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Vanessa Hudgens: DVF Loves Roxy Launch Event!

Vanessa Hudgens: DVF Loves Roxy Launch Event!

Vanessa Hudgens hits the red carpet at the DVF Loves Roxy Launch Event on Wednesday (March 6) at the Roxy store in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress chatted with about her fashion choices at the event.

“I’m so all over the place with my fashion. Some days I’ll wanna dress like super chic and minimal, and other days I’ll wanna layer as many necklaces as I can,” Vanessa said. “For the carpet Jenny Packham is always amazing. Naeem Khan I’ve been wearing a bunch of his dresses. There’s just so many amazing designers in the world!”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing DVF jacket and shoes, a Lips Mini clutch, and Palladium rings.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the launch event…

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# 2

her hair <3 she looks amazing

# 3

i love her outfit and she so pretty here

# 4

gorgeous as usual

# 5

She looks great

# 7

can’t wait to read the full interview.

# 8

omg she looks so gorgeous

# 9

wtf , again ???? she must be sooo broke , that could be why she’s attending so many events .u know , they pay u for attending them

wtf , again ???? she must be sooo broke , that could be why she’s attending so many events .u know , they pay u for attending them

wtf , again ???? she must be sooo br.oke , that could be why she’s attending so many events .u know , they pay u for attending them

it’s so annoying to see her in ny again. shes supposedly there for her boyfriend. yet, whenever she is there, she’s usually alone. i think she looks happier without that fake boyfriend of hers. nevertheless, he doesn’t seem that interested in her. in recent pics (and ones from when they firsted started “dating”) she’d try to connect to him, but he’d look bored and oblivious to what’s happening. i still think a breakup soon…

hahah she is gorgeous, i cant wait for spring breakers

her smile is flawless.

Gorgeous! Love this look!

BTW i miss Vaustin! </3

Haters Suck! @ 03/06/2013 at 9:11 pm

She looks great.

my comments =(


Finally wearing something normal and actually suits her <3

Okey Dokey @ 03/06/2013 at 9:29 pm

I just love her hair its so pretty

I am in love

Vanessa looking her gorgeous self. Love her hair length. She has natural curls. Like her footwear, lucky girl, she gets to wear beautiful designer clothes.

Pattycake @ 03/06/2013 at 9:56 pm

she looks flawless

omg.. i miss you so much Vanessa<3<3 you look so cute<3<3 love it<3<3

Doesn’t she know how to comb her hair. She always looks so trashy.

She should learn to comb her hair. She looks like ell.

Is this site ever going to work properly. Get your shite together Jared or whoever else is running the site.

Looks like JJ is being paid to block comments that are not flattering to his pet.

awww love her

justsaying @ 03/06/2013 at 11:46 pm

She just gets prettier every day! Luv her….

Love the outfit and the colour Vanessa look’s really good. She seems to go to many more red carpet events in NY now more than in LA. She seems very settled in NY

Whats with the site today? My comment isn’t going thru.

I like the outfit. Vanessa looks beautiful as always.

ah! finally ! why the hell are the comments sent in to moderation ???? JJ nuts ???

she must be sooooo broke , otherwise why would anyone attend so many events , if not for collecting the sum u get paid for attending !

Atending irrelevent event to get her picture taken again I see

Edward F. Belliveau @ 03/07/2013 at 2:43 am

as Mike responded I didn’t know that a single mom can profit $5335 in one month on the computer. did you read this site… http://www.snag4.cℴm

Now your sounding silly, again. She has just came back from promoting her movie, attended VanityFairs Oscar party and was INVITED to attend this event. Next week is her US premeire. Only a small minded jealous person could find something wrong with anything she has done. So what your saying is that if a well known designer issued you a personal invitation you’d turn them down because your too good to attend. Right? Lmao, some how I don’t think so.

@BO: Zac fan Shut up

Nightwish @ 03/07/2013 at 5:29 am

Its the same nonsense, same stupid compliments, same clowns on a Hudgens post on Just Jared – the only place on the net where they update the happenings of the very irrelevant Vanessa Hudgens and her lame comings and goings LOL

Pudge Pumper @ 03/07/2013 at 5:38 am

Dear Pudgie,

You need to find some real work!!! Pimping yourself down Z-list parties aren’t helping!!!

Your beloved,


Ah, another post on Vanessa, and the typical lame comments from Bobo and Nightwish. Oh, she’s irrelevant, oh she’s broke, blah, blah, blah. It’s hysterical, really. Why do these nutcases bother?? No one cares what they think. Vanessa looks stunning, is not broke, is happy and very relevant at the moment, thank you. Go worry about someone else. We’re good here.

Nightwish @ 03/07/2013 at 6:21 am

Van looks pretty here. So what. There are so many beautiful women around these days. Beauty in showbiz means little unless you have real talent that distinguishes you from the rest. Have you seen vans embarrassing displays in sb’ers, parading around like a cheap idiotic sl.ut? There is no acting talent necessary with her part in that film, and as far as roles are concerened, she landed the least desirable one out of the four girls. Korine never wouldve had the heart to stick his daughter in that part. Exactly why Van was cast first, or agreed to the role first. Korine knows shes a desperate no talent.

Haters Suck! @ 03/07/2013 at 7:08 am

You’re a real sick ******* dude. Don’t know what vanesssa ever did to you but I hope it was 10x worse.

@nightwish,and may you be blessed with a change of heart and be more positive. You are a really sad person, my dear. Cheer up! You sound like a wet blanket.

Love the pic of her hanging loose. She’s such a trooper.

@Nightwish@BO: a stupid person!!!

She’s beautiful. End of story.

Yup, she IS a beautiful young woman, never said she was the only. So asinine to think we’re not allowed to say so. Her performance in SB is said to be memorable and career changing. That’s good enough for us. Each role is an experience and good exposure. That’s how a career develops.

@Nightwish: As compared to Stewart in “On the Road”? Please. It’s called acting, sweetheart.

Nightwish @ 03/07/2013 at 8:27 am

@maria: Your ongoing veneration of this D-list actress, who has a very minor scale of bankability and borders on being a money-losing proposition at the box office, is nauseating.

Nightwish @ 03/07/2013 at 8:28 am

@maria: Stewart was fantastic in on the road. You really have no clue.

Nightwish @ 03/07/2013 at 8:35 am

@Haters Suck!: I see you are your same loser self, hanging around poorly regarded pap sites and chiming in over and over again over lame hudgens pics with the old fogies who populate this these tired posts along with those two loser spammers, namely, lorel and malu aka tamin, yets, kstewfan, yada yada

@Nightwish: As compared to your loser self who just can’t stay away? Vanessa is said to be great in this film as well. We don’t need your feigned concern nor your boasting about a moody, dumb, untalented boor. Like I said, we are perfectly fine here. Don’t need your snide cheap shots that are just rubbish. Nothing you say is true; just the figments if your warped imagination.

great outfit. :*

Tired posts, huh!? Pray what are you doing here Mr. Fashionista?!

Now THIS is an outfit that suits her.

Haters Suck! @ 03/07/2013 at 10:37 am

You’re just a sad strange little man.

this girl sucks….

She looks beautiful, I like her outfit alot. Can’t wait for the SB premiere next week. Also, I love that DVF is inviting her to so many events.

you clearly don’t know anything, Vanessa was the first one to join the cast (after James) they offered Faith, Candy and Britt. she said she didnt want to be Faith (it was a weak role for her, and that one went to Selena) and she said she didnt have any problem to be either Candy or Britt. After the first encounter with the girls, Vanessa (the second billing) said she wanted to be Candy, thats why Emma dropped the movie, because she wanted Vanessa´s role, she wanted to be the second billing. Thats when Vanessa told Selena about Ashley Benson and Sel got her the role.

QueenOfTrashin @ 03/07/2013 at 12:26 pm

Maybe the store employees can give her some fashion tips.

come on, it s not like Vanessa had to slept with Harmony to get the role… she is a loyal person ;)

and Rachel is his WIFE!
she wanted to be Candy, but Cotty is the only one topples (im talking abobut the 4 main girls). you dont know anything.

loyal and pretentious, boring and ugly like her duck face

@who ?:
someone forgot to change his name… how pathetic.

Spring Breakers @ 03/07/2013 at 12:45 pm

Congrats to the cast and crew!!

“#SpringBreakers” : plus de 58 000 entrées pour le 1er jour France”
“Excellent démarrage pour #SpringBreakers avec 58 225 entrées 1er jour France !!!!”
“Communiqué Mars Distribution : #Springbreakers réalise 58 225 entrées sur 237 copies (il y a 2 sem. Vive la France : 54 371 sur 447 copies)”

Spring Breakers @ 03/07/2013 at 12:49 pm

and the reviews are getting better and better! i´m really proud of Harmony and the whole cast, this was supposed to be another little indie! and BOOM is already a huge successful movie in europe!.

These sad little, people with small minds make me laugh. First, it was Selena’s movie and Vanessa had a “small role” in it. Then it was going to have a limited release. Now they are trying to say something about an ACTRESS playing a role? Isn’t that what she supposed to do? Yes, we know she gets paid to be at these events ( wasn’t I the one who told you so?) It’s no different than putting your name with a pair of jeans no one ever hear of thab you don’t wear, he ll even Brad Pitt does commercials, Tell me you think he’s hurting for money.

sorry sb “that you don’t wear”

THE TRUTH @ 03/07/2013 at 1:05 pm

thats why she is know as nepotism Roberts (just like the collins girl, stewart from twilight, and every other “industry child” .

this movie sucks so many blablabla for nothing like all her movies . she’s a bad actrees it’s not a secret now.. make advertising V but stop movies

@who ?: Is this some kind of code we’re supposed to decipher? Bet your not old enough to see this movie, let alone make a criticism. Stay in school.


you understand what i said !! not need to decipher baby…V is rotten..


or speak french if you know ! i’ll tell you all my love about the duck face

@who ?: We all know you haven’t seen the movie. People who ACTUALLY have love it. Vanessa is the stand out preformer. As always, success is the best revenge. Go play with your toys.

yes the best for naked roles !! threesome prostitute etc…. she’s a s***t

Haters Suck! @ 03/07/2013 at 3:00 pm

Lots oc actresses play roles like that. So what?

hawehaveitnow @ 03/07/2013 at 3:22 pm

she was just in an article referring to herself as a bohemian. Janis Joplin lover etc… Anyone who is does not refer to themselves that way…
comes off fake

@who ?: Your stupid answers shows you haven’t seen this film. First, she plays a college student on spring break (hence the name of the movie) not a prostitute. Second she’s not nude in this movie ( of the girls only Rachel goes topless) Finally it’s called ACTING , it’s what ACTRESSES DO. Audrey Hepburn one of the greatest actresses of all time played a prostitute in her most memorable role Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s I always try to know something before I comment on it, you may want to try to do the same.
Really, you have no one who you would have liked to meet or see from the past? I know I would love to have had the opportunity to have converstations with several people. Susan B Anthony, for example. Only someone LOOKING for any reason to criticiize would find fault in her wanting to hear Janis Joplin sing.

“So, there you have it. Vanessa Hudgens: Nicer than me. And probably you, too.”

this remind me to her Punk’d episode, they wanted her to have a “bad reaction”, or to say something bad, but she is just to nice, she is a really good person a genuinely good person. hahah love her.

kelly martineau @ 03/07/2013 at 5:14 pm

V following big lips like a puppy dog. What did Austin get himself into. Parently she doesn’t care about her career.To busy following big lips everywhere. Or any one else in this matter.

kelly martineau @ 03/07/2013 at 5:20 pm

There anywhere V gets interview on the carpet at the event? like you tube video.

@samatha: People that interview her say this all the time. They want her to bash whatever it is they ask her about and she doesn’t. I’ve always liked how classy she is in interviews.

Nightwish @ 03/07/2013 at 6:37 pm

@Xo: She interviews just like 95% of other actresses demeanor wise – nice, smiling, sweet, etc. Where hudgens is different from the good actresses is that you detect her lack of soul. She is shallow and not particularly insightful, you listen to her for about 5 seconds and then want her to finish her sentence already. The girl is just not intelligent, im sorry. She also has no depth to her character. She lacks charm and intrigue.

She has a beautiful soul <3 thats why everyone loves her

Nightwish @ 03/07/2013 at 6:45 pm

@luna: So you’re saying Vanessa had first dibs on which of the four roles she wanted, and she actually chose the dumbest and sluttiest one of the lot? LMFFAO She must be stupider in real life than i thought.

Haters Suck! @ 03/07/2013 at 6:57 pm

Stupider? Did you just say stupider? What kind of word is stupider? You’re kind of a moron you know that.
5 points for anyone who can tell me where I got the stupider reference.


“In Korine’s poem, Candy is the “hero”, she owns Alien’s heart. ”

She was pretty smart, Candy was the best choice, it’s a really good role.

Figured it out, The only attention Nightwish gets is here on Vanessa’s threads. Sad, really the lengths he goes to get people to respond to him. He really is a no body in the real world. His hang ups are major.

@Samantha, thanks for the link. Vanessa is a sweetheart, always knew it. No wonder that Ashley and Selena warmed up to her so quickly.

@Nightwish: Oh, honey, you really need to stop talking about KStew here. The only intrigue with her is what she’s high on, or what is causing her sullen mood. You need to check the dictionary about what charming means. Vanessa has it in spades. KStew has zero. Shallow? Spiritual, thoughtful, loving people are not shallow. Need to check your dictionary again. And her choosing the meatiest role of Candy shows she was smart enough to choose the best one.

I’d like to know why the morons think her acting like a promiscuous party girl in a movie means she is one in reality. There is no basis to make an accusation like that. Ever. There is NO history of heavy party behavior, and NEVER any hooking up, ****** behavior. EVER. She’s not the one who slept with a married man and broke up his marriage. So the nitwit needs to shut up and worry about why his precious always looks like a trainwreck and why her supposed BF wants her to stay away from him.

Roadhouse @ 03/07/2013 at 8:23 pm

She needs to learn how to comb her hair. She looks like “ell

Pudge Pumper @ 03/07/2013 at 8:31 pm

And we stupid Pumpers need to learn not to give attention to Nightwish or Bo or whoever there is. But we can’t. Because we love them. We are drawn to the truth they speak of. Atleast Pudgie gets some attention on this site because of them. We should be thankfull.

stewart’s role in on the road is like 10 minutes , still it was marketed as ”Kstew ” film .Zac’s role in Liberal Arts is 5 minutes .still it was forwarded as ”Zefron” film not to mention he stole the center place in reviews .hudge has a longer role than selena , still , this is ”selena” film .see the difference ,that’s why you call people like Kstew and Zefron ”stars” , real stars ! and this ”career changing” role , what has it done for hudge ? has she got any new offers ??? i’d like to know . perhaps they are on the way , or else ” her rep has not released them to press , since they don’t release anything until ‘set in stone’ ” …. anyway , Happy international women’s day to all of you ….the most beautiful day of the year …

I’d hereby like to announce that Paperboy has been nominated for 3 Saturn awards .best indie film of the year , best indie release of the year and Nicole for best supporting actress . i missed the news since i was in my sweet lovely camp

Well, those are stupid comparisons. I never heard anyone call “On the Road” KStew’s movie, nor Liberal Arts as Efron’s movie. Saw clips of both, and NEITHER was impressive in any way. And not sure how this is “Selena’s movie” . Vanessa has second billing, a bigger role, and better reviews. The career change will happen once the movie is seen by directors and casting agents. Why would it happen now??Just all examples of a narrow little fantasy world you live in. It was SO lovely here without this stupidity.

@maria: On the road was a great film. Kristen looked and performed absolutely amazing in it. On film you are just mesmerized watching her, which is hardly what we can say about that cheap looking tramp you guys idolize so much. Who made 35 mil last year? Who got all the awesome roles? Whose lame flicks are languishing in post production limbo because they are so awkward and unmarketable that they dont even know how to promote or release them? Whose most noteworthy part in a recent film involves tonguing a drawing of a guys dork? ROFLMAO

“still it was forwarded as ”Zefron” film”
lmao you are so delusional! i think you should be with efron doing drugs with girls in a hot tub… PLEASE! i honestly think you have a mental disease…

Vanessa being her flawless self ♥

she is adorable… hello Evan ♥

@lizzzie: all the respectable celebs abstain from intagramming the hell out of themselves. Only the third rate crowd resorts to that. Or the attention whoress. btw, she looks lame LOL

those are clearly fan pics. lmao thats not Vanessa´s instagram, cant you read? She is always so adorable, sweet and funny with everyone. Even if you try to put her down, you CAN ACTUALLY SEE how beautiful she is. Bless her <3

so… are you saying Vanessa´s instagram is “glampagne”? LMAO

she is so lucky! I love to read fan encounters, Vanessa is always so kjhbkjgiuygiuyg with her fans / people in general.

@belle: You seriously need to get some kind of life LOL

Haters Suck! @ 03/08/2013 at 12:13 am

You should really look in the mirror before u tell someone to get a life. U spend your time around people u hate. I think u need to get a life.

“Beauty in showbiz means little unless you have real talent that distinguishes you from the rest.”

Oh yeah? Tell that to the Kardashians.
As far as V’s talent, I would say that she really hasn’t been given the right vehicle for us to judge her. Or at least, it hasn’t been released yet. She’s still young; still paying her dues. I think that she is going to surprise a lot of people when her new films (not Spring Breakers) come out. She’s learning all the time and we have yet to see her real talent.

Great outfit. Seems to even make her look taller.

@Bohji awww look at our girl trying her best to be taken as a serious actress. Not happening Vanessa!! Not happening!! :P

@maria Vanessa has second billing in the movie? Better wait until you see the movie because on the wiki page Selena is the second billing.

So you think Vanessa still haven’t shown any real talent right!! Even her fans admit she haven’t given any performence worth watching. Don’t blame it on the role guys, Our girl just don’t have it. If you have any real talent then you can make any role work. And they admit that she haven’t done any good in Spring Breakers either. Hence saying she will prove herself when her other movies come out and writing not Spring breakers inside the brackets lolol

My doppelgänger at large again. Well, Nightwish is the culprit for sure. Probably got his puppets to do his dirty work. That pic was in character for Springbreakers, duhhh.

She looks really pretty here. Very cute outfit and her hair looks so good at a natural length with her natural curls. And she is smiling rather than that smirking thing!

Mesmerizing??? BAHAHAHAHA. That’s a good one. I don’t care how much money that actress makes on her lame movies. It’s the boorish, sullen personality, ******** the director, and her attitude that make her painful. Mesmerizing? LMAO

@maria: how could you have ”ever heard anyone calling On The Road , Kstew movie nor Liberal Arts Zefron movie , when ”the only time spent by you on the net is on this thread of JJ ” ???? remember ??? LOLzzz gotcha .will you ever stop making yourself getting contradicted repeatedly .and it matters NOT that YOU don’t think that neither On the road nor Liberal Arts was impressive in anyway . so to speak we don’t think your hudge or SB is impressive in anyway either .but plenty of critics thought Liberal Arts and On the Road were impressive and specially their performances , specially Zac’s performances ….and the career change , if any , could have happened now since now the film’s had a lots of premieres .before the release of Paperboy , Zac had already got two or three new offers .frankly , YOU are the one living in a narrow fantasy world !!! : P

ah! forgot to mention .hudge has the third billing , not second .Selena has the second billing .shows how much you know of YOUR OWN IDOL

#122 LOL , serious actress .ha ha frankly ,getting pe.ed on is so much mature !!!

Vanessa has second billing. Please don’t bring Wikipedia up, a hermit in a cave with internet excess can change Wikipedia (right, nutwish?). It’s on all of the posters. Make or break, it’s her movie, get over it.

Seriously guys do you compare movies that have NOTHING to do with each other??? Well, as far as the advertising of the movies The Paperboy has been promoted as a Nicole Kidman and then Zac Efron movie because Nicole is more famous and credible than Zac since she’s been in the bussiness for many years. Spring Breakers is being promoted as a Selena Gomez and then Vanessa Hudgens movie because Selena has a very huge fanbase who go crazy about her. Does that fact alona mean that both Zac and Vanessa are talentless. If they were they wouldn’t be casted in all those roles. Zac has a a huge fanbase that focus on his looks but his real fanbase is not huge either nor is Vanessa’s. So what? From what I see they’re both normal people and very sweet especially do their fans. So, there’s no point making one seem bad. They have a certain fanbse who will support them through everything. Whatever you all say here.

actually Kate , Paperboy was promoted more as Zac Efron movie than Nicole Kidman movie .Zac’s fanbase is bigger than Nicole’s .the actor who has a huger fanbase gets bigger share in promotion .

@tina: I dunno .i see hudge’s as third billing …. is something wrong with my eyes ??? lolzzzz

nessFrance @ 03/08/2013 at 9:10 am

Shes is so beautiful !!!!! smiling and shining, I love the way she is in those pictures. So simple

@BO I’m a fan of Zac and I saw that the movie was promoted as the a new Nicole Kidman movie first. And I don’t think it was such a bad thing. I wasn’t talking about Kidman’s fanbase I just told she’s more famous due to the many years she’s on the bussiness. And concerning Zac’s fanbase I was referring to those who really support him and don’t like him only because of his looks. Sad but people are always focused on looks.

I didn’t know imdb kept priority order. lol…I think Vanessa’s fans here are talking how the movie is being promoted.
FYI: In the trailer Vanessa is being mentioned second.

Check the poster for the movie. Check the billing on the trailers. On my phone Vaness is top on imdb. What’s your point? Oh, again you have none.

as a fan I saw the movie being promoted giving more priority to Zac .after it’s release since Nicole got lots of nominations , she was talked about more .but Zac’s name played a bigger role in the promotions being the main role of the movie .

oh! she’s mentioned second in the trailer , so she’s the second billed ???? i thought IMDB is the source for billing .silly me .tthinking IMDB arranges names in order of billing .lolzzz

well , u have to get a new phone .that’s my point !

Lol you are so stupiiid, IMDB has nothing to do with “the billing”. IMDB is about “views and ranking” (2 weeks ago, Vanessa was first, Selena second, and then James and Ashley. Last week Ashley was the second one -when the seventeen cover was out- and V was third). As you can see in every ORIGINAL Spring Breakers’ poster James is the first one, then Vanessa, Selena, Ashley and Rachel. The “first billing” goes to the left and the last one to the rigth. Thats the rule! (When the first “fanmade” poster was out -last year in june/july-, everyone knew it was fake because Selena’s name was the first one and James was in the middle)

@BO: I have a Galaxy 3, thank you for your concern. My children always make sure I have the latest “toys” Don’t you still have dial up?

now the pumpers have created new rules about billing .if in the poster one is one the left , he gets paid the highest , the one on the right the least ! ah! insufferable . FYI : IMDB does list according to billing order .

aww , old one , u have improved .in fact this one last comeback is one of the most sensible comebacks of urs .still is lacks much sense .unfortunately , my parents make sure i have just the bare minimum of ”toys” just sufficient for satisfying my needs .besides , WE are still waaaaaaay behind YOU in technology , remember ????

Imdb itself says the cast is listed according to the billing and these idiots are here saying it isn’t so. @Review no you are wrong. The list does not change on a weekly besis. I understand you are desparate to make Vanessa the main lead on this trash of a movie but it isn’t so. Click on the link that says full cast and Vanessa is clearly listed third. .

@T: Sorry person I don’t know. ” I have an app for that” I have no need to “click” It show Vanessa as first billing. Why are you here, again?

so Vanessa is the third billing in Machete Kills?

she is third, (she is on top Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, Alexa Vega, Jessica Alba) you are saying Vanessa got paid more than Danny Trejo (the main character) because he is 10 on the list.

you are wrong.
IMDB lists the cast in a film in order of STARMETER when the film is in production (it changes every week -you can see Vanessa number on top of her name on her IMDB- more news/ articles/appearances/magazines = higher number. Only after a film has been RELEASED (worldwide) they order the cast by lead roles / billing.

I saw Liberal Arts, and His performance was totally forgettable. After his 2 minutes onscreen, I thought, “that’s it?” I have seen FAR better wasted college frat boy performances. It was NOTHING special, unless you’re an Efron pumper. But you haven’t seen the movie, I’m sure cause your mommy hasn’t allowed it. Probably 90% of Efron’s fans just want to see his shirt off, and his tighty whities. So glad Vanessa has gone beyond wanting that fan base. She’s going for more gritty roles, not the easy girl-next-door roles. Good for her. And I do not contradict myself. I never said this was the only place I get information. I do read newspapers, magazines, and stay current in other ways than a celeb blog.

@BO: Oh, and please stop embarassing yourself, thinking you know everything about Hollywood and how it works. You live in Sri Lanka, for Pete’s sake. Frankly, the US doesn’t think either Efron or Vanessa are anything great. They both have a ways to go. Men still don’t like him, unless they are gay. Long way to go there. At least Vanessa has fans of both sexes.

Haters Suck! @ 03/08/2013 at 11:53 am

Looks like the haters are trying to launch a preemptive strike. They are afraid this movie will do well so they’re doing everything they can to discredit it. Ever heard the phrase “there’s no I in team”. As far as I’m concerned this is all their movie. It’s James movie it’s Vanessa’s movie, it’s Ashley’s movie, it’s rachels’s movie, it’s selenas movie. They all play important parts.

@maria: Whoops. You watched Liberal Arts? Didn’t you say you do not have any interest in Efron and yet you took time out to watch his movie. How amusing. You must really have lot of interest in him.
Hudgens has gone beyond that fanbase? You sure about that? Cause it seems everybody on her premieres are screaming teen girls. She has gone for more gritty roles? That is the funniest I have heard in a while. Gritty as in playing a prostitute and a girl on spring break trying to live up her wild side. How gritty is that.

Not a fan of Efron and I think he sucked in that 2 minute role. Being honest.

But mind it. He’s fans might go to watch his movies to see him in underwear but Hudgens fans aren’t going to see her movies for her acting either. Same as Efron they will just go see the movie to see her in a bikini half naked.

i think she is talking about “all his movies” Theres a difference between showing your body in one movie AND showing your body on every single one of your movies, dont you think?

That’s true, they use STARmeter, Vanessa´s is on “top 500″ since last week, that’s why she´s third. If Im not wrong, during the NYFW Vanessa was listed #2, because there were tons of articles on different websites about her.

just because…

“STARmeter rankings provide a snapshot of who’s popular based on the searches of millions of IMDb users. Updated weekly, these rankings also graph the popularity of people over time and determine which events affect public awareness.”


From what I hear he was in that movie for about two minutes. So if she saw it, I’m sure it wasn’t for “him”. So what is your definition of gritty. Drugs, robbery, and prostitution don’t make your cut. I’d like to know what would.

@lola: Yup, I watched it with my husband one night when nothing was on TV. His choice. It stunk. Can’t stomach his chick flicks, but I may be persuaded to see one of his flicks that are worthwhile. AAP looks decent, but casting him as a doctor makes my skin crawl. So laughable. Not interested in him means I don’t care about him, don’t support him anymore, and don’t care what he does. Doesn’t mean I don’t read about him inadvertantly or get info about him stuffed down our throats here. And I don’t wish him ill or harm. Just don’t like him. Unfortunately, I can’t close the world out. And yes, gritty is playing wild party girls, a stripper who is raped and hunted down in the Alaskan wilderness, and a homeless pregnant teen. Those are NOT safe roles, like pretty boy roles like race car drivers, doctors (gag), etc.

Obviously, we know EVERY MOVE he makes here. His fans spam us constantly (Bo). We actually have lives other than the computer (nutwish).

From the LA TImes article

On not being like their characters: (Vanessa) “I’m so normal and boring in real life, which is part of what made this part so fun. I’m more the type to stay home with a cheese plate and a glass of white wine.”

There you have it. Normal, boring. Love this girl!

Hate me all you want but if you don’t like Zac or Vanessa just don’t be bothered with them. I’m talking about Vanessa’s haters who have this weird obsession to comment on her every post insulting her like they know her personally. As far as the talented thing it’s a matter of personal opinion. Some like her some don’t. As far as Vanessa’s fans here you have this weird obssession to write so many comments hating on Zac the moment someone mentions his name. You’re insulting him like you know him personally. How do you he was horrible to her? Do you know them both? No! As for his performance in his movies you may not have liked it but some others did. As you can see I’m not taking sides but almost all of you here are so narrow-minded and you can’t see that some things are not what they seem to be. A lot of people(WHO HAVE ACTUALLY MET THEM) say so many nice things about them. My point is that you are all being stupid, both haters and fans. And cut the cr ap about how they insulted Zac or Vanessa so I have to defend him/her. Now you can go on hating me! :)

@maria: duh ! again , it matters NOT that YOU think that Zac wasn’t good in Liberal Arts , plenty of critics thought he was .many of them praised how he stole the centre spot despite appearing in it for around 8 minutes .for example this ,

”Also, a special mention has to go to one Zac Efron, who’s surprising performance as Nat, despite getting top billing, only appears in a handful on scenes, all of them hugely hilarious and entertaining. A highlight of the film.”

see , when u are a big star , u get the top billing despite your time duration of the film , which is how Selena has a higher billing in SB than hudge , which you seem to find surprising .also , if your acting is superb , you steal attention from critics as well .in zac’s case , both happened .

”Aside from the wonderful acting from everyone involved, Zac Efron’s small but significant role bears mentioning. He plays a man of college student age (it’s unclear whether or not he’s actually a student at the college) who acts as Jesse’s Jiminy Cricket. He appears without warning, and provides existential advice and a lot of comic relief. He is fantastic in this role, one that is somewhat likened to Matthew McConaughey’s character in ‘Dazed and Confused’. After seeing Efron in ‘Liberal Arts’, it appears his acting potential is sorely untapped”

”There’s also a fabulous cameo from Zac Efron as the oddball hippy who looks like a clichéd figment of Jesse’s imagination, but is actually just the non-intellectualising wake-up call he needs.”

ah! he’s got more reviews for his 5 minute role than hudge got for her entire career .awesome .did I hit a nerve oncofake ??? ouch that must hurt !lol

oh! and again please don’t make yourself look like the complete goon .”my mommy hasn’t allowed me to watch ….” Puh-lease , you don’t even know that it’s PG – 13 ! yet b.utt in and blabber and make us insult your brain . and as a matter of fact I HAVE watched Zac’s scenes in it and even have the video downloaded in my PC .

”so glad hudge has gone beyond wanting that fan base ” … duh ! you mean , hudge doesn’t have a choice now that her fan base has moved on ??? c’on , there’s NO actor in this world , who DOESN’T want his/her fan base .you are saying this ’cause you YOURSELF know that she doesn’t have much fans left to speak of .

ooooohhh! so you gathered info on Liberal Arts and On the Road via ”papers”, ”tabloids” , ”magazines” .so you must be eagerly awaiting release of newspapers and mags etc , searching for their release dates on nets, or troubling the husband for them to be bought when he goes shopping etc etc , so that you can find info on HW , when everything is readily available on the net ,ahhh ! i get it .considerin that papers and magazines post all the data of films including , all their reviews , box office data ,festivals shown at , it’s cast’s gossip etc etc , i think you should have profound knowledge than us , who surf the net for info .afterall ,it’s just a handful of knowledge available on the net ! lol

you are the definition of a psycho fan. And you are clearly so mad because Vanessa dumped her disney boyfriend 3 years ago. LMAO.

i wasn’t really into the disney golden couple, but I WAS SO HAPPY, when I found out they broke up (when Vanessa´s ended the “relationship”) I know them both, and she is a really special lady. She deserves better, a loyal man, maybe Austin is the one for her.

Pattycake @ 03/08/2013 at 8:57 pm

i still remember “dec 13″, there was a huge party at one of Vanessa´s forums when Ryan confirmed the break up! hahaha we were all so happy!

aww, i was happy to, just look at her right now! she looks so happy, and i really love how she basically ignore his whole existence! hahaha i love her, her face on le grand journal was EPIC!

“She may be busy promoting her new movie, Spring Breakers, but Vanessa Hudgens found plenty of time for love on March 6. Spies tell us the brunette beauty and her boyfriend, Austin Butler of Carrie Diaries fame, dined at new Manhattan hotspot Beaumarchais and took in its weekly, Wednesday-night Nuit Blanche burlesque show.

Watching a score of gorgeous dancers gyrate through the restaurant, Vanessa also tucked into an order of crème brulee profiteroles and a glass of dessert wine. At the end of the performance, she and Austin ducked out quietly after leaving a generous tip.

We’re told Vanessa has temporarily relocated to the Big Apple to be near Austin while he films his buzzy CW show. A devoted girlfriend, indeed!”

V and Sel will be on Chelsea Lately… OHTHESHADEOMG! hahahha

i was kind of sad, but then i heard the rumors. THANKS GOD SHE HAS A GOOD BF NOW!.
I dont hate her ex, but i just don’t understand why we are talking about him here. He is just Vanessa´s ex. no one cares about him, except BO, and everyone hates/ignores BO, soo… lol

Cant wait for the premiere on Sunday! and then the NY premiere on Tuesday and the LA premiere on thursday.

Austin is a really good boyfriend,

i want LAX pics, please?

Do you know when they will be on?

I have a feeling that you wouldn’t compliment Zac’s acting no matter what. On the other hand, you will always view every Vanessa role as superb and scream at how talented she is. That’s okay, I guess, but at least admit that you are biased.

@Deb: Well said, and she is more than a hudgens fan, she is vanessa’s auntie LOL

one pumper, so many names …. lame old tactic ain’t it Review, HH ,Pattycake ,Raynnah ,hollaEH ,lizzie ??? LMAO

hey b.utt , nice to see you again ! how are u buddy ?

@BO: Good, and u? I see maria, bowj, tina, and hs are still up to their pudgens pumping ways lol

@lizzzie: is she back in LA?

March 21st, with Selena.
and on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on March 19th

Ness and Austin were spotted at JFK today.

@Nightwish: good .yeah .they are just addicted to it …just like us .lol

Does anyone knows if James is going to SXSW with the girls? I know he wasnt supposed to join the promo tour till next week, but someone said this on Facebook “i just booked an interview with James Franco, VH and Gomez . Austin here i come” so idk anymore… Vanessa, Selena, Rachel, Ashley and Harmony are going to TX this weekend.

As compared to the dimwit haters? Hmmm. Vanessa fans have good reasons to be here, comment, and support a great young woman. Then there are the dimwits who have NO reasons to be here, other than to be royal pains in the a$$es and spread hate, or spew crap about someone else that we have no interest in. I think I’m just fine being a pumper, thank you.

And to Deb, there is truth to what you said. Don’t think he has had a decent role yet, or one in which he isn’t doing the weepy, sappy stare. But I’m not a learing, obsessive, pretty boy lover. I have the ability to discern what is good and what is not, not biased on looks. With Vanessa as well. I’ll let you know when I think he does something noteworthy. How’s that?

@hollaEH: There were many rumours regarding their break up.. Some pictured Vanessa as the bad person some Zac. My point is we can’t judge their personalities since I don’t think anyone here is their friend or something. Also I didn’t say you hate Zac, i’m talking about everyone here in general.
As far as their work Vanessa has 2 serious movies, frozen ground which is a true story and gimme shelter where she plays a pregnant teen. Zac has also 2 serious movies, at any price and parkaland.
Plus I don’t get why you picture Austin as the perfect bf and Zac as the bad one. I’m not saying that Austin is a bad person but you aren’t in the relationship. 10 pictures don’t show anything.
Personally, I don’t see something special between them. I know you’re gonna say I’m a stupid Zanessa fan but I’m shipping Zanessa just as you’re shipping Vaustin. As long as I support them both and don’t hate on one of them I don’t think there’s something wrong with it.

@kate: No, there’s nothing “wrong” with how you feel. It’s a personal opinion! Some people think their opinions are fact, when they are not. At least you put your feelings out there honestly!! My opinion is, I don’t care who Vanessa is with, as long as he treats her well. I didn’t feel the ex always did so. But it is her life and her choices in life. No one knows what is ahead. I just feel Vanessa ended that relationship for good reasons. It was for the best at the time. She has found love again, but things can change with Austin too. No one knows. I just hate that people trash this girl because they broke up. It’s just life!!

@maria: I know and have defended her many times for that here and on twitter. But I see you all fans here hate on Zac too! Ok, you don’t like him. so even when someone mentions him don’t talk about him. Just talk about Vanessa. It is unfair to complain about how they hate on Vanessa when you also hate on Zac. I’m not talking about you personally. I’m talking about everyone here. :)

@kate: The real point is this is VANESSA’S thread. Why bring him up period? I wish him well, just don’t feel the need to know his every move.

@kate: The problem with that, Kate, is that others don’t extend the same courtesy to us. We don’t WANT to talk about the ex, but he is constantly brought up. There is no need. I don’t like him, so if someone gushes about him and his supposed amazing perfection, I can’t not respond. This is NOT the place to discuss him, positively or negatively. So until said people stop, we will give our opinions. We are very happy NOT to talk about him here.

V is back in LA. I want candids of her and Austin.

@e: She’s sick so we probably won’t see her for a few days.

@kate, that is one harsh sweeping statement to make . No one Hates Zac, dislike him probably. Me, I’m just indifferent. Not interested anymore,

Just can’t abide the Zac fans who come here to spew hate on Vanessa,

if u don’t want Zac brought up here , u should keep those big mouths of yours shut ’cause you are the ones bringing him up here

maria don’t like Zac, that is why she regularly reads that st tropez thread. She has gotten caught doing so and have admited to do so as well. But maria don’t like Zac. Why waste her time reading it. Oh wait, she does have lot of interest in Zac. That is why she reads it. maria loves Zac.

I heard Vanessa is under the weather. Feel better sweetheart.

Aww, my doppelgänger is at it again. Just to clear things up, I would never ever criticise my fellow comrade ie.maria. She may differ in opinion and I respect that. My guess, Bo or Nutwish.

@BO: Um, that just isn’t true most of the time, thanks to you posting your stupid updates and spewing your hysterical box office expertise. All from Sri Lanka.

@BOHJI: I knew that wasn’t you, Boji. That kind of stupidity could only belong to one person.

“If you’re not growing (as an actress), you’re dying, so you have to push yourself.” – Vanessa Hudgens on her role in Spring Breakers.

yeah .absolute ”pushing” .lmao she’s calling this ”growing” as an actress? duh .she’s trying to copy Zac , NOT working girl .you aren’t born with the talent nor the luck to be a real star

oncofake ,that in fact is true MOST of the time .funny how a ” person with so much expertise on new technology ” thinks a person across the ocean in another landmass can’t come across data of your country .funny .really .

seriously , SB is the movie of the recent times that I have seen being promoted so outrageously via ”teen/youth” sex .it’s something that even the fans admit that the promo is just too scandolous

The reason for all this unneccessory promotioning is because they are afraid the movie wont do any good on its own merit at the box office. So they are using the best accessory they have the girls and sexuality to promote the hell out of it. This movie is suppose to be the film where people will take Hudgens and Gomez as serious actors. Eventhough I highly doubt it will happen anytime soon. It takes alot more than shooting guns and robbing shops to be taken as a serious actor. Wearing bikinis wont make it edgy either. But there comes a time when its too much and it becomes obvious.

I remember someone here posted something harmony said. He said when he first got the idea to make this movie the first thing he wanted to do was to cast Disney girls in it. Which tells me he was searching for that kind of shock value with the movie. And he keep saying he made the movie because he never got to experience his own spring break which I find stupid.

@lola: Your logic is seriously flawed. The reason it is being promoted like this, is BECAUSE of the good reviews and buzz around it from the film festivals. It’s an indie, made for 5 mill. If it’s getting talked about, and has good shock value, why not make the most of it? You must not understand the business world very well if you don’t get it. And yes, he particularly wanted Vanessa and Selena, for roles against type. That’s part of the shock value. He has said so. He’s Harmony Korine. That’s what he does.

@lola: Another thing lola, no matter how many trashy things Vanessa does, I will always find a way to defend her. I am a first class pumper thats what I do. I know you made a good point but hey pumpers gotta to do what they gotta do right?

If getting good reviews was the reason for all this promotion, then wonder why I have never seen other movies that get good reviews get promoted this way.

Yes I do admit that he casted Vanessa for the shock value. Because he knows Disney kids taking cloths off will always make news. All for the sake of art.

yeah .it has a 99% certified fresh rating on Rotten tomatoes .being promoted ’cause of positive reviews , my .face it , it got mixed reviews and just on the boundary of fresh and rotten on Rotten tomatoes .just how many more positively reviewed films than this are out there ? lol and puh-lease , don’t insult our intelligence .it’s not small , it may be indie but it’s been created wit lots of special effects and blah blah like a mainstream movie .i remember how critics used to say when it first came out how Korine has spent the total amount of money he spent on his ‘entire movie’ earlier ,on a single scene of this film .bottom line is , this was NEVER ‘created for 5 mil’ .the praise for the film has been for the most part has been for it’s effects , graphics , colours and techniques .go and read the reviews .you think it’s achievable through a ‘small investment’ ? so laughable .you are the one who has no idea of anything , even on your own idol’s project .you were complaining how Paperboy looked trashy , blurred etc etc .that;s cause it was created with a minimal budget .Zac was the waiter , Nicole the make up artist and so and so .they didn’t even hire any professionals for that .of the 12m , 10 m must have gone for paying actors’ salaries .we know they aren’t cheap *cough cough* unlike some : P

Doppelgänger alert! Post no. 206. Sounds like Nutwish alright. That is not maria.

@BOHJI: LOL we had already figured it out that it’s not fakeonco .not rocket science .you are a bit late : P

@BO: What was the rotten tomates rating on that gem? 41% with 32% audience review. No mixed reviews on that. Bad all over. Never defend someone with something that shows them in a bad light. Sorry I don’t care if the actors made billions it was just an all around bad film. The bottom line is it LOST MONEY. Never a good sign for someone looking to hire them for a new film. Sorrry it just sucked.

Nightwish @ 03/10/2013 at 9:04 am

@lola: Well said, and do you know the only reason the girls are in a bikini in this film is because absolutely nobody would bother to watch it otherwise? The pervs want to see Selena and Ashley azz, thats it, thats that. They dont care about Hudgens, nor do they care about the storyline or artistic value of that piece of crap film because anyone half informed knows this flick is all about harmony korine acting out his perv ways, and attempting to relive what he missed out on when he was a younger perv. Its all a nonsensical, elaborate and expensive exercise by a loser director who, by the way, does a real knock up job articulating exactly what the hell he was really after while making this film. Sure is a costly way to get to see selenas ass in a bikini day in and out for a couple of months LOL

When this movie was first announced we all knew it was an indie. Am I surprise of the coverage it’s getting? Yes. It not because it’s being “overhyped” it’s just simple economics, supply and demand. The more people show up for the viewings, the more viewings there will be. Sorry, it how businesses are run and the movie industry is foremost a business. If someone wasn’t making money do you really think it would exist? Sorry all your preconceived notions came to naught. Sorry Vanessa is the second billing. Sorry it didn’t fade into nothingness. Sorry all the critics didn’t pan it. Sorry people who have seen it love it. Sorry the girls are having the time of their live promoting it. Sorry, not sorry.

@tina: i missed the place where I said that ‘the gem; got more positive reviews than ‘the trash ‘ .lmao always missing the point not to mention repeatedly failing to realize that indies aren’t created for commercial flops and thus ‘don’t lose money ‘ .some indies are indies just namewise but otherwise are promoted like a mainstream and gets wide release .bets ex: is your beloved SB .otherwise , 99% of indies don’t get to cover up their production budget .you just need to lock yourself in a room and go through all the HW data before b.utting in here and spew slander .you don’t care if the actors made billions , if the film is a bad film .you don’t have to worry .it’s not as if hudge is ever the top billed in a film .lol and what do you mean never a good sign for someone looking to hire for a new film or some bullshit ? do you know how many offers Zac got after the Paperboy ? one for each month .doesn’t it itself prove how people who know more than you don’t worry about an ‘indie’ ‘losing money ‘ ! lol

@tina: That! Simple, isn’t it??

just because it was named an indie doesn’t mean it wasn’t gonna be wide released .it was always hyped from the beginning it would be relesaed wide .besides , like i said it was done with a high budget

@Nightwish: Oh, so you’ll never go see a movie with girls in bikinis? Or watch a VS fashion show? Or watch Megan in Transformers? Riiiiiiight. Cause bikinis are so offensive. Don’t you think the over-the-top antics in this film ARE the point? Not too quick on the uptake there, Nutcase. Edgy movies are not meant to be for everyone. You’ve decided for the whole world that no one will bother to see it. We shall see. Cult classic is the word on this film. Guess you are not up for anything shocking. Go back to Lucky One world and go drool over what’s-his-face, since bikinis aren’t for you.

Does any one know if its true that V is going to be in the jurney 3 movie?

@BO: You don’t even believe that load of crap yourself.

Guys Spring Breakers is a movie that harshly criticizes the way young people live in America. It criticizes the fact that their lives revolve around sex and violence. That’s what critics say. How did you expected it to be promoted? Also, this movie according to critics is not for everyone because Korine has peculiar way of making his point. What is more, most people are interested to Selena and VANESSA. Whether you like it or not. Yes, I admit that Selena’s involvement made this film so popular because she has a huge fanbase. But, in the end the best performances are given by Vanessa and Ashley, according to critics again. Now, how this will affect their career we just have to wait and see. I just hope that Vanessa makes good choices (unlike her involvement in Machete) and stop neglecting her work for a guy. I love her and as I said I have nothing against Austin but I’ve seen that lately she’s sort of forgotten her work just to be with him. She must try and balance things a little. And by work I mean being on set, acting…She’s a smart girl and I believe she can do so much better…


Bo- $5 million dollars is not a high budget, THAT is a very small budget, but it’s an indie film hence why it went to the film festivals it did in the beginning to get the financial support from other companies for release. If they film wasn’t that great, it wouldn’t have the support that it does whether from the domestic or foreign companies that have come on board. There are many films made for 20 plus now a days and a hell of a lot more when you look at whose cast. If you have someone like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt etc you could be looking at well over $100. Also depends on the genre. Indie film is just that, they are independent from the big money that the studios put out for a film.

Vanessa picked this role, not for a huge check but because she saw it as a role to grow and challenge herself. I admire her for that because there are many in Hollywood who JUST care about the check. And before you start with ‘I’m sure she made a lot;, nope no way. By the time you pay for all the crew members, ever actor, rental equipment, editing (sound and film), music rights and creation and everything else you have a group of folks who are there for a work that they believe in and at the end of the day that’s what YOU should be doing it for.


I agree with you on your statement about Spring Breakers, but I don’t think Vanessa is ignoring work for Austin. She’s known to be picky about projects and that ‘they have to speak and connect’ with her. That is a good thing! I’d rather her choose a film a year then to sign on board with anything and everything that comes her way just for a check. She’s being true to herself and her passion for her work. Why would you sign on board to something you don;t want to do or a project that you just don’t feel 100% or more about? Her camp had also been very private about announcing anything so who knows what may come about. Plus she mentioned she’s been taking some down time to create her clothing line and come up with designs. Maybe she said to herself, ok there’s not a project that I 100% can say YES I want this and thought I’ll spend time with a man I love and friends around me and use this time to do something I love – create fashion. There are other ways she can work and she has. She’s done 24 hour play on broadway probably because it was a unique experience and it gave her a chance to do theater. She’s using that time to her advantage and honoring that time that she knows is precious and she doesn’t get when she does work – I say good for her. She’s is fine and has nothing to worry about.

@maria I understand. Pumpers gotta do what Pumpers gotta do!
I must have made lot of sense to you that you replied. That itself proves my comment isn’t bogus. What I said does happen in the industry. Sex sells. And this movie is going for that.

Indi movies aren’t made for box office success. That is why its called independent. Unless you promote the life out of it hoping it will be like what they are doing with this film. This movie is definitely overhyped. But a Pumper woudn’t realize that. Have you seen those millions of promotional pics being released of the girls touching their bu.tts , squishing boobs etc etc. overhyped for sure. They are doing that just to get the lonely ho.rny dudes riled up. Harmony is sure suplying whats in demand lol


What makes an Independent an Independent is the financial backing period. There have been scores of Independents that have been box office success’ because people saw them, they had great word of mouth and BOOM! Will I believe this will make more than $5 million – hell yes! It has a buzz about it because people are so damn curious about it plus all the festivals it has been at have helped that. Some may think it’s trash from the get go like some on this board, but I am a fan a Harmony’s work and I know there is a lot more to it than what people who are not familiar with his work. You can see what you want, but maybe go spend the $ and judge it with an open mind and get deeper into Harmony;s mind. Then again you may just judge to judge since opening one’s mind to something different can be a stretch to some.

@cosmos: uhm…$5m is not big .ok I know .like i said , critics gushed how he has spent lots of money on this film , like what he spent on his entire films earlier , he;s spent on just one scene

Look at our girl not wearing any underwhere just wet tanktop and we can almost see her nipple. So proud of her. It looks like she really did push herself in the movie. Must have been so hard because she isn’t that familiar with that kind of stuff. *cough*

@BOHJI: Oh, doppleganger BOBO. Please stop with your ridiculousness. She is acting in a film. Shall we talk about Efron’s bare a$$ or shower scenes? Or prancing in his tighty whities? I wouldn’t throw stones at Vanessa when your lover boy is as guilty of flashing onscreen as well as on balconies. You’re the pot calling the kettle black.

@maria: Whoop! Did I hit a nerve? All you pathetic Pumpers are the ones who are calling the kettle black. I hate ******* with double standards. You have no right to talk about Efron baring his wonderful a$$ when your own $lut of a idol has bared everything she has. Don’t thing Efron will ever be able to bare as much as Pudge$lut already Has. Pudge is out of options to bare her stuff because we have already seen everything. There’s a pic of her spreading her vvagina. If Efron wears breefs, thats because they want to sell the movie. If Pudge$lut wears bikinis, its art. Haven’t seen Paperboy being prmoted down our throats have we?

@BOHJI: No you didn’t hit anything. First you would have to be man or woman enough to use your own name to do that. What a coward has to say means nothing. Second “almost”means nothing. Grow up.

My Doppelgänger is a foul mouthed lowlife. A coward really, Bo/Nightwish, shame on you. Talking about nipples, everyone has at least two of them, males included. So what’s the big deal? See them all the time, why pick on Vanessa in particular? I can show just as many nipple pokes, camel toes, crotch grabbing, nip slips, butt peeking, nudity amongst the A listers and celebrities alike.
I totally agree with tina. Be man or woman enough to use your own moniker.

Besides, have you heard of Acting? Those clips are characters played by Vanessa and Ashley in the movie.

Hmmmm…… Efron was acting too sista. In pumperland, if other actors do the same its to attract audience. But if Pudgens does it, thats when the acting comes to rescue. I hear there was a side *** shot in the movie. Nevertheless she isn’t wearing any there. Glad you noticed. Thats the nerve I wanted to hit. Mission completed. Now keep kissing her a$$. Go on.

And in his latest film where he wants to be a racing driver he starts having sex in a car then has the girl up against a wall or something if that kind so all his films now consist of him having sex in a many places as possible showing of his bits and wearing skimpy underwear and yet you efron fan’s want other people to take him seriously as a actor as well as standing on a balcony right by a window knowing somebody could see or having his hands shoved down his trousers sorry but if your going to have a go aboutVanessa and bring him I to her posts then expect her fan’s not your idols fans to have a go bsck

@BOHJI: Hmmm. Guess I hit a nerve. You were the one who was pointing fingers at a nipple, and I simply gave you a few examples of loverboy’s acting. You missed the point, sweetheart, with YOUR double standards. LMAO. Coward, indeed, bobo. Should have taught you better at military school.

you stupid rat fakeonco , you’ve lost it completely .why are you addressing me for a comment made by a doppleganger babyji ? nuts much ??? go s.uck a d.ick and don’t drag me in to this .you loser .don’t have the backbone to face the fact that hudge has more haters than me .loser loser loser .and as for my ‘training at military camp ‘ , it was the most wonderful time of my life .i’d do anything , anything to spend another day in it with my friends .we have the most wonderful army in the whole world .very decent , very patient , very pleasant .we adore them .miss them so much .it’s been a month for tomorrow since the day I left for the camp .if only i can go back one month in time…..

@BO: Can you please just F uck off? No cares about your opinion or listening to your rants. You are like white noise. You belong with the other crazy Zac fans who spend all their time speculating about what he is doing and who he is sleeping with. Ever wonder why you and the other crazies are not in relationships? You are not doing Zac any favors by constantly mentioning him on V’s threads and comparing their careers. Get a clue and stop harassing Vanessa.

@florence2: Hello Pumper! Have I somehow failed to acknowledge that Pudgens is playing a virging nun in Spring Breakers? Are you sure she isn’t exploring her sexuality in this movie? You sure she don’t have a three way sex scene in this movie? You sure she don’t have a lebian sex scene in the movie? you sure she’s isn’t wearing least amount of clothing possible in this movie? You sure she don’t have scene of her flashing her side boob in this movie? Pumper, you shall not worry about Efron’s sex scenes. We have yet to see his pubic area or his the for that matter. Pudgens has upstaged him in that department. Efron has a long way to go LOL

The balcony pics were a invasion of his privacy. In most of the pics you can tell they were taken from very far away. He didn’t know paparazzi were hiding behind bushes. Its not like he took a picture of his and sent it a girl he’s seeing and it got leaked online like someone we know has done.

@BO: Oh, dear. Should we have a pity party for you? Sorry, but no. You didn’t learn anything at camp, and came back just as nasty and vulgar. You just don’t get it. We do NOT want to talk about the ex. While you were gone, it was quite lovely on all the posts. Not one problem. You just bring the ugliness back. No, I don’t feel sorry for you at all. Just stay on his threads and we’ll all be happy.

@maria: No imbecile, you are wrong. Again!! I posted those pics perposely because I knew you would make a comeback with “Efron in his underwear” story. That reaction is exactly what I wanted. Yup, I did hit the nerve, right on point. I wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine. I was successeful. If Pudgens wears bikinis its art, its edgy, its acting. When Efron does it, its a commercial ploy. Nothing to do with acting.

@BOHJI: Taste of MY own medicine?? Moron. I never said anything about his usual s*x scenes in movies. But YOU put it put there now, coward. Big talking coward. Again, no one here cares about his royal highness. Leave us alone.

@BOHJI: Oh and quit defaming Boji’s name and get your own, coward. Still think you are Bobo. Same foul mouth.

Haters Suck! @ 03/11/2013 at 6:07 pm

Somebody’s got a short temper.
@doppleganger bohji
You’re such a coward. At least have the courage to use your own screen name instead of trying smear someone else. Such a chicken$hit move. But no honor amongst thieves or haters in this instance. To both in this case since you steal people’s screen names.

@Haters Suck!: Hiya! piece of $hit! Don’t care what you think chipmunk. You are the most dumbest pumper from this lot. I may ignore you in the future. I want to use this name so I will. It would be better if you find a way to cope with it.

Now for all the other Pumpers, stop acting all victimized when you feel intellectually threatened by us. You have as much fault in this as we have. You hate us and don’t want us here? That is why all of you spare a certain amount of time everyday to read our comments and reply to us right. You have the willpower to ignore us but you can’t because you Pumpers are addicted to us.

This is a Gossip site intended for public viewing. Anyone has the right to come here and write the hell they want. If you don’t want us here, you should go to a Fan Forum. There only fans reside. You can all get together and kiss Pudgkins a$$ there. No one will disturb you. I wont be there either.

@BOHJI: Leave me out of this. I have nothing to do with it. I love taking credit for what i say.

Haters Suck! @ 03/12/2013 at 12:51 am

I could give two $hits if you’re here of not. All im saying is grow some guts. Got something to say put YOUR name on it. Don’t smear the name of another. It’s cowardly and immature (geez look who I’m taking too). I know you’re a chicken$hit coward like most haters here but try and have some pride.

pity party ? lol and b.itch , like what your fellow pumper said , grow some guts to address the hater face to face without chickening out and lashing at another who has no hand in it .stupid b.itch .you seem so obsessed about my camp visit .ha !mmm… i wonder…

@Haters Suck!: Mr piece of $hit, you just proved my whole point. If you don’t give two $hits then why you have a problem with me using another person’s name. I am not using your name am I? You just can’t stay away can you!

@Nightwish where have I drag you into my convesation? I didn’t even mention you anywhere. Pumpers think I am either you or Bo but they know I am neither of you. We have completely different writing styles.

Aww, doppelgänger will you just go and get a life of your own????. Heard that Vanessa was sick, hence couldn’t make it for the premiere in Texas. I would have loved to have seen her there with the others. Hope she gets well soon enough to attend the next premiere. Miss her.

@BOHJI: I felt bad for her, Boji. Not a great time to be sick with all she has going on. But it happens, especially when you travel. It’s like swimming in a germ pool.

@maria: And especially when you’ve got the flu, no way to Travel by air. Gives you ear ache.

Nightwish @ 03/12/2013 at 6:34 am

Bohji #250 – no worries, they are doing fine with van at home, the crowds are very small and nobody even notices that she’s missing LOL

lol, this picture was taken on feb,2 20013. she and austin were seen at the airport, and she proably, really isn’t sick, she doesn’t want to see zac, who is there, filming and his movie is being shown, she is a coward, if she is over him, it wouldn’t matter, if he’s there. and her boyfriend is not a very good actor,he is so day she will wake up.

Haters Suck! @ 03/12/2013 at 8:18 am

@ doppelgänger
Because what you’re doing isn’t right. Its cowardly and gutless. It just shows you have no pride, you have no honor, you have no respect. Like I said no honor amogrst theives.

suck something really has a seeeerious spelling problem .lmao tell me , are you truly American ?

@Haters Suck!: Puh leese wimp. You talking about pride and honor is laughable. I’am not here to get any of your Pumpers respect or sympathy. To do that I must have some respect for you first. Which I never will :P Pride and honor LOL

Haters Suck! @ 03/12/2013 at 9:13 am

I guess it is laughable coming from someone who has none.

Right back atcha Wimp!!!

Haters Suck! @ 03/12/2013 at 9:23 am

Least I put my own name behind my remarks and have courage of my convictions chicken$hit.

You truly are a piece of $ dude. I regret even replying to you. How many times should I repeat something until your brain absorbs it.

Haters Suck! @ 03/12/2013 at 10:41 am

And you are a cowardly chicken$hit. Maybe you shouldn’t reply to me until you grow some guts and get some courage.

Where do these people come from? Sorry barbara, that kite won’t fly. Her picture was one of the “must see” films there. No one but you and bo even cares that his film is there.Why in the he ll do you think she would give a flying **** about his where abouts? He lives seven minutes away from her, so do you think she’s afraid to go home? As for missing her wasn’t “get well nessa” a ww trend on twitter? I know you know that since you spend everyday sitting in front of your computer trolling for infromation about her.

You worthless piece of $hit, You keep proving me right with your barely there lame a$$ come backs. Retarded Pumper!!

So I take it that Spring Breakers was a must see at SWSX. People were tweeting that the line to see the movie was 8 blocks long and even crossed the street.

@Chelles: Thank you, that’s what I heard. I also heard they were considering additional screenings.

@tina: Yes, and I saw some tweets raving about the movie…looks like it was well received there.

@Chelles: Did you hear about the shoe company trying to get in on the success? A “limited edition” Spring Breakers shoe, lol. The little film that could.

@tina: Yeah, I did hear about the shoes..very interesting…lol.

@HaterSuck, pay no heed to my doppelgänger, sounds like a guy. I appreciate your calling him out, thanks,

Yay, SB is a hit. Can’t wait to see it. Not sure if the movie will even hit my shores, as with the censoring, I’ll probably only get to see half a movie. So will probably watch it on DVD,

the poll , who;s the sexiest in SB ?

this isn’t exactly ’bout the sexiness .it’s bout the number of fans u have .mmm…’s no wonder they wanna market this as Selena Gomez movie

the poll , who;s the sexiest in SB ?
Benso =8.73%

this isn’t exactly ’bout the sexiness .it’s bout the number of fans u have .mmm…’s no wonder they wanna market this as Selena Gomez movie

vote Vanessahudgens for KCA is trending on twitter at number one .go lend some support .oh mi god .just see how much her pumpers o twitter are striving to get her a KCA .eversince her nom was announced , those had been tweeting nothing but it and now they are losing to Kristen that’s why all this frenzy all of a sudden .and and the pumpers here are like ”we don’t care about such ‘silly’ awards ” uhm…lmao and to thin that actually it’s these same pumpers who are here are on twitter also .ha ha they themselves could be RTing repeatedly .weren’t you all like ,’Zac wins ’cause he has crazy fans who keep on voting 24/7 and not ”cause he has ‘lot’s of fans ” .well , the ones RTing (voting) are the same lot .in fact about 10 , 20 . i could name a few .at least us Zac fans didn’t go in to such a frenzy .awards aren’t a new thing to him !

It’s not really the number of fans in either case, it’s the number with time to waste voting for endless inane polls(mostly teens who won’t be allowed to veiw this movie without an adult).

more the number of fans , more the probability of having fans with ‘time to waste voting for endless inane polls ‘ .simple as that .i haven’ seen hudge winning any SB poll against selena .mmm… one poll doesn’t say anything , but all ….mmmm…

LOL at the BOBO trying so desperately to make this Selena’s movie. Selena has the smallest role, is not even in the entire movie, and never stops playing Selena in some reviews. This is just her first big-girl role, and that’s why people are talking. Still doesn’t make this HER movie. And no, I have not even voted once for KCA’s nor will I. KID’S choice, not mine. I think nothing of those awards.

Nightwish @ 03/13/2013 at 6:16 am

@Chelles: Wow, the line for spring breakers was 8 blocks long. That must be a really big theater LOL! Such an pumper man

Nightwish @ 03/13/2013 at 6:36 am

@tina: Fyi, the majority of people attending sxsw are locals, texas males age 35 and above. So yeah, Korine was smart to open the movie there in boringville texas where the event needed some pervy, deviant entertainment to break up the monotony of life. After sxsw is done, its back to shooting beer cans in the back yard and tumbleweeds again. I dont get why you make so much of twitter. Its part of a promotional effort for anything these days. 40 involved in the sb project are all expected to pump, pump and pump. That pulls in another 150, then so forth and so on. It has very little measurable worth in business, as far as how it will translate to dollars. If you like the movie so much, why didnt you go to the festival?

Nightwish @ 03/13/2013 at 6:45 am

@BO: lol, ask these idiot fanladies if its at all appropriate to recommend an actor in a hard R rated movie for a kids choice award. How stupid and recklessly attention seeking is vanessa hudgens? Wow, what a great role model her character in the film is for all the kids watching the show LMAO

@ Nightwish, I take it, you are going to see the movie. Enough said.

it matters NOT how long the ”star” is in the film , you thick skulled dumb onco nurse – fake .it matters NOT what the reviews a’bout the ”star” are – in fact , most of the reviews centre on Sel and are more positive than about the other girls – what matters is that she/he’s in it .and whether or not you like to admit , this indeed is Selena’s movie .what all sites talk about it is selena being in the movie , not franco , not hudge , not ashley .it’s the biggest reason why this is getting such a lot of attention – ’cause selena is in it .and puh-lease , we know your hudge has shown her big-girlishness behind the screen to the world prior *cough cough * but this is her first big-girl role ‘on screen ‘also .none of the roles she has done so far has launched her as a ‘big-girl’ either .selena’s trying to achieve it at 20 , that’s lot more than what we could say ’bout your pudge .what is she .24 right ?he he , exactly ,they are sooo pumping the movie here drooling over hudge and ranting hudge’s *cough cough * acting greatness , but none of them has gone to watch it ! so warped !

@Nightwish: It’s kind of obvious that you are not familiar with SWSX or Austin, TX in general. In fact I would guess that it’s highly unlikely that you’ve ever been outside of your undoubtedly provincial hometown. So I’ll just ignore you as usual.

Nightwish @ 03/13/2013 at 9:40 am

@Chelles:i’ve visited Austin twice in my life, i know the scene there. Its become techie, it can be artsy at times, but my primary point was that its drawing locals but very little hollywood, ok.. a mostly male crowd 35 and up, with the line for sb going half way around the block (“the” block, not 8 blocks) consisting mostly of older creepy horny males who can no longer participate in actual spring breaks without looking like pervs, and somewhat appreciative im sure of Korine doing all the dirtywork for them and compiling the experience. Dang, you pumpers are so retarded for his very inconsequential film, so funny man

She an ACTRESS. I am sick and tired of people looking for actors as role models. As role models my son’s have their father, grandfather and uncles. When we made the choice to abouthave children, we became PARENTS. Raising a child is not something to be left for an actor to do through movies or television. As a matter of fact, my children spent more time on activities (ie, sports, CAA, SADD, student goverment). When I came time to learn about sex their father sat them down and talked to them. We didn’t put our head intge sand and hope they watch a movie about it.
As to that, IT A ROLE IN A FILM. if a child isn’t old enough to realize the difference he or she shouldn’t be allowed to watch a R-rated film.

funny , how when hudge goes braless in tight skinnies , has threesome in a pool , p.ees though bikiny bottoms in roadside , she’s just being an ACTRESS .when zac prances around in tighty whities , gets p.eed on for a jelly fish cure , has fake s*x in a car ,it’s ’cause ”he’s selling the movie to the audience ” .

Sorry for the rant and the typos sb “in the sand” Oh so you think “Hollywood” flew to Texas for all the other films shown there? Did you go to Austin and do apoll of all the viewers ages? Lol, how pathetic are you that you can’t just admit this little film is doing better than expected. Now you’re sounding like a whiney little girl. Just sad.

@Nightwish:And it’s hilarious how you can continue to debate the worthiness of as you put it: “such an inconsequential film”. Maybe you should read some of the German or French reviews of this film. Of course, you’re the one that always try to pimp Kristen Stewart out as a great talent so your opinion is suspect and questionable. And FYI, when I’m talking about the long lines to see the film, I’m not trying to promote of pimp the movie..I’m just stating the facts having seen tweets and spoken with people who were there at the screenings.

@tina: Please bitchy, you guys are the ones painting Hudgens as a saint. Role model goes with the territory

@Chelles: Yeah sorry, i forgot that the film is extremely consequential for you, being that Hudgens is in it. Why does it bother you so much what i think Chelles? And why do you guys in one minute bloviate about Vans ‘beautiful soul’ and ‘positive spirit’, but in the next declare that she is not a role model and can pimp her character out from this film with the kca? Not very consistent. Finally, what does Kristen have to do with any of this? She was the highest paid actress last year, beating out the likes of Angelina Jolie, Anniston, Hathaway, etc, and you want to convince me that she has no value as an actress? Give me a friggin break.

Haters Suck! @ 03/13/2013 at 1:11 pm

Did Vanessa wrong u in a past life or something? Geez why u hate her and her fans so much.

@Nightwish: Like I said in my previous post…just stating the facts about SB generating long lines at SWSX..never made any pithy comments about “spirits” or “souls”. You are the one who always brings up K Stewart in Vanessa’s threads as if she is relevant in any way to Vanessa, her co-stars or their current movie.

@Nightwish: Forgot to add that the only reason Stewart commanded such a high salary was directly relational to the fact that she was attached to Twilight..the box office generating no brainer. It sure as hell wasn’t due to her acting skills, onscreen presence or her likability.

No, nutwish, I am saying just the opposite. So far as I know all actors are human, none are saints. For my kids a role model would be someone closer to home rather than a personsa portrayed by someone on a screen. Do you really believe that actors are the roles they play? With kstew as your favorite you can’t be that naive.

When did we ever say friggin’ Efron having s*x in every movie is not amazing acting? I don’t recall ANYone saying he was just selling movies. In fact, we weren’t discussing him at all. And LMAO at the Nutcase crying about Vanessa’s edgy role not being role model worthy. What a crock. Which of your idols is a role model based on their movie roles? Do you believe Stewart is? Sleeping with a married man and breaking up his marriage?? Puh-leeze, nutcase. You’re really losing your grip.


Hmmm I guess you consider 1200 seating a small number – good lord you need help!

duh , you can’t recall ANYone doing that when YOUve been doing it YOURSELF all along .puh lease oncofake , you may have the memory capacity of a teaspoon , but ours is better , a lot better .

Nothing worse than a guy who b I t c h e s ! Give me HatersSuck any day, he’s more man than youknowwho.

“I usually try to stay 10 paces behind her so she gets more red carpet time. I want people to know she’s amazing”-ZE…— . (@ZanessaSecrets) March 10, 2013

“I usually try to stay 10 paces behind her so she gets more red carpet time. I want people to know she’s amazing”-ZE…— . (@ZanessaSecrets) March 10, 2013

he knows , if he sticks with her , she won’t get any attention on red carpet . she knew it too .

@tina: @maria: Well you guys can’t stand Kstew and i can’t stand Hudgens so aint we both content.

@cosmos: It was the u.s. opening of the film, what do you expect. I read that there were walkouts. Sure some liked the film, but others didn’t, in any case the general release will tell all. If the film somehow does decent, i would hardly assign that success to your precious hudgens. Read through the articles, they cover who is there, selena, franco etc but its like nobody notices or cares that vanessa didnt show. Her small group of fans and pr team are working like maniacs to keep her on the radar, ill give you guys that much. kca? So desperate, so lame man. Yeah, vanessa hudgens deserves an award voted by kids for a role they cant even watch in the theater, one where she does a fantastic job of portraying an out of control tramp, just acting cute while being real trashy with very minimal dialogue. Genuis out of Pudgies PR camp i tell you ROFL

Haters Suck! @ 03/14/2013 at 12:28 am

You gotta be the dumbest dumb ass I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across. So if the movie does well its not cause of vanessa if it fails it’s all balked on Vanessa. You’re an idiot. And if u knew anything an out anything you’d know Vanessa is nominated for a kca for her role in journey 2. But if you actually knew what the hell u were talking about you just wouldn’t be you. Dumbass.

Haters Suck! @ 03/14/2013 at 12:30 am

Ask liberty Ross and her kids how much kstew is worth. Least Vanessa’s never destroyed a family.

dumb .whenever some more successful actor’s career success is brought up against hudge’s the pumper losers immediately start ranting her ‘personal life’s bliss’ *cough cough* .they themselves know hudge isn’t successful an actor .that’s why her fans are so hopeful about SB waiting for it to ‘launch her as a real actress ‘ .

Nightwish @ 03/14/2013 at 4:43 am

@Haters Suck!: You’re pretty much a loser and failure with everything in life hs, so the feeling is mutual. As far as that kstew scandal goes, kristen made a mistake and she is paying for it dearly. She may never have a career for the rest of her life. Happy now jerkwad?

Vanessa’s mistake was nothing like KStew’s, no family was wrecked and no one else was hurt except herself and her own family yet you came on Vanessa’s threads all out to damage whatever fandom she has.

@Nightwish, you are the jerkwart! You were the one comparing Vanessa to KStew. You get what you dish out. No one was bothered with KStew until you brought her up. A taste of your own medicine, me lad.

Yup, I AM happy Vanessa has a personal life and not just a career. That is vital to being a success in life, and especially helpful to someone in that business. You can work your a$$ off, but find it’s not enjoyable if you are alone or unhappy. Vanessa is finding a way of doing both and I say good for her. And as far as mistakes, everyone makes them. Funny how the nutcase doesn’t see how hard Vanessa has worked to put hers away, and at least acknowledge that. But no. It’s become his life’s mission to come here and piss off the FANS of someone he can’t stand EVERY day. Really, how much sense does that make? How sad.

Haters Suck! @ 03/14/2013 at 8:30 am

You are completley out of your damn mind. Thought no one could get crazier then bo but you’re getting there.

Well nutwish, sorry to disappoint you. I have nothing against kstew. Not a great fan but she’s ok. I do think what she did as an adult (sleeping around with a married man with children) is far worst than anything Vanessa has done. If that’s what she feels she needs to do to get roles, that’s on her. Notice I never comment on her threads.

Nightwish @ 03/14/2013 at 9:02 am

@Haters Suck!: Like i really give a rip or a flying F**K about ANYTHING you think, moron. Get lost.

Nightwish @ 03/14/2013 at 9:07 am

@BOHJI: Take loads of fish oil capsules bowj because your brain faculties are clearly deteriorating and bordering on idiocy. Their marketability as actresses, that was the comparison being made here, and I DID NOT bring Kristen up first, Tina did. You guys always hit low to make your asinine points. You attack Kristen’s character to help paint pudgie pie as freaking mother theresa. Childish and sad.

Nightwish @ 03/14/2013 at 9:16 am

Hatersuck, you are the last person on earth i would go to or rely on for any kind of analysis – film, actress, history and even sports related opinion. You are a doofus of the lowest order, complete imbecile who should refrain from opening his mouth. Often times your ineptitudes comes so swiftly on these posts that i’m unable to take pleasure in the sheer lunacies coming out of your brane, i have to go back over and over to get a good laugh

Haters Suck! @ 03/14/2013 at 9:34 am

So young, so full of hate, so stupid. Damn that rap music.

So where is my big put down? I said ‘actors aren’t their roles’ and ‘you as a kstew fan can’t be that naive”. What your warped mind inferred from that is on YOU.

This one is soooooo dirty. I love it. Would be tapping that all day long

@tina: Kristen has absolutely nothing to do with Pudgies narcissism, attention seeking antics or lame portrayal of a party girl (wow, what a stretch to get into character lol) in sb, so let’s leave Kristen out of this and lets continue to discuss Hudgens increasing irrelevance in the film industry, shall we? LMAO

@Nightwish: You have finally completely lost it. Poor little man. It’s called acting, it’s a role, you know, like the one where your girl took her clothes off in a car. Let me clarify, I meant for ‘On the Road’ not for director. Maybe that was for her next role. Lol.

@nightwish, your memory’s failing, me lad. Do you recall in the early days, you insisted on bringing KStew into the picture on Vanessa’s threads, expounding how fantastic she was?

florence2 @ 03/14/2013 at 8:37 pm

They went out on a date in NY on the 6th March. I have to agree she does seem very clingy with Austin she never er rented somewhere when she was dating Zac and he was away filming and she wasn’t she went and visited him but never rented somewhere just to be close to him but with Austin it seems when he’s away she likes to be near him to keep a check on him. Her family and friends back in la deinetly seem to have taken a back seat.

It’s great when people who have actually seen the movie, put into words the effect this movie has on them. It’s not going to be for everyone, and some people are not smart enough to see the message and what Korine is trying to say. But I think this is the kind of movie that gets people talking, and that is always good! Sounds like an unforgettable film! Can’t wait.

@florence2 and I think that is , you know, weird. how she acts like she can’t go away from him for at least a week. even from the beginning of the relationship, she came across as obsessed. she took him with her supposedly while she filmed frozen ground… at this point, they wern’t even together that long. She always wants to keep an eye on him, like she doesn’t trust him alone or something. It makes you wonder why… why she acts like that? and if that is the same reason why it didn’t work out with josh and zac, cause she didn’t give them space? i dk, it’s just a guess.

Florence2 @ 03/14/2013 at 9:23 pm

Oh, gosh. Here I go again, making asinine comments and making myself look like a fool. Please pay me no attention. I’m an idiot and I have no idea what I’m talking about. I wish someone would take mt access away.

The reason it didn’t work out with Zac was because she thought the grass was greener with Josh. When she realized her mistake, it was too late. The damage had already been done, and she couldn’t go back and get Zac to forgive her for cheating on him.

@Mary: I really don’t agree at all!! Her first relationship would never have lasted if she didn’t give him space. He was off filming plenty of times without her, and she without him. They made time to visit each other, and that’s what couples do, for heaven’s sake. I never went more than a week not seeing my guy through college when we went to different schools. Couples WANT to be together, and those who whine about time a couple spend with each other, obviously have NOT experienced a real relationship. With Austin, he VISITED her in Alaska while she was filming, and it wasn’t for long. They have obviously decided not to spend long periods of time apart, and that is how to keep and nurture a relationship. You don’t have a clue. It has nothing to do with trust.

@Deb: That is the biggest pile of crap I have ever read.

Is it now? Then I guess you don’t read your own posts. LOL

@Deb: Where do you get off spewing lies like that? You have NO proof, nothing. Just because she leaned on Josh AFTER the breakup, it was really just a friendship. She was clearly devoted to Efron for the ENTIRE relationship. Never a rumor, never a word. That is NOT her style to cheat. Now, Efron was another story. But I won’t bore you with THAT crap.

Oh thank you so much for not boring me with your “proof” of the lies that YOU spew all the time. At least you got it right. It is crap.

She knows it’s a lie. You know it’s a lie. She’s just putting it out there to get everybody all upset. Why even respond to her? It’s what she wants.

@Deb: Why don’t you just crawl back under your rock, honey? I do not lie. Ever. Having an opinion is not a lie, sweetheart. But expressing it like it is fact like you did, is crap. Not to mention I don’t go runnning to loverboy’s threads and spew like you do. Run along, debby girl.

Ya know, for a Vanessa fan, you are one smart cookie. Such a rare occurrence.

You don’t lie? What is this: “That is NOT her style to cheat. Now, Efron was another story.”
That’s not an opinion. That is saying that he cheated. So, where is your proof?

@Deb: We’re smart enough to recognize yet another immature fan of the exes. For the children who believe she “rented” an apartment when Austin already has one, I have a bridge to sell you. Not that it matters but the ex stayed with her when she filmed both Beastly and SP. It’s what you do when your in a relationship.

”The corruption of formerly squeaky-clean Disney Channel superstars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens may be Korine’s cleverest trick of all: They get to show some range, we get to gawk. But James Franco steals the whole movie away when he arrives ”

mmm…if I had been you , I’d have thought twice about posting that review .it says nothing positive of your ‘idol’s ‘ acting .she’s used as a ‘clever trick’ and gets to show ‘some range ‘ .lol

Technically, I am a fan of neither. I have no idea what apartment you are talking about. And I believe that Beastly and SP were both filmed prior to Journey2, which she filmed with Josh, so I’m not sure what point you are trying to make.

omg .if they put this on a CD and sell , would have sold millions .just searched for it and here there are so many sites offering the free download of this random song sung on a TV show without proper background music .it got 12M hits on youtube in an instant .ah !

@Deb: Well let me make this plain enough for you to understand. If she wanted to date Josh she would still be with him. She is where and with whom she wants to be. Why are you here with speculations about something over 2 years old? Bored with your life?

Since either your reading skills or your memory (or both) seem to be lacking, I was asking what your point was with regard to Beastly and SP.

Get over it! Why are we harping on about a relationship that ran its course a long time ago? Both have moved on. I wish Zac well but my focus is on Vanessa. They were both young and more than likely outgrew each other. 5 years is a long time for a young Hollywood couple, I’ve got to grant them that.

@Deb: That was in answer to someones else’s remark about her visiting Austin. Nothing wrong with me, I’m not the one still living in 2010.
They have arrived on the pink carpet. All her friends and family are there.

If it was an answer to a remark made by someone else, then why did you include it in a post specifically sent to me?

And my original post was an answer to Mary, who was wondering why it didn’t work out with Zac. It’s not like I just brought it up out of the blue.

Ok, so, even though I could never hope to be even half as beautiful as Vanessa (see, I can be nice and give compliments), I must leave all of you lovelies and try to get some beauty sleep. Sweet dreams.

@Deb: I didn’t say he cheated. I said he was another story. You assumed. But fact is, there WERE lots of rumors about him throughout their relationship. But none were ever proven. So not fair to discuss, as are blind statements about cheating. To date, I believe it was a breakup based on wanting different things and needing to move on, that’s it. End of story. Happens all the time. We are ALL over it.

Nightwish @ 03/16/2013 at 9:59 am

@Deb: Haha! Way to tell em, Deb. Btw, i see at least 100 hotter chicks than hudgens each day so dont let these brainwashing fools repetitive “gorgeous” comments get to you

@Nightwish: Commenting on old boards are we’ lol. We agree with her, she will never be as beautiful as Vanessa (inside and outside) so she is telling us nothing we didn’t already know. By the way Vanessa dated (if you can call hang out with friends dating) Josh before “Hunger Games” so where was the incentive in that.

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