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Vanessa Hudgens: DVF Loves Roxy Launch Event!

Vanessa Hudgens: DVF Loves Roxy Launch Event!

Vanessa Hudgens hits the red carpet at the DVF Loves Roxy Launch Event on Wednesday (March 6) at the Roxy store in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress chatted with about her fashion choices at the event.

“I’m so all over the place with my fashion. Some days I’ll wanna dress like super chic and minimal, and other days I’ll wanna layer as many necklaces as I can,” Vanessa said. “For the carpet Jenny Packham is always amazing. Naeem Khan I’ve been wearing a bunch of his dresses. There’s just so many amazing designers in the world!”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing DVF jacket and shoes, a Lips Mini clutch, and Palladium rings.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the launch event…

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vanessa hudgens dvf loves roxy launch event 01
vanessa hudgens dvf loves roxy launch event 02
vanessa hudgens dvf loves roxy launch event 03
vanessa hudgens dvf loves roxy launch event 04
vanessa hudgens dvf loves roxy launch event 05
vanessa hudgens dvf loves roxy launch event 06
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  1. 101
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: Oh, honey, you really need to stop talking about KStew here. The only intrigue with her is what she’s high on, or what is causing her sullen mood. You need to check the dictionary about what charming means. Vanessa has it in spades. KStew has zero. Shallow? Spiritual, thoughtful, loving people are not shallow. Need to check your dictionary again. And her choosing the meatiest role of Candy shows she was smart enough to choose the best one.

    I’d like to know why the morons think her acting like a promiscuous party girl in a movie means she is one in reality. There is no basis to make an accusation like that. Ever. There is NO history of heavy party behavior, and NEVER any hooking up, ****** behavior. EVER. She’s not the one who slept with a married man and broke up his marriage. So the nitwit needs to shut up and worry about why his precious always looks like a trainwreck and why her supposed BF wants her to stay away from him.

  2. 102
    Roadhouse Says:

    She needs to learn how to comb her hair. She looks like “ell

  3. 103
    Pudge Pumper Says:

    And we stupid Pumpers need to learn not to give attention to Nightwish or Bo or whoever there is. But we can’t. Because we love them. We are drawn to the truth they speak of. Atleast Pudgie gets some attention on this site because of them. We should be thankfull.

  4. 104
    BO Says:

    stewart’s role in on the road is like 10 minutes , still it was marketed as ”Kstew ” film .Zac’s role in Liberal Arts is 5 minutes .still it was forwarded as ”Zefron” film not to mention he stole the center place in reviews .hudge has a longer role than selena , still , this is ”selena” film .see the difference ,that’s why you call people like Kstew and Zefron ”stars” , real stars ! and this ”career changing” role , what has it done for hudge ? has she got any new offers ??? i’d like to know . perhaps they are on the way , or else ” her rep has not released them to press , since they don’t release anything until ‘set in stone’ ” …. anyway , Happy international women’s day to all of you ….the most beautiful day of the year …

  5. 105
    BO Says:

    I’d hereby like to announce that Paperboy has been nominated for 3 Saturn awards .best indie film of the year , best indie release of the year and Nicole for best supporting actress . i missed the news since i was in my sweet lovely camp

  6. 106
    maria Says:

    Well, those are stupid comparisons. I never heard anyone call “On the Road” KStew’s movie, nor Liberal Arts as Efron’s movie. Saw clips of both, and NEITHER was impressive in any way. And not sure how this is “Selena’s movie” . Vanessa has second billing, a bigger role, and better reviews. The career change will happen once the movie is seen by directors and casting agents. Why would it happen now??Just all examples of a narrow little fantasy world you live in. It was SO lovely here without this stupidity.

  7. 107
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: On the road was a great film. Kristen looked and performed absolutely amazing in it. On film you are just mesmerized watching her, which is hardly what we can say about that cheap looking tramp you guys idolize so much. Who made 35 mil last year? Who got all the awesome roles? Whose lame flicks are languishing in post production limbo because they are so awkward and unmarketable that they dont even know how to promote or release them? Whose most noteworthy part in a recent film involves tonguing a drawing of a guys dork? ROFLMAO

  8. 108
    JCF Says:

    “still it was forwarded as ”Zefron” film”
    lmao you are so delusional! i think you should be with efron doing drugs with girls in a hot tub… PLEASE! i honestly think you have a mental disease…

  9. 109
    lizzzie Says:

    Vanessa being her flawless self ♥

  10. 110
    lizzzie Says:

    so cute

  11. 111
    lizzzie Says:

    she is adorable… hello Evan ♥

  12. 112
    lizzzie Says:

    she is so sweet and funny ♥

  13. 113
    Nightwish Says:

    @lizzzie: all the respectable celebs abstain from intagramming the hell out of themselves. Only the third rate crowd resorts to that. Or the attention whoress. btw, she looks lame LOL

  14. 114
    lizzzie Says:

    those are clearly fan pics. lmao thats not Vanessa´s instagram, cant you read? She is always so adorable, sweet and funny with everyone. Even if you try to put her down, you CAN ACTUALLY SEE how beautiful she is. Bless her <3

  15. 115
    belle Says:

    so… are you saying Vanessa´s instagram is “glampagne”? LMAO

  16. 116
    belle Says:

    she is so lucky! I love to read fan encounters, Vanessa is always so kjhbkjgiuygiuyg with her fans / people in general.

  17. 117
    belle Says:

    my fav.

  18. 118
    belle Says:

    or this one

  19. 119
    Nightwish Says:

    @belle: You seriously need to get some kind of life LOL

  20. 120
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You should really look in the mirror before u tell someone to get a life. U spend your time around people u hate. I think u need to get a life.

  21. 121
    Maria Says:

    “Beauty in showbiz means little unless you have real talent that distinguishes you from the rest.”

    Oh yeah? Tell that to the Kardashians.
    As far as V’s talent, I would say that she really hasn’t been given the right vehicle for us to judge her. Or at least, it hasn’t been released yet. She’s still young; still paying her dues. I think that she is going to surprise a lot of people when her new films (not Spring Breakers) come out. She’s learning all the time and we have yet to see her real talent.

    Great outfit. Seems to even make her look taller.

  22. 122
    BOHJI Says:

  23. 123
    @ Says:

    @Bohji awww look at our girl trying her best to be taken as a serious actress. Not happening Vanessa!! Not happening!! :P

    @maria Vanessa has second billing in the movie? Better wait until you see the movie because on the wiki page Selena is the second billing.

    So you think Vanessa still haven’t shown any real talent right!! Even her fans admit she haven’t given any performence worth watching. Don’t blame it on the role guys, Our girl just don’t have it. If you have any real talent then you can make any role work. And they admit that she haven’t done any good in Spring Breakers either. Hence saying she will prove herself when her other movies come out and writing not Spring breakers inside the brackets lolol

  24. 124
    BOHJI Says:

    My doppelgänger at large again. Well, Nightwish is the culprit for sure. Probably got his puppets to do his dirty work. That pic was in character for Springbreakers, duhhh.

  25. 125
    BOHJI Says:

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