt it.
    It’s by no means the same as using fur and belonging to PETA like someone else said. People from PETA do oppose wearing or buying fur, and they have a moral conflict with it. Miranda doesn’t oppose using products with chemicals, and unless you live in a cabin in the woods it’s almost impossible not to use products with chemicals.

  • Jelly

    How very cliche of this ignorant Miranda fan. When more than one person have similar opinions about Miranda ‘s shameless behavior, then they must be socks. Do u think only one person sees this woman for the hypocrite and fake that she is? She goes ON and ON about how living an organic lifestyle is what she swears by and encourages everyone to do the same because of the benefits to your health and body, but she doesn’t have a problem selling people a product completely infused with chemicals? Your dumd a$$ self thinks only one person is capable of calling it out? Ugh, your sheer stupidity.
    And what is Jo-jelly-loonie? Paranoid much? What do you mean by “running away”? Ha. Please, I clicked your anger button with all the facts and reality you didn’t want to see about your famewhore and left you to continue nagging by yourself. Haha, it must have been frustrating to see the truth and not having anyone to respond to your pointless and baseless ‘facts’. Lol, I hit you right in the heart and left… All those responds that I ignored were of you throwing tantrums.
    What did you mean she studied nutrition? Please, she took a course that most probably lasted for 6 months. And her ever flopping company which is failingly selling in Asia, US and UK. Haha, it’s possible that the company was at the verge of bankruptcy which is why her mom stepped down from the chair so she can bring her famewhoring ways to her products. Posting naked pictures of yourself on Instagram to advertise your products is a low. How cheap. And pretending to cover her modestry in it is just laughable. Successful companies advertise their products on TV and in the pages of magazines.. I guess they don’t have the funds for that kind of ads so they’re taking the low-rent path haha.
    Yea, her best selling book, only tweens could ever take her seriously, because any sane adult knows all the book was about was her narcissist self.
    Deny it all you can but Miranda and Kim K have similaries. Kim leaked a sex tape while Miranda leaked nudes (although tasteful, she didn’t have the guts to go full frontally nude, I’ll give her that). They both pretend they’re Hollywood celebrities. They don’t have a problem pimping themselves to the paps. Everything they do is for attention. And yea, yea, Miranda walkED high fashion runways and only have D list Vogue covers ever since Italia 500 years ago.
    And you never explained how the paps didn’t know her name? Care to elaborate?

  • Tazo

    @1twnety: I assume you are an american. Let me telly ou that no one gives a damn about your stupid ugly untalented Kim Kardshain, who probaly pays people to take her pics. She is famous for a sex tape which she got peeded on. She has done so musch plastic surgery and I think she is lying about being only 32. She looks atsleast 35+. She has no talent, no hard work and she seems idiotic and rude. Your very own President Obama invited her and her family to a White House dinner. What kind of country celebrates people like that? Oh wait the United States does!
    Miranda Kerr is a wroking woman and she makes an honest living. She is a model for VS, funny since most of the models are not even american you people love to trash them. Americans also love to trash Adriana Lima, who is beyond gorgeous and so is Miranda in comparassion to most americans.
    PS, I am not the Miranda Kerr fan who posts all the time. I am just in agreement with them thats all.
    Who is Kim having her ‘bab’y with? Kanye West, another disgraced american celebrtyi. A D lister is having an Baby with an F Lister. You people are even comparing them to the Royal couple. How stupid.

  • errrrrm

    @?: “Do all models/actors use all the products they promote? I doubt it”. — she’s NOT promoting KORA as a model she’s promoting it as a ‘business woman’. That’s the difference. This isn’t a contract job for MAC, it’s her business.

  • errrrrm

    @?: “It’s by no means the same as using fur and belonging to PETA like someone else said” — i said that.. if you’re going to argue atleast know where the comments are coming from..

    “and unless you live in a cabin in the woods it’s almost impossible not to use products with chemicals.” — LOL are you joking? you can buy almost anything ‘organic’ now, from make-up to eco friendly baby toys

  • Tazo

    @Jelly: Please don’t compare Kim Kardshian with Miranda Kerr. They are not anything alike.
    Keep your ugly Kardshian.
    Mirand atleast works. Kim K doens’t work and is famous for realsing a sex tape and having a reality tv show.
    Models are considered celebrities to Hollywood, reality st stars aren’t.
    You americans so are funny and you guys are the reason why that whore KK is famous. You people are even are stupid to compare them to Royals.
    I think they are jealous that Kate Middleton will recieve all this media attention fo her baby and KK wants to be like her. I bet KK is not even having a baby, its probably fake like her marriage was.

  • hah

    @Tazo: …….and water is wet

  • niesle

    @Tazo: I like Miranda but you are right!
    I don’t get why people bring up that Kim girl on every celeb post.
    People even call someone like Angelina Jolie a famewhore and compare her to that ugly Kim.
    Ewww. No
    Kim apparently has been the solid age of 30 since 2007. How can she be only 32 in the year of 2013? Its like with Jessica Chastain who lied about her age claming she was born in 1980 or 1981. But Jessica is a good actress and beauty.

  • woohooo

    laughing at the jelous women. she is stunning

  • @Jelly

    Lol, Jelly, you ran away from the other thread with the tail between the legs as soon as we proved that Valentino had sent MK dresses, we busted you using socks (and no, as you very well know and that’s precisely why you ran away, it’s not because you and your sock had the same opinion), and we proved that it is ALWAYS you the one who brings up Adriana’s name on MK’s JJ articles, and MK’s on Adriana’s, to later say that it’s MK’s fans the ones who attack Adriana (BS like everything you say). Don’t even bother denying all this, anyone can see how you “escaped” when things got ugly for your lies.

  • Michaela

    Well, I love Mirandas looks, thoughts lifestyle advice etc. but I don ´t believe a word she´s saying. It´s just a medial thing…

    Even though you trust in her, try looking here, I still do like her, but it certainly changed my reception of her… :

  • @ermmmm. #32

    Wow you “haters” are really scraping the barrel to TRY & find a fault with Miranda.

    The best you can come up with is that she promotes Clear shampoo that like ALL shampoo no matter the price contain a small amount of chemicals…..omg what a revelation…….lol.

    Once AGAIN she has NEVER said she uses ONLY Organic products.

    So it’s not in the least bit “strange or unusual” as you claim considering she has to use lots of different products that are not organic for her job.

    Just like food she eats organic when she can but not always, she eats meat & wears leather & has never claimed otherwise.

    So you’re WRONG in saying she’s “selling” an organic lifestyle when in fact she tries to live a HEALTHY lifestyle. Keeping fit by doing yoga, Pilates, her 80/20 rule with food & using Organic products when she CAN!!!

  • ermmm

    @@ermmmm. #32: “Once AGAIN she has NEVER said she uses ONLY Organic products.” — and ONCE AGAIN i didn’t say she did or HAS TO i’m saying her products are organic therefore being the face of clear shampoo is hypocritical.

    And if your only defense is that i’m a hater then fine but it’s immature bull.. You’ve completely missed the point. She wants to be a business woman than great but she IS SELLING THAT LIFESTYLE therefor you should always practice what you preach even if it’s just for the “cameras”.

    If you work for PETA you don’t wear fur – simple

    If you’re the face of jenny craig and are stuffing your face with chicken wings you sort of fail at trying to sell the product, no?

    but she is the owner of KORA and has talked extensively about her holistic lifestyle… of using natural products and even about the birth of her son that was supposedly natural.. i mean this is the image she wants to sell then fine, but don’t back track and run where the money takes you..

  • ermmm

    @@ermmmm. #32: “Just like food she eats organic when she can but not always, she eats meat & wears leather & has never claimed otherwise.”—- you do know that there is organic produce right? And i didn’t say she was a vegan i said she promotes her organic products so what does her choice in clothing have to do with it? — if she was a vegetarian then i’d say she was a hypocrite for wearing leather but i’m talking about her skin care line

  • @Michaela. #46

    Oh please that blog is written by one of the “haters” from Delphi.

    These OBESSESSED Orlando fans are jealous of Miranda because their PRETEND boyfriend Orlando is happily married to her.

    These very bitter delusional unstable women even went as far as buying Flynn’s birth certificate to try & prove Orlando’s is not his father.

    Believe that Orlando & Miranda don’t have a real marriage but a “contractual agreement” Call Miranda the most vile names possible, insult her family & even call little Flynn awful names.

    They post made up “blind” items about them on gossip sites, stalk her across the Internet, spend their lives obsessing about her.

    These women are not teenagers but mature women, they are very very creepy.